Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

4 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



GROCERIES & PROVISIONS At Prices to suit All Buyers for Cash. We make a PURE TEA, Speciality of -1 Marvellous Value, at 1/3, 1/4, 1/6 and 1/8 (Specially Blended, to suit the Hard Water of this district), at mm ME SIS Si wim International Cash Stores, AD ARE ST., BRIDGEND. Nat. Tel. 0168. P.O. Tel. 28. Telegrams-" Singer, Ironmonger. George Singer & Co., WHOLESALE & RETAIL IRONMONGERS, Bar Iron, Steel and Oil Merchants, -Wyndham & Adare St., BUXDGEND. .Jllm: Builders' Merchants, Plumbers, Gas Fitters and Hot Water Engineers. ESTIMATES FREE. A larce and varied selection of Grates, Mantelpieces, Tiled Hearths, D and Open and Closed Fire Kanges, &c. Complete House Furnishers. Always a large stock on view of Drawing, P Dining and Bedroom Suites. A well-assorted stock of Dinner and Tea Sets, and other Glass and China Wares. Sole Agents for the District for KYNOCH'S EXPLOSIVES. Sporting Cartridges of the following makers Curtis and po 11 Kynoch," aLd Nobel," from 7/6 per 100 Box. Harvey, noyAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE. INCORPORATED A.D., 1720. F^ds Exceed £ 5,1^„ Paid Exceed Fire, Life, Marine, Employers' Liability, Accident, Burglary, and Fidelity Guarantee. MODERN & IMPROVED SYSTEM OF ASSURANCE. Ib. Fire Mid- of the Corporation to oo«r lo» or d.m»ge by L.ohxk^o, whether the roporty insured be set on fire thereby or not. Liability m>d.r the Workmen'. Compen^tion Act covered at eatable rate.. For particulars apply- MR. p J. GWYN. Metropolitan Bank, Bridgend. Messrs GWYN & GWYN, Solicitors, Cowbridge. 571 FURNITURE & ITTTTRNISHINGS. I Ben. Evans & Co. OFFER ONE OF THE BEST SELECTIONS AND CERTAINLY THE BEST VALUE OBTAINABLE IN FURNITURE, CARPETS AND FLOOR CLOTHS, CURTAINS, BEDSTEADS, IRONMONGERY, GLASS AND CHINA, FURNISHING FABRICS, HOUSEHOLD LINENS, &c. Illustrated Furniture Catalogue (80 Pages), Free on application. DflllfvucfetifniQ • A thorougbly capable staff employed lityliU Y A tlUllO • to carry out the Renovating, Re- o upholstering,.Re-polishing, &c., of all kinds of Furniture, and Purifying and Re-making of Bedding. Carpets taken up, Cleaned, Altered and Re-laid by practical men. Curtains Cleaned. Painting and Decorating in all Branches. Competent Representative* sent to advise and give estimates. I —————————— DATTLAVQLQ • FURNITURE REMOVED BY ROAD KCfflUldlO OK RAIL, ESTIMATES FREE. Only reliable men accustomed to handling Furniture and I other Valuable Articles are employed. Ben. Evans & Co., Ltd. SWANSEA. I D N'T FORGET Umbrellas Repaired and Ke-ccv d. CONCERTINAS, MELODEONS, A ORGANETTES REPAIRED. R. G. WILLIAMS, 88 OLD BKIDGE, WHEELBARROWS,— FOR SALE, 100 ifv strong &nd well-made; price 12s. each-Chas ind S.m, Timber Mfrcharts Rridpend* riB8 IRON & BRASS FOUNDRY, BRIDGEND. We are now in a position to supply all kinds of Brass and Iron Castings, including Firebars and parts for all Agricultural Machinery. We also undertake Repairs to Portable Engines and Boilers. b176 CHAS. JENKINS & SON, BRICKS. BRICKS. BRICKS.—For price and quantity apply to Manager, Evanstown Brick Works, Tondu. 807 MOURNING CARDS may be obtained ab the Gazette Office Bridgend. The -Clearance Sale I Winter OF Drapery, Outfitting, Millinery, &c. IJIF IS NOW ON. I A Visit will Repay You. NOTE ADDRESS- I J. MORGAN, "erkenfig. 'a THE GWALIA ORGAN, Polished Walnut Case, with Bevelled Plate Mirror, 8 STOPS, COUPLERS, and 2 SWELLS, 6/6 per Month. Sent at [our.Srisk and expense to any address on payment of 6s. 6d. PIANOS from 10/6 per Month. B&WRITE FOR ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE. RICHMOND JONES & SONS, THE PIANO STORES, BERRY ST., LIVERPOOL. WORKMEN'S HALL, BLAENGARW. TI-IE FIFTII I"Ji™ EISTEDDFOD Of Mount Zion English Baptist Chapel will be held at the above Hall, ON MONDAY, MARCH 12TH, 1906. CHIEF EVENTS.—MIXED CHOIRS: "Galilee." 1st and 2nd verses (English or Welsh), choirs to be not less than 40 voices prize R,7 and a gold medal to successful conductor.-JUVENILE CHOIRS After the Rain" (by Pinsute), published by Messrs. Novello and Co., London; prize L3 an- a silver medal to successful conductor.