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| NOW I 1 s ■* fin I PROCEEDING i £ 5 j*fll* f .'0- IJIP D. W. PRICE'S GREAT BARGAIN SALE Ka——:tag^gemK——^m—n—«n-,„ ——— "nri———ww—— Of General Drapery, Millinery, cy Ladies' & Children's Outfitting.. J I -fr-H- — ■— 7 A Genuine Reduction of Prices and a Firm Maintainance of Values are the Leading features of otrr vou T>AVhan'0"t?E7rt°tr ^0ur,"10,ne>' is more important than what }T K • Don 4 be left behind but come at once and secure some o "ie Greatest Bargains ever offered in Bridgend. The entire Stool' must be cleared to make room for New Spring Goods. Value Never so High! v Prices Never so Low Sale Every Day throughout January. Need we ask you to come ? D. W. PRICE, (Opposite Town Hall } Bridgend. Get Immortalized at A. & 6. TAYLOR'S, Bridgend. J If you wish to secure an absolutely Permanent Portrait that can be handed down until the CRACK OF DOOM, GO TO TAYLOR'S I There you will get something that will be a credit to the district and a ioy to your friends, and YOU will be able to join the chorus of patrons and say— I, I have never had so fine a Photograph." MR, THOMPSON, the Managing Representative, is a thoroughly practical Operator, and gives all patrons his personal attent:ton, COPYING AND FRAMING A SPECIALITY. j 1 Satisfaction for all at The ART STUDIO, Station Road, Bridgend. Richard yjinmford, M.P.S. (Late Jenkins) Chemist and Druggest, — r — -r' I ig, Wyndham Street, Bridgend. D. JENKINS wishes to tender "his customers his best thanks for the kind measure of support accorded to him during so many years past, and to inform them that he has disposed of his business to: MR. R. MUMFORD, and trusts that the same kind favours may "be continued to his successor. ♦- Having purchased the business of Chemist and Druggist, carried 11 z::o on for so many years by Mr. D. Jenkins at this address, I beg to solicit a continuance of your patronage. The business will be continued] on precisely the same lines as heretofore, the best goods only being supplied, and all prepara- tions compounded from the same recipes. Customers may rely on haying their prescriptions faithfully dis- pensed with pure drugs of the finest quality only. 19 Wyndham St., Bridgend. MR. J. HOLLIDAY, OPHTHALMIC OPTICIAN, Fellow Worshipful Company Spectacle Makers. Fellow Institute Ophthalmic Opticians (By Exam. Lond.) THE SIGHT TESTING BOOMS, 16, DUNRAVEN PLACE, (opposite Town Hall), BRIDGEND. Scientific Sight Testing and Spectacle Fitting OJVL Y, Over 20 Years' Experience as a Practical Optician (several years as assistant to a firm of Opticians to the Admiralty. Holder of the SPECIAL DIPLOMA in Sight Testing (the only recognised qualification); in addition to the General Diploma of the Worshipful Company Spectacle Makers. PERSONAL ATTENDANCE DAILY. WEDNESDAYS EXCEPTED. CHARGES ARE MODERATE, AND INCLUDE TESTING. 5225 i l S National, 0193. Telephone j post 0ffice> 45, ,_c C-i,>-I Telegrams: H. WOODWARD, BRIDGEND, H. WOODWARD, Posting Master, Adare St., Bridgend, I gSGB to inform his Customers and the Public generally, that he has purchased a HEARSE, and, together v/ith his other suitable5 Carriages, is fully prepared for all kinds of Funeral arrangements. BRAKES, WAGONETTES, BROUGHAMS, DOGCARTS, HANSOM CAB. LUGGAGE LORRYS AND OTHER CONVEYANCES. Mcst Reasonable Prices. All Orders carefully and promptly attended to, ALL TRAINS MET. 