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Good Jggys to all for the New Year. COAL! COAL! COAL! The New Brynllywarch Colliery Co., Nr. Tondu Have just Opened out an Excellent House Coal Colliery, Gas, and Smith, Look at the Low Price it is sold at QNLLY 16S. PER TON At Colliery Once tried, always wanted. "WANTED all Smiths to try, you can wefld a pin with the small coal Price for you is only 10/- per ton. THOMAS STEPHENS, r Agricultural Implement Merchant, NEATH. And at Star Hotel Yard, Bridgend. Chaffcutters, Grinding Mills, Turnip Cutters, & Cultivators by all the leading makers. Howard's Famous Ploughs. Oil & Petrol Engines a Speciality. Gilbertson's Basic Slag. NAT. TEL.—64 Neath. Telegrams-Stephens, Neath. 6632 EOYAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE. INCORPORATED A.D., 1720. Funds Exceed £ 5,150,000. Claims Paid Exceed fA2,000,000. FIBB, Marine, Employers' Liability, Accident, Burglary, and Fidelity Guarantee. MODERN & IMPROVED SYSTEM OF ASSURANCE. rjk« Fire Policies of the Corporation extend to cover less er damage by LIGHTNING, whether th* property insured be set an fire thereby or not. Fartasrs LiabiHr/ nnder the Workmen's Compensation Act covered at equitable rates. Fee particulars apply— MR. D, J. GWYN, Metropolitan bank, Bridgend. Messrs. GWYN & GWYN, Solicitors, Cowbridge. PO, TELEPHONE No. 63. J. C. HITT & SONS, PLUMBERS, .t Sanitary, Lighting, Ventilating, Horticultural and Heating Engineers, 0 QUEEN STREET, BRIDGEND. ESTIMATES FREE. Drains and Sanitary Arrangements Tested with the latest appliances, and reports made thereon. 4110 Get Immortalized at A. & G. TAYLOR'S, Bridgend. If you wish to secure an absolutely Permanent Portrait that can be handed j down until the CRACK OF DOOM, GO TO T A Y L OR Poo"' There you will get something that will be a credit to the district and a joy to your friends, and YOU will be able to join the chorus of patrons and say- + have never had so fine a Photograph." MR. THOMPSON, the Managing Representative, is a thoroughly practical c Z- Operator, and gives all patrons his personal attention. COPYING AND FRAMING A SPECIALITY. Satisfaction for all at 6 The ART STUDIO, Station Road, Bridgend. PRELIMINARY NOTICE -A.- GRAND EISTEDDFOD WILL BE HELD AT THE MIRKET HALL, BRIDGEND, .d On Easter Tuesday, April 21, 1908. CHIEF EVENT-MALE VOICE CONTEST .B30, end Silver Medal to each Member of the Party. Gold Medal to Conductor. TEST PIECES-" Nid Aroe (Protberoo) The Long Day Closes (Sullivan). Programes ready early in Jan nary. 1t II> :?;: I JAN. 4th ,°' I BEN EVANS' Winter Clearance SALE00 And Daily during the Month. AAJKA.AJH.AA ———— CATALOGUE POST FREE. wwwriymrm'ww^wvw w Ben. Evans A Co., Ltd. SWANSEA iMiiR/ J\ ECOLLIDA Y OPHTHALMIC OPTICIAN, Fellow Worshipful Company Spectacle Makers. Fellow Institute Ophthalmic Opticiana (By Exam. Lond.) THE SIGHT TESTING ROOMS, 16, DUNRAVEN PLACE, (opposite Town Hall), BRIDGEND. 