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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



BUILDING LAND BUSINESS AND RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY TO LET OR FOR SALE. J. M. Porter & Elcock, Architects, Surveyors, and Valuers, Land and Estate j Agents, THE ESTATE OFFICE, COLWYN BAY. Telephone: No. 58, Oolwyn Bay. Telegrams: "Plana," Coiwyn Bay. COLWYN BAY.—Detached BUNGALOW, situate bracing position, outskirts of town stajMis in grounds of about three acres. Contains two Reception and Lounge Hall, five Bedrooms, usual Offioes; lovely views; Bunny aspect. Price -Riloo. Freehold. COLWYN BAY. — "Pcncourt," Con way- road; Detached House, south aspect. Contains three Reception, seven Bedrooms, Bathroom, Kitchen, and Offioes; town water and gas; email Garden. Bent moderate. ftOLWYN BAY.—Substantially built stone Residence, overlooking town, standing in well planted grounds. Contains three Reception, seven Bedrooms, Bathroom, and usual Offices; also Gardener^s Lodge, Stables, Motor-house, etc.; electric light, town water, telephone, etc. Price moderate. HOS-ON-SEA. Freehold Semi-detached Villa, beautifully situated, close to eea front; has Garden, and contains two Excep- tion, seven Bedrooms, Bathroom, excellent Domestic Offioes, modern conveniences. Price X1050. CONWAY. — Detached Residence, about J of a mile from town, sunny sheltered position, two Reception, four Bedrooms, Bathroom, and usual Offices; good Garden and Paddock. Price XlCjW. I71TJRNISHED HOUSES, Coiwyn Bay and JC, District; also, several good Country Houses to Let. Lists Free on application. iTTlBEEHOLD BUILDING LAND. Choice LC. Sites for Bungalows, Detachod or Semi- detacheel Residences, for Sale, in Colwyn Bay and District. For further particulars and orders to view çply as above. MELLOR & ALLEN, ESTATE AGENTS & VALUERS. Tel. 131 COLWYN BAY. TO LET. X~>HOfi.—Nice, Compact House; two Enter- taining, five Bedrooms, Kitchen, Scullery, two Pantries, Bath, and W.C. separate. Bent X-35. Large Boarding and Apartment House. Rent by arrangement to ft good tenant. Other Houses in Bhos; Bents t£4O and upwards. COLWYN. Two Houses, open, un- V interrupted views; two Entertaining, five Bedrooms; large Gardens. Rente .£36 10s and £ 45. COLWYN BAY.—Houses in good locality. Rents .£.2.6 to £ 80. U-RZilSHED HOUSES, Apartments, æ. Country Accommodation recommended. FOR SALE. HOUSES.—Coiwyn Bay, Old Coiwyn, and Rhos. £ 350 and upwards. .ø. -■ 1,1 -■ Nat. Tel. 55. R. E. BIRCH, F.S.I. (Agent to the Cayley Estate), ARCHITECT, SURVEYOR AND VALUER, BEGS TO INFORM HIS CLIEN rs THAT HE HAS Removed from Wynnstay Chambers to Oaklands (First Floor), Conway Road, COLWYW Bay (NITXT TO COUNCIL OFFICES). D. HENRY ROBERTS, \BCH3TECT, SURVEYOR, and ESTATE AGENT, 9, DENBIGH-STREET, LLANRWST. HOUSES TO LET OR SOLD. RENTS COLLECTED. J 10- R. ARTHUR JONES, Land, House and Estate Agent, TOE ESTATE OFFICE (Nr. TownHall), I CONWAY, AND AT THE. ESTATE OFFICE (nr. P08t Office) DEGANWY. Telephone: No. 29, Conway. ^Tede grains: "Jones, Estato Agent, Conway." FURNISHED HOUSES.—Llandudno, Con- tray, Deganwy, Penmaeainiawr, Llanfair- lechan, and surroundings. UNFURNISHED HOUSES.- Deganwv: Detached Residence, .£80. Degaawy, Semi-detached, X35. Deganwy: Semi-detached, X28. Conway: Semi-detached, £ 28. Conway Yalley: Detached, X40. Can-way Valley: Detached Cottage, .£21. CONWAY VALE. FOR SA-LE.