'n'. j t. BEN EVANS' WINTER S ALE Daily During January THE GREAT Money-Saving Opportunity OF THE SEASON 1 For all purchasers of ] I GENERAL DR^ftY, SHOWROOM II FANC/; ana FURNISHING GQCSS. | [Everyone unable to pay a personal visit should send for a Sale Catalogue, copy will be sent post i free to any address on request. Please ask for 1 Catalogue B 14 g I ['ales {BEN EVASS& CO a Shopping SWANSEA j Centre. 1 I' I CLEARANCE SALE AT R. d ON ES BRIDGE HOUSE, BRIDGEND, I I Now Proceeding I DESPERATE BARGAINS in all Departments » See Windows I See Windows! Drapery. Dress Materials. Blankets and Quilts. Lace Curtains EN Curtain Nets. Hosiery. Underclothing and Umbrellas. Floorcloths and Rugs. Blouses, Aprons, and Pinafores. Mantles and Jackets. Caracul Coats and Capes. Costumes and Skirts. Ladies and Children's Paletots. Fur Stoles and Muffs. Pelisses & Costumes. Trimmed Hats and Bonnets. REMNANTS! REMNANTS! REMNANTS! OUTFITTING DEPARTMENT. Men's Overcoats 14/ii, 16/11 ■ —■——* ICI' 11, 24/11. Men's Tweed, Black, and Navy Suits 12/11, 16/11, 19/11, 26/11. Men's Trousers 2 ?i5 3/ij> 4-/?1' 5/?1' 6/11. Juvenile, Boys, and Youths Overcoats Greatly Reduced. Boys and Youths Suits Greatly Reduced. Boys Norfolk Suits 3/11 to 10/11. Boys Sailor Suits 1/11 to 7/11. Men's Flannel Shirts, Regatta Shirts, Pants & Vescs, Ties, etc. Greatly Reduced. V I I THOMAS EDW ARDS I a Great I WINTER I Sale I Now proceeding. | SWEEPING I REDUCTIONS | IN ALL DEPARTMENTS. I | See our Armour ExM&ii rt On January 20th, a^d followiiis c.ys. j3 Vou should pay a visit to tlic s'xvi-i! Armour Exhibit and learn how casiiv- nnd quickly you can make delicious stews, gravies and all kinds of$ £ disheswith the aid of 90$Fir$O £ irk I EXTRACTs^BEEF 1 Tasting samples of this and other Armor r ) products will he served free daily. T;:j attendant will al>o tell you how to oUui:; a handy silver-plated !J| measuring spocn. FRET. ;[ ■ —■—————-— n I opposite the Market, Caroline St., BrMgeno. I _> HORNIMAN"S a M't PURE TEAl !——— —————————— J Always Good ASike, In Packets Only, and Fall "'eil-ht? vt il,hoiit Wrapper. Price 1/4 to 3/4 per lb. old In Bridgend by- David Wiiliams & Sona, Grocers, Wyndham IQ k oot (Special Wholesale Aereuts). Vfceley Williams, Booksaller, Old Post Office. Llanharran—John, Grocer. Pencoed-Evans, Grocer. Kenfig Hill- Bowen, Poet Office. Ponbycymmer—Davies, Grocer, Oxford Street. Porth cawl- Langd on's Stores. Ogmore Vale-Llewellyn, Chemis' Post Office. Abarkenfig-Hitching8 & Sons, Grocers. Davies, the Storea. Gilfach Goch-Williams. Stores. Briton Ferry—Morgan, Grocers. Blaengarw-Davie8 & Co., American Stores. 7 ms THE MAESTEG Permanent Benefit Building Society, ESTABLISHED 1837. This old-established Society offers easy terms to Borrowers, with especially reasonable charges for Mortgages. Survey Feer3 are the only Prelim- inary Expenses that need be incurred, unless an Advance is completed This Society affords to working-men especial facilities for becoming their own Landlords, by building or purchasing their own Houses. Terms of Repayment are moderate, and at the option of the Borrowers. Borrowers are NOT charged MAXAGFMENT EXPEN- SES. Advances granted without delay or publicity. Any further information will be readily supplied on application to the Secrebary, RIIYS D. MORGAN, Commercial Street, Maesteg. 6422 MISS HOWARD, Certified Midwife. Caroline Trained Nurse. Chambers CAROLINE STREET, Bridgend. 