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°'wyn Bay Urban District Council.


°'wyn Bay Urban District Council. Electric Lighting: "An Old Tory Trick." Gas versus Electricity. AM „ ^eneral Improvements. ^niarv *'as held y monthly meeting of this authority °n Tue ^0unc^ Cham'ber, Colwyn Bay, Parry < There were present: Rev. T. J°nts _airrnan), Messrs George Bevan, J. Berth t^avies ^niaS Dr. Brooks, Messrs W. ^ickin' r> Williams, Hugh. Davies, J. the o°W^anc^ Williams, Rev. J. Griffith, (^r JOJ- Roberts), *and the usual Al The S*"e E,ectric Light Wanted. 5fiWed aDT)]^n^- ^'oinmitt;ee reported that a re- ^ey for 1Cat^on was presented from Mr A. also an curi-'ent in Greenfield-road, y Mr j; ^Pphcation for supply to two houses ^gineej- avies, Glan Conway Villa. The of p11 Iiew these, recommended the ofe^"r°ad-a°h to supply the whole of Green- th 2s ncL^awsoil-road at an estimated cost aPDlif=V committee recommended that *Hust be brought before the committee Mr n«xt. 0 a*6 ^Plicat]111 -^avies said he considered that §reat Crv ?ns should be granted. There was entiti€^lri t^lat Part t-^16 town that they °a^; leadin ^^tric light arc-lamps on, the JJ^iriced ^Wn to the Promenade. He felt "°le t0Wn would be a great benefit to the °Ut«. jj « arc-lamps were fitted along that j° aPply f Unc^erstood that persons were willing r power, provided a cable was laid The CJ¡ the faCt tlrrnan called Mr Davies' attention to ^uld t i not yet resolved whether w!er Joiner, committee minutes as read. Mr Tv, at would be pleased to hear 2* had to say. r\|r overj faIr thatOrts said he did not think it was { ^for son/6 P60ple who had applied for cur- W end 0/ A11116 Past should be thrown- back gr 11 as soon £ Ust> when in some parts of the T>.aS an was made it was w ^nfipi j ere Was a number of good houses Co?^onK"r0ad' an(^ Council's outlay tj.^ °f the e repaid. Moreover, the estimated be -aPpUcati^ ras only ^274- He moved that ok in ha granted, and that the work ^atnl once- ^le would also like to tL e1uirin ^€re- were some of the houses al- !iSbf°CCuPanL electric ^ght fittings, and 'iUg_ 's did not mean to adopt gas- be Gillian, rv st-r§f«rred h s thought the matter should to that to committee on the under- in the .look. stePs as soon as possible I ftwr Ro^i. ,?r attended to. If he were placed §ta 6r henti S P'os''ti0n he would move the I his req-lle^Uar';ers the Council refused to 'tin °°bert<5 +1. c0tn u £ ht it would only mean wast- ^^tteg s time if thev referred it back to ivi B }i011 in or<1Sa^ wou^ second Mr Roberts' 'HL^UianT n' °P8n the discussion. ^Onj s' oiiof Davies remarked that if Mr &rtaSr stood any ch ance of success he a* ^^cken J.^uPPort it in every way possible. Wi Cable x n°t agree with the laying down V 6r apr,]-r one person. Let them wait for l r Willi ations. Jf1 ,"Pav:es They have already fitted ar^ oni, houses for the electric light. i £ *Wy^a,itinS for us to move. I ijr K LY ONE HOUSE- Beva there are two so far. tljr a^reed with Mr Dicken, and T^°"*Vn th.p^P^ttee felt it was impossible before the season was over. VG1Man.' VHY N°T? ^ays. °U cau't put down these cables ^Pli 0,1§ht "j° 5 and under those circumstances bet!!r to adiourn the ^8c^vasI?at was the result of Mr Or vTV^n T J 5«ceJ ^rOolfS -°f 1 know. •' to ad^"1 cou'd not understand the lui-te xe ^°Urn the matter until August. ^0t Hi-„fS<:>nahie to wait if they thought wor^ would be fairly re- I -^t is to prevent breaking up CWrte*pect- tha-t Mr Davies (Glan Con- '^r iv the would almost pay for the T^ncil laid, the cable. aJrould! not pay. ^hP er). where s that report of yours? j.for i5ventually put to the vote. T€cord<>ri • amendment; and the same ?§ Vqj 6lldati0ll ln favour of the committee's clar e for th Th.,e chairman gave his cast- ^atri«d Tl^na* motion, which was thus \¡gb.t aln D t)'Ll"es Casting vote again! h Mr w ]'- f' comes in handy sometimes. Nj7"iaw D„ ailShter) 165 Tory trick. (Re- T^co^'011 Day Illuminations. ^Ps -tQ gas S^n<3"ation of the Lighting Com- to ^at; f^irnf naSp-r was instructed to take ^eCo0ll-roa4 fe ^he fountain lamp at the top ate the a °r Coronation Day, and also f. Ve "iamps generally. 9l1eSt,8US Electric Light Again. bs toa^ ext.Pn°mmittee reported that the th,eii di 111 tile d' ? ^e main from Green- I i>iCllSsed of Victoria-avenue had theDni at the close of the com- ^th' ^at ■, aCC Was insPected. It was at +X, 0 altei. service for two lamps be 6 c°rneT- x Posit:on of the existing ^Jho^^er proposed road, and to \/>€ha-erts understand these are Jt8>0la^psSe? (Lau'ghter). He k fr°m +-u c°nid not put electric tvs frrv0t c°st vf>at. enc^ the Promenade. ^W^'the t>T- ^nch to fix electric' ap- t* t'Fn°-^1^la^e t° Greenfield-road. Chai-eatnient ^nders'' should-be given iV £ tQ»an: ^e "West Enders." Vl, ^oW:;UmPs e Enders" have quite VJ° 5lts ^ovedMhe "West Enders." \j lc lin-ittee vy-^at the matter be referred '^ilf^ proved a recommendati^ ^at av^es seconded. 