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Auctioneers' Announcements. ]BLOW ELI, W I LIIAM S AUCTIONEER, TENANT RIGHT AN 1) liOTEL VALUEK. BRIDGEND. FORTHCOMING SALES, &c. Shares at Bridgend January loth. l?«*t Stock at Llantwi t-Major January 20th. •Sale of Furimure at Puutycymmer Jan. 22nd Mr. Iowell Williams's Announcements. THE ESTATE OF THOMAS WILLIAMS, DECEASED. IMPORTANT SALE OF VALUABLE SHAKES. MR. HOWELL WILLIAMS has been favoured with instructions from the Executors of' the lace Mr. Thomas Williams, Brynmenyn, to SELL by AUCTION, at the Dunravtn Hotel, Bridgend, on SATURDAY, January ISib, 1908, at Three o'clock in the Afternoon, (subjects to such con- ditions as shall then be read), the following Valuable Shares, viz. :— 130 (FULLY PAID) £ o SHARES. 20 X5 SHARES ( £ 1 PAID). AND 10 £ 10 5 PER CENT. DEBENTURES, In the Undertaking known as THE OG&JORE VALLEY ELECTRJC LIGHT AND POWER SUPPLY COMPANY (LIMITED.) To be Sold in Lots, to suit Purchasers. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneer, ab his Offices at Bridgend and Cardiff. 7347 LLANTWIT MAJOR. WHITE LIONAUCTION MART. MR. BOWELL WILLIAMS will bold hie next SALE OF FAT STOCK, at above Mart, on Monday, January 20th, 190S, at 11.30 a.m. sharp. Present Entries:— 70 GRAND FAT CATTLE. 400 CHOICE FAT YEARLINGS. £ K DAIRY FED PORKERS and DO BACON PIGS. Further Entries Solicited. N.B.- Vendors will oblige by having their Stock in the Yard not later than 11 o'clock if possible to enable the Auctioneer to start prompt at 11.30 a: m Auctioneer's Offices, Bridgend, Clirditf, and Llantwjb Major. 7402 The Estate of Edward Weeks (deceased.) PONTYCYMMER HOTEL. PONTYCYMMFR. IMPORTANT SALE OF SUPERIOR AND WELL-PRESERVED HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE AND OTHER EFFECTS. MR. EOWELL WILLIAMS has been favoured with instructions from the Executors of the late Mr. Edward Weeks, deceased, to Sell by Auction, on the Premises as above, on Wedxes- DAY, JA-NUARY 22nd, 1908, the whole of the SUPERIOR AND VALUABLE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE & EFFECTS, Comprising the substantial furnishings of Com mercml, Dining and Sitting Rooms, and the appointments of bedrooms, viz. walnut over- mantels, pier glasses, upright grand pianoforte, oil paintings and other pictures, mahogany bookcases, oak hall stand, walnut whatnot, leather top tables, easy chairs, mahogany and walnut sideboards, copper vases, ornaments, akin mats, window blinds, lace and cretonne curtains, brass window poles and ying3, linoleum, Parisian half-tester bedstead, walnut bedroom suites, plate glass wardrobe, marble top washstand, dressing table glass wings, chamber ware, small occasional table, mahogany chest of drawers, eider-down quilts and counter- panes, bed furniture, nest of drawers, iron safe (Cartwiight), brass rail fenders and fire screens, oak dining table, walnut dinner wagon, wicker easy chair, Axminster carpets, dinner and tea. ware, kitchen and culinary utensils, &c. THE ELECTRO PLATE, CUTLERY, &c. Comprises:— Carvers and forks, table and desert spoons, dinner knives and forks, soup tureens, biscuit barrel, electro-plated epergne. 3 bottle spirit stand, silver Tea-sjoois, electro-plated cake baskets, fancy clocks, fruit spoons, electro-plated coffee pots and sugar basins, cream jugs, &c. ON VIEW MORNING OF SALE. Sale to commence at 11 0 a.m. prompt. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneer, at his offices at Bridgend and Cardiff. 7403 H-AIT PCY F. LAIIIERT, JK A,f AUCTIONEER AND VALUER Land & Estate Agent, Accountant. SALES conducted of Estates, House Property, Farming Stock (3 months' credit), Growing Timber, Machinery, Household Furniture (mod. ern and antique), &c. FORTNIGHTLY SALES OF FAT and STORE STOCK in the Cattle Market, Bridgend, the let and 3rd Monday in every Month. SALE OF HORSES, CARRIAGES, &c., at the Star Yard, Bridgend, every month. VALUATIONS made for Probate, Mortgage, Sale, Agricultural Tenant Right, &c. Transfer of Hotels, Licensed Ganger. PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE in Management of Estates. Ground Rents Collected. AGENT for Life, Accident, Fire, and Live Stock Insurance, also Workmen's Compensation. VARIOUS FREEHOLD AND LEASEHOLD RESIDENCES AND VILLAS in Bririgend, Portheawl, and the Valleys to be Let or Sold. Telegrams—"Lambert, Auctioneer, Bridgend." Nat. Telephone 0198. Offices-Prudential Buildings, Bridgend. Branch Offices: Aberavon, Portheawl, and Maesteg. SALE FIXTURES. January 23rd.