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by Auction. &J^ew & Hooper, S* Bav fn11 and Conway. 4JCtIoL phone No-21- fioQa;68^re6L]flandJ VALUATIONS of Landed ^Wl is t0Pertv l> Leasehold Business Premises, Boot/ afitin1„ q+ ,UlWing Land, Hotels, Live and i an*} » Household Furniture, Pictures, —■^urnis':ie,3 & Unfurnished. °lSa1 °Sl*trvT*en-0* houses, Building Estates, », ~*e or to r^ esi^ences, and Business Premises LIBTT 1Q aI1 Parta °f North Wales. KO AN» GENERAL INSURANCE N, AGENTS. Iiw01) in Coltt^1^?, most prominent and central publicit*1 "Ta^ an|3 Conway, thus affording pubhcIty to all Auction Announcements. eQT & ROGERS JONES VALUERS, LLANRWST. MONDAY, JUNE 23rd, 1902. TA^.V p — S^ii TH' bettws-y coed- SEHOLD FURNITURE r8 '•—6 Walnut-wood Single ^'8 Eas^ni.1^ father Cloth), Gentleman's 3w^°0|i r,Vio,' lrs an<i Couch, Wicker Chair, j^hL$> 0ctArrolrs'm Deal-top Table (with I1?1! a'*J Uch T$au akle, Square Solid Mahogany K °ol lu- SraL ^?an7 an^ other Looking Glasses, 3Wb» 1"ressAo6^"Steads, Spring Wire Mattresses, Tow.1 8Sld.,Hair Mattresses, Chest of s^e ni ^BQdar ^aiJLs' Toilet Wares, Carpets, ner,d ^re Irons, Coal Box, Patent b°ltaw Ren„-°^ ery an^ Glasses, and many other Nff6 81tes> Garden Tools, &c. Also a The nS;0use on Wheels (to hold 40 to 50 Pert7 of Arthur Allen, Esq. (who I residence). 4643 I o clock in the afternoon. JULY 2nd, 1902. | n WOFL MART PERIODICAL Si^VER ^ea^of Pat & STORE CATTLE, WORKERS, Fat WETHERS ^C^AWBSCRS"BREDLAMBS' C°2^E3 Sale at 12-30 o'clock prompt; H R. HUGHES & CO., 1 Valuers, Land and Estate Agents, UlltailtS Mortgage Brokers, Ilq E ROAD, COLWYN BAY. ~T7~ on Market and Fair Days. Sat, AIIK:ET Hall- LLANRWST. TTL^AY (LLA? XT' JUNE 21st, 1902. T Fair day)- FURNITURE >S5g- -^ftRlES, LANDAU and ^°cI^Pr °inpt. 4589 It HOUSE, w ROAD, OLD COLWYN. ^ay >T 5^ XT, JUNE 24th, 1902. HOUSEHOLD FURNI- J a^a other Eff AND EARTHENWARE J^ o'clock, prompt. 0,Ko e88°hc^f_P 012, to \r« &Ud <5"U arml,, for Particulars and ^^pplyto the Auctioneer. ^ST^rrr— ~K COLWYN BAY. fefev. J DM 3«h, 1902. nl'0cWCOlldition nij 9fk Trl(3arn Cupboards !lk p Oltj r\„'i Old Oak Kitchen Dressers r^er n11T,vf Gate-leg and other Tables, SN'teLathe^lpReiida?p'several Chairs in Old °l^^Ce.Mahogany. A number of Va^avhf ValUableV?ak a^d Mall°gany- An VbI, and p„- 9. na' Brass Candlesticks, ^able iteo3g lnSs' and a multiplicity of ^>VAT°VE m k yeavf bes!' and most valuable J^itv Mbon\been^ff„ ^r,niture- &c., which has, 3 L Ptix^ °°d -i or Auction in ite ate p^t- will present a rare oppor- ??? b?- ^S' 68 of squiring some valuable tMODERN FURNITURE will J Ql oale, and further Entries are K ^SBS t^ — AXrTrEALERS> BUTCHERS W OTHERS. v •— TEL' 0LD COLWYN. S :— & co- Yvl't r? iYiiillers the ^le request of several Sle fe1 hold a Sale by Auction >t > of FAT and STORE D! to Te 8ent tn +i!S' »at the above P^ce. lAnct: s^a,l J' '1- W t T t'le Auctioneers by post Vl? ^6 Offices, Colwyn Bay and k 4591 Sales by Auction. Messrs. WM. DEW & SON Auctioneers, Bangor, Llandudno and Carnarvon. COUNTY OF CARNARVON, Near the Ancient Town of Conway and the Far- famed Sychnant Pass. SALE OF VALUABLE FREEHOLD FARMS charmingly placed and possessing various spots suitable for the erection of Private Residences, Detached and Semi-detached Villas. MESSRS. W. DEW & SON are instructed to offer for Sale by Public