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Auctioneers' Announcements. JJOWKM VVILLIAMS AUCTIONEER, TENANT RIGHT AND HOTE1 7 LU"- DP.IDGEND. Ii. HOWILt WILLIAMS AKNOUNOIMIHTS. LLANTWIT MAJOR WHITE TJON AUCTION MART MR. HOWELL WILLIAMS will bold his next Sale of Fat stock at the above Mart, on MONDAY, FEB 1th 190'7, at 12 o clock noon. 68 Prime FAT CATTLE. 400 Choice Fat YE t- IJNGS, 1 Grand FA I' BULL 55 PORKKKS, B *CON PIGS, &c. Further entries so!icu-<l. Anctioneer's Office*, Cardiff, Bridgend, and Llantwit Major. 5326 MR. T. J. YORWERTH'S A.NN0GN&MENTS. SALE NEXT MONDAY., ? Y L E MR T J.YORWEKTH will SELL by AUC- TION on MONDAY FEB. 4th, *907, at 12 Noon, 18 Prime Faf' CATTLE, 60 Choice Fat SdEEPand PORKERS. From the Home Farm. Marram, 3 Young Pedlg,ree BOARS {large black). Auctioneer's Office Co abridge. 5331 SALE NEXT TUESDAY COW BHIi 'G E MARKET. MR. T. J. YORWEPvTH has been favoured with imtrucr:o s n-ora'G. L. Clark, Esq., E. H. Ebswort h E"(1 DI Jenkins, Esq. (Rythin) and others, to SEL hV RUCTION, on TUESDAY, FEB. 5th, ISO7, >I t 11 15 a m sharp, 20 Prime F TLE, 120 ChoTce f' T SH H:Kp\nd PORKERS. 5 Two-year-ol'! lztore STEERS, 2 Young Barren COWS. Farther entries solicited. 5334 DUNRA VRN ROT^L, BRIDGEND. MR J T YORW HRTH has been instructed 'bv tho Executors of the late Mrs. Jane Joseph to SELL by AUCTION, early in February, FOUR -LEASEHOL" DWELLING HOUSES AND GARDENS, Situate at Green street, B'idgend. Further particulate in future advertisements, or may be obtained fiou. the Auctioneer at his Offices, Cowbridge, or "f M ESSRS GWYN & GWYN, Solicitors, 5210 Cowbridge. HARKY F LAMBERT, A. A I AUCTIONEER AND VALUER Land & 1;5 ;.att AgeLt, Accountant. SALES conduct, d t betates, House Property, Farming Stock (3 months' credit), Growing Timber, Mftchinel Household Furniture (mod- ern and antique ), &c FORTNIGHTLY S LES OF FAT and STORE STOCK in the ( h Market, Bridgend, the lat and 3rd vioi><i>i\ in every Month. SALE OF HOHSKS < AKI-TIAGES, &c., at the Star Yard. B. I gt'JII\ every month. VALUATIONS (li. e tor Probate, Mortgage, Sale, Agricul■ ui »1 T. ount Right, &c. Trat-sfer of Hotels, Lire.'— M G»uger. PRACTICAL EX; 1, H I ENCE in Management of Estates. Giuu> <' Ki i.cff Collected. AGENT for Lit, c" l! Fire, and Live Stock Insurance, »K-o v\ ^kaan's Compensation. VARIOUS KK.J.r "Li' AND LEASEHOLD RESIDENCES VILLAS in Bridgend to be Let or Sold. Telegram?—' !-■ -n: t, Auctioneer, Bridgend. Nat. Telephone O-lvj. Onjce. P i- Mniial Buildings, Bridgend MR. HARRY V. jfeBftft'PB ANNOUNCEMENTS. H A I.S fl XTTURliS. February 4th,T Ft le at Bridgend Cattle February —Household Furniture at Bridgend. February J.pu. P-onerties at Bridgend. SALE NEXT MONDAY. BRIDG ? v i) A A iLiE MARKET. MR. HARRY LAMBERT has received instruci'-ms frntr Mr. T. D Bevan, Manor Farm, Newton. '0 SI<i I) Ly AUCTION at the above Market, MONDAY MORNING, FEBUARY, 4th, 1907. ( cattle 50 Choice FAT YEARLINGS. Sale at 10 -k -pt. Further entries solicited. 5262. MESSRS. STEPtiW-v ON AND ALEXANDER'S <i i vii. inO £ ii*usNrtS. .