0 Scientific Sight Testing and Spectacle Fitting zONLY. NO OTHER BUSINESS CARRIED ON Over 20 Years' Experience as a Practical Optician (several years as assistant to a firm of Opticians to the Admiralty. Holr of the SPECIAL DIPLOMA in Sight Testing (the only recognised qualification); in addition to the General Diploma of the Worshipful Company Spectacle Makers. PERSONAL ATTENDANCE DAILY. CHARGES ARE MODERATE, AND INCLUDE TEStiN-G-. N.B.—To avoid waiting and disappointment ntending clients are advised to write and make an appointment. 5226 T J National, 0193. Telephone j Poat 0ffice, 15 I I -.c. Telegrams; H. WOODWARD, BRIDGEND. H. WOODWARD, Posting Master, Adare St, Bridgend, BEGS to inform his Customers and the Public generally, that he has purchased a HEARSE, and, together with his other suitable Carriages, is fully prepared for all kinds of Funeral arrangements. BRAKES. WAGONETTES, BROUGHAMS, DOGCARTS, HANSOM CAB. LUGGAGE LORRYS AND OTHER CONVEYANCES. Most Reasonable Prices. All Orders carefully and promptly attended to. ALL TRAINS MET OWBN & HOCKINGS Plumbers and General Metal Workers. SANITARY, SEATING AND ACETYLENE ] MAKERS OF IMPROVED INLET AND GAS ENGINEERS. I EXHAUST VENTILATORS. Works UNION STREET. Address Coity Fields, Bridgend. 5f82 THE BRIDGEND GAS & WATER Co. Invite enquiries for all the Latest and most Up-to-Date Appliances for Lighting, Cooking, and Heating by Gas. Gas Cookers on Hire from Is. 6d. per Quarter. Gas Fires „ Is. Od. (A LIRE SAL DISCOUNT IF PURCHASED). Boiling Burners, Grillers, Coffee Roasters, Washing Machines, Clothes Dryers, &c., &c. Incandescent Burners and Fittings (Ordinary and Inverted), and The Block Llõ1\t. Podmore, Humphrey, and other Lamps for indoor and Outside Shop Lighting. Agents for Keith's High Pressure System of Lighting, As installed by the Company at the New Market Buildings. YORWERTH THOMAS, SADDLER, BRIDGEND, BEGS to draw the attention of the rublic to a large assortment of WATERPROOF COATS & LEGGINGS Of the Latest Style. Also oi r, CLOTHS Of all descriptions in stock. Carriage Waterproof Aprons & Lamps. FOOTBALLS of all descriptions always in stock. All sorts of Gig, Cart and Pit Harness at the Lowest Potjfjible Prices. COLLIERIES SUPPLIED. A large assortment of Bags, Trunks, and Satchels. 7032 Twenty-fourth Year of Attendance. P.GRAHAM YOU N G DENTAL LICENTIATE ROYAL COLLEGE SURGEONS, DENTAL SURGEON, Park Villa, Charlotte Street, Park Street. BRISTOL. PROFESSIONAL ATTENDANCE BRIDGEND. -Every WEDNESDAY, 11 a.m. bo 3 &m.t Mr. John Jones, Pharmaceutical Chemist Caroline Street. OARDIFF.-Firgt and Third WEDNESDAY In every month, 4 to 7 p.m., at 11, Station terrace. QueeLi St. Efficiency with Moderate Fees. Consultation Free. Painless Operations by Nitrous Oxide Gas. Siaisror,. -Atten(i &nee daily, except Tuesday and Wednesday Musical. PIANOS PIANOS! PIANOS! ORGANS! ORGANS ORGAN S !—Pianos aud Organs, t, any Makers in the World, supplied for cash or the hire-purchase system, whith can be seleoted fisher at our owe or London Show Rooms. Every instrument warranted and delivered free to any part. Price lists and Catalogues sent post free on application. Instruments by other makers taken in ex hange. The larg-st pianoforte dealers in the Kingdom. Established over half a century. Thompson and Shackell, Ltd., 1, Wyndham-Street, Bridgeud. PIANO.