7263 Dolls T iL H E Toys Aberavon I Hardware G u T T R I D G E Fancy: Goods I I I Bridgend I I Brushes B A Z A A R S China I Neath Cutlery, Glass, China and Plate for Hire. To Advertisers.—Advertisers who send us, email advertisements that come under the various headings of our prepaid scale, which appears on the 4th page, are requested to kiadlj send remittance with order. 1 Musical. "PIANOS PtANOS PIANOS ORGANS •' -L ORGANS ORGANS !—Pianos and Organs, by any Makers in the World, supplied for cash or on the hire-purchase system, which can be selected either at our own or London Show Rcoma. Every instiumeiit warranted and delivered free to any part. Pjjce iists and Catalogues sent post free on ftpyHcation. Instruments by other makers taken in exchange, If he largest pianoforte dealers in the Kingdom. Established over half a century.— Thompson ftiici Sbackell, Ltd 1, Wyndham-Street, Bridgend. PIANO.—Rosewood Va,ye, inlaid gilt panel and sconces, equal to when new, 14 Guineas, pavable at 78. 6d. i-tioytt,hi and fehackell, Ltd., 1, Wj-ndham-Streeb, Bridgend. j PIANO for 103. 6-1— This amount paid monthly for a limited period will secure the possession of a high-class instrument, with all the latest JmprQYe- 1 ments. Price lists and particulars freeW) £ >VlQa- I tion.Thompson and Sha.ckell, Ltd,, 1 Wyndham Street, Bridgend. i "PIANQ,"«-'New Style, Cottage Model, handsome ¡ Walnat uase with Marqueterie panel and sconces, iron frame, full trichord and all the latest improve- ments. 22 Guineas, payable at 10s. 6d. monthly. Best value possible.—Thompson and Shackeil, Ltd., 1, Wyndham Street, Bridgend. PIANO FOITTE. -New Style, imperial Model in handsome rosewood "r walnut case, all latest 1 improvements. 24 Guineas, payable at 12s. 6d. monthly.—Thompson and Shackell, Ltd., 1, Wyndham Street, Bridgend. PIANOS, ORGANS, AND HARMONIUMS in great variety (returned from hire) at half price. Phonographs. Gramophones, Records, &c. Violins, Mandolines. Banjos. Strings, and Small Goods in great variety at loweslv I ossihle prices.—Thompson and Shackeil. Ltd., 1, Wyndham Street, Bridgend. 7205 ■ ■ —————————' —————————— „ PYLE & DISTRICT PLOUGHING SOCIETY. President: X% G. H. PRICE, THE TWENTY-FOURTH Annual Match Will taka place on WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 15th, 1908, On a field kindly lent by Messrs. Morgan and Son, Sker Farm. For particulars apply— j A. M. MADDOCK, Pyle, 7341 Secretary. 'I' llim.ll= j F. T. M0SSF0RD & Co. MONUMENTAL I MASONS, COITY STREET, COITY STREET" BRIDGEND. I Also at Fairoak Road, Cardiff, and Tynewydd Rd., Barry. 4aT Prices and designs sent on request. 6419 | BISHOP BROS., COACH & MOTOR BODY BUILDERS, WHEELWRIGHTS, &c., ANGEL STREET, BRIDGEND, (The Old Tan Yard). Vehicles of every description built to order. Ruboer tyres fitted. • SPECIALITy-Motor bodies repaired, painted and < £ upholstered.j tCape hoods, &c., fitted. Estimates free on application. 7195 JY-OORLANDS SCHOOL, PORTHCAWL. ■ ■ Principals THE MISSES GARSED, Assisted by Resident and Visiting Certificated Mistresses and Masters. Resident French Governess. SOUND ENGLISH EDUCATION. I Special Advantages in Music and Arts Subjects. PupiJs prepared for R.A.M. and R.C.M. Exams. j (Local School and Centre), Intermediate and I Advanced, also Diploma of A.L.C.M. Healthy Situation. Large Playground, Swedish Exercises, Indian Clubs, &c., daily. Dancing Class held during winter montha. References to Parents. NEXT TERM COMMENCES JAN. 20TH, 19C3. Early application is requested, as there are only a few vacancies. 