>- PORTHCAWL. GLAMORGANSHIRE, Sale of a Va". • —(.old Building Estate, Freehold Re-i w.c and the Undertaking known as th P?.r: Waterworks. MESSRS STES-H ENSON & ALEXANDER are in8'• v,r;c -ELL BY AUCTION, at the Mart, 5, H i t. Cardiff, on THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 14;b, HOT, ,,1 2 30 o'clock in the after- noon, this vaiur b F ESTATE. The Property c;!Dpi!i-68 valuable Freehold Building Plo tü in the centre of and around the To .hcawl, containing in the whole 17; 'Jr 22p. theiealo-u*). THE FRi E iUiil RESIDENCE K '"own as SL, a HOUSE, r> d T H SO U N! E RTAKING Kt o vvn as THE PORTHC WL WATERWORKS. The Whole ■ M v v. ill, iu the first instance, be Offered for S t in One Lot. and, if not sold, divided into L t- r 1, oUû in Plans, Particulars, and Conditio; <>t which may be obtained upon application o Me-r-^rs. Bowerman and For- ward, Solicitor-. S U: ay's Inn Square, London, WC • or to > nnt'.oncers, 5, High-street, T» .V. uv KOCl Cardiff. PRELIM iSARY ANNGUNCEM ENT. GL KNSHIRE. PENC-O«'•' *EAR BRIDGEND. Salp of a Va'u 1 L ■«'>tial Property, Building 8td» Land,, Water Gri.t Mill, Farms, &c ,-rnciG'RQ sT'1; & ALEXANDER i'i arfin- >0 SELL BY AUCTION, at dIe Dunraven Pop: BrH«end, on SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 2HV^ 19 7. at 3 o'clock in the after- noon, the VALUABLE APPOINTED RESIDEN- v ov.r.ui?PTY KJ'O" n as T B, E G K, O E S, Standing in ii. >" vrounds of about 40 ACRES in H},,1.é\I,i, «iear r.o the village of Pen- coed, near Bridgend, together with several valu- able pieces of "RTTIR'DTW^ AN L) ^FH"0M MODATION IJAWD, COTTACE" .V -T!;R GRIST MILL (K.mvn n" Mel in Groes), A U 1> Ir' A R M LANDS, -Containing in the uhole, 110 ACRES (or thereabouts) wh-oh ill be divided into con- venient lots for Is" 1 v. r Further parti.- at <r« -vill appear in future adver- tisement., and in ileci plans, particulars, and conditions of «•!>!• h are in course of prepara- tion. In th Hm. all information may be obtained upon application to Messrs. Fussell and Oo., Solicitors 36 Corn-street, Bristol; or to the Aactioneer?. 5. Hi/h-street. Cardiff. 5280 PRIZE DH A WIN(i for Rhys Hopkins, Pen'hyd- rlwaelod Bryn Winning Numbers 2729, 97QQ 17897 f>30' 1^81 1909 731. 505 888, 1996, 130, *263?, 1818. 98^ 7^5 2497 2760, 894, 2799, 551, 262. Prizes r. cIa. ed in 3 4-d-^ys EVA-1\íS, ^eoretary, 14, Bri, k Row, Bryn. Auctioneers' Announcements. MICHAEL DAVIES, Auctioneer and Valuer (Fellow of the Auctioneer's Institute of the United Kingdom, Incorporated), 15, WYNDHAM STREET, BRIDGEND. HOTEL VALUER AND GAUGER (20 Years' Experience). AGENT FOR THE BEST FIKE AND LIFE INSURANCE COMPANIES. AND FOB fHB UNION CASTLE MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY FOR SOUTH AFRICA. All kinds of Stocks and Furniture purchased by Private Treaty. For Sale by Private Treaty — Six Freehold Cottages at Bridgend. Villa in Coity Road. 4600 For Sale, a large Boarding Housea at Porthcawl, 20 Rooms, with every accommodation, and close to Be^ch 5220 SALE FIXTURES. February 6th-Sale of Household Furniture and Effects, at Rose Cottage, Porthcawl 14th—Sale of Furniture, at the Drill Hall „ 15th-Sale of Drapery rounds, at the Mart, Bridgend —Sale of Valuable Leasehold Prem- ises, at Maesteg SALE NEXT WEDNESDAY ROSE COTTAGE, NEW ROAD, PORTHCAWL. SALE OF GOOD USEFUL FURNITURE AND EFFECTS. MR. MICHAEL