- MALE VOICE Comrades in Arms (12 to 18 voices), prize £ 3 3s. —Solos, Duetts, &c, One Guinea each.—Pro- grammes to be obtained from the Secretary by post, 2d. each.-A. E. SHEARN, 13, Herbert St., Blaengarw. 2229 ALBERT BERFSFORD, LICENSED HORSE SLAUGHTERER. BEST PRICES GIVEN FOR LIVE & DEAD HORSES, &c. Letters and Telegrams promptly attended to. BRYNDU, PENCOED. 1912 Don't Forget it! MAESTEG-I FLANNEL & PLEASURE FAIR Will be held on 5th & 6th February Next The Largest Flannel Fair in South Wales. Large Sales of Cheap Wares, Hardwares, &a, &cM each day. CHEAP TRAINS RUN by the G.W.R. and Port Talbot Railways. The Pleasure Fair will be represented by the Latest Displays of Amusemento :-WADBBOOK S UP-TOR DATE ELECTROGRAPH, &C., &C., with a larger attendance than ever. For Space and Stalls apply to the LESSEE. 2265 MISS AGNES THOMAS, A.L.C.M., C.R.A.M., and R.C.M., TEACHER OF THE PIANO ORTE, THEORETICAL AND PRACTICE, MUSIC. Pupils prepared for all Local Exams. Visits weekly-Ogmore, Garw & Maesteg Valleys, Gilfach and Bridgend. Accept Engagements for Concerts & Eisteddfodau. Terms Apply- 2216 MYRTLE HOUSE, PENCOED. 11 Printing I printing I Printing 1 I PRINTING PRINTING KSSKSjj PRINTING PRINTING Sss Si Sifii Si ISi gg £ it fggg |S ggggg PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING I lxN U PMotSG PRINTING PMNTSD PRINTING PBJNTC05 *# PRINTING GFFIG a u SSS THE GAZETTE OFFERS »* gggggg ILLS h n GSSSS JKQ PRINTING fiSo gPECIAL ADVANTAGES g n n « Kg « g ggggg tt JTS CUSTOMERS. Kg? FESS tt K PRAG SSJNTING PRINTING HUNTING PRINTING SStnting printing SITING PRINTING fill THE BEST AND PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PBINTTNG JJ PRINTING £ £ |td;G CHEAPEST HOUSE PRINTING J J FOR PRINTING- ^in™g PRTNTIJg *J PRINTING £ & Sffl Is IN BRIDGEND tt gggjg PBLNTOJG SI PRINTING PRI^SN it PRINTING PBLNTMG PRINTING printing ti AND DISTRICT. g « a? PBDffiSn J* HUNTING PRLN^G J J PRINTING FED £ 5Ka ii PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRLNTLNG PRINTING PETNTJSG PRINTING PTHNTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING TT PRTNTOJG PRINTING PRINTING PRLNTRNG PRINTIN# PRINTING PRINTING PRXNTWG J* P^™» RASNN« PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRDJTOJU PRSTDW PRINTING PRINTING TT PRINTWG PRINTING PRINTMG PRINTING A PRTNTSG PRINTIN& PRINTING PRINTING TT RRD<TM« PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING Printing Printing Printing PRINTING- DESCRIPTION Executed with Neatness and Promptitude AT THE Glamorgan Gazette Office, Bridgend. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT I OWBRIDGE AND DISTRICT HORTICUL- C TURAL SOCIETY. President: E. H. EBSWORTH. ESQ.—Second ANNUAL SHOW will be held AT COWBRIDGE, AUGUST 8th, 1906. 2363 E. W. DA V lES, Hon. Sec. Church Missionary Society. ON WEDNESDAY, 7TH FEBRUARY, 1906, IN THE TOWN HALL, BRIDGEND, Will be held an EXHIBITION Dolls and Curios, 1 The Dolls being dressed in the Costumes of the various Countries in which the Society carries on its work. It is hoped that the Exhibition will be opened by The Ven. The Archdeacon of Llandaff. There will be a Cake and Apron Stall, Music, and Addresses. Tea will be provided- Open from 3 till 6. Admis- sion SIXPENCE. The Missionary Deputation will be Miss J. H. Poulter (China). In the evening, at 7,30, a Lantern Leccure, on Egypt and the Soudan," will be given by the Rev. H. G. Stanley, Vicar of Marshfield. 2322 Tenders. To Builders and Contractors. TENDERS are invited for the Erection of a Schoolroom, &c, at Nantyftyllon, Maesteg, for the English Congregational Chapel Building Committee. Plans and specification may be seen by appoint- ment, and bills of quantities obtained (on payment of 21 ls Od, which will be returned on receipt of Tender), at the offices of the Architects, Jarrow House, Tondu, and Talbot Street, Maesteg.. Sealed tenders, forms of which can be obtained from the Architects, to be sent to David Evans, Esq., M.E., Llynvi Lodge, Maesteg, on or before the 10th February, 1906, and endorsed "Tender for Schoolroom." The Building Committee do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any of the Tenders. E. W. BURNETT & SON, M.S.A., Architects, Tondu and Maesteg. 