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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



by A action. ci; ^ew & Hooper, C%n Ba^?" Ba^ and Conway. lfi<33ioJa,^I?oneNo-21' ^n0 \FreeL],iand, VALUATIONS of Landed Btoj^froDej.t- S,n(:1 Leasehold Business Premises, Bq0i aWinfj o'i .u^ding Land, Hotels, Live and 0c"i Household Furniture, Pictures, ^0llilatioTO ^uxniaiiecl & Unfurnished. ^0lintrv^T?3ri• Houses, Building Estates, or -vesidences, and Business Premises Llptji 111 parts of North Wales, J. AND GENERAL INSURANCE posij6 Offices oco AGENTS. Hner„0tJ in C'nK^PZ, most prominent and central ptiblir?? J' and Conway, thus affording y all Auction Announcements. NEAR CONWAY. Sale nw -J. FREEHOLD PROPERTY. WS" F. A- DEW & HOOPER deceived instructions to Sell by Auction CASTLE HOTEL, CONWAY, P-ift. promptly, on THE 4TH JULY, 1902, ^ELIJJQT -J. AI'I- THAT COTTAGE AND GARDEN, FII. KNOWN AS AT PV(1 HAFOD-Y-BRYN, 01 furtijgj.6W' klangwstenin, Nr. Conway. 1&essv particulars apply to essrs. PORTER & AMPHLETT, Ot tSolicitors, the AviCf Conway and Colwyn Bay onway and Colwyn Bay. 4695 OEDEB, OP THE MORTGAGEE. AEN, NEAR OLD COLWYN. FLPSS&Q ■— F. A. DEW & HOOPEE QDE will Sell by Auction at the HOTEL, OLD COLWYN, au^AY 0N t0 20 for 7' ,M 7TH DAY OF JULY, 1902, ^^itiojjg 0 £ C'C^ *n evening precisely (subject J?|, e be there and then produced ^OLTI an<^ REAC^)I the D MESSUAGE, SHIPPON fetter vtt PIGSTIES, "h about 2i ACRES OF LAND, sit,, T, KNOWN AS R 0 N G 0 C H r aris'1 °f Llysfaen, aforesaid. Ml:^«fa?nCrlarSapP1>- t0 t}5 ULLI^PE & JOLLIFFE, Solicitors, Chester 4658 ^SFATPXT NEAR OLD COLWYN. A^SSBR nS. F. A. DEW & HOOPER Qtjt Sell by Auction at the ^OUHN H°TEL, OLD COLWYN, 4t6^ Ay °N TO CO FOR 7 O'D^F 7TH DAY OF JULY, 1902, ^IONS of°«l EVENIr,o: precisely (subject bA a^e to be there and then produced -p read), all those REEHOLD COTTAGES ^Qa nr. k'X0Wn AS VR TTAGE AND CRAIGSIDE H^ITH R (;OTTAGES, -gs, su ar 11 an<3 Building Ground and °»6 par.^ltecl on the south side of Telegraph K,.1 e from nfj ^ysfaen aforesaid, and about Station. lCllIars in due course, or in the meantime °% MeSsrs" HAND & CO., 5^;3Uotiouee Solicitors, Stafford; j^=:wyn Bay and Conway. 4657 4 ^S'KKI' ^hittaker & Co., -4J..J4}f ER.S J& VALUERS, LLANRWST. 1 HORSE REPOSITORY. 1'1I l'ese Y, JULY 17th, 1902. 'm 4n HORSES fjW 26 n?GlTT HORSES Oa2BS AND PONIES Hi K rp^f^lAGES, HARNESS, Etc., H. Z e ty Messrs. s_ L> "WHITTAKER & CO. CtIp, val,el' Z E S t, i7 ,8, for the best Heavy Horse ^jo?- Lisht ^ets 2s- „ Pony ji^6 s,t ^ona .fide sold or the prize t ^i0mPt- Horses on View at 10. Scie^ivea ° a11 buyers and sellers. K" to horning of Sale. 4678 A —— HSUON* E D Q H I L L i efrs an^ Valuers, °XFOW 'FRANCE & COMMISSION BU»DINGS ^GENTS. 3721 8 Conway Road, Colwyn Bay. i i Sales by Auction. Messrs. WM. DEW &.SON Auctioneers, Bangor, Llandudnoand Carnarvon. COUNTY OF CARNARVON, Near the Ancient Town of Conway and the Far- famed Sychnant Pass. SALE OF VALUABLE FREEHOLD FARMS charmingly placed and possessing various spots suitable for the erection of Private Residences, Detached and Semi-detached Villas. MESSRS. W. DEW & SON A'-»■ are instructed to offer for Sale by Public Auction at the CASTLE HOTEL, CONWAY, ON FRIDAY, JULY 18th, 1902, the following capital Freehold Farms, viz.: LLECHEN ISAF, LLECHAN UCHAF, HAFOTTY, and HENDY, comprising a total area of about 335 acres or there- abouts. The above Farms comprise good Arable and Pasture Lands, well