DAVIES, F.A.I., has re- ceived instructions from the Executors of the late D. David, Boot and Shoe Maker, to SELL by AUCTION, on the Premises as above, on WEDENESDAY, FEBRUARY 6th, 1907, the whole of his HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE & EFFECTS, Comprising— Hair-seated Chairs and Couch, in Mahogany Frames; Mahogany Sideboard, Chest of Draws, Bedstead, Washstand and Dressing Table, a very old Grandfather's Clock (in per- fect order), maker, D. Jones, Neath; a fine Oak Kitchen Dresser with Drawers and Cup- boards, Oak Round and other Tables, Wal- nut Arm Chair (leather seated), a Bradbury Shoemaker's Treadle Sewing Machine (in good order), Feather and Millpuff Beds, 4 Iron Bedsteads, Kitchen Chairs and Tables, Sundry Ware and Glass, Gilt Pier Glasses, Toilet Glasses, Scales and Weights, a large Cupboard, could be used as a shop counter; 3 sets of Bedroom Ware, a quantity of Shoe- maker's Lasts and Tips, etc., etc. Sale to Commence at Two p.m. sharp. 5298 SALE OF DRAPERY ROUNDS AND BOOK DEBTS In Bankruptcy, Re John Morgan, Travelling Draper, Bridgend THE AUCTION MART. 15 WYNDHAM ST., BRIDGEND MR MICHAEL DAVIES, (F A I) has received instructions from the Official Receiver, Cardiff, to SELL BY AUCTION at the above Mart, on MONDAY, the 15th day of FEBRUARY, 1907, at 7 o'clock in the evening, the whole of the Drapery Rounds and Book Debts of the above named Bankrunt. for the several amounts as shewn below Blaengarw Round 116 5 2! Pontycymmer & District 57 G Hi Ogmore Round 17 14 411 Maesteg 19122 j320419 8 The Auctioneer desires to point out to purchasers of Drapery Rounds this rare opportunity of purchasing rounds in these Valleys which have such a bright future before them, as great develop- ments are expected in the near future For further particulars and to view the Books, apply to the Auctioneer at 15 Wyndkam Street' Bridgend 5321 sia. lORN DAVID'8 ASNOUNOSKBNTS. SALE NEXT TUESDAY. COWBRIDGE MARKET. SALE OF FAT STOCK. MR. JOHN DAVID will SELL by AUCTION on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 5th, 1907. 25 Fat and Store CATTLE. 100 Fat SHEEP and PORKERS. Further entries solicited. Sale at 11.15 a.m. Auctioneer's Offices, Cowbridge. 5282 SALE NEXT WEDNESDAY. 10 THE PARADE, BARRY. Sale of Substantial and Nearly-new Household Furniture. MR. JOHN DAVID has received instructions from Mrs. Evans (who is going abroad) to SELL BY AUCTION, on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 6th, 1907, as above, including substantial walnut sideboard with bevelled glass panels, walnut dining- room suite, Spanish mahogany dining table (to seat eight, with inlets to seat fourteen), ebony writing table, electro-plated forks and other articles, cutlery, chineal and mohair table cloths, oil paintings, coloured photographs, walnut frame drawing-room ,oL suite, piano and stool, ancient pier glass, gilt j mirrors, occasional tables and chairs, engravings, 1 marble statues, standard lamp, brass curbs, carpets and skin rugs, timepieces, walnut hat and coat stand, weather glass, all-brass and iron Parisian bedsteads, chain mattresses, feather beds, wool overlay, handsome satin walnut bedroom suite, gents' mahogany wardrobes, mahogany dressing tables, washstands, toilet glasses, chest of drawers, commodes, oak chest of drawers, deal tables, oak blanket chest, chairs, mangle, dinner services, tea services, and numerous other household requisites. Sale at 12 30. Further particulars may be had of the Auctioneer, at his Offices, Cowbridge. 