Auction at the CASTLE HOTEL, CONWAY, ON FRIDAY, JULY 18th, 1902, the following capital Freehold Farms, viz.: LLECHEN ISAF, LLECHAN UCHAF, HAFOTTY, and HENDY, comprising a total area of about 335 acres or there- abouts. The above Farms comprise good Arable and Pasture Lands, well fenced and watered. They are most favourably placed, being about li miles from the ancient town of Conway and from the renowned Sychnant Pass. Valuable Lead Veins (supposed to be the same as those of the Trecastell Mines, which are worked on the boundary) are supposed to underlie portions of this Property. Plans ana particulars in due course, may be obtained of R. C. Trench, Esq., Penrhyn, Estate Offices; of Messrs. Carter, Vincent & Co., Solicitors, Carnarvon and Bangor; or of the Auctioneers, Bangor, Llandudno, and Carnarvon. 4627 MR. T. W. GRIFFITH, AUCTIONEER & VALUER, LLANDUDNO. PUBLIC HALL, COLWYN BAY, Important to Parties Furnishing, Builders, Joiners, &c MR. T. W. GRIFFITHS, will hold his last Periodical Sale by Auction this season, of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND EFFECTS, at the PUBLIC HALL, COLWYN BAY, on FRI- DAY and SATURDAY NEXT, JUNE 20TH and 21ST, the Sale each day commencing at 1 p.m., and continuing up to 9-30 p.m. A large collection of BUILDER'S and JOINER'S IRONMONGERY, Plate, Cutlery, Pictures, China, &c., will be included in this Sale. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneer, Town Hall, Llandudno, or to Mr Thos. Roberts, House and Estate Agent, Colwyn Bay. 4646 MR. JOSEPH WILLIAMS, AUCTIONEER AND VALUER, RHYL. DYSERTH, NEAR RHYL. SALE OF VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTIES AND BUILDING LAND. To BE SOLD BY AUCTION BY MR. JOSEPH WILLIAMS, at the ALEXANDRA HOTEL, RHYL, ON TUESDAY, THE 24th JUNE, 1902, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, subject to Conditions of Sale to be then and there produced, all those FOUR VALUABLE FREEHOLD DWELLING-HOUSES, KNOWN AS "PENISA," DYSERTH, together with a large SMITHY, SHOEING ROOM, COAL SHED, STABLES, COACH-HOUSE, and extensive Gardens or Land, suitable for Building purposes, now in the respective occupation of Mr. John Roberts, blacksmith; Mr. William Roberts, miner; and Mr. Henry Jones, carrier, as yearly tenants. The whole comprising an area of 2,400 square yards of land or thereabout. These properties are in a fair state of repairs, situated on the main roads leading from Dyserth to Rhyl, St. Asaph, and Chester, having a southern aspect and an uninterrupted view of the mountains. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneer, at his offices, County Chambers, Rhyl; or to OLIVER GEORGE, ESQ., Solicitor, Rhyl. Telephone 0179. 4615 Marriott, Whittaker & Co., AUCTIONEERS & VALUERS, LLANRWST. I LLANRWST HORSE REPOSITORY. FIRST SALE, JULY 17th, 1902, OF HEAVY AND LIGHT HORSES AND PONIES. Auctioneer:—G. F. WHITTAKER, Llanrwst. GEORGE PERKINS, AUCTIONEER AND VALUER, RHYL and ABERGELE, BUSINESS TRANSFER AGENT,PRACTICAL VALUER TO THE GROCERY, PROVISION, WINE AND SPIRIT, HOTEL, AND DRAPERY TRADES. DISTANCE NO OBJECT. 3221 KAY & ED G H ILL, Auctioneers and Valuers, PROPERTY, INSURANCE & COMMISSION Offices:- AGENTS. 3721 Oxford Buildings, Conway Road, Colwyn Bay. Public Notices. Llanfairfechan Urban District Council. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on TUESDAY, the 8th day of JULY, 1902, at 10-30 o'clock in the forenoon, at the office of the above-named Council, Llanfairfechan, the Accounts of the above-named Council will be audited by the District Auditor of the North Wales Audit District, for the year ended 31st March, 1902, under and according to the provisions of the Local Government Act, 1894, and the Public Health Act, 1875, and copies of the Accounts to be Audited, together with all Books, Vouchers, and Documents relating thereto, will be deposited at the office of the Council, Llanfair- fechan, and be open to be inspected, examined and copied during office hours, by any ratepayer in the District of the said Council, seven clear days before the said Audit. Dated this 16th day of June, 1902. 4614 W. H. ELLIS, Clerk to the Llanfairfechan Urban District Council. The Conway and Colwyn Bay Joint Water Supply Board. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the Conway and Colwyn Bay Joint Water Supply Board pursuant to the Public Health Act 1875, that for the purpose of supplying water within its Distinct and on the report of Mr. Thomas Booth Farrington the Sur- veyor of the said Board (which is a Local Authority) whereby it appears that it is necessary that certain water mains should be carried into, through, across, under, or on certain lands without the District of the said Local Authority and certain works for water supply carried out thereon (all which lands, water mains, and works are hereinafter more particularly described), the said Conway and Colwyn Bay Joint Water Supply Board will, on or about the 10th day of October, 1902 (being three calendar months after this notice and after due service of copies thereof on all persons entitled under the said Statute to be so served), commence the construction or extension of certain water mains and works for water supply pur- poses without its District. The description of the said lands and of the nature of the intended work is as follows:- A line of Cast Iron Pipes, 15 inches internal diameter, commencing at a point on the main road from Conway to Llanrwst, near the Woollen Factoriesat Dolgarrog, and from there in a north-easterly direction across lands shewn on the 25-inch Ordnance Map, and num- bered 101, 102, 84, 86, 82, 6b, 64, 65, 54, 28, and 27, under the River Conway, across lands numbered 30,35, and 36 under the London and North-Western Railway Branch Line, Llandudno Junction to Blaenau Festiniog, across land numbered 220, to the main road, Llanrwst to Colwyn Bay, on the Denbighshire side of the River Conway; then along the said road through Tal-y-Cafn across Furnace Bridge to Bodnant Lodge, and then across lands numbered 84, 83, 81, 667,666, 664, 648, 640, 641, 611, 574, 576, 573, 545, 547, 548, 520, 519, 509, 512, 511, 483, 484, 486, 488, 485, 487, 478, 191, 477, 493, 494, 695, 474, 470, and then along the main road through Llansantffraid, Glan Conway, to Sarn-y-Mynach, all such works being situate in the respective Parishes of Dolgarrog, Llanbedr, and Maenan, and all being in the County of Carnarvon and the Parish of Eglwys- fach and Llansantffraid, Glan Conway, in the County of Denbigh. AND NOTICE IS ALSO GIVEN that a plan of the intended work is now open for inspection at the office of Thomas Booth Farrington, Assoc. M. Inst. C.E., Engineer to the