27th January, 1906, 2361 -¡- To Contractors. TENDERS are invited for the Erection of Two Cottages near The Fountain, Aberkenfig, for Mr. Thos. Thomas. Plans and specification may be seen at Park Farm. Tondu. Tenders to be sent to Mr Thomas Thomas, Park Farm, Tondu, by Friday, February 9tb, 1906. 2364 Penybont Main Sewerage Board. THE above Board are prepared to receive Applications for RENTING the HUT at Ogmore for a period of about six months. All particulars can be had at my office. M. WILLIAMS, Surveyor. Surveyor's Office, Bridgend. January 25th, 1906. 2353 PARK FARM, TONDU. ALL Persons found Trespassing on the above Farm after this date will be prosecuted, and all dogs and fowls found thereon will be destroyed. —Thomas Thomas. February 2nd, 1906. 2365 CROSSWAYS FARM. ALL DOGS found trespassing on land belong- ing to above Farm will be shot.—Henry Sedgebeer. January 23rd, 1906. 2338 Musical. PIANO for 10s. 6d.—On payment of this small deposit a first-class Piano of genuine English manufacture will be sent, carriage paid, to any address and on payment of a similar amount monthly for a given period will become the property of the hirer. Largest discounts for cash. Easy terms to suit all buyers. Full value allowed for old Pianos in exchange. Tuning and repairs a a speciality. Sole agents for Bechstein, Kaps, Broads wood, Ibaoh, Hooff, Uballey, Brinsmead Pianos, and the Estey Organs. Quotations given from any other maker's list. Write for catalogue of organs and pianos.—Thompson and Shackell, ^^d. (The Bechstein Agency), 1, Wyndham Street, Bridgend IANO.-Our WONDER MODEL, full iron frame, full trichord, plated wire, best check action, marqueterie panel and sconces, every modern improvement, best materials, best work- manship, beat finish price f,15 15s Od, warranted for 20 years.—Thompson and Shackell, Ltd, 1, Wyndham Street, Bridgend. IANO.-36 Guinea instrument, full iron frame, upright grand, full trichord, best check action, bushed and morticed keys, walnut case, handsome marqueterie panel and sconces returned from hire reduced to 2% guineas, payable at Its 6d per month; a genuine bargain.—Thompson and Shackell, Ltd,, 1, Wyndham Street, Bridgend. IANO,-65-guinea inetrument, ebonized case, 1- handsome marqueterie panel and sconces, full iron frame, upright grand, best check action, best mortised bushed and ivory keys, and all latest improvements; returned from hire. price only 42 guineas, payable at 21s per month. A rare bargain.—Thompsou and Shackell, Ltd., 1, Wynd- nam Street. Bridgend pIA-Nro.-Rosewood case, ivory keys, incised -i- gilt panel and sconces, just repaired, and equal to when new price only 12guineas, payable at 7s per month.—Thompson and Shackell, Ltd., 1, Wyndham Street, Bridgend. PIANO.-48 guinea instrument, upright over- Jt. strung, iron grand, handsome burr walnut case marqueterie panel and sconces, best ivory keys' check action, &c.; reduced to 33 guineas, payable at 17s Od per month.—Thompson and Shackell, Ltd., 1, Wyndham Street, Bridgend ORGAN (by Malcolm).- Walnut case, mirror kY top, 12 stops, two knee swells. 4 sets of reeds, couplers, &c.: 14 guineas, payable at 7s 6d per month.—Thompson and Shackell, Ltd., 1, Wyndham Street, Bridgend. RG &N.-16 guinea instrument, by Portman, 0 walnut case, seven stops, knee swells, couplers, &e. reduced to 8 guineas, payable at 5s per month.—Thompson and Shackell, Ltd., 1, Wyndham Street, Bridgend ORGAN (by Reed).—Three stops, solid walnut case, in perfect condition 6 guineas, pay- able at 58 per month Others at 4 guineas and 5 guineas.—Thompson and Shackell, Ltd., 1, Wyndham Street, Bridgend HARMONIUM by Alexandre.—Solid oak case, J[jL 4 full sets of reeds, 2 knee swells, &c.; offered for 10 guineas, payable at 6s per month.—Thomp- son and Shackell, Ltd., 1, Wyndham Street, Bridgend. HARMONIUM (by Barnett, Samuel & Sons), t t walnut case, full compass, broad reeds, 3 stops, etc., only 5 guineas, payable at 4s. per month. Others at 3 guineas and 4 guineas, ten years' warranty.