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Auctioneers' Anitcuncemei JO W t" < v% it i ¡1 1(..Hï iI.II}- i hKH»»«NJ- .0- FOKTHi NO SALK.N. &c. Fat Stook at Ll,i, wi, NJ.ifr Janu6th. Shares at Ri-i J,.nut8th. Mt. Howell Williams's Announcem. LLAM'WIT MAJOK. WHITE, LInN AUCTION MAR' MR. HOWELL vv 11. LI A MS wll his ■est S»LE OF FAT ^rOi'K, ftoove Mart, on Mowj lot) January 6th, I at Tvrelre o'elock "harp. Piesfitt. Eiitriog:- f Grm'i STALL-FED 8TEE and UU HUFERr 2 Choict- FAT SHEEP. 4tf DAIRY FED PORKEEand O B-iCON PKJS. Farther Entries Solicited. Auctioneer'* Offices, Bridgend, CArds-vid Llantwit Major. 12 PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMEI THE ESTATE OF THOMAS WILLIS, DECEASED lUtORTANT S\LW OF VALUAg SHAKES MR. HOWELL WILLIAMS has beeh iired with iiie1 ruction* from the Executor the late Ur. ThomHB Williams, Brynmenyn, (ELL by AlKJTIt )N, at the Dunraven HOlel, Bl':lnd, on SATURDAY, January 18'b, 1908. ahree o'clock in tho Afternoon, a Number of Sife in bbe I-I]Ddert akit)g kno" n as VALLEY ELECTR C jHT AUD POWER SU PLY COMPA (LIMITED ) Further P-irtieuUrs will appaar initure Advertisements, or may be obtained in thean- time from the Auctioneer, at his Offc at Bridgend and Cardiff. ilS R A R, R Y F. IAMMST A..A.I AUCTIONEER AND VALigS Land & Estate Ageut, Acc<unt&t- SALBS conducted oi Estates, HotPO Proper, Farming Stock (3 months' credt), Gto Timber, Machinery, household FuQitun (au. ern and antique), &c FORTNIGHTLY SALES OF FATand STOt STOCK in the Cattle Market, pidgetid, t Isb and 3rd Monday in every Morth. SALE OF HORSES, CARRIAGES Ac., at t StafYard, B'idgend, every monti. VALUATIONS made for Probao, Mortgaf Sale, Agricultural Tenant RjhtJte. TransJ of Hotels, Licensed Ganger. PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE in Janageaent Estates Ground Rents Collects- AGENT for Life, Accident, Fire, ad Live Sto InseraDee, also Workmen's Compneation. VARIOUS FREEHOLD AND JEAEHOL RESIDENCES N n VILLAS in Bridgen Porthwwl, and the Valleys to be Lt or Sold. Telegrams—" Lambert, Auctioner, Bridgend Nat. Telephone 0198. Offices- Prudential Buildup, Bridgen. Erainh ( B (t, Aberavon, Pfthcawl, ai Maesteg. SALE FIXTURES. Jan. 11th-Sale of Horses & narriage. et Bridget Jan. — Leasehold Residence at Di-igood. Jan. — Household Furniture at P<rthca«I. Jan. — Antique wu, nitni,e & ChiDi at Bqdgen Jan. — Leasehold Property at Penirth. Mr. Barry F. Lambert's Annouicemots. STAR YARD, BRIUGEKD. SALB OF HORSES, CARRIAGES, HANE3S, Etc. MR. HARRY F. LAMBERT has >ceived instructions from H. A Prinsd Esq.. Newcastle House, B.ddtnd, to SELL B AUC- TION at the above Y aid, on Saturday, tnuary 11 th, 1908. Brown Mare, 5 years, 15-1, quiet to re and drive, aiid sound. Brown Mare, 15-1 handquiet tc ride and drive, aud sound. 4 wheeled DCart, rubber tyres, makais, Perry & Turner. Brisl. Sate at 1.30 Prompt. Further ei tries rtepectfoUy solicited. If. John David's Announcements, PWLL-Y-I>ARRAN, Welsh St. Donats, near Cowbridge. Sale of Stock, Implements, Dairy Utensils, MR.