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JSjESNIONS & 8()\ LTD., %ianufacturers and inw.rtprii of PIECES, RANGES, GRATES, GUILDERS' IRONMONGERY, BAJHS, SANITARY 0-OODS, TUBES, RoOFING SLATES, And All Kinds BUILDING MATERIALS. Showroom and Officea-Penarth Roa < ( aidiff. I Tift old baa oast, the New hu mm& And still my goods are Number one. Of long renown my Chest Relievers, Belief for colds but not for teven. Mm CHEST RELIEVED The Rock Shoo. Caroliae-st, Bridgend poRTCA WL SCHOOL OF y|USIC. Principal MR. W. H. DAVIES, I.S.M., A. Mas. T.C.L. (Member of the Incorporated Society of Musicians Member of the London Choral Society late Local Secretary of Trinity College, London Author of the Standard Works Co The Piano- forte" -3rrl edition—and "Piano Technic for the Weak Fingers.") A.TE CONDUCTOR of Bognor Musical Society (President, Lord E. Talbot, M.P.). Aepi?ted by Visiting Masters from Uardiff, &c. VOCAL SCIENCE (Breathing, Voice Production, Singing, Physical Culture, Special Exercisoafor Speech Defects). PIANOFORTE (Mr. Davies's successful end nniqne systam). Orchestral Instruments, Harmony, Counter- point, Orchestration, Mandoline Class, Orcheetra! Class, Singing Class, Theory Class BRIDGEND (THOMPSON & SHACKELL'S), MONDAYS AD THURSDAYS tTONDQ (19, Coronation Street) WEDNESDAYS. SPORT TALBoT (UKATH & SONS). FIUDAYS. 1\1 A ESTgn (MKS. DEAVIN'S), 45, St. Michael's Road, SATURDAYS. Press Notices, Testimonials and full information on application to PORTHCAWL, BRIDGEND, PonT TALBOT, MAESTEG, or TON no. 4116 fW Mr. Davice is a QUALIFIED AD.VUDICATOK for Eisteddfodau, &c. Terms ou application. BRIDOEN'. SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, FJBTR. D CASTLE BILL (Established 183-11 PEIACIPAIA.TKB MISSES LEACH. I>mwin-, i Mi?f JiteaiS LxAOB (Certificated Sontfc K.ensin j^ton); PaiDting Pianoforte. W a SPECIAL CLASS for PAINTING and DRAWING on SATURDAYS. School Re-Opens January 2Ckh, 1903 PORTHCAWL COLLEGE. ,¡: BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL. Established 1891. PBINOIPAL-J. TOWNS (Lond. Univ.), For six years Second Master under late Principal. Boys received from 3 years of age. Pupils pre- Oared for University, Civil Service, Locate and ether Examinations. Recent Successes include H.M. Civil Service (Boy Clerkship), Cambridge, Local and Pitman's Shorthand Certificates. Home Comforts. Excellent Health ReBulfea Pees moderate, For Prospectus, &c., apply to the PRINCIPAL. 1191 MR. W. LEYSHON, A.L.C.M. Certificated Royal Academy and Royal College of Music. (Organist and Choirmaster of the English Congre- Rational Church, Bridgend), BEOEIVES PUPILS for Organ, Pianoforte, Singing, arid Theory of Music. Nantymoeland Ogmore Vale visited on Mondays. Blaengarw on Fridays. lupiis prepareJ for any of the Local Musical Examinations. Accents Engagements for Concerts and z' 4 Eiateddfodau. For terms, &c., apply to— Rock18a, Coity Fields, Bridgend. B R JONB S