said Conway and Colwyn Bay Joint Water Supply Board, situate at Trinity-square, Llandudno. If any owner, lessee, or occupier of such lands, or Overseer of such parish, or any owner, lessee, or occupier who would be affected by the intended work, or other person entitled to object (if any), objects to the said work, he must serve a notice in writing to that effect upon the said Conway and Colwyn Bay Joint Water Supply Board, by leaving the same at my Office, within the said three calendar months, and thereupon the intended work will not be proceeded with without the sanction of the Local Government Board, unless such objection is withdrawn. Dated the 4th day of June, 1902. (Signed) T. E. PARRY, Cleik to the Conway and Colwyn Bay Joint Water Supply Board. High-street, Conway. 4593 In the matter of a Deed of Assignment for the benefit of Creditors, executed on the 29th day of March, 1902, by Edward Jones, of Tyhir, Llanddewi, in the County of Denbigh, Farmer and Butcher. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that all Creditors and other Persons having any claims or demands against the said Edward Jones, are required to send particulars thereof (in writing) to the under- signed, T. Rogers Jones, Auctioneer and Valuer, the Trustee under the said Deed of Assignment, on or before Friday, the 4th day of July, 1902, and all such Creditors and other Persons who have not already executed or assented to the Deed are hereby required to execute the same at my Office, Britannia Chambers, Llanrwst, or assent thereto on or before the said 4th day of July, 1902, otherwise they will be excluded from the Dividend about to be declared by the said Trustee. Dated this 18th day of June, 1902. T. ROGERS JONES, 4644 Trustee. The Bankruptcy Acts 1888 and 1890. In the County Court of Carnarvonshire holden at Portmadoc and Blaenau Festiniog. IN BANKBUPTCY. No. 10 of 1902. Be DAVID JONES, Senior, and DAVID JONES, Junior, trading under the style of DAVID JONES c' () & SON, both of, 17, Station-road, Llanrwst, in the County of Denbigh, Coal Merchants. I GEORGE BOWLER, of 30, North John Street, Liverpool, Chartered Accountant, hereby give notice that I have been duly appointed and certified by the Board of Trade as Trustee of the Estate of the above-named Bankrupts. All persons having in their possession any of the effects of the Bankrupts deliver them to me, and all debts due to the Bankrupts must be paid to me. Creditors who have not yet proved their debts must forward their proofs of debts to me. GEORGE BOWLER, Trustee". 30th May, 1902. 4533 Tenders. Llandrillo-yn-Rhos Church. TENDERS are invited for the making of a new JL WEST WINDOW in the above Church. For details apply to the Vicar. 4630 The Urban District Council of Colwyn Bay and Colwyn. NEW CEMETERY. TO CONTRACTORS AND OTHERS. THE above Council are prepared to receive TENDERS for the forming and laying out of about 5J acres of land at Bron-y-Nant, Colwyn Bay, as a CEMETERY. The Contract will include ex- cavation and filling, building of boundary walls and main entrance, the laying of all necessary drains, the construction of carriageways and footways, and the planting and turfing of the surface. Drawings and Specification may be seen upon application at the office of Mr. William Jones, Assoc. M. Inst. C.E., Engineer and Surveyor to the