-Rosewoc)d Ca'e, inlaid gilt panel and sconces, equal to when new. 14 Guineas, payable at 7s. 6d. monthly.—Thompson and Shackell, Ltd., 1, Wyndham-Street, Bridgend. PIANO for 10s. 6d.-This amount paid monthly for a limited period will secure the possession of a high-class instrument, with all the latest improve- ments. Price lifts and particulars free on applica- tion.—Thompson and Shackell, Ltd., 1 Wyudham Street, Bridgend. PIANO.—New Style, Cottage Model, handsome Walnut case with Marqueterie panel and sconces, iron frame, full trichord and all the latest improve- ments. 22 Guineas, payable at 10s. 6d. monthly. Best value possible.—Thompson and Shackell, Ltd., 1, Wyndham Street, Bridgend. -_u- PIANOFORTE.— New Style, imperial Model. in handsome rosewood or walnut case, all latest inil,roveti,euts. 24 Guineas, payable at 12s. 6d no.ori t h ly. -Thompson and Shackell, Ltd., 1, Wyndham Street, Bridgend. PIANOS, ORGANS, AND HARMONIUMS in great variety (returned from hire) at half price, Phonographs. Gramophones, Records, &c. Violins, Mandolines. Banjos, Strings, and Small Goods in great variety at lowest oasible prices.-I hnmpson and Shackell. Ltd., 1, Wyndham Street, Bridgend. 7205 BIRDS AND ANIMALS Scientifically Preserved BY W. SIMMONDS, 83, ATolton Street, BRID(}END. SKINS CLEANED. 7204 -81 GREAT CLEARANCE SALE AT R. CJONES BRIDGE HOUSE, BRIDGEND, Now Proceeding DESPERATE BARGAINS in all Departments See Windows I See Windows I Drapery. Dress Materials. Blankets and Quilts. Lace Curtains & Curtain Nets. Hosiery. Underclothing and Umbrellas. Floorcloths and Rugs. Blouses, Aprons, and Pinafores. Mantles and Jackets. Caracul Coats and Capes. Costumes and Skirts. Ladies and Children's Paletots. Fur Stoles and Muffs. Pelisses &- Costumes. Trimmed Hats and Bonnets. REMNANTS I REMNANTS I REMNANTS I OUTFITTING DEPARTMENT. Men's Overcoats 14/n, 16/11 ——. 19/11, 24/11. Men's Tweed, Black, and Navy Suits 12/11, 16/11, 19/n, 26/11. Men's Trousers. 2/11,3/11,4/11,5/11,6/11. Juvenile, Boys, and Youths Overcoats Greatly Reduced. Boys and Youths Suits Greatly Reduced. Boys Norfolk Suits 3/11 to io/i i. Boys Sailor Suits 1/11 to 7/11. Men's Flannel Shirts, Regatta Shirts, Pants & Vests, Ties, etc. Greatly Reduced. I I PRIM LNb PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRLNTLNG PiUN'l I S o PRINTING PRLNTLNG PRLVJ LNG PRiN'i I > '• *f. PRINTING PRINTLM; 9 4: PRINTING (i: PRINTING PRLXTLN(I PRINTIN G PRLN'I'LN b if. PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING w. rJUNTLG PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING 1ft PRLNMX' PRINTLN G J# PRINTING PRINTLN G PH I N i 1 "•1 PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING$# PRINTING PRINT LNG PRINTING PRINTLN G PRINTING PRLNTING PRINTING PRLNTING PRINTING PRINTING PRLNTING PRINTLN G PRINTING PRLNTING PRINTING t- h 1 > I 1 y u PRINTING PRINTING PRIN 1 1NG PRINTING JfKiN -iitA PRINTING PRINTING P HINTING PRINTING rSiLM LNb PRINTING PRINTING FHLNTIMW PRINTING The Gazette Offers Special Advantages To Its Customers. THE BEST AND CHEAPEST HOUSE FOR PRINTING IN BRIDGEND