Pupil of Mr. Henry Holmes (late principal Professor of Violin, Royal College ot Music London). Certificated Royal Academy and Royal College of Leader of Orchestra at Treorchy Musical Festival, Xmas & boxing Days, the past 5 yeais. -I -i RECEIVES PUPILS FOR VIOLIN, VIOLA, CELLO, DOUBLE BASS, MANDOLINE, TBEORY & HARMONY. Professional Orchestra proyiden for oratorios. Vkite NANTYMOEL TUESDAY. OOMOBK VALE WEDNE8DA7 BRIDGKND. FRIDAYS & SATURDAYS. Pupils prepared for any of the Local Musical Examinations. ACCEPTS CONCERT ENGAGEMENTS. For Terrnc, &c., apply to 22, Homfray Street, SO Nantyffyllon. < And at THOMPSON & SHACKELI/S, Bridgend. Local Representative fcr College of Violinists Over 100 p'liiUs having passed the Examinations of London College of Music, College < f Violinists, London; Trinity C- Hege of Music R.A.M., and &.C.M., including 25 Diplomas of Associate and Licentiate College of Violinists. "MISS B. JEANES, A.L.C.M., Certificated R.A.M. and R.C.M. (Advanced), MUSIC TKACHER- PIANOFORTE and THEORY at own 01 Pupil's p Residence. Pupils Prepared for Examination. Accepts Engagements for Concerts and bistedd- Sodau. Valleys Visited. For terms apply to 4629 70, BRYN ROAD, TONDU. lVIR. T. DAVIES, I-V 9 Mus. Bac., A.H.C.O., A. Mus. T.C.I., ORGANIST, ST. MARY'S, CARDIFF, VISITS BRIDGEND and PEN COED Weekly to GIV^ VIOLIN, PIANO and SINGING LESSONS. Apply on Saturday mornings at 45, PARK STREET, BRIDGEND. Address—MR T. DAVTI S, 15, W- estbourne Cretseint 5198 Cardiff. n — Miss LILLIAN ii• GTRIFFITHS, Yearly Exhibitor at tbo Royal Academy, and Ottany* o'her London Galleries, Winner of First Prizes Royal National Eisteddfod, South Ken- sington Cert., GIVES LESSONS at RAVE^EURST, COITY FIELDS, BRIDGEND, AND LLWYN-ON, EG, In p-jioting (Oils and Water-colours), Miniature Painting- Modelling in Clay, Wax &c., Black- board Drawing, Bruh-worh, Drawing from Ornament, Model Drawing, Perspective, &c and all blanebc of Drawing required for the Certificate EX1?I))¡lIntion Board of Educasion and South Ken enipum Exams. Lessons also giveo in Pen and Ink and Biack and White Wa-h Drawing For further particulars apply to Pavenhurst, 42oitv Fields, iddgend, or Llwyn-Ou, Maeeteg. fi049 Brintins-—AH kinds of Jobbing Work, Artistic and Commercial, executed in the Beet ytylo n,nd at Reasonable Prices, at. the Glamorg«« Gazette" Offices, Bridgend. Postern in niiy size, shade, colour, or combin- ation of i'<oli>urs; and every description of Let U- r n v Printing, Rees Morgan, Abraham & Co., e s or a am LATE .¡ SOllc'lTED- REES MORGAN & Co, K",TES Implement Agents, Wholesale and Retail Ironmongers, • LLANTWIT MAJOR AND COWBRIDGE. SOLE AGENTS FOR RUSTON, PROCTOR & Co.'s: The Ruston Oil Engine, Portable and Stationary Engines, Threshing Machines, Traction Engines. The SOUTHWELL Oil, Petrol, and Gas Engines. DEERING HARVESTING Co.'s: Oil Engines, Binders and Mowers, Side Delivery Bake, Disc Harrows, Ac., &c. Bentals Food Preparing Machinery. Melotte-s Separators. ,¡ It.quiries Solicited for all Farm Requisites. Estimates Free. M !) •" £ I3 <1 r Ogsi^.M i? if S 1 r 1= /"N C5 B £ L> a ^2 f« | cf v—* ft §? O-i « jr 1 » 1 C 8S»». f s cj 3 H«« 1 g 2's •• E s, |i>S Hi 5"i | 5 J > |L S CD 1 ..fe ?!?