5335 ESTATE OF MR RICHARD AUBREY, DECEASED Important Sale of Leasehold and Copyhold Pro- perties in and near the Town of Cowbridge, Glamorganshire MR JOHN DAVID has received instructions to SELL BY AUCTION, at the Commercial Hotel, Cowbridge, on TUESDAY, the 26th day of FEBRUARY, 1907, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon (subject to conditions of sale, to be then and there produced and is such lots as may previously to or at the time. of sale be determined), Valuable Leasehold iÎld Cqpyhold properties belonging to the above Estate, namely: A LEASEHOLD DWELLING-HOUSE and SHOP, with BAKEHOUSE, WAREHOUSE 8T ABLE, and extensive premises and conveniences thereto, situate in East Village, Cowbridge. aud in the occupation of Mrs Edmund, Baker and Grocer ALSO 9 LEASEHOLD DWELLING-HOUSES and premises, adjoining or near to the above The properties are held for terms of 99 years respectively, commencing 1st May, 1878, and 1st November, 1882 ALSO 2 CUSTOMARY or COPYHOLD DWELLING-HOUSES with gardens and premises thereto, situate in the Village of Trehingill, near Cowbridge, and in the respective occupations of Mr E D Jenkins and Mr Joseph Jones together with the benefit of a Lease of an adjoining Field held for the residue of a term of 21 years from 2nd February, 1895, at the yearly rent of ill 10s, and included in Mr Joseph J onea' Tenancy For further particulars apply to the Auctioneer at his Offices at Cowbridge, or to Messrs Gwyn and Gwyn, Solicitors, Cowbridge 5328 TO HOTEL SPECULATORS, CAPITALISTS, I AND OTHERS. TO BE SOLD BY TENDER. — All that commodious and well-constructed BUILDING, erected by the late Mr. John Price, and intended for HO iEL purposes, situate at Nantbir Road, PONTYCYMMER. The premises are held for 99 years from 1st May, 1897, at a ground rent of Y,20 per annum, with a small additional rent on the premises being LICENSED. The total cost of the building was nearly £4,000. The Purchaser will be in time to make an ap- plication for a Hotel LICENSE at the adjourned Brewster Sessions at Bridgend this year. Tenders, marked PQMTlrCYMMER HOTEL TENDER," to be in the hands of the undersigned not later than MONDAY, Ilth, FEBRUARY, 1907. The highest, or any tender, not necessarily accepted. T. J. Hughes aud Lewis, Solicitors for the Executors of John Price deceased, Br:dgend. 1st February, 1907- ¡ 5339 Glamorganshire Animal Ploughing Match. President COL. H. R. HOMFRAY, M F.H,, Pe"]lyn Castle. Vice-President Aid. E. Jobn, Cowbridge. rreu.Su. i;i C, W. Stewart, Esq., (Manage. National Provincial Bank, Cowbridge). THE ABOVE ANNUAL PLOUGHING AT OH Will be bpM '1:1 f-R Mardv Farm, Bonvilston, in a field kindly lent by Mr. Wm. Morgan, On Thursday, Tebruary 21st 1907, U .dpr the followingIPatronage Lord nnnraven. Lord Tredegar, Lord Aberdare, Miss Talbot. E H. Ebsworth, Esq., Sir Henry Fletcher, C.B., M.P.. Sir J. T. D. Llewellyn The Mackintosh