AND DISTRICT. PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING ri.vjL.M vNG PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRiNTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING i'liLS TIN G PHDJTLG PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING 3** PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRLNTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING A e 8 TO ALL.. HEARTY ALL Faithfully Y()l1r, H. LEVINE, 2 3, Market Buildings, BRIDGEND. To be Let. CITABLES to Let, large Uoach-hoases.—Apply, kj C. H. Price, Bridgend. 6707 T9 LET.—'Brook Villa, Nwdh Street, Bridgend; -L iouneddate possession.—Bramley, Aactionaer, Bridgend. yo 7128 TO LET, Glanavon, Bridgend, with or wibhout stables.—For all particulars, apply, Mre. W, Cooke, 45, Park Street. Bridgend. 7224 HOUSE TO LET, 55. Park-street Bridgend; 1111 most convenient: 9 Rooms with all modern conveniences rent moderate.-Apply, Mr. Leww, Caederwen- 7259 APARTMENTS, Unfurnished, Front Sitting, A room One or Two Bedroome; pleasant central position —Apply, in first instance, to 37, Clifton Terrace, Briduend. 7269 rro LET, Large and Comfortable Rooms suit JL two business men terms 5s. each.—A. H. 5, North Road, Bridgend. 7273 TO LET, Comfortably Furnished Sitting Room and Bedrooms in the vicinity of Intermediate School.—Apply, X Y. Z," Gazette Office. 7291 HOUSE AND GARDEN TO LET, known Is Tynypwnt Farm, Bridgend rent cheap.-»• Apply at once, Loveluck, Tynypwat Farm. 7293 PRIVATE TUITION. MOSS VILLA, COITY ROAD. MISS NELLIE SUMMERS, Pupil of Royal Bay Terrace School, Jersey, Certificated College of Preceptors. Prize Winner of the College of Preceptors for French and Geography. Also for Proficiency in all Subjects, including Music. RECEIVES PRIVATE PUPILS. School Re-Opening January 14tb, 1908. J French, Shorthand, Drawing and other Subjecti Terms on application. 6471 MONEY MAKES MONEY. IT will pay you to borrow from me.—If a would like to extend your business, or if is suffering from lack of capital, or you would liko Start or buy a business. It will also pay you rather than worry ovenot of little bills, to borrow from me and clear m off. Money lenb for any private purpose at d- erate interest. I also lend money on Life Policies and Shia. All loans can be repaid by easy weeklyprt- nightiy, or monthly instalments. I trade in my own name-have neither ints nor Partners, so everything is straightfoard, and above all strictly private." Special terms to Farmers, Schoolnters, Teachers, and other Professional men-for ianco £ 10—10s. £ 20- 20s. If you want money, consult me firsb. ivice Free. EDWARD STEWART, 1, Castle Streeb, Cliff. Nab. Tel., 658, if urgent. NOTE.—Business can be arranged < cash sent by post on receipt of Promissory Noprop- erly signed. 3432 THE 16TH ANNUAL LLANHARRAI CHAIR EISTEDDOD Will be held on WHIT TUESDAY, JUNE f, 1908 Programmes ready shortl 7216 MISS HOWADT" Certified Midwife. roline Trained Nurse. t jamberq, CAROLINE STRr, Bridaend. 