*- S I i&s ■ i l.i| | i 11 f £ I o S ?^|l 5 w & ts u £ s- I § s. 1 § | h g 4 •: £ 3 11 ?i i3"; o b «S pi* P s. hj *S I g. c2, I 3 fcj 0Q i 2 DO {2 rr? >*1 CC B O g ►"+» hy" p_l 00 03 i_i I grv—. W |™ ^V\ 2 t> hh -m & M k ,5 I so cr- j-,4 o o Sj ffi £ H 8P w CD I o W S^§ K 2 ? B LAJ -^g ^'3" l B I oo k n-i n s 8- & 5' § S~8 c+" H—i P | bo'S.01' & ST E> nT Tft g5*3 if l§^gEs?§ s-p g* H Iraii Bt>s« a§ £ E- » GQ £ s-» hM k O p n ? mi -*8.B3^sr*r8. K o & u-i« w fl> » »i|" s- Is s ■ f ■* £ != Jgf"3 tags S3 f- b h> |B ?&?: ° ft £ > o^CfQ<]Q y/J j 2 n, I S3 £ *■ Vfi /«V M [in a si i3»- ?g S s cq P- l_ I a ?» bj 3" B 5 S S 75 § £ |3' ^=§S" H § Hi w td fV» 1 3 3 § rc o.°§ »K • m e*- —■ J-H 0 I e S °aq ?lr0T o trl2 x? 3 § g e.g. J g_ § ^oH §g s? s»«- z §. 2 I ci = m .ffs S-1 £ td » as z 73 o g w 3 a J ct- HH — I Oig £ » p "g. W g fcgj g P g r-5 >fi§ 2 S tJ n h4- s s °1 i S r i Rp§ i S p "l'-3-1 m 5 ~o-3 x s'«a i !••* f 0 I g 54 g O S Mlofcri 0 o 55 O r § CP i° go" 2 u_. *■ sw 5 c+ H ?9 en Q p- si u W I J j i_h td 5 R-3 C o • a., j i S^'tjSom, p tJ ^3 o w r-™" H w •: z •|. 3 s s p «g. K o « p n^M CI ^3 «r C~U 50 & g3 fcl P Jj K* CD ■—1 P I 11leal y & t$g g P W. L WALLINGTON, G-LASS, CHINA, & EARTHENWARE, AND GENERAL WAREHOUSEMAN, ¡'101ton Street and Brackla Street, BRIDGEND. rioteutj Mtope, ofid W'QAœa.J.e Buyers Supplied on tne Most Advaatsgeoufi Xerma | Actions of FANCY GOODS, TOYS, and SMAJLLWAEI <t"lt aud Cheapest House fer ARTIFICIAL WJRJBATRS Ana üASES, FISKXJS t TACKLE and WINDOW GLASS of All Kinds. JISTRIOT AGENT FOR ALL KINDS OF SALT, & FIRE, LIF!?> ACCIDENT & PLATE GLABS IN8FRANOE. IT-ff- 10 Hio'h-class Artificial Teeth!! $00% (ENGLISH AND AMERICAN). JINGLE rpO 0 T H I JINGLE rpO 0 T H I From 2a. 6d. to 10s- 6d. I COMPLETE SLT From 11 Is. Od. to t5 5s. Od. QHOWN, JgAR, AND JJRIDGE ^T0RK- rpEETH JpILLED WITH Q.OLD AND OTHER jyj^ATERIAL. TEETH ON MORE COSTLY MATERIAL, NAMELY GOLD, PLATINUM,AND S!LVER,AT MODERATE CHARGES. ORDINARY EXTRACTIONS la. COCAINE AND ETHER EXTRACTIONS 2s. 6d. GAS EXTRACTIONS 5s. 4W ALL WOHK GUARANTEED. COJS SULTATION8 FREE. N OTICE OF RiMOVAL. MR. SUITE ST J. ASH, S.D.3., Sag., dental STJ]^G-EO!T, OVER 30 YI ''AHS' PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE IN OPERATIVE AND MECHANICAL DENTISTRY, Begs to inform his numerous Friends and the Public, that be has Removed from Mr. W. E. Williams, Chemist, to more convenient Promises, on the Ground Floor at 12, DUNRAVEN PLACE, BRIDGEND (Next Door to Mr. Frank Hawkins, and opposite the Metropolitan Bank). Personal Attendance Daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p m-; Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p