of Mackintosh, A. J Williams, Esq., Tudor'CrHwsbav. Esq.. General T. B Tvler, Col. H. Tvler, Aldp.rman O H. Jones, T. M -IT1' EP« G. L CI**rk. Esq, H. R. Homfray, Esq, M.F.H., J BUndv Jenkins. Esq, W R Randall. Esq. L G Williim-. Esq. V H Thomas, Esq, Mayor of Cow- bridge, (Councillor C Davies), Aldermen L Jenkins and E ji-hn T W H»ll. Esq. Councillor J Williams, Dr Movnan, J T D Ninholl. Esq. CoVWyndham. Qui", G Tipsc^mbe, Esq, T W David. Esq. C.C, Per.dovlan House. Messrs Masters & Co, Cardiff, F Jotham Fsq. JP. Cardiff, Morgan S Williams, Esq, Donatts Castle. Illtyd B Nichol, Esq, The Ham, Messrs Gwyn & Gwyn, etc, The following prizes will be awarded PLOUGHING: Open Champion Class-1st, JB5 2nd, L2 10a; 3rd, El Senior ClaBa-lst, B4; 2nd, £ 2; 3rd £ 1; 4th, 10s Junior Class—1st, £ 3; 2nd £2; 3rd. £ 1; 4th, 10s (P..r Boys under 20 years) A Prize of 92 2swill be given by Messrs E John. Smith aprl Co. for the best work done with a double furrow plough also second prize of £1 Is, bv Mr T Stephens, Implement Merchant, Neath For the Best Team for agricultural purposes, property of a tenant farmer competing at the match. £ 3. 2nd, £ 2. 3rd, £ 1. For the Beat Psir of Brood Mares, property of a tenant farmer competing at the match, i<o 2nd, JE2 3rd. Bl. (The brood mares shall not compete against other teams, or vice versa) A Special Prize, open, JE:3 3s, for the Best Team on the fieli. A Prize to the value of 25s 6d will be given by Messrs Masters & Co, Cardiff, for the most service- able Turn-out; also a second prize, value 10s, by Messrs Rees Morgan and, Co. Llantwit Major and Cowbridge both in Senior Class A Prize to the value of 20s will be given by Messrs Jot-ham and Sons, St Mary Street, Cardiff; also a second prize to the value of 5s by Mr John Williams, Draper, Cowbridge, for the best Turn- out in Junior Class A Prize of 10s 6d will be given by Messrs Howell and'Co, Drapers, Cardiff; also second prize to the value of 5s, given by Mr Hopkin Thomas, Saddler, Cowbridge, in other two classes To the Farm Servant, a competitor at the match, and who has not won a first prize before, who has longest followed a team of horses with his present employer :—First Prize, value 21; second, 10s A prize value JB1. second 10s, will be given to any Farm Labourer who has not won a iirat prize before, within the limits of the Glamorgan Hunt, who has lonppst-served his present employer, or has worked for the longest continued period o_n the same r arm. A Special Prize of £ 2 2s will be given to the r arm Servant or Workman who has worked on the same farm for the longest continued period (open to the County of Glamorgan) Each competitor in the above 3 classes to send a Certificate of his time, signed by his employer, to the Secretary, on or be- fore February 19th Hedging and Ditching—Champion Class tirst, £ 2 10s: second, £ 2; third, JBl Senior Class: 'Fi. st. jB? second, Bl 10s third, L't fourth, 10s Junior Class: First, El 10s second, £ 1 third, 10s fourth, '5s (for men under 21 years of age) A prize of 5s will be given in each class for the two that will best join their banks Each banker to slope his bank 5 or 6 inchies to the foot No man allowed to compete in Junior Class who