—Sale of Household Furniture at Portheawl. January 25th.—Safe of Freehold and Lmse- hold Properties at Bridgend. Februai-y 3rd.—Sale of Fat Stock at Bridgend February oth.—Sale of Household' Furniture at Portheawl. February 12th.-—Antique Furniture and China at Bridgend. February —Leasehold Properties at Pen arth. .February —Leasehold Properties at Bridgend. February — —Excellent- Household Furni- ture and' Effects at Bridgend Mr. liarry F. Lambert's Announcements. PORTHCAWL. 3 VICTORIA AVENUE, VICTORIA ROAD. SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND EFFECTS. MR. HARRY F. LAMBERT has received instructions from Mrs1- J. Evans, to BELL by AUCTION, on. the Premises, Oil THURSDAY, .January 23rd. 1908. comnieiio ing at 2 o'clbck prompt, tire -whole of the. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE & EFFECTS. On view morning of Sale. 7420 PENCOED, GLAMORGAN. SALE OF FRREHOCD AND LEASEHOLD DWELLING HOUSES. MR. HARRY F. LAMBERT, has received instructions to offer for Sale by Auction, at the Dunraven Hotel, Bridgend on SATURDAY, January 25th, 1908. at 3 p.m., prompt (subject to the conditions of sale as shall be then and there produced), the following Desirable and VALUABLE FRBEHOLD AND LEASEHOLD PROPERTIES LOT 1.—A.11 that Freehold Semi-detached Dwelling House and Premises, situate on Wim- feourne Road, near the Council Schools, Penprisk, Pencoed, now in the occupation of the Owner, Mr. William Millins. LOT 2.—All that Le-gsehold Dwelling House and Premises, known as Bryn Cottage. Penprisk, Pen- coed, now let to Mr. Thomas Owen at 26s. per lunar month. The above Property is held for a term of 99 vealrs, from 1st July. 1905, at the low annual ground rent of £1139. Od. Further particulars and orders to view can be had from the Auctioneer, Prudential Buildings Bridgend or from Mr. J. T. Howell, Solicitor, Bridgend. 7358 Up-to-Bate Appliances for turning out every class of work at competitive prices, at the "Glamorgan Gazette" Printing Works. Auctioneers' Announcements. MR. HARRY F. LAMBERT'S ANNOUNCE- MENTS CONTINUED. BRIDGEND CATTLE MARKET. MR. HARRY F. LAMBERT will HOLD his NEXT SALE of FAT STOCK on MONDAY, February 3rd. 11X38. Sale at 10.30 prompt. Further Entries- respectfully solicited. PORTHCAWL. SALE OF EXCELLENT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. OX WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY oth. 1908. |l/|R. HARRY F. LAMBERT has received -LvJl instructions from Mrs. W. Williams-, to remove, from Maiudy. and SELL by AUC- TION, 01\< the above date. Eid! particulars in future issues. 7422 MICHAEL DAVIES, Auctioneer and Valuer (Fellow of the Auctioneer's Institute of the United KiDgdom, Incorporated), 15, Wyndham Street, Bbidgskh. And 21, TALBOT Street, Maesteg, HOTEL VALUER AND GAUGER (20 Years' Experience). AGENT FOR THE BEST FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCE COMPANIES. The UNION CASTLE Mail STEAMSHIP Company for SOUTH Afkica. AND FOR Tub CFNARD STEAMSHIP J 1F. TO AMERICA AD TO All Parts of Canada. All kinds of Stocks and Furniture purchased by Private Treatv. £30 will purchase Villa in Coity Road. Bath, Hob and Cold, balance on Mortgage. 6529 A fine Pier Glass S fb. x 4 ft. with carved can- opy. Price Five Guineas. 7272. SALE FIXTURES. 27th January-Sale of Household Furniture at St. Michael's Road, Maesteg. 28th January—Sale of Superior Furniture at Pencoed. Isb February—Sale of Valuable Leasehold Premises at Bridgend. 1st February-Sale of a Beerhouse and Premises at Kentig Hill. Sale of Leasehold Cottages at Heolycue. Sale of Mortar Mill and Engine at Morriston. Mr. Michael Dayies' Announcements. 6, ST MICHAELS ROAD, MAESTEG. MR. MICHAEL DAYIES has received instructions from the Official Receiver in Bankruptcy, to Sell by Auction, at the above address, on Monday, the 27th day of Jastaby, 1908, the whole of the Superior FURNITURE AND EFFECTS Of Mr. Watkins, a Bankrupt. Sale to commence at 2.30 o'clock prompt. For further particulars see posters. 