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Auctioneers' Annonncemeots. grow ELL WILLIAMS, AUCTIONEER. TENANT RIGHT AND HOTEL VALUER, BRIDGEND. MR. HOWELL WTLLIAMS^INMOPMOBMSSTS. SALE NEXT MONDAY. LLANTWIT MAJOR. WHITE LION AUCTION MART. MR. HOWELL Si usual fortnighTLV „ -K, T7W"R"RTTAE,Y at the above Mart, on MONDAY NB.AT, FEBRUARY th, 1906, at 12 o'clock noon. Present Entries: 58 Prime Stall Fed CATTLE. 410 Choice Fat YEARLINGS, &c. Further entries solicited. Auctioneer's Offices, Bridgend and Cardiff. 2376 PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. MANOR FARM. NEWTON, PORTHCAWL. SALE OF HORSES, FARM IMPLEMENTS, &c. MR. HOWELL WILLIAMS, in conjunction with MR. HARRY F. LAMBERT, has recmved instructions from T. Wilson, Esq., to SELL BY AUCTION the Second Portion of his FARMING STOCK, &c., -on THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 22nd, 1906. Full particulars in next week's issue, and Cata- logues may be had of the Auctioneers, at their Offices, Bridgend. 2384 ISl. LAMBERT, A-AI AUCTIONEER AND VALUER Land & Estate Agent, Accountant. flmnrFS Prudential Buildings, BRIDGEND, and Talbot Street MAESTEG. NAT. TEL.—0198. HOTEL VALUER AND GAUGER. Valuations for Mortgage, Probate, -&c. FIRE ASSESSOR. AGENT for Life, Accident, and Fire Insurance also Workmen's Compensation, VARIOUS FREEHOLD AND LEASEHOLD RESIDENCES AND VILLAS in Bridgend to be Let or Sold. To BE LET OR SOLD. Freehold Residence, Park Street, Bridgend standing in own grounds, 8 reception rooms; 6 bed- rooms aid offices, also stable and coach-house. To BE SOLD. Detached Residence Park Street, Bridgend 3 reception rooms, 8 bedrooms, and offices. TO BE LET OR SOLD. ft Semi-detached 10-roomed Villas, situate on VictoriaRoad, Porthcawl. Well-built Villas, South Road, Porthcawl. | New Road, Porthcawl. 2 Furnished Bungalows, Hutchin's Locke. Com moo, PorthoawL ']0 BELE'I'. BOVERTON HOUSE, BOVERTON. LLAN- TWIT MAJOR, together with stabling, paddock, coachman's cottage and garden. NEWCASTLE BOUSE, BRIDGEND. De- tached Residence, with stabling, 3 reception rooms, 7 bedrooms, good garden and crouquet lawn. For any further particulars apply to the .Auctioneer at his Office. BALE FIXTURES. ^February 5th.—Sale of Fat Stock at Bridgend flrlt fit. .February lGth.—Sale of Horses at -Star Yard, Bridgend. February114th.—Antique Furniture, China, Sport- ing Prints, Oil Paintings, &c. ifebruary -Lea-sehold Property at Bridgend. SALE NEXT MONDAY. CATTLE MARKET, BRIDGEND. MR HARRY F. LAMBERT has received in- structions to SELL by AUCTION on JAY, FEBBUABY 5th, 1906, 15 Fat HEIFERS and STEERS. 25 Fat YEARLINGS. Further entries respectfully solicited..2345 STAR YARD, BRIDGEND. Mpfc HARRY F. LAMBERT begs to announce that he will held his Next Sale of HORSES, CARRIAGES, HARNESS, .&c, on SATUBDAY, FKBEUAKY 10th, 1906. -Early entries respectfully solicited. -2346 PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. MIR HARRY F. LAMBERT is instructed by, JM. the Mortgagee to Sell TWO LEASEHOLD "COTTAGES, opposite the Star Inn, Cefn cribbwr, and TWO LEASEHOLD COTTAGES at the 4Graig, Cefn Cribbwr. Further particulars will appear in future adver-, tisements, and m&v be obtained of the Auctioneer, -or of EDWARD T. DAVID, 2302 Solicitor, Bridgend. 