m. Note New Address and Name Plate on door, and avoid all disappointments :— MR. ERNEST J. ASH, R.D.S., ENG., DENTAL SURGEON, 12, Dunraven Place, Bridgend. lw lw DOWN & SON'S ANNUAL SALE Will take place during JANUARY, 1908. To parties Furnishing this will prove an exceptional opportunity to 0 secure Genuine Bargains in Bedroom, Dining Room, and Drawing Room Suites, AND Furniture of every description GREAT REDUCTIONS in all Departments. All orders of £10 and upwards delivered free. A visit of inspection cordially invited. Showrooms— 221 High Street, Swansea. Telegraphic Address-CI PAINLESS," Cardiff. Nat. Tel.-No. 334. G. POOLE, SURGEON DENTIST, 13, wbstbourne CRESCENT SophiFGens), CARDIFF. ESTABLISHED OVEn ('.5 YEARS. Oakfield Rathin Gardens. Oeu Sir, Cardiff, March 10, 1906. It afiords me great pleasure to let you k,DC^ t pleased I am with the teeth you have maoe roe. im perfectly batisfied with them. 1 our new P oe«s of extraction of teeth without gas is painless, and your charts are very reasoDawe. I can with the greatest confidence rpcomnie iay one requiring the aid of an able dentist ;herr.H/:lves under your care, when tliey will (like myself) bi more than satiefied.-I am. y onre truly G. Poole, EM., Surgeon Dentist, Cardiff. PAINLESS EXTRACTION. ARTIFICIAL TEETH. REASONABLE PRICES. SUCCESSFUL DENTISTRY. Attends at MB- EVANS (Lloyd's Bank), 9, Katie Street Bl^enparw, every W'iDNiijiMY. D. E. EVANS & CO., Wholesale and Retail Ironmongers, Plumbers, Hot Water Engineers, Tool Merchants, and implement AgeDts, DUNRAYEN PLACE, AND CAROLINE STREET, ERIDG-END- Wo have always on band a good selection of Chaffcutfcers, Turnip Pulpers, Oil Cake Mills for Hand and Motor Power, fitted with the latest improvements. District Agents for Howard's Ploughs; all wearing parts kept in stock. 'i » V L. j Sole Agents— For I ticandesceat Mantle Burner. Can be fitted to any existing Double Burner L unp, giving ten tinu £ more light than the ordinary. Can be seen in use in our windows. I JUDICIOUS ADVERTISING j j BLaa Created U&BJ New BiT^ess, I Has Enlarged Xany an Old Biisines I Has Revived Mar.y a Dull BnsisasB. j Hag Reacuei Macy a Ijort Btisinraw, j Hae Saved i £ any a I"ailing Bwinesr,, j E. Pr M&ay a Large Brorinees. f AnA Sinroret> "!1Y Bustceae THE OLDEST BREWERY IN THE DISTRICT. (Established Over a Century). R. 38. STILES, f. The Brewery, Bridgend, Wholesale Wine and Spirit Merchant, Maltster and Mineral Water Manufacturer, Begs to announce to hig numerous Customers and the Public generally that he has a Fine Selection of WINES & SPIRITS, "i Also has prepared a "pecial Quality of 4a e- STRONG and MILD ALES. agent FOR -4.1 4 0 HOGSHEADS, BARRELS & KILNS ALWAYS IN STOCK. WHISKEYS: Buchanan's Black & White, also- Red Seal Dewar's and Thompson's Irish. ALSO—ALL OTHER NOTED BRANDS KEPT IN STOCK. Bass's Pale Ales and Guinness's Extra Stout kept in Bottles HENNESSY'S BRANDY, The t llndard of Escellmc^ throughout the World, *3T A .7.W.A-TT-s TIST STOCK, BY RùYAL LETTERS PAIENC For Horses, Cattles &c. i" ONICA." This Ointment has a wonderful reputation Penetrates to the Root of the Evil WHATEVER IT MAY BE. i CCTRES Sprains, Bruises, Hard and l Soft Swellings, Thrush. Canker, Collar Galls, Cuts. Cortuswns, Cancerous Ulcers, Venomous Bites, Blood PoiSuning, &c. "ONICA" possesses stronc: eleansin- rower* aln EXTKACTING GLASS, SPLINTS NAILS, or anv like thine that may be lodged ir, the wound. ID the process of caring it P&EVEN i S PRJCJD FLESEI, and in cases where Prond Fie-h has already apTJered It wilJ eat it away and LEAVE A SOOT til NG EFFECT. It wiil keep the wound anoloeed until every impurity is drawn out, and effect a thon.a^hlw healthy heiling. For BROKEN KNKES it is unsuruas^ed, if tot unequalled, EXTRACTING ALL GRIT, feiviag no mark and trows the hair its nataral colour. We sespectfully call the attention of :tT}¥ who are keeping Cows for dairy purposes to as heing tudispeiiBable for SORE TEATS. *ud HARD AND SWOLLEN UDDERS "ONICA" DISPLACES THE LACR does away with the necessity of Pouiticiag. Price I/I J per box. (Post Free). FROM J. THOMAS, I Middle Tremains, Bridgend. Sole Agents for the District :-Emrva RifHirJe Chemi&t, Tonypandy: H. Martin Hughes. C^B fiat Nantymoel; Edward T. Rich, Chemist, Br.d^eadl wHEELgARROWS- FOR SALH;, "2CO strong and well-made; price 12s each—Oh Jenkins Jc Sou, Timber Itler, liaors, iridic ^d. 263 IRON & BRASS FOUNDRY, BRIDGES^ We are now in a position to supplv all kind" of Brass hrd Iron Castings, including Fir g.r und parts for aU Agric,iit ral Machinery W k, also nndertake Repairs to Portable tfagials ,;}d Boilers. 6176 CHAS. JENKINS t SON. MONEY, THE NORTH BRITISH & MERCANTIEE BANK OF SCOTLAND, Joo, West Camp' eii Street, Glasgow, A prepared to ad .'iace Loan? to reapecr-i^ta l>ergon» on tbeir own security. No ob)oc&- loijab e references. Strictest privacy puarauteed. Information confiiential. Persons wifhiu • from £ 0 to £ 500 should consult us either "person- l«r n-t€r' 6ncIoain^ stamped ad'>re^' uhVrX • tir,Ce.T,° r,bi°ct" Borrowers o.V v, payinl, int erest arfe øodi invited, wben t,xistinj? loans will be paid off larger advance- :n.,Je. Ca.b eent by pr,^ The North British & Mercantile Bank of ? rTlHE South Wales Loan and Finar* »ad J- vance daily to all classes withwad repay- strictly priva at modfn .it&et* *et*t £3 to inents to suit tho o^r_v/cnteuoe of hSt., Swanfleiw £ 500 — r>ts,ria.vers, 8 Water' Street. Pontypridd. t)e Mae,^ LOCAL N owce -I> ew Off e 4 to 5, t>v 1 ett £ Attenoance weekly, Thanaa- daily to Head Offices. Tr» m ^istr c' k debte L» xr^ieflcnen in tD'iistg wii.ii !»;wr«st p*iat bought for cash, 8y. m. Abb tt, 3 Ooy- in strictest onfidenc church Briiir- fBill-P ng at ni rr. TY ar OFIELD, BILL-POSTKK aod 3 nV' torTOWN i COi NTF4, tT „ ,7^ principal Hoarding a in idirt-Bd. ReDte with deapa+ich.— r»sia» bridge, Bridsrend. WIS sif