fenced and watered. They are most favourably placed, being about 1 miles from the ancient town of Conway and from the renowned Sychnant Pass. Valuable Lead Veins (supposed to be the same as those of the Trecastell Mines, which are worked on the boundary) are supposed to underlie portions of this Property. Plans and particulars in due course, may be obtained of R. C. Trench, Esq., Penihyn, Estate Offices; of Messrs. Carter, Vincent & Co., Solicitors, Carnarvon and Bangor; or of the Auctioneers, Bangor, Llandudno, and Carnarvon. 4627 PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. IMPORTANT SALE OF FREEHOLD FARMS, SITUATE IN THE PARISH OF BODFARI, NEAR DENBIGH, IN THE COUNTY OF DENBIGH. MESSRS. WILLIAM DEW & SON I'A have been instructed by the Trustees under the will of the late JOHN CHARLTON JONES, ESQUIRE, to offer for SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION at the BULL HOTEL, DENBIGH, ON WEDNESDAY, THE 23RD DAY OF JULY NEXT, THE FOLLOWING FARMS, in all comprising a total acreage of 110 acres, 3roods, 17 poles. LOT l.-DREGOCH ISAF, in the occupation of Mr. Walter Roberts. LOT 2.—DREGOCH UCHAF, in the occupation of Mr. John Wynne. LOT 3.-MAESHEAT, in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Williams. LOT 4.—MEADOW adjoining River Clwyd. Further information will appear in future adver- tisements, and plans and particulars may be obtained on application to MESSRS. HENRY CROSS & SON, Solicitors, Prescot, Lancashire; to Mr. Hugh Cooke, Mold; or to the Auctioneers, Bangor, Llandudno, or Carnarvon. 4651 MESSRS. H. R. HUGHES & Co., Auctioneers, Valuers, Land and Estate Agents, Accountants & Mortgage Brokers, ST. PAUL'S BUILDINGS, ABERGELE ROAD 1255 (Nearly opposite Public Hal I), COLWYN BAY. At LLANRWST on Market and Fair Days. PUBLIC HALL, COLWYN BAY. SALE THIS DAY, FRIDAY, JULY 4th, 1902. Important Sale of ANTIQUE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. MESSRS. H. R. HUGHES & CO. it A will Sell by Auction as above, which briefly include genuine Old Oak Tridarn Cupboards in splendid condition, Old Oak Kitchen Dressers with Crockery, Old Oak Gate-leg and other Tables, Old Oak Corner Cupboards, several Chairs in Old Oak and Chippendale Mahogany. A number of Grandfather's Clocks in Oak and Mahogany. An assemblage of Valuable China, Brass Candlesticks, Old Engravings and Paintings, and a multiplicity of rare and valuable items. The above will be the best and most valuable assemblage of Antique Furniture, &c., which has, for some years, been offered for Sale by Auction in this neighbourhood, and will present a rare oppor- tunity to private parties of acquiring some valuable and rare items. Some good-class MODERN FURNITURE will also be included in this Sale. Sale at 1 o'clock prompt. 4672 TO FARMERS, DEALERS, BUTCHERS AND OTHERS. MARINE HOTEL, OLD COLWYN. MESSRS. H. R. HUGHES & CO. i'A beg to announce that at the request of several Farmers and others, they will hold a Sale by Auction about the middle of JULY, of FAT and STORE CATTLE, SHEEP and PIGS, at the above place. Entries- may be sent to the Auctioneers by post direct, or to Mr. J. W. LLOYD, Marine Hotel, Colwyn. The usual terms and conditions. Auction and Estate Offices, Colwyn Bay and Llanrwst. 