7414 BRYNGWYN, PENCOED. Sale of Superior Furniture, Oilpaintings, Water Colors, Pianoforte, &c. MR. MICHAEL DAVIES has received instruct- jUjL ions from Mrs. Jones (who is giving up the house), to SELL BY AUCTION at the above Res- idence on Tuesday, .January 28th, 19C8, the following HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND EFFECTS Viz A high low chippendale drawing room suite in velvet, centre and other tables, a Mysore carpet, 3 x 3 & hearthrug to match, brass curb & brasses, a chippendale cabinet, a full trichord, iron frame, panelled front pianoforte in ebonised case, a lare dicing table, 2 mahogany side tables, a hand and treadle sewing machine (Singer's) with all the lat- est improvements, fender and fire irons, pier glass, whatnot, writing desk, an oval table (inlaid), two water colours by Char les Leslie, some very old prints, oilpainting by Balinc, 4 hair-seated chairs, a rosewood suite, covering blue silk, oil lamps, a quantity of useful books, grand father's clocis in mahogany case, a lot of kitchen furniture and utensils, bedroom suite with wardrobe in American satin walnut, mahogany bow front chest of draw- ers mahogany washstand add dressing table, three feather beds, 3 irou bedsteads, commode, 6 cane- seated chairs, 2 washstauds and dressing tables, &c., &c. Sale to commence at 2 o'clock ;,)iarp. 7416 KEN FIG HILL. SALE OF BEERHOUSE AND PREMISES. MR. MICHAEL DAVIES is instructed to Sell by Auction, at the Dunraven JArms Hotel, at Briagend, on Sati'rjjay, the 1st day oi FKttRt-ARY, 1908, THE OLD-ESTABLISHED BEERHOUSE, Known as the "■ ROYAL OAK," Kenftg Hill, held for the life of a Lady, now wgeci about 66, SUBJECT to the Annual Ground Rent of TEN SHILLINGS with an Additional Rent ot Bl lis. Od. a year for License to carry on the Premises as a Beerhouse. Further Particulars may be obtained of the Auctioneer, or of Meesrs. Tenuant and Jones, Solicitors, Aberavon. 7415 SALE OF VALUABLE LEASEHOLD BUSINESS PREMISES AT BRIDGEND. Solicitors, Aberavon, 7415 SALE OF VALUABLE LEASEHOLD BUSINESS PREMISES AT BRIDGEND. DUNRAVEN HOTEL. MR. MICHAEL DAVIES has received instru- ctions to SELL BY AUCTION, at the above address on Saturday, the 1st February, '90S, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon (subject to conditions of sale'fco be there and then read). All those com- modious and most centrally situated PREMISES known as No. 2 Queen Street, (with vacant poss- ession of the p-ut now occupied by the Treasury as County Court Offices) A portion of these premises are now let at rentals of X45 per annum. The whole are held under a Lease tor 99 years from let May, 1X49, at an Annual Ground Rent of X6. For further particulars apply to Auctioneer. 1;'), Wyndham Street, or to W. E. Lewis, Esq., Solicitor, Bridgend. Mr. j\ J. Yorwerth's Announcements. PYLE. MR. T. J. YORWERTH will SELL BY AUC- TION, on Tuesday, January 21s t, 1903, at 12 o clock sharp- i) X PRIME FAT CATTLE. ui "J 100 CHOICE FAT YEARLINGS. Further entries solicited. 7300 ~~COW BRIDGE MARKET. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 4th, 1903. MR. T. J, YORWERTH has received in- LVi structious from the Principal Farmers of the District, to Sell by Auction, on TUESDAY, Feb- RUARY. 4th, 1908, at 11.15 a.m. sharp. 50 PRIME FAT CATTLE. 300 GRAND YEARLINGS. go PORKERS. Further early entries solicited. Auctioneer's Offices, Cowbridge. 73-34 E D W A R i»"p R E EC"E (JUNIOR), F.A.A., Auctioneer and Valuer, Public Accountant, 11, Nolton Street, Biudgknd. Mr. Edward Preece (Ju-n"s,) Announcemeuts, Preliminary Announcement. BY OK DEI I OF THE MORTGAUEK. MR. EDWA1.J1) PIIEF.CE (Jun.) is in- structed to »Sell in lots early in Fe) rzr ary next, the following valuable long LEASEHOLD PROPERTIES, sub j ft to moderate ground rents— I.-Tlie Residence known as "nnnrdene," Coychurch-road, Bridgend. 2.—Four Valuable Building Plots adjoining. 3.—Stables and Coach-houses and Yprd. 4.—Greenhouses and Plot of Land adjoining Further particulars will appear in the next issues of the Gazette," and may be obtained of the Auctioneer, or of EDWARD T. DAVID. 7418 Solicitor, Bridgend. 0 I Our Stocks' are at the very summit of acceptability. | I The Price of every article is Lowered to the Very Lowest. I I C. STUCHBERYS I WINTER SALE H YTVWM If' T T V V "0" HI I NOW PROCEEDING. 