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THE .ARRIVAL OF MR R. LORAINE AT RHos. FIRST FLIGHT TO NORTH WALES, LORAINE'S SURPRISE VISIT TO COLWYN BAY. FROM BLACKPOOL IN NINETY MINUTES. INTERESTING INTERVIEW: PROUD OF HIS WELSH BLOOD. The first airman to fly into North Wales alighted lite a. bad. on the Rhos-on-Sea Golf Lints, Colwyn Bay, yesterday morning, at 7.50, and, appropriately enough, he flew under the very Welsh name of "Robert Jones." This is, of course, the "flying' name" of Mr Loraine, the famous actor- Airman, but "Pioneer" readers will be inte- rested to hear that Mr Lora-no claims to have Welsh blood in his vein and that he is proud of the fact. Apart from his mechanics and one journal- ist friend, no one knew on Tuesday evening of his intention to fly to Wales in the morzk- ing, and the hum of the Gnomo engine on his Farman racing' biplane was the first in- timation of his arrival over the bay off Col- wyn Bay. A few early-risers observed the machine at some distance away, but they .were under the impression that it was a monster box-kite. Before many seconds had elapsed, however, they could hear the eu- gine's drone and see its intrepid driver deli- berately guiding- his machine in the diroo- tion of the Little Onrte. Making1 a fine sweep inland, the airman passed to the east of Penrhynside, and steered round the Rhos- on-Sea golf course, subsequently landing on the Cohvyn Bay side of the stream which forms the boundary between Carnarvonshire and Denbighshire—"like a bird," as Mr Goldsmith, of the Rhos Club House, described it. Notwithstanding his unobtrusive advent, Mr Loraine was not long on the ground be- fore he was surrounded by a wondering, ad- miring crowd. Within an hour, many hundreds of people from Colwyn Bay, Rhos, and LLandudno were pouring on to the course from the special service of electric cars put on with commendable business fore- sight by Mr Maclnnes, the newly-appointed manager of tramway." I was on the ground soon after 9 o'clock, writes one of our Oolwyn Bay representatives, and I found the biplane surrounded by a crowd ten deep. A very conspicuous figure la the middle of the gathering was a gentle- man wearing a wonderful hat, and bearing a banner, informing all and sundry that the Penrhyn Old Hall was only "750 yards straight as the aeroplane flies" from the site of the hiplanreIy evidence of enter- prise if ever there was any. Happily, all appeared to have too much admiration for the owner to even touch the machine, though very few of them had eeen a of the kind before. A few iron posts with one row of 1hn oard had been hur- iredly fixed by way of "barrier," but neither thM "DOT the two poiiae officers on chsfcy were wanted so far as the safety of the macbane was oonoernod It i& eatsimated tixsJ; bobween 20,000 and 38,006 people inspected the bipdane during the few hoars it was on the li-n-lca. THE AIRMAN INTERVIEWED. In the meantime, Mr GoSdfamiJh, of the Rhos GoJf dub, had escorted Mr Loraine to the cdluib house, wthere he was eocm eitlbing down: to an apoetsamg' breakfast. After reEting a whole he courteously consented to relate to me his erperitences on the journey, eund to answer "any and every question you put to me, at any rate eo far as I oan." Mr Loraine 33 a typical Britisher, not only in iraaniy courage, but in physique and manner— fiigiat-hlaared, hlne-eyed, cJ. a healthy cample xion, and generally of good boiid. He was aittdred in a motoring leather- oovered oap, dDud--LI-e-breas",ci)oth jacfofc cover- ing a thick white sweater, and kncoker-bcckers, though he was be-tter nrufEjod while aotualiy flySng. "I have nodfhiog very mlICh to say," said the Mr-man modeatfy. "I left Blackpool aibout 6.25 this morning and landed here at 7.50 ■ travelling at an average pace of 40 millea am hour. The cccidLtioais ? Oh, they were exoniierut except for a heavy mist I encountered off Parmby Head. The wind was very light and foitterwittg me up, running north by east. Aa I passed Fccsmbty the imfet got very thick, though I experienced no real drfficullty except in packing out land marks here acd there. I left Scratihjport on my left. I had a lIttle d'iiObirlty off the Point of Ayr im making out my position." "Where did you originally intend going to?" I aeloed. HOb," was the repfly, "I thought of rurmimg over to LSandudno. but on coming- altera"- here I thcraght I woold not gorigbt into the town so as to avoid the crowd, and eeeaag a capital spot for aMghting here I thought I -was qtuDfce near enough, and, of course, dropped. Ihi 1 Oh, on an average I fl-ow a.t a height of about 1000 feet. No: it waa not ooM. Of course. I was wel wTJuppod uig, but the cooda.tion0 were excellent from that point of view." What means had you to protect yourself in the event of your failing into the sea?