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I Important Announcement. W. J. PALFERY (Late \V. EDWARDS) COMMENCE THEIR Cg p !'L a "i. A J1i- BifSssadSI B:'¡"L'ë' t: TO-MORROW c I Saturday, January 18th. The whole of the regular Stock has been Substantially Reduced, together with several Important Stocks purchased at Large Discounts off cost price; these will be marked at Clearing Prices, and those who know W. & J. Palfery's know what that means in the way of Bargains. In abbreviated list of the undeniable Bargains offered are enumerated below DRESS MATERIALS. 1.000 yds. of Black and Coloured Dm* )lal- rials, irtcJ1(Eng Tweeds, PUua Cloths, Voiles. Koliennes, Alpac-has etc. Usual price Is ll.jd. tu 3s Da •vd. Sale price .-• ••• ••• 1 DELAINES AND BLOUSE FLAN- ELS. 1.200 ids All Wool French Printed Delaines and i laiineis, 6'3 Different De&.gus. L price-, le 3*d. to Is ll|;d per yd. Sale price SILKS. 173 yds only Nincn-de-Soie- in 3 Co-lours, Sky, Hoiio. und Broun. Usual' price, 2-s lli<i. yd. Sale price 1 4Ù 1 4-. TRIMMED MILLINERY. Tlw whole remaining Stock. incndiug several Pair Mode Is. to be cleared. Ustuu price 12s lid to ;2.3" lid eaca. Sale Pi'ice INFANTS' AND CHILDREN'S MIL- LINERY. COATS V- PELISSES. A Small Quantity uf these good*, slightly sailed, are marked Haif-Ppice CORSETS. 6 doz. Odd Numbers of the Celebrate-d C.B. Corsets. Usual prices. s. lid. to 4s. lid. per pair. Sale price ••• 111 BELTS. 20 doz. Belts in Leather, Silk and Tinsel. rc-ual prices. Is. to Is. llfd. each. Sale- 4 price 6d. GLOVES. A Mixed of Woollen and- Suede finished, etc.. Gloves. Dsn-al price, Is. Old. pair. Sate price 6d. MORETTE UNDERSKIRTS. 10 doz Monette Underskirts in vanons colours. Usual price, 2 s 11.J.. Sale Price 1 6i BLANKETS. 3") Pairs AU Wool Blankets. Large Size. Usual' price IGs lid pair. Sale price 11 9 DOWN QUILTS. 10 Real- Arctic Down Qii i its. covert pretty Sateen. Usual price l-:s lid Sale E n i mice 911 QUILTS. 220 Coloured Quiits in- Dark Blue, Red. Pillk, and Sky. Usual price. -1" lLd, Sale price 2 112 COATS AND COSTUMES. A Stock of these goods bought at a discount of 33 per ceint. off Cost Ivice, to be sold at nearly HALF-PRICE. A Special Bargain is a Motor Coat, 52 inches long, strap at back ami high storm collar. Colo; Eiack. Navy, Brown, and Green. Worth 24s lid. Sale price. 12 11 FURS. The remaining .stock, i11- j c-in.J.,Hg Sables, Marmot, I1 itch, Nutria, Foxaliue, etc.. will be marked at Ridiculously Low Prices to clear. BLOUSES. These art, ;,n ,=; k(, exactly fLlf Price to effect a speedy A Special gain is a pretty All Wool Delaine Bio-use. trimmed Lace on Yoke and Sleeves. Usual pric. "s lid. Sale Price 2/11 f SHEETS. 50 Pairs White Twill Sheets. size. llt i price, 6s. lid. pair. Sale price 4 11 TABLE LINEN. A large Sto. k of Table Cloths and Si-rviettes. slightly soiied. at Greatly Kt<l;iced friccs. PILLOW-CASES. 20 doz. Cotton Pi! fo\ Usual price, SOld. Sale price 6d. TOWELS. Odd Pairs of Tow.K TRAVELLERS' SAMPLES. marked nearly HALL-PRICE. TEA CLOTHS. TRAY CLOTHS, DUCHESS CLOTHS. CUSHION COVERS, etc. A Manufacturer's. Stock of Traveller*' Sample* to be cleared at HaSf-Pr»ice FLANNELETTE. GOO yds in Plain- Colours and Stripes. WIDE WIDTH. Usual price Gd. yard. Sale price ld. LINOLEUM. i Designs only in a good Quality Linoleum. Usual' price. Is. Ojkl. sti'mro yard. Sale price 8vd. MADRAS MUSLIN. 200 ya-ds. G3- inich Frilled Madras Mud in. Usual1 price. Is 6iJ yd. Sale price | Piles of Remnants j marked exactly Half-Price. W. & J. PALFERY, 0 Emporium, BRIDGEND


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