7263 Dolls T H E i Toys Aberaim Hardware G u T T R I D G E Fancy Goods Bridpitd I Brushes 1 > I £ I a. B S f% China feath ttlery, Glass, hina and Plate Dr Hire. V17TLL thisofcleman return Fawn Coat taken njisl»ke or left by members of King's Rifle iu9- Prosecution will follow if ritained-Kii 90,Ad Hotel, Bridgend. 7320 DVICE F for Starop. Alts. Stewart, Lady Speciftli and certain remedy. — Address, 9, Ve Waco, Swansea. 7085 Wanted. A IED. younegirl, 16 to 18 years, as house- « Mrs. Macdonald AtKins. •Veeofcelc r«tiooe near Bridgend. 7094 ^JLrAJCED, fmart Youth, to look aftor ponjr fj aid cob, and make himself gonerally, aofuUfcppjy, Dr Macdonald Atkias, G.een- .TOcoed, ?^ear B: idgend. 7095 lIT ANrED. experiencod General Servant.- llTANPED.expone-.ced General Se^nt^—- f Geen Meadow House, City Road, Bridg- 7123 IA/ANTKI>, after Ciiriatmns, good Genera' » Servant, tvvo io family.— Mrs. Tudor* tlavenurst. Coity Fields, Bridgend. 7219. ¥AilED, General Servant; good reforencee- YV Apply, D John, Ouffryn Hotel, Caerau*- fltaesi g. 7270 TAINTED, at once, good strong Girl good Home. Apply, 21, Nolton Street, Bridgend.. 7274 ■"V/V4^ IED, younn Gtrl to assist in Housework T clean. fond of children — Apply Mrsj. I. Morgan, Glan Nant, Coity Fields. end. 7292 L JADING ASSURANCE CO., making extensive developments, require energetic* we. good books given, salary, comtniysion, bouses. NotJdfa Housg, Coity Fields ffrigend 7310 \T AN TED, experienced Servant, no children,. 7 comfortable home; sf.nda wages,—VDDIV b letter to E." Gazette Office. 7314 H"AN TED, a trood General Servant.—Apply^ '■a J otucnaery, Caroline S're»t). ridgend. 7319 RANTED Immediately, a strong Lad fo^ L,el. <»tw YXTANTED, a atrong respectable Girl for Housewoik. -Apply, CODE;ervative Club, 7322 W AN T-h D, Apprentice. Russell Brown, Watchm,iL-kir, Jeweller and Optician. Adare Street, Bridgend. 732:1 TT/'ANTED by a Gentleman, front bed and oLett. oS'r'n m eood t"«-Apply^Z,» WANTED by young Lady, lodging *ith good family.—Apply tGazette Office. 7203 TrrANTED, good General, able to wash, iron. •AVTJTT D- L r Pla'n cooking; two others kept— Corner House, JLlanharan. 7304 TXTANTED, experienced General, not under 25, » » must be g od cook family two r(-fetence6. Maeste^er80Da Miss William, 3, Church-street, iNtaeste, 7306 WANTED immediately, smart Boy for office— • Apply J & C. Sankey, Bridgend. 73?7 'WAN'I'ED, good General; reference -Mra F. -Jj Nicholls, 35, Wyndham-street, Bride- Cftd- 7306_ WANTE^D at once, good General Servant— Apply Mrs Brewer, Butcher, Bridgend.732& For Sale. |>RiCK8. BRICKS. BRICKS.-For price T> • I ? £ d nnanviiy apply to Manager, Evans to WD Brtok Works. Tondn. 807^ FOR SALE. Strong Bay Cob 14.2 hands -r four years rising five used in harness or riding.- For further particulars apply "Y.Z." Gazette Office. 6942 T^OR SALE, a Large Stock of Carriage Lamps and Leggings at all prices. An in- spection invited. — T. J. Yorwerth, Saddler,. Cowbridge. 70% FOR SALE, New Villa in Cowbridge Road seven rooms hot and cold bath lease 99$ years mortgaged, which cm remaiu.-Apply.. Blackmore, Ewenny Hoad, Bridgead. 7253 n- Privately. Two Lease- hold Cottages, opposite (ouuty Schools^ Tondu; low Grouud Rent Lease 95 years well built; epiendid condition.