-Chaiini-ng Estate of 40 Acres or thereabouts with Gentleman's Residence; dectric light and all other modern equip- knents. DEGANWY. Fc-i SALE.—Grentlemai^s detached Resi- dence in secluded situation; two Reooption, six Bedrooms, large Hall, Stabling and Ten- nis Lawn. Price £ 1650. CONWAY. FOR SALE. Comfortable Semi-detached tYiLla -idmce, with Garden back and front; two Reception, five Bedrooms. Low price betwoen now and Quarter Day. DWYGYFYLCHI, Near PENMAENMAWB. For immediate uiaposal by Private Treaty yahiable FARM PROPERTY of 21 Acrea, to New Golf I/icks (to bo opened at isa^er). Make fine site for Gentleman's Bo- Bidence or ripe for opening up as attractive I traildmg estate. LLANFAIRFECHAN ATTRACITYE COUNTRY HOUSE, in own iwell 1 aid-out gronnds of about an Acre, three Reception-rooms, six Bedrooms, together with Reception-rooms, six Bedrooms, together with Servants' Accommodation (Stablee if Te. quired), for Sale at a low price, and with immediate possession, by gentleman leaving England. BUILDING SITES FOn SALE in DEGAN. WY. CONWAY. PENMAENMAWB, Etc. For all, particulars, apply to— THE ESTATE OFFICE, CONWAY. •epoiitotj for "Plon4te advirtUemealjk SITUATIONS VACANT. A" GRicULTUBISTS, Ironworkers, Bail- ■wayinen, Domestics, eltc. (Canada.), immediate employment, good wages. Fa-res, .£8.-Wrig'ht's Travel-EmigTatioa Offlcea, Water^aite-street, Chester. 27617p "TGENTS WANTED, Town" or^CouiitryT Addressed Envelope for full details.— Desk 36, T'ne Davozi Speciality Company, Ilkley. 28113p A YOUNG MAN Wanted to learn Cabinet- making; premium £ 20; wages 15s per Z, week c-ommence.-AppIX, letter, 90, Devcn-st., Liverpool. 28215p B UTt-UiEliS. Wanted, smart Man, to manage Colonial Business; references. —Apply, itoss Bros., Butchers, Til an- rwst. COACHMAN Wanted; good Single Man.— Apply, Castle Hotel, Conway. 6982 COUN'l'RY GJSn'EBAL disengaged (20); c three years' references; 000k, wash, wait; X12, 25, Lea-read, Mia-Iane, Egre-: mont, Cheshire. 2822tip ~1L>XPERIENCED GENEBAL Wanted, good ■U icih'aracter; email family. Apply, letter. Bod Gethin, Albert Drive, gan- wy. 28120p EXPERIENCED General for middle of August; private house; two in family. —Apply, "Bendham," Con way-road, Colwyn Bay. 28140p ENERGETIC MAN, of good appearance, Wanted, to solicit business for well- established Firm. Special terms to capable man. Address, Box 6937, Office of this Journal. XPERIENCED NOUSF-PSELOURMA-ID Wanted; country.Give full parti- culars, "Box 6957," "Ghronic&e" Oflice, Ban- gor. XJIGH-CLASS GROCERY and I^BOYIsTonT —At once, good Lad, used to Pony and Cart, and make himself useful. Apply, Dunphy's Stores, Deganwy. 28224p iqr OME WORK, genuine. — Particulars, addressed envelope.—Manager, 24, Tatohbsrook-street, London, S.W. 28038p JLFOTEL.—Second Laundress and Man for Scullery work. — Bdlevive, Tref- riw. 28212p HIOTEL.-Wanted, immediately, Second Waitress and W aiter.-Apply, Hotel Belle Vue, Trefriw. 28277p AUNDRY.-Waut,e,d, Calender Hands, at once.—Apply, Llandudno Steam Laun- dry, WarehoirscKstroet, Llandndno. d MISS EVANS, Servants' Begistry, St. Asaph. — Wanted, Cooks, Hou&emaid- Waitresaee, Generals; good references. Stamp for reply. p 1DEGISTRY OFFICE. Housemaid, Wait- R resses Wanted for Private and Boaid- ing-Houses; also good Generals.—Mrs Payne, 15, Birer-3treet, Rhyl. 27049p ESPECTABLE MAN as Salesman Col- lector, for Peamaenmawi- district; one who can ride cycl-e preferred; salary and com- mission.