has won -two first prizes in this or any higher class The same rule applies to Senior Class Conditions—1 Teams to be on the Fieltt at Half- past Eitht. to commence at9 sharp 2 No Plough- man allowed to use hand or foot to pack the Fnrrows 3 Each ploughman to ploughman acre of land with a pair of horses within 5 hours No more than 3 marks allowed 5 The depth of ploughing not to exceed 5 inches 6 No person allowed to interfefe with horses or plough during ploughing except the ploughman 7 No one allowed to plough in Senior Class who has won two first prises in this or any higher class 8 No one allowed to plough in Junior Class who has won two first prises in this or any higher class 9 No more thac one turn allowed on slicing furrows 10 Should the prizes for the Turn-outs be given to anyone who has a borrowed team the same should be handed over to its regular follower Further instructions will be given on the field Entries-Each Champion ploughman pays So; the other three classes to pay 2s each Hedging and Ditching Champion Class, 2s the other two classes, Is each Fee for Teams, 2s 6d each Competitors to send their fees to the Secretary, on or before February 16th, 1907. All entries must be prepaid. The Prizes .vill be distributed on the Field at the close of the Competitions Chairman of Committee: MR REES THOMAS, Boverton Place Secretary: Ma JOHN THOMAS, St Marychurch, Cowbridge 5315 EDWARD PREECE (JUNIOR), F.A.A., Auctioneer and Valuer, Public Accountant, 11, NOLTON STREET, BRIDGEND. FOR Sale, Six Cottages at Caerau, also Freehold Residence close to town of Bridgend, standing in 'its own around vacant possession on com- pletion of transfer if required EDWARD BRAMLEY, Aactioneer. Land and Estate Agent Tenant Right, Timber, Hotel, and General Valuer- AGENT FOR LEADING INSURANCE COMPANIES. STATION HILL, BRIDGEN D, and COW BRIDGE. FOR SALE OR To LET. Freehold and Leasehold Properties in and near Bridgend. Building Land (Freehold) in Grove Road. To LET. Lock-up Shop ;0 Angel Street. Furnished Rouses and Bungalows, Soutlierndown and Porthcawl. For particulars apply to above. 7391 Me #law0*pn teiette. PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. Or" Three j Sc. WORDS. 1 user- laser- I tion. tions. | tio;i j a, d. j a. d. j «. u. Word* 4, „ v, „ „, { 6 j I 0 > Word* j S I 1 6 2 < Word? ( 1 0 | 2 0 ( 3 t W el r. vTWordTTT, 3 0 4 OcT'Worde *7. 1^1 3 8 I 6 :} i¥.sri«, nrrr o gl Words | 2 S 4 £ vety additional s 3 | a j r \An- of 3 Words f The above Charges apply only DO the ci&ueee of advertisements specified below, and are strio ly confined to those which are PAID JOB PERVIOUS M '.NHKflWON if not prepaid, they will be oh«rft«d fe» <ronnral SOlafA Apartments Wanted. Apartments to Let Articles Lost. Articles Found. Businesses to be Sold OUR**? Let Money Wanted Miscellaneous Waottal Partnerships Wanted Situations Wanted. Situatioas Vacant. Sales byPriv»i;ei.'«attact \hi tf'OK SA.LL, 3s(X! ¥f and woii-made; pdee 12s, e&ci? —Chas and Sot). "rirrbor Merchants Bridepnd- f2SS IRON & BRASS FOUNDRY, BRIDGEND. Weare now in a position to supply all kinds of Brass and Iron Castings, including Firebars and parts for ail Agricultural Machinery. _We also undertake Repairs to Portable Engines and Boilers. 