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GRAV PILLS A Marvellous Remedy w 7r- & GIRAVuLg Pi -LS ic? 0 And all the Common Disorders of the Stomach, Bowels, Liver and Kidneys, fr^ich. -is Piles, Gravel, Pain in the Back and Loins, Constipation, Suppression and Retention of Urine, Irritation of the Bladder, Slug- -0 the Liver aad Kidneys, Biliousness, Flatulence, Palpitation, eEs ot. -ness of Vision, Depression of Spirits, 'Nervousness, Sleeplessness, Dim all Pains arising from Indigestion, &c. THEIR FAME IS AS WIDE AS CIVILIZATION. They have stood the test of forty years. THE THREE FORMS OF THIS REMEDY No- 1—George's Pile and Gravel Pills. No- 2—George's Gravel Pills. No. 3—George's Pills for the Piles. SOLD EVERYWHERE IN BOXES, 1/1 and 2/9 EACH. BY POST,11/2 and 2/10. PROPRIETOR: J. E. GEORGE, M.R.P.S., HIRWAIN, ABERDARE. SATIRE'S PERYTr,T REMEDY FOR ALL KINDS OF WORMS WILLIAMS' PONTARDAWE WORM LOZENGES lug,ble remedy ban met with the greatest success. The affect upon weak 'Oe?-4. _g rid of his tormentlng posts by taking these Lozenges "TIP is like magic. Gettin .1w -bild become!j strong, healthy, and Mvely the pride,instead of the anidety of his guardians 9M *nanimate -Any Of the t,Iowlng sy?mptcma Indicate Worms i-Tartable appetite, footid breath, acid eructationall ZT- paw ju .!Ia sw.,n-cl %n?l head, sicaness, gnuding of the teeth during sleep, dreams and restlessnes!, -pickiilg of the nose ,f tt2e harti,es- anti fullness of the belly, ol w4th occasional gn=n morepr. .be 'a.&vt)l, adtches li-, Dhe 3ide, short dry cough, =111-.iO.I. of the body, often nsior dec ne, i,-ier -nd Irregular puie sometimes faint,.Iess, convulsions, often caases sudd-n death, hett and itching V,- f+-en c&uAe3 them w be mistaken for lpfies, dixdness sore thioat, %nd infi.%mmation of the bowels x -*r;e according,.ht, ti3a k?ind of wormo WILLIAMS (I anfcar we) WORM LOZENGES &re prepared from she rlginal Receipt by J. D'AVIBS, CHEMIST, 30. HIGH STREET SWANSEA &ad by most Chemist at 9id., Is. lid., and 2a. 9d. per Bex J by pest 14 or 34 stamps. Pzose;e> by th Governmenb Stamp, on which are engraved the words, "WILLIAMS' WORM LOZENGES." 5095 PRINTING!! PRINTING! Bookbinding Catalogues Handbills Memorandums Billheads Cards Tickets Posters Circulars Programmes Balance Sheets And Every Description of General Letterpress Printing, Glamorgan Gazette Offices, Queen Street, Bridgend. 9 Printing! Printing • A e Printing! ALL KINDS OF JOBBING WORK Artistic and Commer- cial, Executed in the Best Style and at Reasonable Prices, by the 4 Glamorgan Gazette i Company, AT THEIR OFFICES 7, QUEEN STREET, BRIDGEND. Posters in any Size, Shape, Colour, or Combination of Colours. I And Every Description of General Letterpress Printing. "Glamorgan Gazette" Office, Queen Street, Bridgend.

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