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Auctioneers' Announcements. JJOWELL WILLIAMS, AUCTIONEER, TENANT RIGHT AND HOTEL VALUER. BRIDGEND. l[R. HOVIM WILLIAMS' ANNOTJNCIXINTS. BALE NEXT MONDAY. BRIDGEND CATTLE MARKET. SALE OF FAT STOCK. MR. HOWELL WILLIAMS will hold a SALE of F'AT STOCK a& above Market, on MONDAY, JANUARY 15th, 1906, at lo o'clock sharp. Present Enti ies 12 Prime Fat HEIFERS. Further early entries solicited. Auctioneer's Offices, Bridgend and Cardiff. 2274 BALE NEXT TUESDAY. THE ESTATE OF MR. HENRY BOWEN. DECEASED. TYDERWEN, CORNELLY, PYLE. (Within One Mile of Pyle Station, G.W. Railway). Important Sale of Farming Stock, Horses, Implements, &c. MR. HO W ELL WILLIAMS has been favoured with instructions from the Executors of the late Mr. Henry Bowen, deceased, to SELL BY AUCTION on the premises as above, on TUESDAY, JANUARY 16th, 1906, the Whole of the Valuable FARMING STOCK, HORSES, &c., Comprising: 27 HEAD OF CROSS BRSD CATTLE, Including 6 capital cows (to calve in February, March and April), 2 cows in full milk 1 prime fat cow, 5 two-year old heifers in celf, 5 barren cows, 6 two and three-year-old steers, 2 calves, six months old. o FAT and STORE SHEEP, &c. ",Viz, 20 improved Radnor ewes in lamb, 17 fat wethers and 3 rams, 2 choice porkers. 12 VALUABLE CART HORSES, NAGS, COLTS, &0.; Including 5 capital colliery horses, viz. 1 chestnub horse, four-year-old, 14.3 h.h.; 1 seven-year-old bay cart horse. 14.1 h.h. 1 four-year-old bay cart horse, 14.2 h.h.; 1 four-year-old bay cart mare in foal, 14.3 h.h.; 1 three-year-old bay filly, 13 h.h., all good workers 1 chestnut eob, four-year-old, 14 1 h.h., good in all harness 1 three-year-old bay cob, 14 1 h.h., good in air harness; 1 bay pony, eight-year-old, in foal and very fast; 2 two-year- old hackney colts; 1 three-year-old pony, 12 h.h.; and 1 bay filly, three-year-old, 13 h.h. A Useful Collection of AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS. CARRIAGES, CART & TRAP HARNESS, &c., Comprising: N.W. wagon, spring wagon, cattle dray, mowing machine (Jones;, farm cart, spring Pony cart, 4-wheel carriage, dog.cart, pony trap (rubber tyres), trotting sulky and harness, water cask on wheels, corn mill, saw table (complete), sack weighing machine, wheel plough, drill plough, iron harrows, tools, &c. the harness includes 2 sets trap harness (nearly new), l-eet cart harness, 2 sets long harness, and sundry harness, and numerous other effects. Three months' credit upon usual conditions. Luncheon at 12 o'clock noon. Sale at 1 p.m. sharp. Auctioneer's Offices, Bridgend and Cardiff. 2210 LLANTWIT MAJOR. WHITE LION AUCTION MART. Mr HOWELL "WILLIAMS will hold a SALE of FAT STOCK at the White Lion Auction Mart, on MONDAY, JANUARY 22nd, 1906, at 12 o'clock noon. present Entries: 55 Prime Stall Fed CATTLE. 300 Choice Fat YEARLINGS, &c. Further entries solicited. Auctioneer's Offices, Bridgend and Cardiff. 2275 EDWARD pREECE (JUNIOR), Auctioneer and Valuer, Public Accountant, 11, NOLTON STREET, BRIDGEND. To LET. Caedre House immediate possession. COTTAGE in Suffolk Street rent 4s 4d per week inclusive. MR. EDWARD FREMOB'S (JUN.) ANNOUNCEMENTS. SALE NEXT THURSDAY. BRITONFERRY, GLAMORGANSHIRE. -Sale of Valuable Leasehold Property, being Nos.95,97, 99, 101, 111 and 113. Neath Road. MR. EDWARD PREECE (Jun.) has been, favoured with instructions to ofter for SALE BY AUCTION, at the Royal Dock Hotel, Briton- ,ferry, on THURSDAY, JANUARY 18th, 1906, at 6.30 -o'clock in the evening (subject to the conditions to be then and there reld). the following ,VALUABLE LEASEHOLDS, In lots to suit intending purchasers All those Six Leasehold DWELLING-HOUSES, numbered as above, and producing in the aggre- gate rents amounting to 1;91 per annum, landlord paying rates and taxes and water rate. Nos 95,. 97, 99 and 101 are held for a term of 80 vyeais from the 29th day of September, 1859 at a ground rent of JS1 168 2d per house. Nos. Ill and 113 are held for a term of 80 years from the 25tn -day of March, 1858. at a ground rent of £ 1 17s per house. The whole form a desirable investment, having a valuable frontage to the main road leading from Britonferry to Neath. Capital tenants are in occupation, some for a considerable number of years. Further particulars to be obtained from J. T. HOWELL, Solicitor, Bridgend, or from the Auctioneer, 11, Nolton Street. 