0176 CHAS. JENKINS & SON, A j| A SITUATION for SIXPENCE f\ 1 Hundreds of Situations have been ob -tuefi thro ugh a Sixpenny Advertisement ic the Quinorgan Gazette. 1 words for 6d.—Addrf?s Q a*, snran Gazette Queea-sceet, Brlu^cu Auctioneers' Announcements. ¥r. J RfOfLUD TH0M«.vv!S ANWDSCL5MSNT8. LLANTWIT MAJOR AUCTION MART. EXT SALE, MONDAY, the 4th FEBRUARY, ,N 19°7, at Twelve neon. 60 Prime FAT CATTLE and CALVES. 400 Choice FAT YEARLINGS and PIGS, &c. Mr. J. Richard Thomas, Auctioneer, 18 Queen Street, Cardiff. 533a Cowbridge and County Farmers' Club gIR J^DWAHD STRACHEY, BART., M.P., WILL ADDRESS A MEETING Of AGRICULTURISTS Of the above Club, at the TOWN HALL, COWBRIDGE, I. On Wednesday, February 6th, 1907. Chair to be taken at Three p m. by Col. W. H. Wyndham-Quin, D.S.O. PRESIDENT. Applications for Tickets must reach the Secre- tary, Mr W. D. Alexander, High-street, Cow- bridge, not later than February 2nd. A MEETING OF FARMERS will be held at the BEAR HOTEL, COWBRIDGE, on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 5th, at 2.30 o'cJock— "To discuss matters to be laid before Sir Edward Strachey, Bart., M.P." 5314 SCOTCH SEED POTATOES TO GROWERS. As I am again ordering my Annual Consignment from the grower in Scotland, I shall be glad to have your orders NOT LATER THAN SATURDAY, 9TH FEB. Any quantity supplied from 1 cwt. npwards. A change of Seed always pays I A. ROBISON, E^BERIDGENDR^' •_233S BETTWS & DISTRICT THIRD ANNUAL PLOUGHING, HEDGING & BANKING COMPETITION Will take place WEDNESDAY, FEB. 27th, on TYLA COCH and CELFYDD FARMS, in the Pariah of Bettws. rpENDERS are invited for the Supply of Re- X freshments with Intoxicants in a suitable Marquee, the highest or any Tender not neces- sarily aceepted, and to be in my hands not later than Feb. 11th. Full particulars can be had on application to JOIIN DAVIES, Hon. Sec. 5324 TOWN HALL, BRIDGEND. TWO NIGHTS ONLY. I'- F. R. BENSON'S Shakespearean Company (South). FRIDAY, Feb. 8th, THE TAMING OF THE SHREW." SATURDAY, Feb. 9th, MACBETH/' Doors open at 7 30, to commence at 7-45 early door 7.15, 6d. extra to all parts. Reserved Seats 3s., Second 2s., Third Is. Special Reduction to School Parties of 10 or more. Booking Office Thompson and Shackell, Music Sellers, Wyndham Street. 5330_ Glamorgan Beekeepers' Association. ANNUAL jy[EETING. BRIDGEND TOWN HALL, FEBRUARY 9th, B 190", at 4 p.m. CKAIRMAN ALDERMAN T. J. HUGHES. CONVERSAZIONE at 5 (Light Refreshments). Short Public LECTURE (with Lantern Views), at 6, on Bees and Flowers," by MR. WILLIAM RICHARDS, First Olass Expert. All Beekeepers will be welcomed. Members only have the privilege of voting at the meeting. 5302 WM. RICHARDS, Hon. Sec. TRROES AND DISTRICT FLOWER SHOW. On Tuesday, August the 6th, 1907. ALSO MUSICAL COMPETITIONS. Schedules from W. M. THOMAS, Secretary, Church Farm, 5310 Llangan. £ 5 to £ 5,000. Strictly Private Cash Advances mada immedi- ately on Promissory Note, also on Life Policies on special terms. Distance no object. Trade Bills Discounted at Low Rates. Advances made on Second Mortgage. Apply— VILLIERS LIMITS U. 5000 ly, Duke Street, Cardiff.

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