—Sole Agents for the MAL- COLM and HARDMAN prANG PLAYERS. Best of all, easiest to manipulate; workmanship of the best. Recitals daily. Catalogues and price lists free on application. Edison-Bell Phonographs and Records. THOMPSON & SHACKELL, LTD., Manufacturers of and Wholesale and Retail DEALERS OF PIANOS AND ORGANS, 1, Wyndham Street, Bridgend. Twenty-fourth Year of Attendance. IF. GRARAMYOU N G, DENTAL LICENTIATE ROYAL COLLEGE SURGEONS, DENTAL SURGEON, Park Villa. Charlotte Street, Park Street, BRISTOL. PROFESSIONAL ATTENDANCE BRIDGEND.—Every WEDNESDAY, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., at Mr. John Jones, Pharmaceutical Chemist, 27, Caroline Street. OARDIFF.-First and Third WEDNESDAY in every month, 4 to 7 p.m., at 36, Windsor-place, Queen St. Efficiency with Moderate es' Consultation Free, Painless Operations b us Oxide Gas. BwsiOfc.—At dance daily, pt Tuesday and W ednesda Bill-Posting at Bridgend. TD. SCHOFIELD, BILL POSTER and DELIVERER for TOWN and COUNTRd, Rents all the principal Hoardings in Bridgend. Work executed with despatch.—Address, near the New Bridge, Bridgend. If you have any difficulty in securing the Gazette," write to the Head Office. James Humphries, Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Business of a Coal Merchant, carried on by the late James Humphries at Bridgend, will in fata re be carried on by the undersigned George Humpries, to whom or to his anthorised agents only all debts must be paid. GEORGE HUMPHRIES. Witness J. T. Howell, Solicitor, Bridgend. 1st February, 1906. 2393 Wanted. WANTED, good GENERAL, able to do Vt plain cooking; no washing.—Apply, Mrs. Atkme, Pencoed. 2208 RESSMAKING.- WANTED, Apprentices.— J_7 Apply, M. Powell, 50, Sunnyside, Bridgend. 2278 WANTED, a General SERVANT with good reference.—Apply, Mrs. Powell, Groes Farm, Southerndown. 2288 WANTED, APPRENTICES & IMPROVERS to the Dressmaking.—Apply, A. Ci Morgan, Coity Street, Bridgend. 2309 WANTED, good strong GIRL at once good wages.—Apply, 72, Grove Road, Bridgend ANTED, an ORGANIST for St. David's Church, Ogmore Vale.—Apply, not Uter than February 10th, to the Vicar. 2351 WANTED, a smart APPRENTICE to the Painting, &c,—Apply, D. Thomas, Decora- tor, Bridgend. 2344 WANTED, experienced GENERAL; must have good references.—Apply, Mrs. Egbert Williams, Pen-y-graig House, Park-st., Bridgend. GROCER'S Haulier Wanked at once; steady man, used to the work.—Apply, W. Edwards, Grocer, Bridgend 2372 WANTED, a General Servant, with good reference.—Apply, Mrs D. Leyshon, Brook- land Villa, Ogmore Vale 2360 WANTED to Boy, a small Shop or House, easily altered, in Caerau Road, Caerau.— Write, "Cymro," Gazette Office, Bridgend 2362 WANTED, Canvasser to call on private families in the Ogmore, Garw, and Llynvi Valleys; one known the district preferred.- —Apply, "X.Y," Gazette Office, Bridgend 2383 WANTED, for Porthcawl, good General Servant, respectable.—Apply, Mrs Wilson, Danylan, Porthcawl 2387 WANTED, a good General Servant.—Apply, Sunnyside House, Bridgend 2391 WANTED, immediately, clean Girl as general —Apply, Wyndham Hotel, Bridgend 2390 To Be Let HOUSE TO LET in Coity Fields; renfc moderate.-Apply, D. Morgan, Coity Fiekte, Bridgend. 2291 TO BE LET, GL AN AVON HOUSE and Stables For all particulars apply to Mrs. W. Cooke, 45, Park Street, Bridgend. 2357 TO LET, LOCK-UP SHOP in Angel Street, Bridgend, immediate possession.—Apply, E. Bramley, Estate Agent, Bridgend. 2177 TO LET, ki Morfa Street, Three Good SHEDS and YARD.—Apply in first instance, John's, Coity Road Post Office. 2268 COMFORTABLE homely Lodgings for two respectable yonng men.—Apply, 3, North Street, Bridgend 2307 COMFORTABLE LODGINGS, with or without board, for one or two respectable young men.-Norman, 104, Noltoo Street, Bridgend 2298 TO LET, HOUSE and SHOP, 6, Union Street, Bridgend.—Apply, Alban Morgan, Bridgend. 2336 TO LET, 32, Coity Road, Bridgend low rent, immediate possession.—Apply, C. Thomas, 5, Ewenny Road, Bridgend 2294 TO LET, Comfortable Sitting room and Bedroom Furnished. — Apply, 7. Cowbridge Road, Bridgend. 2329 Furnished. — Apply, 7. Cowbridge Road, Bridgend. 2529 TO LET Willow Cottage," Tynygarn good garden 20 minutes walk from Bryncethm. Apply, Mrs Lewis, Tynygarn. 