2231 BRIDGEND, GLAMORGANSHIRE. Nos. 48 & 49, NOLTON STREET. Sale Valuable Leasehold Business Premises in commanding situation. MR. EDWARD PREECE (Jun.) has been favoured with instructions from Miss Emeey to after for SALE BY AUCTION at the Wyndbam Arms Hotel, on SATURDAY, the 20th JANUARY, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon (subject to the conditions which shall jthen and there be read), in one lot, all that VALUABLE PREMISES known as 48, Nolton Street, at present tenanted by the owner, in which a successful drapery business has been carried on for the past 35 years, Also No. 50, Nolton Street, adjoining, in which a boot business has been carried on for a number of years past. The lot is held under lease dated August 1st, 1877, for a term of 99 years at an annual ground rent of;612. The Auctioneer bege to call attention to the opportunity now ofiered of securing valuable business premises in an excellent situation, No. 48 .'having a commanding frontage to Nolton Street -and Merthyrmawr Road, and has also attached to it the goodwill of a business carried on uninter- I'Uptpr'Iy for 35 years. Value of a similar nature alsor.aches to No, 50, the present business having •been.t uiiducted on the premises for a number of :year§. ^HWaer particulars to be obtained from J. T. HOWELL, Solicitor, Bridgend, -ar frornthe Auctioneer, 11, Nolton Street. 2232 EDWARD BRAMLEY, Auctioneer, Land and Estate Agent Tenant Right, Timber, Hotel, and General Valuer. AGENT LEADING INSURANCE COMPANIES. 20, ADAIUS STREET, BRIDGEND, and COW- BRIDGfi. FOR SAZE OR To LET. Freehold and Leasehold Properties in and near Bridgend. Building Land in Grove Road, Bridgend. For particulars apply to above address. 7391 .BRIDGEND CATTLE MARKET. MR. E. BRAMLEY fs instructed by Mr. Richard Llewellyn to SELL BY AUCTION in above Market, SATURDAY, JANUARY 20th, 1906, at 12.30 p.m., unless previously claimed, A CHESTNUT PONY, aRed, with white stripe^on forehead, which strayed °n to Penyrallt Farm, first week in December, 1905. 30, Adare Street, Bridgend. 2279 Headquarters for Bargains 1 We are Sacrificing the Price, but NOT the Quality, AT C. STUCHBERY'S. Most Desirable Bargains. SEE THEM AND COMPARE THEM. Comparison is all we ask. Every January we clean up all our departments all over the shop. We simply make up our minds to sacrifice profits in order to clear out remains of stocks which, although fresh and good, are but in broken sizes and small lots. Most of the offerings are actually far below what they cost us. c' They take up room which is required for early Spring goods. This Sale is known all over the District for the undoubted opportunity every lady has to shop comfortably and SAVE MONEY. ttsr COME IN AND LOOK ROUND. All our Bargains are Genuine Bargains Utterly Desirable, Of Reliable Quality, and Marvellously Reduced in Price. THOSE Shrewd Buyers with an eye to opportunity, those wanting to make a shilling do the service of two, attend our Sales. They know we make no rash statements, but when we make a statement, its a fact. When we say we are selling goods at Bargain Prices, we mean Bargain Prices, Genuine and substantial Reductions. Such an opportunity presents itself to YOU during 01 GREAT WUHEIl SALE. Genuine Bargains in Ladies' Coats, Costumes, Blouses and Skirts. FURS at Greatly Reduced Prices. All Ladies' and Children's Millinery and Outfitting Reduced. I The Whole Stock of Black and Coloured DRESS FABRICS Reduced. Blankets, Sheets, Counterpanes, Quilts, and all Household Goods at Substantially Reduced Prices. Bargains of compelling interest in Nottingham Lace Curtains. Latest Designs. Serges, Flannels and Flannelettes at Sale Prices. BLOUSE FLANNELS & DELAINES at Clearance Prices. Extra Special Bargains in White Damask Table Cloths in all sizes. Remnants and Oddments at usual Quick Selling Prices. C SlatA/tett/ f


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