0 Mr George Bevan said the committee had ( taken into consideration the fact that the light- ing of the road could be done at about a fourth of the cost with gas. He pointed out that a good deal of the light in the arc-lamps was wasted. He had every reason to favour the recommenda- tion of the committee. Mr William Davies said he did not despise Mr Bevan one bit—(laughter)—but he could see he was at his old game—running down the electric light. The Chairman called for order. Mr Davies But I do think that, Mr Chairman. The Chairman Well then, think only don't express such thoughts. (Laughter). Five voted for the amendment and five for the committee's recommendation. The chair- man's casting vote came again into operation. Dr. Brooks You are pretty steady over your side this afternoon, Mr Chairman. (Laughter). The Chairman: We are true to ourselves. Some are not. Hotel Improvements. The Surveyor reported that the highway im- provement opposite the Central Hotel had been completed at a cost of £86 5s, which sum in- cluded the cost of the new tasphalte pavement and the work executed on the east side of the road. It was decided that the expenditure be in- cluded in the proposed loan for general street improvements. The Highways Committee reported that the widening of the carriage way in front of the Royal Hotel had been again discussed, and it had been decided to hold the matter over for the present. Sea View Improvements. With regard to the law given for road improve- ment in Sea-view, it was resolved, in order to set back the boundary wall of the chapel, that the committee meet the chapel trustees to ar- range the matter. Workmen's Holidays. It was resolved that the Council's workmen be allowed full pay for Coronation holidays, subject to three hours being worked each day-from six a.m. to nine a.m. Main Road Widening. A letter had been read in committee from Mr E. Mackie with regard to the application to the railway company for land to widen the main road between the Nant smithy and gasworks bridges, and asking the Council to allow the company to build up to the boundary. The clerk was instructed to say that no ob- jection would be offered if the land was giveni by the company. A plan of the proposed widening was produced by the surveyor, showing also the widening of the lane leading to the cemetery to a width of 30ft., land a letter was read from Major Birch giving the necessary land for the purpose of the improvement. Llandriilo Road. Dr. Brooks called attention to the bad state of the main road leading to the Board School at Llandrillo. MrWilliam Jones (surveyor) said the foreman had had definite instructions to proceed with the work after the Promenade works. Dr. Brooks Yes, that's been promised before, and nothing was done. Mr Jones promised Dr. Brooks he would see to it forthwith. New Buildings. Plans of the following new buildings were ap- proved :—Villa for Messrs J. M. and R. Roberts in Queen's Park; new wing to Colwyn Bay Hotel, subject to drainage being carried out to the surveyor's satisfaction; four houses (two blocks) in Eleanor-road, Colwyn, for Mr Wolstenholme; two villas in Grove Park for Mr Jones, jeweller, Station-road; shop window to Britannia House for Mr F. Merridew new road (and sewer) to be known as Cadwgan-road, off Princess-road, Colwyn, subject to surface water being excluded. The Improvement Hill. 'The General Purposes Committee reported that at their last meeting Mr Amphlett, solici- tor, attended, and submitted a letter of May 31st from Mr Horton, pointing out that it would, be necessary to lodge his House of Lords petition against the 'Bill by the 7th proximo, and that he t ventured to hope the Council would agree upon an alteration in the scheme, and to terms of i! compromise, and also suggesting an appointment to discuss the points on any early date. A sub- sequent letter was read dealing more fully with the proposed terms of the settlement, and sub- mitting draft of clauses in the Bill. Mr Horton, accompanied by Mr T. B. Farring- ton, engineer, attended the meeting, and replied to interrogatories. The meeting also received Mr Farrington's ob- servations on the several matters in question. The Council eventually decided that the committee, after fully considering Mr Horton's proposal for the agreement of the sewerage scheme and the payment of the money considera- tion, regretted that they could not accept his terms for the withdrawal of 'his opposition to the Bill. Dr. Brooks asked whether any further informa- tion could be given on that subject. The Chairman: No; negotiations should be dropped. Local Inquiry. The