1 I JCSSF" OBJECT: THE CONVERSION OF GOODS INTO CASH. I B The success of THIS institution is UNDOUBTEDLY due to the fact that the B I faith of the people in Stuchbery's Sale is JUSTIFIED by the best of all H ■ tests-The test of experience. H I The," KNOW, because they have PROVED, that it is an occasion WHEN, B ■ HOWEVER LOW THE PRICE 011 THE TICKET, ANY ARTICLE TLIEV MAV PURCHASE IS |B B OF STERLING VALUE, AND CARRIES THE*HALL-MARK OF EXCELLENCE. (1 B ø- e iien-er have, and nen-er WILL change quality to cheapen price. |||! I NO ADEQUATE IDEA CAN BE CONVEYED IN TYPE OF THE SPLENDID PRICE CONCES- IJIF B SIONS WE ARE OFFERING AT THIS SALE. |||| You can only obtain an accurate impression BY FIJJ I —— Paying us a Personal Visito d A WHILE THE J Choice is ¡.. t; [. 'f;, 'f, '?i?: Large. J aids Economists JJ I 1 1 ,I Auctioneers' Announcements. Mr. John David's Announcements. ABERTHIX HOUSE FAR31", AEEKTHIX. Nr. COWBRIDCE. SALE OF STOCK. CROPS. IMPLEMENTS. DAIRY UTENSILS, AXD HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. MR. JOHN DAVID has received in,struc- tions fvom Mr. W. to SELL by AUCTION, on JALARY :8tll. 1903, viz.: 3 Milch Govs in Heifers in Calf, 4 Store Cattle, 14 iu Lamb, 4 Bacon. Pigs about 12 soore, 14 8ton:, Pi, Calf 2 months okl. Ponv in foal', 3-yoai—old Filly, Aged Cart Horse, Sundry ImpU'meii-T.A. 2 Drays, Meadow and Clover Hay, Svodi-c.. Muti)i* Shed. 18 by 12; Dairy Utensils, and Lundry Househokl Furnitu're. Further Particulars next or may he had from the Auctioneer at Cowbridge. 7400 COWBRID3E, LL -\N,PF.E'FUIAN & PENLLYN GLAMORCANSHIRE. IMPORTANT SALE OF FREEHOLD PROP- ERTIES. MR..JOHN DAVID Iras "eceived instructions fr^m Mrs. Moon, aod Mrs, Savours fo SKLL BY AUCTION (for the purpose of Partition). at the Bear Hotel, Cowbridge, on Tuesday, tbe Uth d&y of February, :908, at 3 o'clock in the after- noon (subject to conditions of Sale to be then and there produced, and in the following or eweh other lots as may previously to or at the time of Sale be determined), the following VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTIES narrely :— Lot I.-All,"hat Freehold Dwelling House, Shop and Premises situate near e bridge in the Town of Cowbridge, arid iu the i>ecnpation of Mr. John Rees, Butcher, as yearly tenant. Lot 2,-All those Two Freehold ?.lalt-houses with the outbuildings, yard a,ad premises thereto, bitu. ate in the Village and Parish of Liaublethian, near to the Town of Cowbridge, and leased to Alessrs. Wm. Hancock & Co _Ltd.. for a term of 50yeais from 1st August, 1907 (determinable after twelve months by the Lessees ul.)cn six months notice), at the yearly rent of £ 20. N.B,-The LeFlpe8 have recently expended be- tween C400 and £ 500 in repairs and improvemeuta I to this lot. Lot 3.—All that Freehold Cottage adjoining Lot 2, with two gardens belon^in^ thereto, lormerly in the occupation of Mr. iliiam Jenkins, and now leased to Messrs. Wm. Hancock & Co. Ltd. lor the like term as lot 2, at the yearly rent cf £ 8. By another direction— Lot 4 -All that Freehold Cottage with garden, Orchard and Premises thereto, situate at the Craig, in the Parish of Penllyu near Cowbridge, and in the occupation of Mrs. AIm David. For further particulars aj ply to the Auctioneer at his Office at Cowbridge. or to All GWVN W V iN-, I 7395 Solicitors. Cowbridge. ) ) LLAlvCADLL. Mi AH COWBRIbGE. SALE OF HORSES AND IMPLEMENTS. Mil. JOHN 1'A V11 i hi- rtictived instructions from the r;iu\>r of rh« ;.tre Messrs. u., Aoctlcn, tho Fi»st j Week in FeOri.-n} tiia remainder of HOTJSKS. IMPLEMENTS, DAIRY UTENSILS, and J'rr of ÛH- IKJUSEHOLD FURNITUKE .Further 1 t;cIar ? nt: cr blI from the Auctioneer at Cuwbriu^c. 7401 W. T. DAVIES, COLLECTOR OF BESTS AND ACCOUNTS, 21, Talbot St., MAESTEG, A'- 15, Wyndham St., BRIDGEND. 6737 Up-to-Date Appiícanc3 for turning out erery, class of work at competitive prices, at the "Glamorgan Gazette" Printing Works. For Sale, FBRICKS. BRICKS. BRICKS.—For price ) and quantity apply to Manager, Evanstowr Brick Works, Tondu. 8074 FOR SALE, a Large Stock of Carriage I -S- Lamps and Legrgiogs at all prices. An in- spection invited. — T. J. Yorwerth, Saddler, Cowbridge. 7096 TONDU. FOR SALE Privately, Two Lease- hold Cottages, opposite County Schools. Tondu; low Ground Rent Lease 95 years weil built; sp'endid conditioi).-Ptr,iculars, apply. J. Morgan, Coytrahene, Tondu. 