2317 TO LET, The Firs," Pencoed eight rooms- bath room (hot and cold water), large garden, containing choice variety of frnib trees, and poultry yard.—Apply, Poeb Office, Pencoed. iinSl TO LET or LEASE, a SHOP, Bakery and Stables, with a good Dwelling-house, on the main road, near Pontycymmer.-Enquire at the Post Office, Pantygog. 2316 BLAENGAR W Comfortable Lodgings fer two respectable men.—Apply, first instance. C.D. Gazette Office, Bridgend 2381 TO LET, Two-etall Stable, with Coach-house and Loft.—Apply, 48, Coity-road, Bridgend. 2366 COMFORTABLE homely Lodgings for two ( C respectable young men.—Apply, Mrs Lewis, Ballarat Villa, Ewenny Road, Bridgend 2395 COMFORTABLE Apartments for one or two C gentlemen To Let.-Apply, "P," Gazette Office ,2394 T' 0 BE LET, from the 2nd February, about 25 Acres of excellent Pasture Land, near Waunskeel, adjoining main road.—Apply to Mr Tudor Owen, Ash Hall, Cowbridge or to Stock- wood and Williams, Solicitors, Bridgend 2389 TO LET, Villa Residence at White Rock, Ewenny Road, Bridgend) bath-room, &c. (hot and cold water), stable and coach-house if required. -Apply. J. Telling, Railway Inn, Brid- gend 2288 For Sale. FOR immediate SALE, with nine years lease, that Old Established Temperance Hotel a.nd Rostaurant, situated in the main street of Bridgend. Personal application preferred.—A. C. Chappell, proprietor. 2Z75 EGGINGS. A splendid lot of NEW LEGGINGS now ready at Lowest Prices.— Yorwerth, saddler, Cowbridge.. 1436 FOR SALE, Leasehold RESIDENCE and PREMISES, known as "The Croft," Park Street, Bridgend; first-rate condition; vacant possession can be given immediately.—For full particulars apply, E. Bramley, Estate Agent, Bridgend 2236 FOR SALE, first cross Aylesbury and Rouen DUCK EGGS, 1/6 sitting also good cross Hens' Eggs, 1/6 sitting.—Apyly, B. Laurence, Pantrosla Farm, Llangewydd, near Bridgend. 2355 ~r?OR SALE, Rustic Trap, suitable for any i JL purpose. Apply, John Davies, Mount Villa, Cefn Cribbwr. 2325 FOR SALE, Heating Apparatus for green- house cheap.—Apply, 48, Coity-road, Bridg- end. 2367 FOR SALE, Five Tons of Swedes.—Apply, T. John, Rythin Farm, Pencoed 2368 FOR SALE, Horse, suitable for grocery trade 4 years old, 15 £ hands high.—Apply, A. Trew, Penlam Farm, Aberkenfig 2374 Lost. LOST, from Mount Villa, Cefn Cribbwr, Two Geese, one dark, the other dark and white; finder rewarded.—John Davies, Cefn Cribbwr. 2324 Education. MINING TUITION.—Colliery Officials and Mining Students preparing for their Examinations, send postcard for Prospectus. "Certificate of Efficiency" given to deserving Students. Cambrian Correspondence Mining School, Glanffrwd, Porth. MONEY TO LEND. CASH ADVANCED from £ 5 to £ 5000 without the professional money-lender's routine and excessive charges, to responsible persons in Town or Country upon SIMPLE NOTE OF HAND, or on Second Mortgages, Shares, Life Policies, or Furniture without removal.-Apply The Manager, Second Floor. 19, Duke Stn et, Cardiff. 1326 FOR SERVICE, pedigree large black BOAR fee, 3/—Apply, B. Laurence, Pantrosla Farm, Llangewydd, near Bridgend. 2356 Glamorganshire Annual Ploughing el Iff atch. President THE MACKINTOSH OF MACKINTOSH, M.F.H. (Cottrell). Vice-President: Ald. E. John, Cowbridge. Treasurer: C. W. Stewart, Esq. (Manager National Provincial Bank, Cowbridge). THE ABOVE ANNUAL PLOUGHING MATCH Will be held on the Garn Farm, Llantrithyd, in a Field near the Three Ashes, kindly lent by Mr. Thomas Thomas, On Thursday, February 8th, 1906, Under the following Patronage :— Lord Dunraven, Lord Tredegar, Lord Aberdare, Miss Talbot, E H. Ebsworth, Esq., Sir Henry Fletcher, C.B., M.P Sir J. L. £ Spearman, Sir J. T. D. Llewelyn, Sir Francis Price, J.P., His Honour Judge Gwilym Williams, The Mackintosh of Mackintosh, M.F.H., A. J. Williams, Esq., Tudor Crawshay, Esq., Gen. T. B. Tyler, Col. H. Tyler, Alderman O. H. Jones, T. M. Franklen, Esq, G. L. Clark, Esq.. H. R. Homfray, Esq., Blandy Jenkins, Esq., W. R. Randall, Esq., L. G. Williams, Esq., V. H. Thomas, Esq., Mayor of Cowbridge (Councillor J. Pickard), Aldermen L. Jenkins and E. John, Councillors J. W. Hall and