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ood PIL'LS A Marvellous Remedy FOR PILES & GRAVEL, And all the Common Disorders of the Stomach, Boweb, Liver and Kidneys, :1taåÎ as Piles. Gravel, Pain in the Back and Loins, Constipation, Jfoppression and ivs^nfcion of Urine, Irritation of the Bladder, Slug- 0t the Livei an 1 Kidneys, Biliousness, Flatulence, Palpitation, JftrvouBne^, Sleeplessness, Dimness of Vision, Depression of Spirits, on PatDs arising from Indigestion, &c. THEIR FAME IS AS WIDE AS CIVILIZATION. They have stood the test of forty years. THE THREE FORMS OF THIS REMEDY No. 1-George's Pile and Gravel Pills. No. !-Qeorge'. Gravel Pills. No. 3—George's Pills for the Piles, SOLD MVMSLYWHERE IN BOXES. iiii and 8/B BACH. BY POST,^l/2 and 2/10, PROPRIETOR: J; E; GEORGE, M.R.P.S., HIRWAIN, ABERDARE. WATURNS PEKJTECT BBMKDT FOR ALL KINDS OF WORKS WILLIAMS' PONTARDAWB WORM LOZENGES „ i-kwe- mm IM. «&Ia»bl6 nmcdf ku nut wUb tfae greatest neetn, The eflect vpon «ra&k rn MtSaTiifr'-l Mkamagk. Getting rid of Ma toraeattag pests by taking these Lozenge** «MM beeomes rtroag. bealtby, ud Hrd? tfae pnde.hwWof the uudety ol bis guardian*. inin ilf at tjk» toOowlBZ aympfanna tsdleste Worms i—Variable appetite, fatid breath, add eructations grSSngof the teeth duloc sleep, dreams and restlessness, picking of the aooe «*■» !■ IIH. r^f-iYWWM of the belly, sUmy rtool with occasional griping j»lna. more par ptosf •i i liiw !■ the *i« Art nun. emaciation of the oody, often mistaken tor deelina bieralar fai&tness, oonvnlslons, often causes nufcen death, heat and itching SS^SSitheSV^iSmlstakenifor plka. dlainess sore ttuoat, and Inflanaaatton of tha bowels 2Ef3lei«r*r5^«ae vary aceordin« to the kind of worms WILLI MW It antu we) WORM LOZENGES an prepared hem the rlgtnal Reeel&i bl J. DAYIB8, CHEMIST, 30. HIGH STREET SWANSEA &Ad SON ■MtOhnaftrtslBld. 1». ltf., and &. M. per Bex i by pet r14 er 34 itamie. by the Government Stamp, on which are engraved the words, WILLUMS, WORK LOZENGES.5096 PIANOFORTES. CBJS SOLE AGENCY FOR CARDIFF AND DISTRICT FOR MO? 1 WORLD'S GREATEST MAKERS. BMOnSTEIN, BROADWOOD, BUTTONER, ERARD, SCffllfeDMAYER, STECK, HEUMEYER, WALDEMAR,) PIANOLA PIANOS, AND ÆOLIANS IS HELD BY R. J. HEATH & SONS, CARDIFF, PONTYPRIDD, FENARTH AND PORT TALBOT, Who also Stock Pianos by XRIUbjIEAD, COLLARD, KIRKMAN, WTEINWAY, IBAC3, RITMULLER, Sux, Ac., FROM 15 GUINEAS CASH OR 10/S MONTHLY. ORGANS BY MASON A HAMLIN, BELL, DOMINION, Ac., atc. Seduced Instalments, Special DiBeooate. GRAMOPHONES, &c Mas- Tel.: Cardiff, 01199 Pontypridd, 21. FOR FREE SRRAE H I ■OFALL THAT'S ALL!! 1 CHEftfiSTSlJK ftckets. OZUNIAC* i vnunMH* idcwns. BWtestta1aKa>«o1i3ini.|i Sotdby Edward T. Rich, Modern Store and Photographic Chemist. Bridtend Alfred Griffiths, II.Pa 43. Commercial Stunt. Maeateg; and T. Umi^lyo, Chemist, Ogmore VXe. 6421 —————————— ftinjjng.—All kinds of Jobbing Work, JfciiBtifi. and Commercial, executed in the Bast Style and at Reaso-nable Prices, at the •" QWimy r ni Offices, Bridgend. iMhW til any nae, shade, oob>sr, or combinr and em, dawiptim of WiHW LLEWELLYFb I COMPOUND ESSENCE OF gQUILLS THE MOST VALUABLE REMEDY KNOWN For all, Disorders of the Throat, Chest and Lungs. In cases of Coughs, Coldp, Influenza, Hoarseness, Loss of Voice, Asthma, Whooping Cough, Chronic Bronchitis, Difficult Breathing, etc., this Essence gives rapid and permanent relief, by causing easy expectoration, and then soothing the irritated and inflamed mucous membrane. IN BOTTLES, 1!11 and 2'9 EACH POST FREE. PEFCPATTSD ONLY BY JOHN LLEWELLYN Pharmaceutical Chemist, HIGH STREET, COWBEEDG1, j«U" !»