7315 YORWERTH I THOMAS, SADDLER, BRIDGEND, BEGS to draw the attention of the public to a large assortment of WATERPROOF COATS & LEGGINGS Of the Latest Style. Also OIL CLOTHS Of all descriptions in stock. Carriage Waterproof Aprons & Lamps. FOOTBALLS of all descriptions always in stock. All forts of Gig, Cart and Pit Harness at the Lowest Possible Prices. COLLIERIES SUPPLIED. A large assortment ot Bags, Trunks, and Satchels. 7032 ADVICE Free for Stamp. Mrs. Stewart, Lady JH. Specialisb. Safe and certain remedy. — Address, 9, Grove Place, Swansea. 7085 EBLEY'S OLYMPIC t THEATRE BRIDGEND. During the: "Week the -fallowing Xc<w and Old Favourite Flays will be. produced: — Friday—A Grn.nd Milit.ary Piay. I THE BUGLE CALL. I S,ittti.r,da.A new Play, full of American ex- citement. oii-titled- LIFE IX THE GOLD DIGGINGS. Monday and Tuesday—That Great- Play- A SIX. All should witness this Groat Drama. Wednesday (by Special Request), that Beau- tiful Play, THE SORROWS OF SATAN. I Thursday—A New Play, eii-titled- ¡ PAYIXG THE PENALTY. Concluding with Sonjrs and Laughable lilarce 1 '('Iach Evening, Time Permitting. I Time and Prices as Usual. nosns ROSES! BOSES England's Favourite Flower. H.P. 6 H. Teas 8Teas 10. j Climbers 12/ Standards 15/ Per Dozen. J YOUR OWN SELECTION. ONLY THE BEST KINDS I GROWN, As Shown at Fruit Stall in the Market this last Summer. The above Trees can be had at the Market on Saturdays. A. TOWNSEND 21, Park Street, I BRIDGEND, 6993 PRIVATE TUITION. MOSS VILLA, COITY ROAD. MISS NELLIE SUMMERS' Pupil of Royal Bay Terrace School, Jersey, Certificated College of Preceptors. Prize Wiuner of the College of Preceptors for Fj ench and Geography. Also for Proficiency in all Subjects, including Music. RECEIVES PRIVATE PUPILS. School Re-Opening January 14tfc. 1908. French, Shorthand, Drawing and other Subjects. Terms on application. 6471 I WE ALL KNOW EGGS ARE SCARCE BUT J!DII8" I We also know that if THRIVO Poultry Spice is imxed with their Feed, in the proportion of a table- 33 spoonful for the fowls the result will w be a Plentiful Supply of lig<;s. n Tne effect is marvellous H < Feed, in the proportion of a table- 33 N spoonful for the fowls the result will I t be a Plentiful Supply of liggs. n t Tne effect is marvellous H t) Try it to-day a Sole Maker— jj) IW. E. Williams, Manufacturing Chemist. Bridgend. Ja Rtpresentative—Mr. B. Griffiths, 8| Chemist, 6 Newcastle Hill, || Bridgend. Local Agents Ed T. Rich, Chemist, Bridgend Gwyl. Williams. Chemist. Maesteg G. H. Howells, ChemUt, Caerau C. Davies, Chemist, Poatycymmer G. Loveluck, Chemist. Aberavon W. G. Lewis, Chemist, Aberkentig •W. Jone-s Chemist, Briton Ferry Air. Howe, Grocer, h. Brides G. Griffiths, Grocer, Nantymoel The Sunnyside Hay & Chaff Co. Sannyside Works, Bridgend. Invite enquiries for quotations for Hay and Chaff in large quantities. api aumj We Guarantee a Fit I As True as the Bricks in a WaJl. is bound to pay'. you. jjr* H. LEVINE, Tailor Outfitter, 2 3, Market Hi BRIDGEND. H HH BBBB USB HBBi i A. & D. STEW (LATE JOHS LLEWELLYN), POSTING illa STE RS., OPPOSITE POLICE STATION, BllIDGBND, .? All kinds, of Carriages, Waggonettes^, Hearse, &c. ALSO— r Large Bus to carry 27 Persons. I TERMS ON APPLICATION, Orders Attended on the Shortest Notice,. ALL TRAINS MET. 679g EXPIRATION OF LEASE. G. COOItE & SON, LITCHARD NURSERIES, BRIDGEND, Begs to announoe that they hava a useful lot of FRUIT TREES, SHRUBS, ROSES. HERBACEOUS, PLAN rs, &c., TO SELL AT A GREAT REDUCTION As their Lease expires, and the ITREES MUST BE CLEARED Come early and secure the first pick. 6973 T Twenty-fourth Year of Attendance. |f. GRAHAM YOUNG, DENTAL LICENTIATE ROYAL COLLEGE SURGEONS, DENTAL SURGEON, Park Villa, Charlotte Street, Park Street. J BBIST0L. PBOS'KSSIOJJAL ATTENDANCE BRIDGEND.