J. Williams, Dr. Moynan, W. Vizard, Esq., J. I. D. Nicholl, Esq., Lieut. Col. Wyndham-Quin, D.S.O., G. Lips- combe, Esq T. W. Daid, Esq. (Pendoylan House), Measrs. Masters and Co., Cardiff, F. Jotham, Esq., J. P., Cardiff, Messrs. Gwyn and Gwyn, &c. The following Prizes will be awarded :— PLOUGHING. Open Champion Class—1st, 25: 2nd, f,2 10s. 3xd, Fl. Senior Class-lst, L4; 2nd, 22; 3rd, J31; 4th, 10s. Junior Class—1st, L3 2nd, 22 3rd, 21 4th, 10s. (For Boys under 20 years of age). A Prize of 22 2s. will be given by Messrs. E. John and Smith Co., for the best work with a double furrow plough also a second prize of £1 Is., by Mr. T. Stephens, Implement Merchant, Neath. For the Best Team for agricultural purposes, property of a tenant farmer competing at the match, 1st, L3; 2nd, J62 3rd, 21. For the Best Pair Brood Mares, property of a tenant farmer competing at the match, 1st, L3 2nd, E2; 3rd, Ll. (The Brood Mares shall not compete against other teams or vice versa). A Prize to the value of 25s. 6d. will be given by Messrs. Masters and Co., Cardiff, for the most serviceable Turn-out; also a second prize, value 10s by Mr. T. J. Yorwerth, saddler, Cowbridge, both in Senior Class. A Prize to the valae of 20s. will be given by Messrs. Jotham and Sons, St. Mary'Street,, Cardiff; also a second prize to the value of 5s., by Mr. John Williams, draper, Cowbridge, for the best Turn-out in Junior Class. A Prize of 10s. 6d. will be given by Messrs. Howell and Co., drapers, Cardiff; also a second prize of the value of 5e., in the other two classes. To the Farm Servant, a competitor at the match, and who has not won a first prize before, who has longest followed a team of horses with his present employer: First prize, value JB1, second. 10e. Each competitor to bring a certificate of hiatime signed by his employer. A Prize, value £ 1; second, 10e., will be given to any Farm Labourer within the limits of the Glamorgan Hunt, who has loogest served his present employer, or has worked for the longest continued period on the same farm. HEDGING AND DITCHING. Champion Class-lat Prize, 22; 2nd, 21; 3rd, 10s. Senior Class-lst Prize, j31 10s. 2nd, £1; 3rd, IN. 4th, 5s. Junior Class—1st Prize, JB1 2nd, 10s.; 3rd, 5s. (For Men under 21 years of age). A Prize of 53. will be given in each class for the two that will best join their banks. Each banker to slope his bank five or six inches to the foot. No man allowed to compete in Junior Class who has won two first prizes in this or any higher class. The same rule applies to Senior Class. ENTRIES Each Champion Ploughman to pay 5s., the other three classes to pay 2s. each. Hedging and Ditch- ing Champion Class. 2s. the other two classes to pay Is. each. Fee for Teams, 2s. 6d. each. Com- petitors to send their fees to the Secretary on or before February 3rd. ifcJT All Entries mu&t be prepaid. CONDITIONS. 1. Teams to be on the field at half-past eight, to commence at 9 sharp. 2. No ploughman allowed to use hand or foot to pack the furrows. 3. Each ploughman to plough half an acre of land with a pair of horses within five hours. 4. No more than three marks allowed. 5. The depth of ploughing not to exceed five inches. 6. No person allowed to interfere with horses or plough during p oughmg, except the ploughman. 7. No one allowed to plough in Senior Class who has won two first) prizes in this or any higher class. 8. No one allowed to plough in Junior Class who has won two first prizes in this or any higher class. 9. No more than one turn allowed in slicing furrows. 10. Should the prizes for the Turn-outs be given to anyone who has i a borrowed team, the same should be handed over to its regular follower. Further instructions will be given on the field. The Prizes will be distributed on the Field at the close of the Competitions. Chairman of Committee: MR. REES THOMAS. Boverton Place. Secretary MR. JOHN MORGAN, St. Marychurch, Cowbrilge. 