Clerk produced a notice of inquiry to be held by a Joint Counties' Committee at Conway on the 23rd inst., respecting the application of the Conway Board of Guardians for an increase of Guardians for the union. The clerk and surveyor were directed to attend. West Promenade Music. An application from the Novelty Bohemians for permission to perform on the West Pro- menade was deferred. The King's Coronation. A SUCCESSFUL APPEAL FROM OLD COLWYN. The committee recommended in reference to this matter that a sum of 615o be voted by the Council for the purpose of defraying the' ex- penses of the festivites generally. Mr D. O. Williams moved the increase of the sum mentioned to £160, to allocate £35 to Old Colwyn. Rev. J. Griffiths: How many people are likely to be fed,herealtogether on Coronation Day? The Chairman: Mr Williams (the contractor) is catering for 3,000 children and old people in Colwyn Bay. Mr D. O. Williams But the percentage of the children is far more at Colwyn Pay. (Loud laughter). The Rev. J. Griffiths, Dr. Brocks, and Mr Hugh Davies supported Mr William-3; and it was eventually decided to allow Old Colwyn ;{7S out of the [15°' „ Vital Statistics. The Sanitary Inspector reported the general health of the district might be said to be very satisfactory. The New Cemetery. SURVEYOR PROVIDES FOR 20,000 BURIALS. The Surveyor laid before the Council plans, etc., for layin'g out five acres of land at Bron-y- Nant as a cemetery for the district. The avail- able provision for interment would be sufficient for a population of 20,000 for the next 25 years. The intention was to construct 'an avenue 18ft. wide from: the entrance to the south-eastern corner, and continuing the same 15ft. wide round the centre plot. Other suitable provisions were to be made in connection with the subject, and detailed by the surveyor. He expressed the opinion that when the work was completed the public and the Council would be pleased. He asked the Council's permission to advertise the contract in this week's local papers. It was resolved to advertise for tenders forth- with. Hanging of Goods. The Surveyor reported that Mr William Davies and Dr. Brooks, as deputed by the Council, met Mr Roberts, igrocer, Queen's Buildings, regard- ing the 'hanging of goods at the end of his verandah. Mr Roberts said he would undertake not to hang goods at the end of the verandah if the Council would help him to provide other hanging means in front of his shop, the cost of which would be 38s. The report was adopted. Abergele=road Sub=Postoffice. The Postmaster wrote asking whether there would be any objection to closing the sub-post- office in Abergele-road (Chester House) at two o'clock during the winter. It was decided to point out the great incon- venience which such an arrangement would cause to a large population, and to express the Council's strong disapproval of the suggested course. Shop Assistants and the Coronation. A letter, signed by a large number of shop. as- sistants, was submitted to the Council, asking that the 26th and- 27th inst. be observed as general holidays, and urging that a resolution be adopted. Mr W. Davies proposed, and Mr T. Roberts seconded, a resolution, which was carried unani- mously, to the effect that the employers be generally invited to close during the two days. Annual Tenders. The Finance Committee recommended the ac- ceptance of the following tenders for works in the several departments during the ensuing year:-NI,lessrs Wyndham and Phillips for earthenware pipes; Mr Thomas Davies for wheelwright work; Messrs David Jones and Co. for blacksmith work; Mr E. Greenfield for shoe- ing; Mr E. Greenfield and Mr G. Marfell for sundries; the Sanitas Company for disinfecting powders; Mr J. Randell for ironmongery; and Mr H. W. Powlson for printing. It was decided to refer the tenders to the committees. The (jasworks. Mr W. Davies asked whether a provisional order would be necessary to secure the loan necessary for the. purchase of the gasworks. The Chairman It may be. Visit of Medicos. The Chairman said he understood the members of the British Medical Association intended to pay Colwyn Bay a visit.—The matter was re- ferred to a committee. Important improvement to Nantyglyn-road The Chairman, in accordance with notice of motion, moved "that it being expedient that the condition of the road known as Nantyglyn-road, lying between Abergele-road and the Old High- road, should now be improved; that the front- agers be requested to grant facilities to enable ,the Council, in conjunction with certain street works contemplated under the Private Street Works Act, 1892, to make up the road through- out to the statutory width." This was seconded, and carried. 0

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