—Every WEDNESDAY, 11 a.m. ta 3 J'1,6 Air. John <1 ones, Pharmaceutical Cliamist. 27, Caroline Ktroet. UARDIFF,—first and Third WBDNESDAV In every m-intfe, 4 to 7 p. m., at 11, Station-terrace,Queen St. Efficiency with Moderate Fees. Consultation Free. Painless Ooerations by Nitrous Oxide Gas. BsistOL. Attendance rhilv, except Tuesda and VVednesday BIRDS AND ANIMALS Scientifically Preserved ly BY W. SIMMONDS,83. Nolton Street, BHimEND. SKINS CLEANED. 7204 Lost and Found. L°.iT, December 23rd. Black Rstriever bitch, JLj scar on left s do. finder rewarded, detainer prosecuted.—T. Groom, Keeper's Lodge, St. Mary Church, Cowbridge. 7392 To Le{' v STABLES to Let, large Coach-houses.—Apply, kj C. B. Lrice, Bridgeiid. 6707 TO LET.-Brook Villa, Noith Street, Bridgend: -tL immediate posaeseiou.—Bramley, Auctioneer, Bridgend. 712S TO LEI< Comfortable Lodaings for one or two re<ipejtable yonns: men.—Harris, 75 Cemetery Road, Newtown, Hiidgend. 7ôS9. TO LET, comfortable Uedroom it Sitting-loom terms reasonable.—Mrs. Hocigias, 5, North Road Bridgend 7a73 1AEGE ana comtnodious House to let, known J &p Claremont- Ewenny-road, Bridgrendp. trom the lCth February, IDOS.-Apply William Abbott, 3, Coychurph-road. UridMnd. 7361 rpO LET, Front Bedroom and Sitting Koom 1 also comfortable Lodgings for '2 respectable ^en.—Apply, Kose\illa, Ccity Fields, Bridgend. i'tUU TO LET, House and Shop, or lock-up Shop only, in Wyndham-st.reeb. — Apply to W. Powell, Rotunda Buildings, Bridgend. 7370 mO LET, Glanavon, Bridgend, with or without JL stables'.— For all particulars, apply, Mrs. W. Coolfe, 45, Park Street. Bridgend 7224 rpo LHT, 2 unfurnished^ Rooms.—Apply. 13, Australian Terrace. Brid^en d. 7335 rj O LET, Grazing Ground at Suuuyside, about 1. 3 acres; plenty of -Apply, M. Strad'insj. An?cl Hotel, Brideenri |>A'i'S, MICK, MOLESTCOCKROACHES and JLV Beetles greedily eat Harrison's "Reliable" Rat Poison. Cats aud Dogs will not touch it. Ver, min dry UlI and leave no srnell. PriVes 6d., Is., 2a. 3d., & 3s. 6d.. Postage 2d.—G. W. HARRISON, Chemist, 118, Broad Street. Reading, Sold by Chemists. Agent for Brtdgend: K. T. Rich Hate Williams;, Dunraven Place; Neath* C Hutchins, 3, Queen Street; Aberkenfig Mrs S Lewis: Nantymoel: H. Martyn Hughes. 74, Ogwy Street; Ogmore Vale, T. Llewellyn-(all Chemfsta) IMPORTANT TO M(J I' K y who values the Health and Cleanliness of her Child should use HAKKISOW'S RFLI"LIC Nus- SSBY POMADE. One application kills all Nits and Vermin, beautifies and strengthens the hair. In Tins, 41d. and 9d. Postage Id.-Geo. W. Harrlnen Chemist, 118, Broad Street, Reading. Agent for Bridgend E. T. Rich (late Williams, Dunraven Place; Neath: C. Hutches, 3, Qne^n Street: Aberkenfig; W. Lewis Nanta moel: H. Martyu Hughes, 74. Osywj Street; Maesteg: Rhys D. Morgan; Caerau Gwilyu H. Howells; Ogmore Vale:T. Llewellyn Pontycy^ .j. H.'Hopkins 75, Oxford Street; I orthc%wl Duck, Chemist -I- (all Chemists). 631