7204 M1LX, excellent quality, S to 1G gallons daily, deliverea at any railway station.—Jenkin John, Tongwyn, near Bridgend. To 6*4 FOR SALE, Graud Cross-bred Dog, 12 months, Airedale-Sheep, powerful watch-dog; also aplendid Spaniel Dog 12 months, both cheap exchange anything useful. -Nl al liner. 11, Caer- philly Road, Birchgrove, near Cardiff. 734 FOR SALE, Cow and Ca -T. John, RUTHIN, JL Pencoed. 7321 FOR SALE, A GOOD STRONG TRAP, SUIT BUSINESS OR PLEASURE. — APPLY> CASTLE HOTEL, Bridgeno. 7:V24 O PORKERS FOK SKLE. -Apply, W. Y(jl:, O Aberkenfig. J32;) TO HE SOLD, A SMALL VV^G^ONETT^, IN GOOD CONDITION. — APPLY, 4'C," OIRICE, BRIDGEND. 7089 FOR SALE, Pure-bred Buff Orpingtons, two Hens and one Cockers), nic3 bird-, un- related— Apply, Mr.». Rooinson, Agent.'s House, Kmnny Priorv. B>idjrf>nd. 7S8;1 A i!our-Wheeled Do>^ Cart For iSaie, Perry and Turner tnake. sound condition must sell, cheap.-Apilty, Bisiiop, Angel Street. 73SS CAEItA G, Maesteg. For Sale at Moderate figure, separately or in one lot, Street of newly erected and substantial Dwelling-honses containing four bedrooms each. The Property is well let and within easy distance of Coeguant and Caerau ColJieric". Two-thirds puccha-e money can remain ou Mortgage.-—Ap^ly, Snape, Solicitor, Maoateg. 7877 tpIREYYOOD.—Hard Wood Blocks, 1 per cwt,, -L lots of 5 en-t. delivered. -Hen i y PhilliplI, Central Carriage Works Bridgend. 6759 I 1 Tenders. I TEMPERANCE HALL, TABOR, MAESTEG. (12 Years, from Sept., 1907, Unexpired Lease) TENDERS are invited for the Purchase or Lease I Jt of the above Hall. I The Tenders. endorsed Temperance Hall, must he in the hands nf the undertigued not later I than January 21th, 1903. The Committee do not bind themselves to acept the highest or any tender. For further particulars apply to W. u. ROBEKTS. Llys Derfel, 7309 Maesteg. CKJMOrvE SMALL POX HOSPITAL COMMITTEE. AMI;rLANCE VAN. ) fT1/1E Committee invite Tenders for the 1 Supply 0i a Man, Horse and Harness for Driving the above Van a and when occasion shall require, at (a) per hour, (b) per miie. The Committee do not bind themselves to accept lowest or any Tender, which must be sent to the undersigned on or before 11 a.m. on Saturday, the January, 1908. n. C. GIUFFITHS, "Wyndham-street, Clerk. Bridgend. 7417 PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. One Three Six I Insertion. Insertions. Inseitiona 18 Words 0 6 1 0 1 6 27 Words 0 9 1 6 2 0 36 Words 1 0 2 0 3 0 45 Words 1 3 2 6 3 9 64 Words 1 6 3 0 4 0 63 Words 1 9 3 6 5 8 72 Words 2 0 4 0 6 0 81 Words 2 3 4 0 « § Wanted. Leading assurance co., making I JLj extensive developments, require energetic men, good books corrmision, bonu se. Noddfa House, Coity Fields I Bridgend. 7310 WFANTED, experienced Servant, no children, ▼ comfortable home state wages,— Apply by letter to E," Gazette Office. 7314 %V ANTED, Appreittice. Ruc-sibil, Brown, » Watchmaker, Jeweller and Optician, Adare Street, Bridgend. 7323 ANT- D, g«od General, able to wash, iron. if and do plain cooking; two others Lepf— Apply High Corner flouse, Llaniitrau. 7301 WANTED, experienced General, not under 25 ? f must be g' od cook family two reference* Apply personally, Miss Williams, 3, Church-st.eft Maestep. 7306 \\TANTED inmpdiately, smart Boy for office— V» Apply J. & c. Sankev, Bridgend. 73?7 WANTED at once, good General Servant- Apply Mis Brewer, Butcher, Bridgend.732.9 TX7~ANTED, geieral Servant.—Apply, Green T f Meadow Inn, Llaogtinor, Garw Wiley •. 734C"' (~1 1RL Apprentice Wanted, to le^rn Trousers Jt and Vest inakb short term; g >0 i w««ts -Apply, L Johns. 30 Adare Ssiect, Biidy.erid. lbi\ GENERAL Servant Wanted for a Farmhouse ftood waj; es given.—Mi s. D. Griffiths, Kern- stone. 7346 GIOUU General Wanted, 2 in fantily middle IT aged person preferred.—Apply, 12, Coity Road, Bridgend. 7353 TAINTED, respectable Lad as (-Iffice Bciy.- ft Apply J. Haydn Jones, Solicitor, Bride- end. 7360" TTTANTED, experienced General.—Applv Mrs VV G. Singer, Litchaod, Bridgend. 7372 WANTED, two Geuer;<ls. one to asebt in bar! when required.—Apply Blaanliynfi Hotel, Caerau 73GG \\T ANTED, s, General Servant Nurs* kept.— ? Apply, Mrs. G. M. Evans, 57, Park .-tr-nt, 7375 WANTED, Cook-Genera experienced house- tv maul small ly, Mrs. Soliti)el.ndowii. 7374 "TT7"ANTED, General, about IS, two in family, VV good home.