Council, and from whom a copy of the Schedule of quantities may be had on the deposit of a Five Pound Bank of England Note, which will be returned after the contract has been entered into, to every person who has sent in a bona fide Tender with the Schedule of Prices fully priced out. Sealed Tenders on the form supplied, endorsed "Tender for New Cemetery," are to be sent to the undersigned, on or before twelve o'clock noon of Monday, the 7th July next. The Council do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender. JOS. H. ROBERTS, Clerk to the Council. Council Offices, Colwyn Bay, 18th June, 1902. 4637 E. H. OWEN & SON, AUCTIONEERS, VALUERS, AND ESTATE AGENTS, Have a large number of FURNISHED and UN- FURNISHED HOUSES, situated in all parts of North Wales, TO BE LET for long or short periods, in addition to several ESTATES and a large number of BUILDING SITES within the same area. For particulars of above, application should be made to our Offices, 18, BRIDGE STREET, CARNARVON, AND 4109 WYNNSTAY CHAMBERS, COLWYN BAY. J. HUGHES, ARCHITECT, Smyor, Yaluer, House and Land Agent, 12, STATION ROAD, COLWYN BAY. Register of Furnished and Unfurnished Apartments, no charge for insertion. 4393 Good list of Valuable HOUSE PROPERTY for Sale, also FURNISHED and UNFURNISHED HOUSES to Let. Wanted for JULY small FURNISHED COTTAGE, three beds, neighbourhood of Colwyn, Llandulas, or in the Bay.—Particulars to J. HUGHES, 12, Station-road. 4598 JOHN CHEETHAM, Accountant & Estate Agent. FIRE, LIFE, AND ACCIDENT INSURANCES. INCOME TAX RECLAIMS PREPARED. FURNISHED HOUSES AND APARTMENTS. WILTON HOUSE, 4588 BELGRAVE ROAD, COLWYN BAY. MELLOR & ALLEN, LAND & HOUSE AGENTS & VALUERS, COLWYN BAY. Furnished and Unfurnished Houses to Let and on Sale. Particulars free. 3790 Shipping List. W. & C. T. JONES, STEAMSHIP OWNERS AND BROKERS, CARDIFF. JUNE 17, 1902. Chas. T. Jones, ar. Barry Dock fr Rotterdam Junel5 Margaret Jones, ar Odessa from Ancona. 12 Blodwen, arr Naples from Cardiff 11 Afonwen, left Cardiff from Aiicoiia 14 Frederick Knight, ar. Cardiff from Rotterdam „ 3 Derwen, left Odessa for Rotterdam m 4 Enidwen, arr. Malta from Cardiff 14 Millicent Knight, left Malta for Odessa, „ 12 Groeswen, left Odessa for Rotterdam May 28 COMMERCIAL PRINTING. "PIONEER" OFFICE, COLWYN BAY. If "Pioneer" advettisements did not pay, the demand 5n. space would not have more than doubled in the last twelve months. Coach Tours. J. Fred. Francis' Coaches (SUCCESSOR TO EDWIN JONES). Time of Starting and Returning (Weather and other circumstance permitting). The Loop.—DUKE OF YORK leaves the Mews 9.SQ a.m.; returning at 6-15 p.m. Fare, 10s.; Box Seats 2s. extra. 56 miles. To and from Bettws-y-Coed.—A FOUR. IN HAND COACH leaves the Mews daily at 10 a.m.; returning at 6-30 p.m. Fare for the Round, 7s.; Box Seats, Is extra. 40 miles. To and from Penmaenmawr.-Tlie TOURIST leaves the Mews at 2-30 p.m. returning at 6-15 p.m. Fare. 4s Box Seats, is. extra. 23 miles round. To„ and from Rhuddlan Castle, City of St. Asaph. c,hurch' and Kinmel Deer Park.—YE OLDE TIMES leaves the Mews at 11 o'clock; returning at o-15 p.m. Fare, 5s.; Box Seats, Is. extra. 38 miles round. To and from Bodnant Hall.-On Tuesdays and Satur- days only. Leaves the Mews at 2-30 p.m.; returning 6 p.m. Fare, 3s.; Box Seats, Is. extra. 