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ABERGELE & PENSARN. A FARMER'S LOSS.—Mr Robert Wynne, of ■Dehcufryn, lost a valuable cow on Saturday. STRUCTURAL ALTERATIONS aro being carried out at the rear of Messrs Fletcher and Son's premises in Market-street. The contractors 4re Messrs Sam Davies and Sons. MR A. FOULKES, of Hendregyda, planned the Marine Drive at Llandudno (opened free to Pedestrians on Saturday) the work being carried Out in 1879. Mr Foulkes was at that time agent IUld architect for the Mostyn Estate, at Llandudno MUSIC SUCCESSES.—At the recant exami- nation of the Associated Board R.A.M. and ^C.M., Thomas Hugh Morgan, nine years of of Clovelly, Pensarn, obtained 113 marks in primary division (pianoforte). He is a pupil Miss Mabel Rogers, of the Friars. Miss ~j*°gers was herself very successful in the higher ^vision (organ), obtaining 124 marks. She is a Pupil of Mr Bryan E. Warhurst, A.R.C.M. and ^H.A.M., of Rhyl. PEItSUNAL.-Sir J. Herbert Roberts, MP, Lady Roberts entertained a large party of workers at Bryngwenallt to-day week. Harold Smith, of the Tan'ralit Gardens, ad- judicated in the horticultural section at the Vala Clwyd Agricultural Show. The Rev. and Mrs organ Davies, of Glasgoed House, have go no *P South Wales on a short holiday.—Mrs Doming, pa'Jghtcr of Mr and Mrs Jaegar, of Gwynfa, v»eorge-road, left by the Thursday morning traiu route for South America, accompanied by her tit«e son. j AN ANONYMOUS DONOR has sent to Canon °nes two pounds as a thank-offering to be do- to the St. Michael'8 Church wardens' ac- Boum j^NGLISH SERVICES.—Mr Lewis Jones, <>f g will be the preacher at St. Paul's next morning. URBAiST COUNCIL ELECTION.-Tho cloo- tion of an Urban District Councillor for the Pea- Ward in place of Mr G. Hubert Judson, take placo on the 27th instant. i^CLISTS COLLIDR-Near Tymawr, tfce jjT^kon of Market Place and Water-street, oa two young shop assistants riding in directions came into collision, with tho 5?^ that both their machines wore damagntL u riders, fortunately, escaped with sligbt sea. !hT VISITORS FORGET.-An enterprising r of the Town Advertising Association has ^7°^ along Dundonald Avenue and at various Points of vantage in the district printed to the effect that visitors, before leaving rgele and Pensarn, should not fail to virit Hill, Moelfre Iaaf, and Ysgeiriallt Woods. numbers of visitors aro daily visiting thc30 spots. fco^ND-MODELLING OOiMPFTTmON. — A of this nature, promot*xl by the and P«r>earn Tawm Advertising Asso- took place on tbe beadh on Tuesday Th«ne were two classes, viz., one for ^^d another for girk, each competitor ba- a box to collect on beibalf of the Association dtoin^r tlhe kKpection of r; Hie horn, secretary (Mr H. E. Thomas) w^chungje of tbe arw^<snwats. The pa-utes awarded as follows:—Boye: J. H. Wil. Bryntirion, and Tommy Owen, New- ^^ILETES' SUCCESSES AT BETTWS.— Booai athletes journeyed to Bottws on to take part in tbe Friendly Socsiaty'a took place, arid they eoooeedied in Tri'i? home several prizes. O^iFON'S MINISTRY.—The Rev. W. G. entered UPON HAS dudies A4 IjIOTI- on Sunday last. Next StOTnlay the rerv. wiH preach ait Abergele, where he Pairing up (has roaidnnee in about a fort- s tiime. On THE SMITHEIELTD. holl 14-iday. Mr dhsaa. P. Sheffield was again wath a large supply of sheep and fewer cattle tihan usual. A short flat cattle was an offer, being improved on the last market. Tho top £ 16 7s 6d. Dairy aattlS" aoSd up to fig 12 £ 12 17a 6d, and young gtook 8(^ ^d. Fat oalvea were dear, ^diiag up to There waa an exoasdinjjly good lot of aod laamha penned, but the demand was *}aa good as at tine previous market. Xf are acwno of tho prooea obtained :— g? T. Roberts, 20a Sd; Mr Tlsoe. Evans, ^^d; Mr Robert Hughes, 26s; ilr T. 233; Mr J. E. WilliamB, 24a 3ci; Mr Jones, 2&; Mr H. Hughes, 2&; Hughes, 23s 9d; Mr Edwards, Faohsit, 213'qT'^> H. MoEwen, 24s; Mr John Davi-ce. 22s 6d? D- Edward, 223 3d; Mr A. Evans, Jtolwj-ri: Evans, Tan'rog-o, 22a 6d; Ma- Rabt. 3d Mr J. Vaujjban, 22» 6d>; Mr R 2ls 6d; Mr Tbos. Ilughee, 21s 6d; log™ Qiakitiig from 14s to 20s. Sheep weaat mp 122 i*' A iairge Souith Stafford buyer trucked The stook num/bened 33 oattie, 12 P^S3. 1042 sbeep and iaanlbs.' Tibo sale wall te lueLd on Monday, August 15t!h.