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Llanfairfechan Urban District…


Llanfairfechan Urban District Council. The Council and Public-House Closing. A Congratulatory Address to the King. A MONTHLY meeting of this Council was held on Friday evening, when there were present: Messrs R. C. Evans (chairman), T. J. Owen, W. Timmins, L. D. Jones, William Owen, John Williams, Robert Hughes, John Harrison, W. G. Roberts, T. E. Morgan, and Peter Williams. The Rate and Estimates. It was reported that at a special meeting, a general district rate of 4s gd in the £ had been agreed upon. Further, it was decided to in- clude in the estimates the expenditure connected with the curbing and the channelling of the Pen- maenmawr-road. Mr Robert Hughes pointed out that the last item should be placed on the agenda for the next meeting, inasmuch as every item of expenditure ought to be so placed before being passed. Mr T. G. Morgan held that they had been at the meeting to consider the estimate and to levy a rate. He maintained they were in perfect order. Mr Robert Hughes said he had no desire what- ever to object to the motion; all he wanted was to place themselves in order. As a matter of fact, that particular item should be brought be- fore the Highway Committee before it was adopted. Mr T. G. Morgan said it was nothing but "beating the air," and "wasting time" in going into the matter in that manner. The Chairman eventually drew the discussion to a close by observing that the matter would be brou'ght before the next "meeting of the Council. Public-House Closing on Coronation Day. A letter was read from the Llanfairfechan Branch of the North Wales Women's Temper- ance Association asking the Council to use its influence with a view to closing the public-houses in the' district on the two days of the Coronation festivities. The letter was signed by the Rec- tor (Rev P. Watkin Davies) and all the minis- ters of religion in the district. Mr T. G. Morgan: I could understand a woman doing that sort of thing, but I can't understand ministers of religion signing it. What have we to do with it? They ought at least to know, and ministers should know, that we have nothing to do with such matters. Mr R. Hughes: They are only asking us to use our influence. They don't say we have the power to do anything. They think we might influence or persuade the publicans to close, and I beg to propose that letters be written to all the publicans asking them to close on the day when we have our festivities here. The motion was not seconded. Mr Owen moved that they be asked to sell from'ten o'clock in the morning to the close of the day referred to by Mr Hughes. Mr T. G. Morgan said he thought they would look ridiculous if their letter was ignored. Mr R. Hughes It would be very unwise on the part of anybody to refuse. They would be "marked out" in this parish afterwards. Mr Harrison pointed out that houses whose occupiers were in connection with the associa- tion would only be able to do what the associa- tion dictated. The Chairman You have no idea what they will do? Mr Harrison No; their decision has not been made known yet. Mr W. G. Roberts proposed' as an amend- ment that the licensed victuallers be asked to close as they usually did on Christmas Day. Mr Timmins seconded. On being put to the meeting, the amendment was carried by four votes to three. North Wales College and Agriculture. The North Wales University College wrote en- closing a circular giving particulars in connec- tion with the course of lessons on agriculture to be given by them during the next session, and stating that they should be glad if the Council would bring the matter before their meeting in order that the ,exhibitions might be advertised as widely as possible. It appears from the circular that three exhibi- tions are to be offered to the county of Carnar- von to enable farmers' sons and others resident in the county to attend the special courses on agriculture to be given during the autumn term. The course will occupy about ten weeks' time— from 1st October to December 7th—and the subjects include agriculture, elementary chem- istry, land surveying and levelling, as well as book-keeping. Mr Robert Hughes remarked he understood the college farm would be situated within close proximity to Llanfairfechan, and in that way no doubt it would be advantageous to the Council to do what they could to support the movement. The letter was referred to committee. Committee Work. On the recommendation of the Highway Com- mittee the following resolutions were ap- proved .That applications from Hugh Roberts, R. Rowlands, and Hugh Davies, the Council's em. ployees; for increase of salaries be not enter- tained. That the application of Mr Hugh Owen for a week's holiday be granted. That Messrs T. J. Owen, T. G. Morgan, Robert Hughes, Llewelyn Jones, and the Sur- veyor, form a sub-committee to consider and decide the value of the foreshore rights with a view to facilitating the progress of negotiations with the respective owners. Inspection of Boats. On the recommendation of the Finance Com- mittee, Mr Griffith, of Carnarvon, was appointed to inspect boats, etc., and it was decided that immediate notice be given to boat owners of the date of th'a inspection. Peace Welcome. The Chairman said he could not allow the business of the evening to conclude without reference to the good news which they had heard as to peace having been proclaimed. They; had had enough of war for the remainder of their existence—(hear, hear) ;-and peace had now been arrived at upon terms honourable to both parties in the struggle. He was glad to think the negotiations had been satisfactorily arranged at so auspicious a timejust before their gracious King was to be crowned. (Hear, hear). Under the circumstances he thought they would be wanting in their duty if they did not pass a resolution congratulating his Majesty upon the event and he moved that that be done. The clerk could arrange the resolution at a later stage. (Hear, hear). Mr T. G. Morgan seconded, and the motion was carried unanimously.


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