16 miles. Any of the Coaches can be Engaged Privately at a Day's Notice. Should weather or other circumstances prevent the Coach from going, the Fare will be returned. In wet weather each Coach is provided with Water- proof Mugs and Capes. & 'Bus runs to Rhos Pier and Golf Links, also to Colwyn. Particulars from Coach Mews. CARRIAGES of all descriptions for Hire. SADDLE HORSES ON HIRE. RIDINQ AND DRIVING TAUGHT. NOTICE TO VISITORS AND OTHERS.—Under no circum- stances will Public Conveyances from Colwyn Bay be allowed to Drive through the grounds of Gwrych Castle, the Residence of the Earl of Dundonald, without a ticket from J Fred. Francis' Office. Days of Admission: Mondays and Fridays only. BOOKING AND INQUIRY OFFICE:- The MEWS, COLWYN BAY. Telephone No. 1. Telegrams" Mews, Colwyn Bay." 4142 THE FIRST-CLASS FOUR-HORSE COACHES "ROYAL OAK" ARE NOW RUNNING DAILY FROM Bettws=y=Coed TO Llanberis and Beddgelert, Leaving the Station and Royal Oak Hotel after the arrival of the train which leaves Colwyn Bay at 8-35 a.m., returning in time for 6-55 or 8-30 trains. Single Fare, 5j- Return Fare, 7}6 Coachman's Fee, lj= Through Tickets may be obtained at all Stations. 4346 EDWARD PULLAN, Proprietor. MOTOR CAR TOUR. Bettws=y=coed to Corwen, Via Pentrevoelas and Cerrigydruidion. MR. REES P. DAVIES'S DAIMLER MOTOR CAR leaves Bettws-y-Coed Railway Station daily, after the arrival of the 9 a.m. train (weather and circumstances permitting. FARE, 3d. per mile. Distance to Corwen, 22 miles Please book in advance. Apply REES P. DAVIES'S COACHBUILDING WORKS, BETTWS-Y-COED. 4274 Steamer Sailings. The Steamers of the ST. GEORGE'S S.S. Co., Ltd., will ply (weather and other causes permitting) on one of the most beautiful Rivers in Wales, between Deganwy,Conway & Trefriw JUNE, 1902. Date of Sailing. nSnr,"From From Deganwy Conway Trefriw 20 Friday. 8 50 am.. 8 55 am..11 15 am 21 Saturday 9 40 am.. 9 46 am..Il 52 am 23 Monday 11 10 am.. 11 15 am.. 1 5pm 24 Tuesday 11 25 am.. 11 35 am.. 1 40 pm 25 Wednesday ..11 45 am..ll 55 am.. 2 15 pm 26 Thursday .12 35 pm..12 40 pm.. 2 50 pm Fares: Fore End, 1/ Cabin & Deck, 1/6; Return, 2/6 Fares according to distance For the convenience of Passengers, Luncheons and Teas will be ready on arrival at the Hotel Belle Vue, Trefriw. For further paLticnlars apply to Messrs. P. & H. Lewis, Conway and Llanrwst; Messrs. Roberts & Co., Quay, Conway The Hotel Belle Vue, Trefriw Mr. Slater, Photo Artist, Mostyn St., Llandudno; Mr. John Jones, Glasgow House, Penmaenmawr; Mrs. Tritton, Castle Hotel, Deganwy; and at all the principal Hotels in the neighbour hood. Please note the name of this Company's Steamers- ST. GEORGE" & "NEW ST. GEORGE" 4431 DAILY (Sundays Included) SAILINGS From LLANDUDNO & MENAI STRAITS By the L & N W SS Co's Splendid Steamers St Tudno "—Every day at 1 pm for Menai Straits, and St Tudno "—Every day at 1 pm for Menai Straits, and 5-15 for Liverpool. St Elvies "—Monday, 8 am for Liverpool; Tuesday, 10 o'clock for Douglas, Isle of Man Friday, 11-15 for round the Isle of Angle?ea. Snow don"—Monday, 10 o'clock, round the Isle of Anglesea Saturday, 9-30 for Liverpool and back. Frequent Daily Sailings at 11 am for Menai Straits and Carnarvon. For further particulars, apply at any of the Pier Gates, or to the Liverpool and North Wales Steamship Company Limited, 40, Chapel-street, Liverpool. 44-34