—Singer Sowing Machine Co., Ltd., Conway House, Castle Hill, Bangor. 28143p ESPECTABLE GIRL Wantcd,aoout 18, for housework, used to children.—Ap- ply, Davies, Euston House, Conway-road, Col- wyn Bay. 28259p REGISTBY OFFICE,120>IiIGH-ST.,POBT- MADOC.—Mrs Humphreys has cxoeOent Situations for responsible Women as Generals, Cooks, Housemaids, etc., for next Term (Pen- tymhor). o EFUL SEWING-MAID Wanted.-Ap- ply, evenings, Marshall, Mosa Bank, Grosvenor-road, Colwyn Bay. 28192p WA.N-TED, for three months, for "DeiT nant," Capel Curig, a good General Servant. Apply, by letter, to Mrs Hugh Jones, 19, Rodney-street, Liverpool. 28111p W ANTED General Servant at once. J. Rowlands, Tal Eiilon, Criccieth. WANTED, at once, for Private House, » experienced General, able to do plain cooking; good reference required.—Butler, Gorway, Llannerch-road, Coiwyn Bay. 28174p WANTÈD, for middle of August, House- » maid, experienced, for private family. —Address, "M.J., "Pioneer "Office, Coiwyn Bay. 28191p WANTED, HOUSE-PAPJ-,OURMAlD, S,,p- » » tember 1st, some experience, early riser.—Apply, by letter only, Mre Liddell, Oonavara, Old Colwyn. 28206p w A-NTTD, experienced General, nicc cook: ing; two in family; washing sent out; good wages.—Mrs Royden, "Carreg Llwyd," Junction, Conway. 28219p ANTED, at once, smart Youth, 18-20 years of age.—Apply personally, Jas. Smith a.nd Sons, 74, Mostyn-street. WAITED, a good Gardener, thoroughly aocustomcd to growing flowers and vegetables, aad to the management of a con- servatory a. lad kept in the garden.—State age, wages, and references to Major Birch, Macs Elwy, St. Asaph. 28247p WANTED, experienced Laundress, for Private House; help given in the after- coons; age about 30; wages £ 28 to £ 30.—Ad- dress, Queen'G Lodge, Coiwyn Bay» 28245p "V¥/'ANTED, for Blackburn, by a Visitor, at present staying in Colwyn, a good General Servant age 18 to 26; able to wash and do a little plain cooking; family of three (little girl eight years ol ago). Apply, by letter, to "X. "Pioneer" Ofiioe, Coiwyn Bay- P WANTED strong General; two in family; able to wash, plain cook, early riser. Apply, Mrs Lloyd, Oakdcue, Conway. 28263 N-TED Oi-r-I as Under Housemaid, Private Houso, for September 1st. Apply, by letter, to Mrs Bostock, Plas Euryn, Colwyn Bay. 28274p ANTED a Young Man for small Farm 0 T near Llandudno; about 18 years of -age; able to mik and drive, and do odds and ends on Farm; references requirod.-I,M.V. "Pioneer" Office, Coiwyn Bay. 28262p VMTANTED, early in September, good T Plain Cook; some housework.—Apply, by letter, to Mrs J. Herbert Crump, "Voryn Isa, Old Colwyn. 28261p \\TANTED, a good Cook-General; also a Nurse, for two children; both for September; Manchester district. Applv, Mrs A. P. Nuttall, Davos House, Bhos-on- Sea. 28278p T^fANTED^ COOK-GEN EBAL (cx-perY- enoed), for private family; references required.—"M. Moss Bank, Grosvenor- road, Colwyn Bay. 28276p WANTED Houseinaid-Waitress in Country Huuse in Anglesey.—Apply, Box 6960, ()hronicl.e" Office, Bangor. 6960c TlTANTED Housemaid-Waitress, also be- » tween Maid. Apply personally, if possible, to Mrs Glynn Williams, Friars School, Bangor, N.W. 7024c ANTED, a good Housemaid, at once. —Apply, Victoria Hotel, Menai Bridge. 7013 VCTANTED, Boy Clerk, age 141 to 16; ex- perie not essential. Apply, by letter, to Surveyor of Taxes, Bangor. 