—Apply, South Vie* Victoria Road, Portheawl. 7370 \7" AN TED, steady Man (abstainer) accustomed n to horses, undertake chart/e ponv, milk co v, and help in garden weekly, pto-p^ct rise, permanent r-ituation, state atre, funiiv experience aaii rtferences.—Aidet man Bridgend. 737S ■TTTANTED, an Experieii-Jt'l Cook General; V also Housemaid, couticry.-Appiv with full particulars, reterences, &c., to Ajrs.'j^avittt! The Veilands, Pencood, uear Bridgend. TF'AN IEl>, go« d strong Girl for Housework IT iMiscnorbhy, fond of children, good v.-ji^es, tc) vuiteztvne, Ogmoll Vale. ;0:1 VV ANTED, a respectable Giil for mornings — V ? Mrs. John, Coity Road Post Office. 7391 LADY C*nvaMers< Wanted to Canvas locally, good Salary paid.—Apply, 4. St. Mieh*ols Road, MAesteg. /GENERAL Sarvant VWiiaoi, hones! ttoidv V.T Girl aboun 2), family ."I, comfortable home", good rtfereuess required Irora 1-ist -ituation — Mrs. Williams, 142, City Road, Cardiff. ;1:] \17 ANTED, immediately, a Maid Servant, V? Good wages given. —Apply to Mrs- Francis, Greenfield, Treoes, Eridgtud. 7410 WANTED, 3 respectable Girl as Genera!, Couutry preferred, in family.—Apply, Argyle House, Maesteg. 7-108 WANTED, Man for Dairy Farm, good VV Milker wages 15s. and Cottage.—Apply, Buckland, Holtoa, Barry. 7413 Printing.—All kinds of Jobbing Work, Artistic and Commercial., executed in the Best Style and at Reasonable Prices, at the "Glamorgan GazetW Offices, Bridgend, Posters in any siz-e, shade, colour, or combin- ation of colours; a-nd every description of Letterpresa Printing. Notices. TO THE OVERSEERS OF THE POOR of the PARISH OF COYCHURCH. in tiw Comity of Ghunorgai: to JOELS ])A\ IS, Super,]ntoiidi'iit of Police for th DVIS'lON OF NEWCASTLE, in th* said c'uxitv; to the CLERK to the LICENSING JUSTICES at Bridgend, in the said Division and. County, and TO ALL OTHERS WHOM IT j MAY CONC ERN. L CLE.ME XT GEORCE BARNETT GORE. I now re.; id nig at tlie PL;Hh, Inn. Heolyc i,v. 111 the Parish of Gov church, in tne County 01 Glamorgan. Refr-houie K( (-per, do HEREBY GIYE 101 NOTICE that it is my intc 11 tioi 1 to apply at thp General Annual Licensing. Meeting for the Division of Newcastle, to ue ho-lden at the Police Court. Bridgend, in the s.aid County, on the Eighth, day of February. 19GB, for a Certificate anthonsing me to iioki xe I I I an E License to Sell by Retail, under the Licensing Acts. 1828 to 1902. ai.1 intoxi- cating liquors to he drunk or consumed en or off tho premises situate at Hf.o'yci\v. au;r- ::aid. known as 'Ixijj. PjlOUGH INN." vrhi; h I intend to k^op as hi: Inn. Alehon e. or \'ic- tuall'ing House, and which I now ks-en as a I Becr-houdc. AND I FURTHER GIVE YOr NOTICE that ISAIAH JOilN, of Maesyo^ aelod. Pen- cood, in. the -said County of Gi'.niioro;)! B.;u Col'it'cto-r. is the owner of the said urenii: Giviiv under my hand tins Ninth dav of I January. 1908. CLEMENT GEORGE BARNETT GORE. j .L, L. v I\ \"1..j "&0- 74 Uo -_u TO THE OVERSEERS of tl.e POOR of the PARISH OF Li-ANDYFODWG, i- the DIVISION OF NEWCASTLE, in the Con.ivy 01 Glauiormui: to the OF POLICE of the District in which c-neh P-ai-ic-h is situate: to tlie CLERK to the LICENSING JUSTICES of the siid Divi-ioii of Newcviftk'; and TO ALL OTHERS WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. 1. CHARLES RATTRAY, now .aiding at 13 High Street. Ogmoro Vale-, in tilt. 'I Parish of Llandyl'odwg. in the .rid County Giamorgaii. Cari>enter. DO HEREBY GIYE NOTIC E that it is inv intention to applv .k tiw next GENERAI. ANNUAL LICENSINi, MEJi J ING lor t-ia* Divisicjii o-f Newca. J I ha "1 P'lVr.TC K rnrnr 'V '-1'- J..J\. (". l. L:JI. .L 'I.L' Co BRIDGEND, in the said Ccuniy of Gi !.n<'V- gan. on SATURDAY, ilit- 6th day of Feb- j for a License authorising me to kv-ep certain j premises, s-itiintf on the east side of and ad- joining the itwiin road leading from Ogrnore 0, for Pubhc Biiua rd Playing, of which va: premises the Cone; jl 01 tlu- County Borough of Sv.use•» are the cwia-rs. Je>)1;in Wdiiani; is t• an<! I am th-t- o:-c-u];ie. Gi^.ej? I' niv hand lotil of 7897 CHARLES RATTRAY. 