'JJDWARD pREECEj (JUNIOR), Auctioneer and Valuer, Public J Accountant, II, HOLTON STREET, BRIDGEND. To LET. Caedre Houae immediate possession. COTTAGE rin Suffolk Street; rent 4s 4d per week inclusive. _—— SALE TO MORROW (SATURDAY). MAESTEG, GLAMORGAN. Tmnortant Sale of Leasehold Property, together 1 S Goodwill of established Florist's Business. M-R EDWARD PREECE, Junr., is instructed TO SELL by AUCTION, at the Dunraven 1 Bridgend, on SATURDAY, the 3rd day of IJSBBUARY, 1906, at 2.30 o'clock in the afternoon, aU thDWELLING-HOUSE & PREMISES, jEnown as "Fonthill House," Higher South Parade, .Maesteg, Together with the Outbuildings c°mprisvng Potting Sheds, Stables, Cart House, and THRE. LARGE FORCING HOUSES, and large Garden Also the GOODWILL of the BUSINEbS ot Florist carried on for some time past by Mr. iHenpy True. The Property [comprises a well-built Villa, cemented outside, together with two pieces of Land, .used as gardens, one measuring 14 perches 20 ,square .yards and the other 16 perches 23 square yards. The whole is held on lease for a term of 99 years from 25th March, J;900,, at the low annual ground rent of £ 4 13s. OcL ° tie property is sold subject to an existing i gage of £ 450 or thereabouts to the Equitable fit Building Society, Taunton, which can be transferred to a purchaser. Possession will be given on completion of the purchase. The Auctioneer desires to call the .attention of Florists and Market Gardeners to th-is exceptional opportunity of acquiring a compact House and profitable busineos which is unique in the fact that it enjoys the monopoly in the district of Maesteg. .-r Jr*361, Particulars apply to the Auctioneer at bis coaces, U Nolton Street, Bridgend; or to Edmund He.rne, iEsq., Solicitor, 7 and 8, Working Street, Cardiff. Mr. DAVID T. DAVIES' ANNOUNCEMENT. SHORT [NOTICE. .«« MOUNT PLEASANT," NEATH ROAD, MAESTEG. HiCR- DAVID T. DAVIES has been instructed iVi bv Mrs. A. Harris, the trustee of the Estate of the late Miss Holman, to SELL BY AUCTION, TU„ ABOVE place, on SATURDAY NEXT, FEBRUARY 3rd 1906, the whole of the 3rd, lauo, household EFFECTS, SO HEAD OF POULTRY (excellent laying Btrain), DONKEY, 5 year old. The whole of the above are to be Sold Without RTheVpoultry are strongly recommended, being from an excellent laying strain. Terms Cash. Sale to commence at 2 o clock prompt. Auctioneer's Offices, Maes teg. OTCA .February 1st, 1906, TUESDAY NEXT (Feb. 6th) IS POSITIVELY THE LAST DAY OF nTTTR. S A T .TP, Three Days Only Left. FINAL RBDTJCTIOITS. Auctioneers' Announcement s MR. JOHN DAYID'S ANiJOUNOBMSNTS. SALE NEXT TUESDAY. COWBRIDGE MARKET. Sale of Fat Stock. MR. JOHN DAVID has received instructions to SELL by AUCTION, on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 6th, 1906, viz. 100 Prime Black-face YEARLINGS. Further Entries Solicited. 2334 LLANTWIT MAJOR. Important Sale of Fat Stock. (VTR. JOHN DAVID has received instructions •3JL from Mr. E. Wilde, St. Donatt's, to SELL by AUCTION, at Llantwit Major, in a field near the Railway Station, on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 12th, 1906, viz,: ..250 Prime Fat YEARLINGS. 6 Prime Fat CATTLE. Sale at 1.30 p.m. Auctioneer's Offices, Cowbridge. 2570 SOMERSET FARM, ST. DONATTS, LLANTWIT MAJOR. Important Sale of Cart Horses, Farm Implements, and Milch Cows. MR. JOHN DAVID has received instructions from Mr Edward Wilde (who is retiring), to SELL BY AUCTION, on THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 15th, 1906, viz. HORSES.—Powerful bay cart horse, six year old, 17 hands, by Cannock Garfield"; very active bay cart mare; five year old. 16.2, by "Cannock Gar- field bay cart mare, five year old, 15.3, by Mon- trave Major excellent chestnut cart mare, eight year old, 15.3, in foal by" Brewis Conqueror aged cart mare, in foal by "Levens Masterpiece powerful chestnut cart mare, eight year old^ Xo,<J; bay cart gelding, four year old, 17 hands, by Mon- trave Major three aged cart horses; grey cart mare, nine year old, 17 hands, by "Cannock Gar- field • 2 two-year-old cart colts, by irrince