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COWbHiOot. Music Sucee&ses. —-At an examination held at the Cardiff local centre in November by the Associated Board' of the R.A.M. and R.C.M., the following candidates, pupils of the Misses Culverwell, were successful in gaining certi- ficates —Intermediate Division Pianoforte, Hild-a Morgan, Bo vert on lower division (dis- tinction), iVlyra Jenkins, Llantrisant; pri- mary division, Florence Sage, Ely, and Gladys Burgess, Aberavon. Wesley Guild.-Oli New Year's Eve a social evening was hdti in connection with the Wesley Guild. The schoolroom had been very tastefully decorated, under the guidance of Miss A. E. Davies, who also arranged an in- teresting programme. At the interval light refreshments were partaken of. The pro- gramme, which certainly deserved praise and a larger house, consisted of the following items: -Ba.s.s solo, Mr. A. E. Pickard reci- tation, Miss B. Davies- contralto solo, Miss E. Rogers; tenor solo, Mr. Rowsell: recita- tion, Mr. Silk; tenor solo, Mr. E. R. Pick- ard soprano solo, Miss Baker baritone solo, Mr. Ralls; soprano solo, Miss M. Williams; pianoforte solo, Miss A. E. Davies; coon song and chorus, Mr. jPickard and party; so- prano solo, Miss Baker: glee, Mixed Party. Great credit is dnel to the committee for pro- viding so pleasant .and successful an evening. Mr. A. E. Pickard1 was in the chair, in the absence of the nresident (Rev. T. H. Johns). -TheTe was a good congregation at the usual watch-night service held at the Wesley Church on Tuesday night. The Rev. T. H. Johns gave an able address, basing his re- marks on the words of Tennyson, Ring in the Christ that is to be." His address was listened to with great attention. A collec- tion was taken at -0 close in aid of the Children's Home. I Vizo Distrioutioii.—On Christmas evening the annual yrius distribution. tooK place to tne Sunday School scholars 01 Zion Onurch. The report showed, that. the at- tendance for ine year had been exceptionally good ,no tewer than zu 01 the chiKiren iiax-ilig qualified tor first prizes. itecitations were given, by Thomas crowiey, belwyn ihomas, Alice Lane, Willie Hat.t., Frank jLane, Jtisie Davies, Jennie mcliquhan, Glyiu JenKins, ikLay JenKin-s, iJaaset Davies, Gwyneth Thomas. Lizzie Meiiquhan, and' solos by Mr. Morgan iiiomas (conductor), Jur. jbaac 'ihomas, Misses iJertlia and >iia.ggiei to ilwams, Harold Williams, hlwyn 'ihomas, Miss fctadden, and a trio uy Misses Maggie and B'iodwen Thomas and Tydfil Jones. A plea-s- ing feature of the meeting was the rendering of portions of Scripture by Mi*. Lewis Jen- kim; s boys class, and two hymns by Mi.) Helen Jenkins's girls' class. A party of 10 rendered the hymn St. Jude," and the chapel choir (conducted; oy Mr. M. Thomas) rendered The King of Love." The Rev. Emrys J. Davies presided, and among who addressed the meeting were the Mayor (Councillor T. J. icrwerth), Alderman E. John, Mr. E. W. Miles (solicitor), and Coun- cillor John Williams. The prizes were dis- tributed by Mr. Gomer David, secretary, and the Rev. Emrys J. Davies. Oddfellows" Annud Meeting.—The annual meeting cf the Cowbridge district of OddiVl- lows was held on Monday at the Pelican Inn, Cowbridge, under the presidency of the Pro- vincial Grand Master, Mr. T. Jenkins, of St. Quentin's (Llanbl-ethian) Looge. There was a representative attendance, including Mr. T. J. Yorwerth (Deputy Grand Master), Mr. J. H. Harvey (Provincial Corresponding Sec- retary), Mr. 1. Thomas, P.G. (Llantwit Major), Mr. W. A. James, junr.. Cowbridge (Assistant Secretary). Mr. J. Thomas, P.P.G.M., and Mr. Meredith, P.P.G.; Mr. Williams, P.P.G., Cow bridge Mr. G. Parsons, P.G., Wick; Mr. W. Edmunds, P.G.. Llanharran, etc. Messrs. J. Thomas and, W. Edmunds were. appointed auditors for the ensuing year. Mr. T. J. Yorwerth was unanimously elected Pronvincial Grand Mas- ter, with Mr. W. Edmunds as his deputy: Mr Isaac Thomas was elected' examining and re- l'ieving officer, and Mr. W. Edmunds as re- presentative at the next annual moveable conference. Amendments were made to the rules in order to bring them into conformity with the general rules. The report- of the secretary showed that the funeral claims dur- ing tho past six months were remarkably low, tho deaths having occurred of only one mem- ber and two members' wives, the total levy for funeral expenses amounting to £ 20.