4591 I If "Pioneer" advertisements did not pay, the ) demand bn space would not have more than I doubled in the last twelve months. Sales by Auction. R,OBERT &tOGERS JON ES AUCTIONEERS & VALUERS, LLANRWST. THURSDAY, JULY 10TH, 1902. GALLT-Y-FOEL, BETTWS-Y-COED. SALE of SURPLUS HOUSEHOLD .J FURNITURE, including Mahogany Sideboard, Walnut Wood Single Chairs and Arm Chairs, a well- made Pitchpine Office Table, Mahogany and other Tables, Settees, Pair Antique Bronze Figures, Sub- stantial Pitchpine Hanging Wardrobe, Brass and Iron Bedsteads, Chests of Drawers, Bedroom Chairs, Brass and Iron Fenders and Fire Ir- ns, good Brus, els and other Carpets, Water Colors, Pictures, Reading Lamp, Washing and Wringing Machine, Parafin Lamp, &c., &c.,also 6 Hen Coops and Runs, 50 Yards Wire Netting, Hammock, Ac., the property of Mrs. Lilater. Sale at Half-past One o'clock p.m. 4697 WEDNESDAY, JULY 23rd, 1902. rTAL-Y-CAFN MART PERIODICAL SALE of Head of Fat & STORE CATTLE, Fat CALVES & PORKERS, Fat WETHERS and EWES, Ripe Cross-bred LAMBS, Couples (EWES and LAMBS). 2440 Usual Conditions. Sale at 12-30 o'clock prompt, Messrs. CLOUGH & CO. AUCTIONEERS & VALUERS, DENBIGH. To Close a Trust. Sale of 5 Leasehold Cottages and Premises, together with 5 Railway Trucks, Pooley's Weighing Machine (situate at and close to Bodfari Railway Station, L. & N.W. Railway). MESSRS. CLOUGH & CO. have received instructions from the Executors of the late Mr. John Roberts, Geinas, to Sell by Public Auction at the DINORBEN ARMS, BODFARI, ON MONDAY, JULY 7TH, 1902, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, and subject to conditions to be then and there produced and read :— LOT 1.—All those FIVE LEASEHOLD COTTAGES, known as RAILWAY TERRACE, with the Gardens and Premises thereunto belonging,containing together 1 rood 24 perches (more or less), situate close to Bodfari Station. LOT 2.—All that Site of WEIGHING MACHINE, with the Buildings thereon, adjoining Bodfari Railway Station, containing 17 perches (more or less). The purchaser of this lot will be entitled to the Goodwill of the Business carried on by the Executors of the late Mr. John Roberts. LOT 3.-POOLEY'S WEIGHING MACHINE, to weigh 10 tons. LOT 4.-FIVE RAILWAY TRUCKS. LOT 5.—AVERY'S SCALES, together with Odd Tools LOT 6.—A QUANTITY OF COAL. Lots 2 to 6 inclusive will, in the first instance, be offered in one lot as a going concern, and if not so sold, in the above lots. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneers; or A. FOULKES ROBERTS, Esq., Solicitor; A. O. EVANS, Esq., Solicitor; Messrs. GOLD, EDWARDS & CO., Solicitors; all of Denbigh. 4581 MR. JOSEPH WILLIAMS, AUCTIONEER AND VALUER, RHYL. AT THE POPLARS, RHYL. ON WEDNESDAY, JULY 9th, 1902. SALE OF COSTLY HOUSEHOLD 4:71 APPOINTMENTS. JOSEPH WILLIAMS, AUCTIONEER, RIIYL. Offices, County Chambers, Rhyl. 4653 Telephone 0179. GEORGE PERKINS, AUCTIONEER AND VALUER, gfiYL and ABERGELE. BUSINESS TRANSFER AGENT,PRACTICAL VALUER TO THP GROCERY, PROVISION, WINE AND SPIRIT, HOTEL, AND DRAPERY TRADES. DISTANCE NO OBJECT. 3221 aj) MS \Jt a 4 J. HUGHES, ARCHITECT, Surveyor, Valuer, House and Land Agent, 12, STATION ROAD, COLWYN BAY. Register of Furnished and Unfurnished Apartments, no charge for insertion. 4393 Good list of Valuable HOUSE PROPERTY for Sale, also FURNISHED and UNFURNISHED HOUSES to Let. 4599 JOHN CHEETHAM, Accountant & Estate Agent. FIRE, LIFE, AND ACCIDENT INSURANCES. INCOME TAX RECLAIMS PREPARED. FURNISHED HOUSES and APARTMENTS. WILTON HOUSE, 4588 BELGRAVE ROAD, COLWYN BAY. Public Notices. The Conway and Colwyn Bay Joint Water Supply Board. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the Conway and Colwyn Bay Joint Water Supply Board pursuant to the Public Health Act 1875, that for the purpose of supplying water within its District and on the report of Mr. Thomas Booth Farrington the Sur- veyor of the said Board (which is a Local Authority) whereby it appears that it is necessary tha,t certain water mains should be carried into, through, across, under, or on certain lands without the District of the said Local Authority and certain works for water supply carried out thereon (all which lands, water mains, and works are hereinafter more particularly described), the said Conway and Colwyn Bay Joint Water Supply Board will, on or before the 10th day of October, 1902 (being three calendar months after this notice and after due service thereof on all persons entitled under the said Statute to be served), commence the construction or extension of certain water mains and works for water without its District. The description of the said lands and of the nature of the intended work is as follows:- A line of Cast Iron Pipes, 15 inches internal diameter, commencing at a point on the main road from Conway to Llanrwst, in the Parish of Llanbedr, near the Wool- len Factories at Dolgarrog, and then proceeding in a north-easterly direction across two fields in the occu- pation of Mr David Hughes being numbered 101 and 102 respectively on the 25-inch Ordnance Map, then across a field in the occupation of Mr. Moses Roberts, in the Parish of Abbey, numbered 84 on the Ordnance Map, then across lauds belonging to the Gwalia Limited being numbers 86, 82, (i3, 64, 6E and 54 on the said Map, then across a field in the occupation of Mr. Robert Williams numbered 28 on the said Map, then across an Embankment numbered 27 on the said Map belonging to the said Gwalia Limited, then under the River Conway and the Embankment, across a field occupied by Mr. William Jones, numbered 35, then under tl e London and North Western Railway Branch Line Llandudno Junction to Blaneau Festiniog, then across a field belonging to Mr. Barlow numbered 220 on the said Map, from there along the Main Road from Llanrwst to Colwyn Bay on the Denbighshire side of the River Conway to Bodnant Lodge, then across lands belonging to Mrs. McLaren being numbered 96 and 94 on the said Map and over a Roadway belonging to the London and North Western Railway Company, from there through other lands belonging to Mrs. McLaren numbered 84, 81, 667, 666, 664, and 618 on the said Map, then through a field belonging to Mr. D. G. Williams numbered 640 on the said Map, then over a cart track numbered 641 on said Map, then through the Farmyard of Ilendrewaelod and land belonging to the Trustees of the late Edward Jones, Hendrewaelod numbered C21 and 611 on said Map, from there along lands belonging to Miss Jones, Bryn Eisteddfod, num- bered 573, 515, 547, and 548, then through lands belong- ing to Mr. Owen Hughes, being numbers 520 and 519 on the said Map, then through land belonging to Miss Brodrick, numbered 509 and 512 on said Map, then through land belonging to Mr William Hughes, num- bered 511 on said Map, then through land belonging to Miss Brodrick, numbered 483, 484 and 488 on the said Map, then through lands belonging to Mr. William Hughes, numbered 485, then through lands belonging to Miss Brodrick, numbered 487, 478, 491, 477, 493 and 695 on the said Map, from there along the Parish Road, numbered 696 on said Map, then across a stream num- bered 474 on said