2319 Bridgend Urban District Council. Private Street Works Act, 1892. TAKE NOTICE that the Bridgend Urban District Council have, in pursuance of the Private Street Works Act, 1892, by Resolution, approved of certain Specifications, Plans and Sections, Estimates, and Provisional Apportion- ments, prepared by their Surveyor in respect of certain Streets or parts of such Streets, or some or one of them, known as LLYNVI TERRACE, LAUNDRY LANE, CASTLE STREET (Upper Portion), BACK ROAD, East Side of Charles Street, in the aforesaid district, and that such Resolution is in the following terms :— "Resolved that the Plans, Specification, Esti- mates, and Provisional Apportionments, prepared by the Surveyor, be approved, and that the provisions of the Private Street Works Act, 1892, be put in force in reference to the following Streets: Llynvi Terrace, Laundry Lane, Castle Street (upper portion), Back Road, east side of Charles Street." And that the Approved Specifications, Plans and Sections, Estimates, and Provisional Apportion- ments, or copies thereof certified by the Surveyor will be kept deposited at the Urban Authority Offices, Union Street, Bridgend, and open to in- spection at all reasonable times for a period of One Month from the 2nd day of February, 1906, during which period any owner liable may, in pursuance oi Section 7 of the Act aforesaid, by written notice served on the Urban Authority, object to the pro- posals on any of the grounds in such Section specified, Dated this 1st day of February, 1906. T. J. HUGHES. Clerk to the above-named Urban 2385 Sanitary Authority. m;bt lnmorgau (!j)atttt. PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. One Three user- laser- laws tion. tions. idoni 8. d. 8. d. B. d. 18 Words 1 • 10 27 Word& i 9 I 16 I 2 0 36Word3 ~~j 1 0 -| 2 0 I » fc 46 Words i 1 3 I 2 6 ;>, 54 Worda 77T~ 1 « 3 0 1 < « 83 Words i 1 9 I 86 < 6 1 72 !Vords 2 0 I 40 g 0 SI Words 2 3 I 46 i < t-very additional If 0 2 I 0 6 0 i Liae i>f 0 'orda ) 1 The above Charges apply only to the olaaaea of specified Wow, and are Btrle iy :;OJ3fined t* hose which are PAID FOR PREVIOUS W- iNisKivTitv*' if not prepaid, they will be charge" m he general sc&ie :— Apartments W anted, ) Money Wanted Apartments to Let Miscellaneousi \» Axtioles Lost. i Partnerships Want»M Articles Found. I Situations Wanted, businesses to be Sold I Situations Vacant. gonses «o Let Sales by Private Centn ct G.-All kinds of Jobbing Work, Artistioand Commercial, executed in the Beet Style and at Reasonable Pric^ at th* "Glamorgan Gazette" Offices, Bridgend Posters in any size, s^ade, colour, or combina- tion of colours; and every description of Letterpress Printing- Messrs. MICHAEL DAVIES & SON, Auctioneers and Valuers, 15, WYNDHAM STEEET, KRIDGEND. HOTEL VALUERS AND GAUGERS (20 Years' Experience). AGENTS FOR THE BEST FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCE COMPANIES. AND FOR THE UNION CASTLE MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY FOR SOUTH AFRICA. EDWARD BRAMLEY, Auctioneer, Land and Estate Agent Tenant Right, Timber, Hotel, and General Valuer. AGENT FOR LEADING INSURANCE COMPANIES. 130. ADARE STREET, BRIDGEND, and COW BRIDGE. FOR SALE OR TO LET. Freehold and Leasehold Properties in and near Bridgend. Building Land in Grove Road, Bridgend. For particulars apply to above address. 7391 District of Bettws, Llangynwyd, Llangeinor, Llandyfodwg, Coychurch Higher, Ynysawdre, and St. Bride's Minor, Ploughing, Hedging & Ditching Match Under the following distinguished patronage O. P. Traherne, Esq., J.P. (President), E. F. Lynch-Biosse, Esq J.P. J. 1. D. Nicholl, Eq., J.P.; Col. Vaughan Lee, J.P. W. A. Williams, Esq., The Rhyl. Chairman of Committee, Mr Howell Williams, Bryncethin Fawr; Vice-Chairman, Mr. David Morgans, Celfydd Evan tion. Treasurer, Mr Thos. Crook, Plas-y-Bettws. The Second Annual Ploughing, Hedging and Ditching Competitions Will take place on Wednesday, February 21st, 1906, On TYNYWAEN and GADLYS FARMS, in the Parish of Llangynwyd (kindly lent by Messrs. Reea Jenkins and Thomas Jones.) PLOUGHING. — Champion Class, open to all comers. 1st prize f5 58 (given by the President); 2nd £ 3 3a entrance fee 5s. Class I.-Open to all comers (excepting winners of two 1st prizes in a. previous match). 1st, M 3s 2nd, J62 2s entrance fee 5s. Class 2.