— Later the annual dinner was served at the Pelican Inn,. FANCY DRESS BALL AT COWBRIDGE. The fancy dress ball held at the Town-hall on Friday7 evening—the hrst since the early part of lOO,l-proved. to be of a very successful character, the arrangements being carried out in a manner which reflected great credit upon those concerned. The event opened at six dclock) when a large number of juveniles attended, and their fancy costumes wrere much admired. When the programmes were distributed at eight o'clock there was a large attendance, and the customary procession was led by the Mayor (Mr. T. J. Yorwerth) and the town clerk (Mr. W. T. Gwyn), both of whom were robed. Dancing was vigorously continued to the strains of Mr Tom Hopkins's (Bridgend) band until two o'clock. The M.C.'s were the Mayor, Mr. C. J. Gwyn (deputy town clerk), Mr. W. M. Thomas, and Mr. V. S. Gwyn (hon. secretary). The re- freshments were provided by Mr. A. Spencer (Duke of Wellington). The event was or- ganised by a committee, consisting of the fol- lowing ladies and gentlemen —The Mayor and Mayoress; Miss Edmondes (Old Hall), the Misses Culverwell, Mrs. W. T. Gwyn, Mrs A. S. Evans, Mrs. S. D. Evans, Mrs. W. Gower Griffiths, Mrs. J. Stockwood, Miss Thomas, Mrs. Sheperd. Mrs. D. Thomas, Messrs. C. G. 1. Edmondes, C. J. Gwyn, W. L. Je-nki-as, A. S. Evans, W. M. Thomas, and V. S. Gwyn. From a spectacular point of view, the ball was perhaps the most successful held in Cow- bridge for many years, a good deaj of origin- ality having been displayed in the prepara- tion, of the costumes. One of the most ad- mired costumes was that of Mrs. Torney— Daughter of the Regiment." Miss Muriel Evans's Smart Set" costume deserves men- tion, and' Miss Audrey Smith was an excellent representative of Carmen." Mr. H. J. I. Dunn, as Mephistoplieles, was exceedingly good, and the Masters Edmondes, attired in the costumes of Red Indians, created a good deal of amusement. Perhaps the most origi- nal" costume was that of Miss L. M. Gwyn, Ye Ancient Borough of Cowbridge." Worked on the sleeves were the maces of the Corporation, and the dress bore representa- tions of -111e old stocks, nhotos. of the Mayor and Mayoress, Aldermen, etc., while on her head she wore a model of the Toivii-liall. The attendance included the following:- Mr. W. K. Bowir, niess uniform of G.I.V. Miss Chapman, Miss Hook of Holland" Miss E. M. Culverweii, evening dress. Mrs. T. W. David, Pendoylan- House, even- ing dress; Miss David, evening dress; Miss Elsie Daxid, milkmaid; Miss Edith Davies, Cardiff, school girl: Miss Mattie Davies, Puritan maid; Miss Mabel Davies, Dutch girl; Master George Davies, nigger lady; Miss Dunn, Lady Waldegrave; Mr. J. R. C. Dunn, naval officer; Mr. F. W. Dunn, Aus- trian Hussar; Mr. jti. I. Dunn, Mephisto- plielee; Mr. A. Dunn, Brigand chief. ltlrs. Edmondes, Old Hall, evening dress; Miss Edmondes. opanish lady; Major C. J. 1. Edmondes, Glamorgan Hunt: Mrs. C. J. 1. Edmondes, Lady of Louis XV.; Master Edmondes, Indian chief; Master Morgan Edmondes, Indian chief; Mr. A. S. Evans, evening dress; Mrs. A. S. Evans, evening dress; Miss S. Evans, COOK; Miss Muriel Evans, smart set; Mr. D. J. Evans, evening dress; Master Jack Evans, Irishman; Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Evans, evening dress; Miss Olive Evans, a fairy. Mr. and' Mrs. W. T. Gwyn, evening dress; Master A. W. Gwyn, Dutchman Miss B. M. Gwyn, red pierrette; Miss L. M. Gwyn, "Ye Ancient Borough"; Mr. C. J. Gwyn, evening dress; Mr. V. S. Chvyn, evening dress; Mrs. Gower Griffiths. Niprht. Miss Gladys Hughes, evening dress. Mr. T. John (Verlands). evening dress: Mr W. A. James, evening dress; Miss Oara James, country girli; Miss Ethel James, red, white and blue. Mr. W. Knapton, evening dress. Miss A. Lane, rose; Miss Mollie Llewellyn, red oierrette. Mr. John Mathias, Porth, evening dress. MiM Pole, Bridgend, country siirl. Mr. B. Roper, St. Fagans, evening dress. Mrs. Siheperd. evening dress; Master Chas. Sheperd. wizard Master V. Sheperd, regi- mental evening dYess: Miss Audrey Smith, Carmen; Master Frank Smith, cowboy: MT. C. V. Stockwood, evening dress; and Mr. W. V. Stockwood, evening dress. Mrs. Sanley Thomas, Pontypridd, evening dress; Miss Cathloen Thomas. Pontypridd, Bpanish gill; Master Cecil Thomas, Ponty- pridd, pierrot; Master Glyn Thomas, Ponty- pridd, chef; Master Trevor Thomas, Ponty- pridd', ploughboy; Miss Molly Thomas, Boverton, Union Jack; Mr. and Mrs. David Thomas, evening duress; Miss Mildred Thomas, Esmeralda; Mr. Griffith Thomas, evening dress; Dr. Torney, evening dreee; Mrs. Torney, daughter of the regiment: Master Torney, Turkish boy; Mr. W. M. Thomas, evening dress; Mr. W. J. Thomas, evening dress; Miss Thomas, Ynyshir, event- ing dress; Miss R. Thomas, Ynyshir, evening dress1; Miss M. Thomas, Ynyshir, evening dress; Mr Llewellyn Thomas, Boverton, evenl. ing drees; Mr. J. Thomas: Miss Tutton; Miss K. Tutton Miss C. Tutton, and Mr. G. A. Tutton, evejiing dress: Mr. D. Tilley, Jack "r-ar p Lr. Herbert Thomas, cricketer. Miss Lawrence Williams, Bonvilstone, hunt dress; Mrs. L. G. IVililamr., evening drees Master W. Williams, pierrot; Master H. Williams pierrot; Mr. T. A. Wilikins, pierrot; Miss Evelyn Williams, Italian girl; Mr. D. C. Watts, evening dress: Mr. A. T. Watts, evening dress. Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Yorwerth (Mayor and Mayoress), evening dress: Miss J. Yorwerth, gipsy. i









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