^ JOHN DAVID has received instructs from Mr. John David (who is removir to the White Lion, Ystrudowen), to SELL BY AC- TION, on IDESKAY, J r ^PARv7th. 1908, viz:- STOCK: Two rood milch cows in calf, shorthorn heiferix I months, hackney mare, four years old, 15.2, tfct- able in all harness, <2 large sows in farrow (timip before the hIe). IMPLEMENTS: Useful body wagon, tip cart with harvest laddt grocers' spring crt, very useful dog cart, whi. plouijfc, nearly new, by Howard, set of iron oamrtt. chafflatwr by Croaa'ey, with pulley and belling grindstones 2 saoii trucks, wheelbarrows, laddc^ hay knives, quantity sundry tools, sheep nett? strand and barb wire, set shaft harness, set fe harness, set plough harness, set trap harness, & &c. DAIRY VTENSILS, &c. Nearly new cream separator, nearly new rtfrigi ator, near ly tew barrel churn, milk churns, wood chee-e pr as, large cheese stand, double barrel p. fire ggD, muzzle-louder gun, settles, feather be( and several other sundries. Three months credit will be given upon approv, security to purchasers of £10 and upwarda. or d count allowed for cash at the rate of ti ve per ce per annum. Sale will commence at 2.30 p.m. Further particulars m&y be had of the Aucdo eer, at his (iffi -f-G, Cowbridge. 7311 -== = Mr. T. J. Yomrth's Announcements, COW BRIDGE MARKBT. SALE of FAT CAT 1 LE, SHEEf and PIGS o Tuesday, January 14th, 1908. at 11.15. Further entries solicited. T. J. Yorwerth, Auctioneer. 7299 PYLE. MR. T. J. YORWERTH will S.SLL BY AUC 'DON, on Tuesday, January21st, 1Q08, at 12 o'clock sharp— 25 PRIME FAT CATTM. 100 CHOICE FAT "sear^ngs- Further entries solicited. 7300 L UT A. & D. 8VSW tLATE JOHN LLEWELYN), POSTING MASTERS, OPPOSITE POLICE iT 1\ TION, BRIDGENI I All Mnds of CarriagesWaggonettes, Hearse, & ALSO- large Bus to carry Persons. TERMS ON APEICATION, Orders Attended on the j or test Notice ALL TRAINSmet 6796 Auctioneers' Announcements. MICHAEL DAVIES, Auctioneer and Valuer (Fellow of the Auctioneer's Institute of the United Kingdom, Incorporated), T5, WTHDHAM STREET, HBIDGKND. And 21, TALBOT STKKRT, MAESTRO, HOTEL VALUER AND GAUGKR (20 Years' Experience). \GENT FOR THE BEST FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCE COMPANIES, ■ MR UNION OASTLB MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY FOR SOUTH ASKIOA. AND FOR THB CUSARD STEAMSHIP LISB TO AMERICA AND TO ALL PAKTS OF CANADA. All kinds of Stocks and Furniture purchased by Private Treaty. £ 50 will purchase Vilki in Coity Road. Bath, Hot nod Cold, balance on Mortgage. 6529 Pianoforte, ebouifed ca^e, iron frame, enamelled front. Nineteen Guineas. 7271. A fine Pier Glum 8 ft. x 4 ft. with c.%rved can- opy. Price Five Guineas. 7272. he-t offers for- A large Shed and Yard at bottom Coity 'RO!\tJ, Bridgend, £ 1 a year ground rout 7331 A Patent Horse Clipping Machine, cost 7 gfl&, ''33?. SALE FIXTURES. Sale of L*»aB ehold Pifinif>es», the present County Court Offices, etc. at Queen Street. Bridgend. Sale Le atthold Coupes uear Raglan Collieiy, Holycle. t^D WA R I) P R E E C E (JUNIOR), F.A.A., Auctioneer and Valuer, Public Accountant, 11, NOI/TON STRKKT, BmnoKtfD. Tenders. TO BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS. HTENDERS ARE INVITED for the Erection of t 10 Houses at Porthcawl, for the Porthcawl Building Ciub. All particulars may be obtained at the Office of the undersized, and to whom Tenders are to be s"nt on or before the 10th January, 1903. The lowest or any Tender ia not necessarily accepted. Signed, GEORGE F. LAMBERT & SON, Arohitecta. Prudential Buildings. Bridgend, December 27th, 1907. 