1" 0 THE OVERSEERS of the POOH of 1 t!i.' PARISH OF NEWTON NOTTAGK. in tho DIVISION OF NEWCASTLE, hi ii:e Count" of Cd'i'uoi"^«it to tiT SUPERIN- TENDENT OF POLICE d the Di", lie: lelj.ith such Parish is situarc: to the CLERK the LICENSING JUSTICES of the DIVISION of NEWCASTLE: Pl'd TO ALL aTHEnS WHOM IT CONCERN. T. FREDERICK EDWIN nCCK. now e- Parish of Newton Nottage. in the said County cf Cdamors-jn. Ci:e*nist, do HEREBY GIVE i NOTICE tf 'f t i-s ;uv intention to applv ai tire next GENERAL ANNUAL LICENSING ME-E'IINCJ' fur die -aid Division cf Newcastle to be at 1he POLICE CO BRIDCiEND. in the said County of Glamor- gan-. 011 SATURDAY, the 8th day of Feb- ruary, 19U8 (or at any adjournment thereof), for a License authorising me to apply for a'nd (hold an Excise License to sell Wine to be ,1"1]¡¡]; or con-uinec! off the premises, at a j house and shop ;trate 131 and being Numb, r j 2-1 John Street. Porthc-awl, aforesaid, of 1rhidl said or shop and premises Tlionras L-angdon is the lessee, and I am the. occupier. Given under my hand this 16th day of Januarv, 1908. 1 7398 FREDERICK EDWIN DeCK. NOTICES CONTINUED. T 0 THE OVERSEERS OF THElPOOR~of /-pT^ CWMDU, m the if -^A^AJ\G(J2S01D, iu th^ countT oi: Glamorgan; to JOHN DAVIS, the Supenn- leiicieni. or Police for the DIVISION OF S\\CASlLE ill the said County; to the ClERK to the LICENSING JUSTICES at BrjdgelJd, in the said Division and County. and to ALL ultx £ .KS WHOM IT MAY CON- L .tolL" 1. HESRY DAVIES, now residing at the -rriiue of Males Inn, Maesteg, in the Hamkt or Cwindu, in the County of Glamorgan. use KwP'er- DO HEREBY CilA E lOU -^Oaat.ji t-liat it i<s my intention to apply at tl'e T^r" ra' Ai|lnuai Licencing Met ting* for the Di\ ision of Newcastle, to be holden at the Police Court, jrfiidgend. in the ^aid County, on the Eighth day ot Februarv, 1908. or any adjourniiKnt thereof, for a Certificate antnonsing me to hold an Excist- Licenise to sell by retail under the Licensing Acts. 182c to 1802. and Acts amending the same., all intoxicating liqilci to be drunk or consumed on or off the premises, situate at Maesteo- afor^jd. known as THE PRINCE OF "fALES lXX." ivliich I intend to keep as an lnu,^ Alehouse, or Victualling house, and whicii I row keep Reer-hou^e. AND I FURTHER GIVE YOU NOTICE that MARGARET ROSIXA STILES, of I B-rewery House. Bridgend, in the said Countv of Glamorgan. Widou". is the Oinie," of the saio house and premises. Given under my hand this Tenth dav of January. 1905. HENRY DAVIES. TO THE OVERSEERS OF THE POOR of the PARISH uF LLANGEINOR. in xhe DIVISION OF NEWCASTLE, in the of Glamorgan to the SUPERINTENDENT OF POLICE of tne District in which such Parish is situate; to the CLERK to the LICENSING JUSTICES of the said Di vision of Newcastle; and to ALL OTHERS* WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. 1. THOMAS JENKINS, now residing st j the Blaengarw Hotel, Blaengarw. in the said Parish oi Liangeinor, in the said County of Glamorgan. jLici'-nred Victualler. DO HEREBY' GI\ E NOTICE that it is my inten- tion to apply at the next GENERAL ANNUAL LICENSING MEETING for the said DIVISION OF NEWCASTLE, to be hpd at the POLICE COURT, at BRIDGEND, in tiie County of Glamorgan, on SATUR- DAY. the 8th day of February. 1908 (or at any adjournment thereof), for a Grant. of a License anthcrising me to apply for and hold an Excise license for the sale by retail at a certain house and promises, situate on the east side of and adjoining the main road lead- ing from Pontycymmer to Blaengarw on laud formerly a portion of Tvmwnwr Uehaf Farm, and intended to be known by the sign of the "Alexandra note! of Wine. Spirits. Beer. Portc-r. Cider, Perry, and all other intoxicat- ing liquors, to be drunk or consumed either on or off t'tif said premises, and of which said premises the Bteht Honourable Windham Thoma?. Farl of Dunraven. is the owner, and I. the said Thomas Jenkins, and Evan Griffiths are the les-ees. Given und.i- lit" hand this lCih day of Jann-v, 3908. 