—I had a JEfebeSt around me, but if I dropped of aourm flaj macftuEte w<m2d be ioet Prarhfeupa yon have become so inured to the wark now that you do not tbiDk much, of fail- ibg?-"AL" the prompt reply, "you have to tihenk oi that aH the tsrrsa." Where do you intend Rcmg to from here?— I hope to start from here before nightfall for Holyhead, probaJbJy orcaBtng afterwards to Ire- Jbmd. Supposing there were such a thing as your being asked to give paufcUo oxtdhiiori bare d this ground be for flyiag purposes?— This ground wcxriid be quite austefe'ie, tar & flying exhabrtacc, hut I do not give exhtfc&km S^jSute. Is there any particular reason wiby you should adapt the very Wefeb name of "Jones'* for flying purpOTes? You axe not of Webah descent ly any "Ob," waa the quick reply, "I have WeJah blood in my v«kas, and I am proud of She fact." SUCCESSFUL RE-START FROM RHOS. Another of our representatives writes as for Iowa:-ne news quickly spread that an aeroplane had alighted at Rbos-on-Sea, said during the morning crowds of people flocked to the picturesque spot from the suTroaradm# district. The f xooxfls between Llandudno a&d Colwyn Bay worn zeD- dbned almost impassable at times owing to the heavy vehtoular traflSo, and the tram oan seemed to be reaping- a zich harvest^ "Csur full," were the words with which hundreds of would- be passengem wpre gteeted &iong tlw dusty roads, and by noon the little hamlet of Rhos presented a roost animated! BCCDC, such as has probably nrer OOfore been witneseed in the dia- trict. After his arrival. Mr Loraine rested at the Golf House, and e £ terwar<te waa entertained to himch at Diiaarth Hall Previous to this, how- ever, !he courteoudy intimated the waiting crowds that he did not intend to resume hie journey un±3 after 5 o'clock, as he was waiting the anival of mechanics to overhaul the machine. Tbm camsed e, part of the crowd to dispense, but a large number still remained, apparently determined not to miss the oppor- tunity of seeing the aviator re-start. The mechanics duiy arrived at half-past one, and found the machine in perfect condition. About 3 pjn., crowds poured to the place from all parts, and an hour later the Rhos Golf Tlinks assembled in appearance a po- pular racecourse, more than it did a gftiet seaside golf course. An enterprising troupe of Pierrots arrived on the scene and helped to while away the time. At half-past five a cheer from the fAt end of the crowd an- nounced the approach of Mr Loraine, and when ho made his appearance in the crowd he was received with tremendous cheering. Ten minutes lxtw '\14'> rtl' ii.4 took his seat in the aeroplane. Scares of cameras were (prickly focussing, and in an- other ten minutes, amidst the breathless ex- citement of the huge crowd of spectators, the machine was in motion. It paced the ground for a few yards, and then quickly rose and sailed away leisurely in the direc- tion of Gloddaeth Woods. Turning round and passing aJang the side of Pydew Hill, it returned right across the Golf Links, and shot out to sea in the direction of Holyhead. I Great excitement prevailed at Llandudno: thousands of people lined the beach, and flocked to the Pierhead, eagerly awaiting the approach the aeroplane. However, it was not uirtL that the aeroplane was sighted rou^ t,he Little Orme. It passed swiftly across tl; bay and &oon disappeared round the lighthouse. THE ACTOR-AVIATOR. Mr Robert Loraine, who new at Blackpool under the name of "Jones," is a well-known Londbn actor. It is only quite recently that flyujg attracted tho attention of Mr Loraine. lie madb his first pubimo appearance at the Bournemouth flying meeting*. VPia flight to the Needles and back was one of the sensations of the meeting. When the Blackpool meeting opened a few days Mr Loraine Wad ona of the first to entertain the Northern puhlio with exhibition flying. It will be remembered that only a few days ago he made a remarkable flight from Blackpool to New Brighton and back. Mr Lorairre is not foodi of esxhabitkxn flying within the precincts of on aerodrome, but prefers to in- dulge in eurpriso flights Tho actor-aviator had fuily intended! to attempt a flight from Black- pool to Douglas, and1 from there to Ireland, aud arrangements were about complete for the event; but, owing to difficulties in obtaining tugs to accompany him, ho dfocridied definitely to abaaldon his project. This morning's surprise flight from Blackpool to Rhos constitutes a -unique record of oversea flight, ajid will add' stall further to the already great reputation of Mr Loraine as an aviator.



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