7279 TEMPERANCE HALL, TABOR, MAESTEG.: (12 Years, from Sept., 1607, Unexpired Lease) TENDERS are invited for the Purchase or Lease of the above Hull The Tenders, endorsed "Temperance Hall," must be in the handm "f the undersigned not later than January 21Jth, 1908. The Committee do not bind themselves to accept the highest or any tender For farther particulars apply to W. O. ROBRRTS, Llys Derfel. 7309 Maestag. OGMORE & GKRW ISOLATION HOSPITAL, BLAUKMILL. NR. BRIDGEND. THE Committee invite Tenders for the supply to the above Hospital of Provisions, compris- ing meat, groceries, bread, milk, etc and for coaf, coke, etc., from the 20th January, 1908, to the 31st December, 1908. Sealed Tenders (marked Hos- pital Provisions ") to be received by the Clerk to the Conmittee at Post Office Buildings, Bridgend, not later than 12 o'clock noon on Monday, the 13th dav of January, 1908. Forms of Tender and schedule of provisions required will be supplied on application to the Clerk, D. T. WILLIAMS. Solicitor, Post Offioe Buildings, Bridgend, 7330 GLAMORGAN COUNTY EDUCATION COMMITTEE. CONTRACTS FOR TUNING. PIANOS, REPAIRING CLOCKS. AND SWEEPING CHIMNIY3 OF COUNCIL SCHOOLS FOR YEAR 1908. TENDBtS are Invited for the above-mentioned Contiets. Form of Tender, together with full Particulars, may be obtained from the Clerks of the reejBOtive Groups of Schools as under Bridged Group: Mr. E. Preece, 11, Nolton Street, Brjgend. Caerphiy Group: Mr. A. H. Bullock, 5, 1ueen Stret. Cardiff. GeUigae Group Mr. Frank T. James, High Street. Mtthyr. Gowerto Group: lir. J. Jones Lewis, Rut- land Sbree, Swansea. Maesteg Group: Mr. R. Scale, solicitor, Maesteg. Neath Jroup Messrs. Cuthberteon and Powell, Soicitorp, Neath. Ogmore Group Rev. Charles Williams, Ogmore Via. Penarth tronp Mr. J. E. Williams, Herbert Chambers, Cardiff- Pontardaie Group Mr. A. W. Samuel, Kings Chambers, Swansea. Fontvolui Group Mr. W. J. Venables, Llantrisanb Port Tabob Group, Messrs. Tennant and Jones, Solictors, Aberavon. Swansea Jroup: Mr. A. H. Thomas, Llan- samleb. Tenders be delivered ab the Office of the Clerk, Dot taer than the 20th day of January, 1908. The lowest or any Tender will not necessarily 6 accepted. J. JAMES, hif Education Official. EducafcianDepartmenfc, 35, ParkPlace, Cardiff, 28th Eecember, 1907. 7294 Notices. 51,7S2 (21st December, 1907.) Investing Ruial District Council with Urban Powers Ditermining Special Expenses. PENYIONT RURAL DISTRICT. CONTRIBUTORY PLACE OF PYLE. TO THE RlrRA L DISTRICT COUNCIL OF PENYBONT Aad to tAl, others whom it may concern. lITE, THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT BOARD, TT having received and duly considered an application fiom the Rural District Council of Penybonb undor Section 276 of the Public Health Act, 1875, forthe issue of an Order putting in force in the ccntributory plare of Pyle, in their District, certain provisions of that Acb as herein- after usentionia, do hereby Declare and Order as follows ARKICLB I.