■ CORNSl CJORNS! CORNSI QOfiNS mum ETHELINE A Newand most Effective Remedy ft) Corns. Perfectly safe and harmleaa. la very easily applta Cures In a few applications without IIs* nli^hteet) pain. I Everyone troubled with either Corns, Wartv,, s Bunions, will find relief by mting I ETHELINE. 49* Price, Is. 2d. per Bottle, Poei fri JOHN L LEWELLYN HIGH STBEET COWBEIDGI, AIfÐ 4, oommereUl StMett MMtnMMA. ø" To idrartiwra.—Adrertwera who send 08 amall Advertisements that oome under the Tartans hnsriingp of oar prepaid scale, are re- sssslod tn kind It nwmf "+t. with -A -r. Good News to all for the New Year. COAL! COAL! COAL! The New Brynllywarch Colliery Co., Nr. Tondu Have just Opened out an Excellent House Coal Colliery, Gas, and Smith, Look at the Low Price it is sold at |r^=» ONLY 16s. PER TON At Colliery Once tried, always wanted. WANTED all Smiths to try, you can \pJd a pin with the small coal Price for you is only 10/- per ton. F I THOMAS STEPHENS, Agricultural Implement M Merchant, NEATH. And at Star Hotel Yard, Bridgend. Chaffcutters, Grinding Mills, Turnip Cutters, & Cultivators by all the leading makers. Howard's Famous Ploughs. Oil & Petrol Engines a Speciality. Gilbertson's Basic Slag. NAT. TEL.—64 Neath. Telegrams-Stephena, Neath. 6632 OWEN & HOCKINGS Plumbers and General Metal Workers. SANITARY, HEATING AND ACETYLENE GAS ENGINEERS. I MAKERS OF IMPROVED INLET AND I EXHAUST VENTILATORS. Works UNION STREET. Address Coity Fields, Bridgend, 6682 ROYAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE. INCORPORATED A.D., 1720. Funds Exceed £ 5,150,000. Claims Paid Exceed £ 42,000,000. < Fire, Life, Marine, Employers' Liability, Accident, Burglary, and Fidelity Guarantee. MODERN & IMPROVED SYSTEM OF ASSURANCE. the Fire Policies of the Corporation extend to cover loss or damage by LIGHTNING, whether the prsperty insured be set en fire thereby or not. Fanners Liability under the Workmen's Compensation Act oovered at equitable rates. For particulars apply- MR. D. J. GWYN, Metropolitan Bank, Bridgend. Messrs. GWYN & GWYN. Solicitors, Cowbridge. P.O. TELEPHONE:—No. 63. J. C. HITT & SONS, PLUMBERS, Sanitary, Lighting, Ventilating, Horticultural 6 61 and Heating Engineers, I' QUEEN STREET, BRIDGEND. ESTIMATES FREE. Drains and Sanitary Arrangements Tested with the latest appliances, and reports made thereon. 4110 THE BRIDGEND GAS & WATER Co. Invite enquiries for all the Latest and most Up-to-Date Appliances for Lighting, Cooking, and Seating by Gas. Gas Cookers on Hire from Is, 6d. per Quarter. Gas Fires" Is. Ode „ (A LIBERAL DISCOUNT IF PURCHASED}.: Boiling Burners, Grillers, Coffee Roasters, Washing Machines, Clothes Dryers, &c., &c. Incandescent Burners and Fittings (Ordinary and Inverted), and The Block Ligl,,t. Podmore, Humphrey, and other Lamps for Saaoor and Outside Shop Lighting. Agents for Keith's High Pressure System of Lighting, Ae installed by the Company at th* ,j Uri


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