73PG THOMAS JENKLNS. TO tbft OVERSEERS of the POOR of the PARISH of LLANGYNWYD HIGHER, in the Division of Newcastle, in the County rf Glamorgan to SAMUEL HENRY STO K- WOOI( CLERK 10 the JUSTICES of the Said DIVISION; and to JOHN DAVIS, the SUPERINTENDENT of POLICE for the said Division. I, WILLIAM THOMAS. of the Blacvgwvnfi flotel, Blaengwynfi, in the County of Glamorgan, L-censed Victualler, DO HEREBY GIVE YOU NOTICE ihnt it is my Intention to Apply sfc the Annual Licensing Mesting for the Division of II Newcastle, aforesaid, to be holden at B^id^end, in the id County, on the 8th day of February, IPC*, or at any Adjournment thereof, for a Provi- sional Grant of a License for the eaje of spirit-, W ine. Beer, Porter, Cirier, Perry, and all other Intoxicating Liquore, to be Con?umfid On or Off ¡ the Premises, in respect of certain Premises to be constructed in lieu of and upon the t'ire cf ceriain houses, shops, and premises, known as Numbers 1, 2, and Ji, Caerau Road, Caerau, Mi/estp?, iu the -,iii County of G,.tiiorgan, of which Elizabeth Thomas, of Brook House. Fern- dale, in the said County of Glamorgan, widow, is the Lessee, and the representatives of John PopUin frahsrne, lata of Coytraht-n, near Bridgend, in the County of Glamorgan, deceased, I are the Freeholders. AND I further state th»t the said Premises when constructed will be known as the Station Ho-el, ar.d that the Plsns thereof have been dFpo-it.ed ar the Olfiies of lr, P J. Thomas, of I Braeyend, Aichilcct, vfhere the same can be I insp-fied. 737S WILLIAM THOMAS. rp'J the OVERSEERS of the POOR of the i. Pakisii or Llanovnvvvu Higher, in the Division ot Newc.-igile, in the County of Glam- <»g:ir»: to the SUPERINTENDENT of POLICE of the District in which that Parish is situate to the CLERK to the LICENSING JUSTICES for tbe DIVISION of NEWCASTLE afereeaid and to ALL OTHERS WHOM IT MAYCONCEKN. I, EDWARD DUDSON, now residing at the Heart of Oaklnn, Nantyl! vilon,in the a dd Parish of Llangynwyd Higher, in the County of Glam- organ, Licensed N-iCLUAller,' DO HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that it i my Intention to Apply at the Next General Aiii-,tial Licensing Meeting for the said Division of Newcastle, to be H elj at the P 1 ce-court at Bridgend, in the said County of Glamorgan on SATURDAY, the Sth d,:>' of February, J'OS, or any Adjournment thereof, for a Provisional Order sanctioning the Reuooval of he Licen, HOW in foica and held hy me, the said Ed ci Dudsort. for ale of Wines, Pniiir", Poir.i»r,>, Perry, a;m other Ij.-foxiCit- ing Liquors at. cettain .Precnises situate at Nants- fl'yllon a fori- said, ani kuo*n by the sigr. ef the fie,-tlt of Oak Inn, from the last-named Premises to ee-a^in Pre mi*?* now being erected in a site tigMty yar'*s <<r thereabouts to the North of he s»id He.'it of Inn «nd on tee ssme -ide. ot the n>sid the raid Heart of Oak Inn and Q-, }>j '.Ves; of urd f)ppn.-it^ the, R^ilwav Bridge, which Premi-es now erected as alon aie iotenofcd to he known by the sign of tb I Heart of 0-k Hotel," Natityflyi-oa aforesaid, and of which License when removed I, the said j Edward Dudson, desirn to be the holder. The Owner of (no Premises now being erected a" I aforesaid, is Thomas Williams, of the Llan h&rran Hotel, Po.-itjrename;, in the said County. Giveii undfr my hand this Thirteenth day of January, 2JO EDWARD DUDSON. TO the OVERSEERS of th* POOR ol the PARISH OF LliANGYNWYD HIOHEP, the Division of Newon-tV. in th- County ur Giainorgan to the SUPERIN TENDENT cf rOLICK of the Di^t'i'-rv) wnioh th:it Parish is situate: to the CLEKK to the JUSTICES of the DI V ISION of NEWCASTLE aforesaid; u.d ro ALL OTHERS WHOi! Ii' MAY CONCERN. I, EDWARD DUDSON, now residing at tti- Heart of Oaklnn, Nanc> if) lion, in the said Pirioahof, Elao^ynwyd Higher, in the saiu 'ouny of Glar,J ortran. Licensed Vietoalier. HEREBY GIVE NOTICB i,hit, it is In) Intention to AppiV at the next Genern! Annual Licensing Mtetlll for the i said Division of Newcastle t^ bo held at Police-court at B'id^r-tu!. in the .id Connty 01 Glamoryan. on SATURDAY*, the Sih day of Febniary. 1908, or a ty Adjournment her. 0 for a Provisional Gram 0; a Fail Licence to Hold an I E .cise License to Sell by Retail Ail Intoxicating Liquors to be Drunk or Consumed On or Off eonain Premises now erected Oil a Site j eightv vatds or thereabout- to the North, ot th • aid Heart of Oak in", Bonn. on the fams side of j the road as the said TIL,, of Oak Inn. aud on tho West of and Oppcsite the riailway Bridge. ln,-f intended to be known bi the sign of the Heait of OaK Hotel," and .i which said Premiat-s I Thomas Williams, of the Llauharran Hotel, Poncycwmnaer, in the said County is the Owner. Dated this Thirteenth day of January, aDOrv _í;;S2 EDWARD DUDSON.

Family Notices