-Until We by Order etberwie direct, the previsions oi tho first paragraph of Section 16i Of the P iblic Hoalth Act, 1875, shall be in force in the said contributory place, and the said RuralDistricb Conncil shall accordingly be invested with all the powers, rights, duties, capacities, liabilities, and obligations of an Urban Di^tricb Council, under theao provisions, in the said contributory piaco. ARTICLE II.Tho expenses incurred or payable by the said Runjl District Council in the execu- tion of the powers conferred upon them by Article I. of this Order, except so far as tbe expenses may relate to their Establishment and Officers, shall be Special Expenses within the meaning of the public Health Act, 1875, charge- able upon the fiajd contributory place. AKHGCE £ IT—This Order shall come into 3paration on tht Twenty-third day of January, One tkousand nine hundred and eight, and the laid Rural District Council shall cause it to be )ublished once in soma newspaper circulating fibhia their District before that date. Given under he Seal of Office of the Local government BGard. this Twenty-first day of December, in the year One thoasand nine luadred and sovtii. L.S. 0) 7295 I JOHN BURNS, President. if. C. MONRO, Assistant Secretary. PYLE AND DISTRICT PLOUGHING SOCIETY. President: W. G. H. PRICE, Esq. THE 24th Annual Match will take place on JL WEDNESDAY, JASUAKV 15th, 1908, on a field kikcmy lent by Messrs. Morgan and Son, Sker Farm. For particulars apply- A. M. MADDOCK. Pyle, 739.1 SecroWry. I WORKMEN'S HALL, NANTYMOEL. Two Nights only, Mon. and Tues., Jan. 6 and 7. TOWN HALL, BRIDGEND. Two Nights only, Wed. and Thurs., Jan. 8 and 9. WORKMEN'S HALL, BLAENGARW. Two Nights only, Fri. and Sat. Jan. 10 and 11. The Greatest Religous Play ever written. lffw. MORTON IPOVVMIL43Ld9S Production of 8. BUCHANAN ROGhR- SON SPlay., When it was Dark," suggested and founded on GUY THORNE'S famous novel. The m ost Sensational Play of the Year. Read the Bishop of London's I)ub icly expressed opinion of this wonderful story The play is equally Startling and Powerful. When it was Dirk." Preached about by the Bishop of London at West minster Abbey. Praised from the Pulpit bv the Biohop of Exeter, Dean of Durham, Rev. Father Ignatius, Rev. R. J Campbell Publicly praised in all parts of the World. | WHEN IT WAS DARK I With Fresh Dialogue and a New Scene written for this Play by Guy Thorne, Author of the Novel. For time and Prices see other bills. 73>7 W. T. DA VIES, COLLECTOR OF RENTS AND ACCOUNTS, 21, Talbot St., MAESTEG, AND 15, Wyndham St., BRIDGEND. 6737 ROSES! ROSES! ROSES I England's Favourite Flower. H.P. 6/ H. Teas 8/ Teas 10/ Climbers 12/ Standards 15/ Per Dozen. YOUR OWN SELECTION. ONLY THE BEST KINDS GROWN, As Shown at Fruit Stall in the Market this last Summer. The above Trees can be had at the Market on Saturdays. A. TOWNSEND 21, Park Street, BRIDGEND. 6993 EXPIRATION OF LEASE. G. COOZE & SON, LITCHARD NURSERIES, BRIDGEND Bege to announoe that they have a useful lob of FRUIT TREES, SHRUBS, ROSES. HERBACEOUS, PLANTS, &C.. TO SELL AT A GREAT REDUCTION As their Lease expires, and the TREES MUST BE CLEARED Ccme early and secure the first pick. 6973 BISHOP BROS., COACH & MOTOR BODY BUILDERS, WHEELWRIGHTS, &c., ANGEL STREET, BRIDGEND, (The Old Tan Yard). Vehicles of every description built to order. Rnb >er tyres fitted. SPECIALITY—Motor bodies repaired, painted and upholstered. Cape hoods, &c., fitted. Estimates free on application. 