—Open to farmers' sons or farm servants residing within the district, and in the service of same employer three months previous to match (excepting winners of two previous 1st prizes in a senior class). ist, E3 (given by the Llangeinor Hunt); 2nd, JB2; 3rd, Ll 4th, 10s 6d (given by Messrs. Bibby and Sous); 5th, 5a entrance fee, 2s 6d. To the first finishing in this class, a Case of Sheep Dip, value 7s 6d, given by Mr. W. Lewis, Chemist, Aberkenfig. Class 3.-Open to farmer's son or farm servant within district, under 21 years of age, and in the service of same employer 3 months previous to match (excepting winners of two previous 1st prizes. lat, Y,3 2nd, L2 3rd, Ll 4th, 10s (given by Mr. Evan Thomas, ironmonger, Aberkenfig). BANKING AND HEDGING. Class 4.—Open to all comers. Competitors will be strictly forbidden to use a line or gauge. 1st, £22a; 2nd, f I 10s 3rd £1 entrance fee, 2s. Class 5.—To those within the district (except winners of a 1st prize in a previous match). 1st, Bl 10a; 2nd, Bl 3rd. Spade and Billhook, value 1e 6d (given by Mr. Singer, Bridgend); 4th, 5s; entrance fee, 2s. Class 6.—To those within the district and under 25 years of age. 1st, Li 2nd. 10s (given by Mr. Frew, Aberkenfig); 3rd, 5s entrance fee, Is 6d. Each competitor will repair about two perches. HORSES. Class 7.—For the Best Team of Horses engaged at the match, being the property of tenant farmers residing within the district anct in their possession 13 months previous to match. 1st, JB1 10s (given by Mr. John Francis, Coity); 2nd, Silver Teapot, value 21s (given by Messrs. J. Ashworth and Sons). Clasa 8.—Open to those outside the district, but not to compete with the district teams, for the Best Team to be engaged at the match and the property of tenant farmers. 1st, El 2nd, 10s (given by Messrs. Morris and Griffin). Class 9.—To those engaged at the match, being the property of tenant farmers within the district, for the Neatest Turnout. 1st Prize, a Pair of Leg- gings, value 12s 6d (given by Mr. E, L. Coleman, Maesteg): 2nd, 5s (given by Mr. Alban Watts, Coity). Class 10.—To those within the district and en- gaged at the Match. Best Mare or Gelding not exceeding 15.2, property of tenant farmers. l&t, Silver Cup, value 218 (given by Messrs. L. Beha and Co.) Class 11.—To any person within the district, for the Best Cob, not exceeding 15 hands. Prize JB1 18 (given by Major J. C. Coath). Entrance fee 2s. Class 12.—To any person within the district, for the Best Horse suitable for colliery purposes, not exceeding 14.2. Prize JB1 (given by the Cambrian Lime and Limestone Co., per Mr Jenkins, Aber- kenfig). Class 13.—To tenant farmers within the district, for the Best Breeding Mare. to be suitable for colliery purposes. let JB1, 2nd 10s. Class 14.—To competitors in ploughing and with- in the district, for the Best in and out 9-t headlands. Prize, Set of Iron Camerons value 15s (given by Mr T. Watkins. Maesteg). Class 15.—To those within the district. For the Teams that walk best and do the least damage to furrows. Prize, a Pair of Leggings, value 13s (given by Mr J. Lewis, Saddler, Bridgend). Class 16.—To those within the district, for the Best Welsh Harvest Rake, an ordinary Birch Broom and Potato Basket. 1st 10s (given by the Chairman), 2nd 58 (given by Vice-Chairman). Ploughing not to exceed.51 inches. deep, Banking—For the best repairing of two perches and laying the hedge in the most serviceable manner. Other rules will be given on the field. Subscribers of 10s 6d and those in their employ will be allowed entries free. All competitors in ploughing and banking to be on the field and to answer to their names at the Secretary's booth at 8.30 a.m., to start ac 9 shar p. Horses in Classes 11, 12 and 13 to be on the field at 1 p.m. All entries to be made to the Secretary, and will close Saturday, February 17th. Nearest station Llangonoyd, L. & 0. Section, G.W.R. Tenders are invited for the supply of refresh- ments on the field. No intoxicants Tenders to be in hands of the Secretary not later than Feb. 13th. The highest or any tender not necessarily accepted. JOHN DAVIES, HON. SEC., Penybryn, Bryniuenyn, 2373 Aberkenfig, R.S.O. VOLUNTEER INTELLIGENCE.


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