Map, then through a garden belong- ing to Mr Mason being number 470 on said Map, then along the main road from Llansantffraid, Glan Con- way, to and ending at Saru Mynach, all such works being situate in the respective Parishes of Llanbedr, Dolgarrog and Abbey, all being in the County of Car- narvon and the Parishes of Eglwysfach and Llansant- firaid Glan Conway, in the County of Denbigh. AND NOTICE IS ALSO GIVEN that a plan of the intended work is now open for inspection at the office of Thomas Booth Farrington, Assoc. M. Inst. C.E., Engineer to the said Conway and Colwyn Bay Joint Water Supply Board, situate at Trinity-square, Llandudno. If any owner, lessee, or occupier of such lands, or Overseer of such parish, or any owner, lessee, or occupier who would be affected by the intended work, or other person entitled to object (if any), objects to the said work, he must serve a notice in writing to that effect upon the said Conway and Colwyn Bay Joint Water Supply Board, by leaving the same at my Office, within the said three calendar months, and thereupon the intended work will not be proceeded with without the sanction of the Local Government Board, unless such objection is withdrawn. Dated the 20th day of June, 1902. (Signed) T. E. PARRY, Cleik to the Conway and Colwyn Bay Joint Water Supply Board. High-street, Conway. 4664 Legal Notice. HUGH JONES, DECEASED. Pursuant to the Statute 22nd and 23rd Vic., Cap. 35. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that all creditors and other persons having Claims against the estate of Hugh Jones, late of Station-road, Llanrwst, in the County of Denbigh, builder, deceased, are required to send particulars of such claims to the undersigned by the 30th day of August, 1902, failing which they will be excluded from participating in the assets of the deceased. Dated this 23rd day of June, 1902, DAVID JONES & ROBERTS, Llanrwst, 4659 Solicitors for the Executrix. E. H.OWEN & SON, AUCTIONEERS, VALUERS, AND ESTATE AGENTS, Have a large number of FURNISHED and UN- FURNISHED HOUSES, situated in all parts of North Wales, TO BE LET for long or short periods, in addition to several ESTATES and a large number of BUILDING SITES within the same area. For particulars of above, application should be made to our Offices, 18, BRIDGE STREET, CARNARVON, AND 41C9 WYNNSTAY CHAMBERS, COLWYN BAY. BEST RESULTS.—Advertise your wants in the Welsh Coast Pioneer." 12 words, 6d. if prepaid, or Is. for three insertions. Coach Tours. J. Fred. Francis' Coaches (SUCCESSOR TO EDWIN JONES). Time of Starting and Returning (Weather and other circumstance permitting). The Loop.—DUKE OF YORK leaves the Mews 9-30 a.m.; returning at 6-45 p.m. Fare, 10s.; Box Seats 2s. extra. 56 miles. To and from Beltw.s=y=Coed. —A FOUR-IN-HAND COACH leaves the Mews daily at 10 a.m.; returning at 6-30 p.m. Fare for the Round, 7s.; Box Seats, Is extra. 40 miles. To and from Pen maenmawr.-The TOURIST leaves the Mews at 2-30 p.m. returning at 6-15 p.m. Fare, 4s. Box Seats, Is. extra. 23 miles round. To and from Rhaddlan Castle, City of St. Asapfa, Marble Church, and Kinmel Deer Park.—YE OLDE TIMkS leaves the Mews at 11 o'clock; returning at o-15 p.m. Fare, 5s.: Box Seats, Is. extra. 28 miles round. To and from Bodnant tiall.-Oii Tuesdays and Satur- days only. Leaves the Mews at 2-30 p.m.; returning 6 p.m. Fare, 3s.; Box Seats, Is. extra. 