7195 m 00P,.LANDS SCHOOL, PORTHCAWL. Principals THE MISSES GARSED, AEsinted by Resident and Visiting Certificated Mistresses and Masters. Resideat French Governess. SOUND ENGLISH EDUCATION. Special Advantages in Music and Arts Subjects. Pupils prepared for R.A.M. and R.C.M. Exams. (Local School and Centre), Intermediate and Advanced, also Viploma of A.L.C.M. Healthy Situation. Large Playground. Swedish I Exerciaep, Indian Ciubs, &c., daily. Dancing Class held during winter months. References t) Parents. NEXT TERM COMMENCES JAN. 20ra, 1908. Early application is requested, as there are only a few vacancies. 7315 fc™?———————— THE MAESTEG Permanent Benefit Building Society, ESTABLISHED 1857. This old-established Society offers easy terms to Borrowers, with e?pocia!ly reasonable charges for Mortgages. Survey Fees are the only Prelim- inary Expenses that need be incurred, unless an Advance is completed This Society affords to working-men especial facilities for becoming their own Landlords, by building or purchasing their own Houses. Terms of Repaymenb are moderate, and at the option of tha Borrowers. Borrowers are NOT charged MANAOKMBNT EXPEK- SES. Advances granted without delay or publicity. Any further information will be readily supplied on application to the Secretary, RuYS D, MOBOAK, Commercial Street, Maesteg. 6422 WE ALL KNOW EGGS ARE SCARCE BUT We also know that if THRIV N Kee{i, in the proportion of a table- ■ t<'ee¡i. in the ploporri..>n of It. table- I Poultry Spice is mixed wiih their I spoonful for the fowls the result will M N be a Plentiful Supply f,f j- ggs. I Tne effect is marvellous I Try it to-day I Sole Maker— (Wr. E. Williams, Manufacturing M Chemist, Bridgend. B Representative—Mr B Griffiths, ■ V Chemist, 6 Newcastle Hill, H Bridgenil. Mf Local Agents t) Ed. T. Rich. ChemiBt, BridgeDd (iwvl. Williams. Chemist, Maesteg G. Howells, ( hemist, Caerau C. Davies, Chemist. Puutycymmer G. Lovelui k, Chen ist. Aberavon W, tj Lewis, Chem'st, Aberkenfig W. Jone,, Chemist Britou Fecry Mr Howe, Grocer, S\ Brides G. Griffiths, Grocer, Nantymoel The Suunyside Hay & Chaff Co. Sunnyside W 01 ks, ridgend. Invite enquiries for quotations for Buy and Chaff in large quaintitiet3. EBI.EY'8 OLYMPIC i THEATRE BRIDGEND During the week the f.-IIowug plays will be producerl:- Friday, that beautiful play 1ICKKT OF LWAVE MAN Saturday, Jaunary 4th, a Military Play— Dt-TH OR GLORY Monday, January 6fh, the king of P!ay- V\ OM AN AN t1 WINK Tuesday, January 7th. a yreat, production of- HuilKW^RU B ,V. u Wednesday, Jan. 8tL, a new drama will be produced, entitled- THK BELLRINGKR This play is one ot the best ever written. Thuisday, January 9th— A SACRKD TRUST Concluding each evening with SONGS AND A LAUGHABLE FARCE Time and Prices as usual. ii;ii., F. T. MOSSFORD & Co MONUMENTAL MASONS, COITY STREET, BRIDGEND. Also at Fairoak Road, Cardiff, and Tynewydd Rd., Brry. llsT Prices and designs sent on request. 6419

FRIDAY, JANUARY 3rd 1908.…

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General Tyler, H.L.