Georgé" and Brewis Conqueror." ALSO- A large and varied assortment of the usual AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS, And 2 Milch COWS in caif. Four Month's Credit upon the usual Conditions. Refreshments at 11. Sale at 12.30. Further particulars in Catalogues, which are in preparation and can be had from the Auctioneer at Cowbridge. '2571 MR. T. J. YORWERTK'S ANNOUNCEMENTS. COWBRIDGE MARKET. SALE NEXT TUESDAY. MR. T. J. YORWERTH has received in- structions from Godfrey L. Clark, Esq., Talygarn, to SELL by AUCTION, on TUSSDAY NEXT, FEBRUARY 6th, 1906, at 11.15 a.m. Bbarp, A few Fat CATTLE. 10 Two and Three-year-old STEERS (in forward condition). From Rev. S. H. Nicholl, and Mrs Thomas and Son, Llwynhelig 100 Grand Fat YEARLINGS, also 2 COWS and CALVES, 20 PIGS and PORKERS. Auctioneer's Offices, High-street, Cowbridge. P.O. Telephone. No. 7. 2360 MESSRS. STEPHENSON AND ALEXANDER'S ANNOUNCEMENTS. GLEBE FARM, ST. EIILARY, NIUR COWBRIDGE. MESSRS STEPHENSON & ALEXANDER are instructed to SELL by AUCTION, at the Mart, 5, High Street, Cardiff, on SATURDAY, FBBBUABY 10th, 1906, at Three o clock in the Afternoon, the valuable FREEHOLD FARM AND LANDS, Known as THE GLEBE FA" situate adjoining the delightful village of St. Hilary, near Cowbridge, and containing in the whole; A. R. P. 54 0 37 (or thereabouts), and which will be divided into the following Lots for Sale LoT J.—.Four Fields, numbered 49, 50, 51, and 52 on the Ordnance Survey for the said parish, together with the .excellent Farm Buildings,, Cottages, Stables, and other buildings erected thereon, the whole lying within a ring fence, having a frontage te the road leading from St. Hilaty to Cowbridge over the Stallingdown and the St. Hilary, and Cardiff Road, and containing in the whole 24a. lr. lp., or thereabouts. Lor 2. -Three excellent Enclosures of Old Pasture Land, numbered 39, 47, and 48 on the Ordnance Survey for the said parish, lying immedi- ately opposite the last Lot, and containing in the whole 9a. 2r. 8p,, or thereabouts. These Two Lots will be offered together if necessary. LOT 3.—A Field, numbered 65 on the Ordnance Survey for the said parish, and lying immediately to the east of the road leading from St. Hilary to Cowbridge, and in which there is a good stone auarry, and containing in the whole 6a. 3r. 22p., or thereabouts. Lot 4.—A Building, formerly used as a black- smith's shop, together with a Piece of Garden Ground, situate on the Cross, in the Village of St. Hilary, and containing in the whole 23 perches, or LOT^5 —Two Fields, numbored 141 and 143 on the Ordnance Survey for the said parish, situate immediately below the residence known as "The Cross," St. Hilary, and containing in the whole l lr 23d.. or thereabouts. Tha foregoing property, as already stated, is situate in the delightful and picturesque village of St Hilary, near Cowbridge it is suitable for accommodation purposes, and some of it also forms attractive Building Sites. Orders to view may be obtained upon application t0FurtheTprteicuTar8 may be obtained upon appli- urine v Walter Morgan, Bruce, and NSOIJ. Solicitor,, PMlygWd ;•« to tho Aaotto- eers, 5, High Street, Cardiff. ^41 COTTAGE HOSPITAL.—The matron acknow- ledges with thanks receiving: Papers, maga- 1, and rabbits, from Mrs. TS&rXM»M- Randall, xAIrs. J. I. D. S°i^ ^ld' f?omRMrsaS^lte?5 TalS Arms, us* ing the week, 4; discharged, 4, remaining in hospital, 7. To ADVERTISERS.—Advertisers who send ua small Xrti^ments that come nndai: the various headings of our prepared scale, which appears on the 5th. page, are kindly send remittance with, order.

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