16 miles. Any of the Coaches can be Engaged Privately at a Day's Notice. Should weather or other circumftances prevent the Coach from going, the Fare will be returned. In wet vjeather each Coach is provided with Water- proof Bngs and Capes. A 'Bus runs to Rhos Pier and Golf Links, also to Colwyn. Particulars from Coach Mews. CARRIAGES of all descriptions for Hire. SADDLE HORSES ON HIRE. RIDING AND DRIVING TAUGHT. NOTICE TO VISITORS AND OTHFRS.-Under no circum- stances will Public Conveyances from Colwyn Bay be allowed to Drive through the grounds of Gwrych Castle, the Residence of the Earl of Dundonald, without a ticket from J. Fred. Francis' Office. Days of Admission: Mondays and Fridays only. BOOKING AND INQUIRY OFFICE:— The MEWS, COLWYN BAY. Telephone No. 1. Telegrams" Mews, Colwyn Bay." 4142 THE FIRST-CLASS FOUR-HORSE COACHES "ROYAL OAK"- ARE NOW RUNNING DAILY FROM Bettws=y=Coed TO Llanberis and Beddgelert, Leaving the Station and Royal Oak Hotel after the arrival of the train which leaves Colwyn Bay at 8-35 a.m., returning in time for 6-55 or 8-30 trains. Single Fare, 5,1 Return Fare, 7/6 Coachman's Fee, 1 Through Tickets may be obtained at all Stations. 4346 EDWARD PULLAN, Proprietor. MOTOR CAR TOUR. Bettws=y=coed to Corwen, Via PerHrevoelas and Cerrigydruidion. IVj-R. EEES P. DAVIES'S DAIMLER MOTOB CAE leaves Bettws-y-Coed Railway Station daily, after the arrival of the 9 a.m. train (weather and circumstances permitting. FARE, 3d. per mile. Distance to Corwen, 22 miles Please book in advance. Apply REES P. DAVIES'S COACHBUILDING WORKS, BETTWS-Y-COED. 4274 Steamer Sailings. The Steamers of the ST. GEORGE'S S S. Co., Ltd. will ply (weather and other causes permitting) on one of the most beautiful Rivers in Wales, between Deganwy,Conway & Trefriw JULY, 1902. nf qi-nw From Frora From Date ot hading. Deframvy Conway Trefriw 4 Friday. 8 35 am.. 8 40 am..10 20 am 5 Saturday 8 45 am.. 9 0 am..11 15 am 7 Monday 10 5 am.. 10 15 am.. 1 0 pm 8 Tuesday 11 15 am..11 20 am.. 1 45 pm 9 Wednesday ..11 50 am.. 11 58 am.. 2 30 pm 10 Thursday 12 35 pm..12 45 pm.. 3 10 pm Fares Fore End, 1/ Cabin & Deck, 1/6; Return, 2,6 Fares according to distance For the convenience of Passengers, Luncheons and Teas will be ready on arrival at the Hotel Belle Vue, Trefriw. For further particulars apply to Messrs. P. & H. Lewis, Conway and Llanrwst; Messrs. Roberts & Co., Quay, Conway; The Hotel Belle Vue,Trefriw; Mr. Slater, Photo Artist, Mostyn St., Llandudno; Mr, John Jones, Glasgow House, Penmaenmawr; Mrs. Tritton, Castle Hotel, Deganwy; and at all the principal Hotels in the eighbour hood. Please note the nama of this Company's Steamers- "ST. GEORGE" & "NEW ST. GEORGE" 4431 SAILINGS of The LIVERPOOL & N. WALES CO.'S STEAMERS, from JULY 6th to 31st. St Tudno "—Every day (Sundays included) at 1 pm for Menai Straits, and at 5-15 pm for Liverpool. St EIvies "-M";ii days, at 8 am for Liverpool and back, and at 4-45 pm for Menai Straits; Every Tuesday and Wednesday (except Wed, July 9th) at 10 am fer Douglas, Isle of Man; Every Saturday, at.12-15 pm for Liverpool and back also at 5-45 pm for Liverpool; E very Sunday at 1-25 pm for Menai Straits, and at 5-45 pm for Liverpool. Sizo,tvclo,)z' \Ioiida, s, July 14th and 28th, and Wed- nesdays, July 9th and 23rd, at 10 am, for Round Isle of Anglesea; Thursdays, Jniy lOth and 24th, at 10 am for Blackpool and back; Saturdays at 9-30 am for Liverpool, |*and 4-15 pm for Menai Straits aud daily (except above days and Sundays) at 11 am for Menai Straits and Carnarvon. 4494