—Particulars, apply. J, Morgan, Coytraliene, Toudu. 7^04 FOR SAL^l, good brass barrel cistern draw and force pump, Dearly tew atao nine gallon copper fountain—Apply, \Y- Thomas, VV est.field, "ortncawl 7220 f^-ALVANISKD WATER TANK; about 600 VJ gallons; nearly new; can be seen at the Sexton s Cottage. heste,-Apply, J. LewJs. 10, Church rHe.e.. 7285. FOR SALE, Cow and Calf.—T. John, Ruthin, Pencoed. 7321 Tj'OR SALE, a good strong Trap, suit business JL or pleasure. — Apply, Castlu Hot.aL Istidgend. "32-1 Q ROKKEK8 FOR SALE.—Apply, VY. Moles, U Aberkenfig. 7325 ^O BE SOLD, a small \Aragororietfc- in wood X condition. — Apply, C," Gazatto Office, Bridgend. 7089 FOR SALE, 5-h-p. Steam Engine and Boiler^ exchange good make yaa engine s itne power suit farmer chen p can be seen working.-■ Jones. Engineers, Portbcawl. 6587. FIRFWOOO -Hard Wood I/- ilir cwt. F lots of 5 ewt. delivered.—Henry Phillips, Central Carriage Works Bridgeud. 6739 PATS, MjtCK, MOLES, COCKROACHK8 and *-V Beetles greedily eat Harrison's "Reliable" Rat Poison, Cats and Dogs will not touch it. Ver, Olio dry up and leavd no fcmt)! Prices 6d, 18." ?s 3d., & 3 6i.. Postage 2d.—G. W. HARRISON,. Chemist, 118, Broad Street, Reading, Sold by L-nenvist5. Agent for Bridgend hi T. Rich Jate Wfllums;. Danraven Place; Nej.frh: 0 Hutch ma, 3, Qiteeu Street Aberkenfig Mrs S Lewis; Nant-, mosl; H. Martyci Hughes. 74, Ogwy •>"reet; Oguiore Vale, r. Llewellyn-(all Chen.istB)- | M PORT ANT TO MOTH E RS, —Every~&!cH^p, '"niif ? V*}a1C* tJ,sQ-a[8alth a;;d f'^auljEl«a of her ■-MID should uue HAV.IUHOS g RELISBLS N nn. •^av l OMADE. One application kills all Si'.t md \yrmin beaistifios ^r.d atrfcagtheos the hal:' fxus, 4id. 9d. Postage Id.—Geo. W. Harrises CheniiSv, liS, Broad Street, Raadinf. il^T far Bridgend: E. T. Rich (late Williams, iTuni.^s Plaoa Ncotb: V. Hutches, 3. s.-aet' Aoer«enfij; W. Lewis; mop 1 H. Morton Lttghes, 71 Street M: Rhv, D Morgan; Caerau; Gwilyn H. Hcwells; O^morA 7S n L;e"e,^n • Pontycyn.mer; H. Hopkin^ 7i>, Ox.ord Street; Portbcawl ruck, Chtmiat.— (ill Gheniist-i). 6319 Lost and Found. T OST, betweon Cohviustone and Bridgend, on -LJ Jcc. 23th, a Gold Locket (containing two and chain. Anyoue returning «ame to D.idgtnrl Police Station will be rewards!. 7298 SMRNIMABTS PURE TEA -— B ——————— Always Good AUke.. —— ? In Packets Only, and Full Weight) without Wrapper. Price 1/4 to 3/4 per lb. — 1 'I Sold tn Bridgend by— D^i wu?0n8' Gro" Wyndhaoi a treat (opocial Wholes de A^e its). Wesley Williams, Bookseller, Old Post Office. g Llanharran—John, Grocer. Peacoed-Evaiis, Gtccer. Kenfig Hill- Bowen, Post Office. Pontycymmer— Davies, Grocer, Oxford Street. Porthcaw!—Langdon'e Stores. Ogmore Vala-LI wellyn, Chemist, Post Office- Aberkenfig-Hitcbin8 & Sons, Grocers. i, D vies, the Stores. Gbilfach Goch- Wil iams, Stores. Sciton Ferry—Morgan, Grocers. Blaengarw—Davies & Co., American Stores. 7318 To Advertisers. -Advei-tisors who send U8 small advertisements that come under the various headings of our prepaid scale, vrhiek appears on the 4th page, are requested tc KiQuly eend remittance with order.