6972c WANTED, smart Young Man, 18 to 20, conversant with uaual routine of a Private Tailoring Trade, as Stock-kocper, etc.—Apply, L. H. Aronson, Bangor. WANTED, in Anglesey, Groom-Coachman, ftiagle-handtd, to ride and drivo eingie and dou.ble.-Apply, "Box 7037," "Chron- icle" 015.00, Bangor. YOUNG MAN Wankel, to represent a well- known London firm, Liberal terraa and good pwiapecU,—Addreaa, ,fM. N. <fPion, eer'^ Ofex>; Coiwyn Bay, 382lgp BEAUMARIS AND DISTRICT MOTOR OO, LTD, ANTED, a. Motor Char-a-bano Driver, IF v Applicatkm, etatlng wages required, and. testimonials, to be spnt tc the lmder, tinned, not later than Tuesday next, the 9th Aujpiat, T. i, JONES, AvoadaV), Bcauaiariit 5023 1 SITUATIONS WANTED. AS Nurda Attendant for Elderly Lady or Gientlemaa, or Convalescent, troukT take night duty; dewing; good refer- c-Qcefl.—"P. li Pioneer "Ofiioe, Bfayl. CLERGYM.A.N'S Daughter eecka post, Com- panion Help; could take charge of Invalid Lady; experience; reforenca. "-M.S. I OFELOL, Coiwyn Bay. 28254 ABETAKEBS or GARDENER, good, rc. commended by Gentleman; exception- ally trustworthy; understands bees; Wife plain C-ook.-Sykes, Northgate Bow, Ches- ter. 28204p ARDENEB, married, seeks re-engage- ment; experience with Fruit, Flowers, and Vegetables; good reference. Jones, Nursery, Llangefni. 7397 V OUNG LADY requires daily engangemeut — for teaching or looking after small chililrcn.L..K. "PiQneer" Office, Colwyn Bay. æp .YOUT-U desires Sitaiation wh-erc there is a motor car; aged 19.—Address, "M'.T. "Pioneer" Office, COIWJTI Bay. 28255P CLERICAL. w ANTED, St. Mary's Church, Bangor, » Assistant Curate, Bilingual, Musical, Priest preferred, £ 130; Title, .2-120.-Apply, Vicar, 9, Brynteg-terrace, Bangor. 6964c TYPEWRITING TYPE VV BITING neatly and expedie-ntly executed.—Mr J. Pickop, Vron Haulog Offices, Abergele-road, Colwyn Bay. 28063p MEDICAL. mIlE MEDICAL HOME, COLWYN BAY.— i FULLY TRAJLNED CERTIFICATED N (JliSli3 supplied, who live in tto Home whan not at Casee, and are under personal super- vision. Patients received. Massage Nursing Appdajicea on Hire, Tel. No. 24. —Matron, Miss Isacei Matty. 22553p CYCLES, MOTORS, AC., FOR SALE. ~J\ FEW SECO ND-HA N D "BICYCT7^~(^ makes) for Sale at Bargain. Prices: List Fre-e.-Sunooam Cycle Agcnoy, Con- way. 28209p GENTJS £ 5 10s Cycle, brand new, two brakes, Dunlop "Scott" tyres, plated rims, etc.; never ridden; 52s; rare bargain; approval. Hackett, Burbage, Leices- ter. 28240p 19 1 0 TYRES. No advance. Covers, » y i. U 3s- 9d each. Air Tubes with Valves, 2s 6<1, guaranteed. Also Dunlop, Palmer, Clincher Tyres, Frames, Wheels, Pedals, Chains, etc. Makers' prioes, Lists frc,W. A. Gorton, Manufacturer, Wolver- hampton. p POULTRY, EGGS, &C. 2 000 ™DS Wire Netting always in jUUU Stock, from Id per yaid.—J. U. Randies, Ironmonger, Colwyn Bay. LOOK! STRING NETTING. TLIOR Poultry enclosing, water-proof, 1-in. mesh, 30-yardd by I-yara, Is 4d; HU-yards by 2-yards, 2.\j 6d; 30 by 3-yards, 3s 6d; this is sent carriage paid. H. Robmson, Wish Ward-street, Rye, Sus- sex. 27918p MISCELLANEOUS. BOOK DEBTS purchased, Cash down, any district.—W. Jackson, 26, Corporation- street, Manchester. 26511p CONSULT MADAME VESTA, the Scien- c titic Palmist and Clairvoyants, upon Life's Affair j, Aberconwy House, Trinity- square, Liandudno. 27655p IMPORTANT TO MOTHERS.-Evezy Mother IMPORTANT TO MOTHERS.—Every Mother who values the Health of her Chi.d should use Harr^on's "ReUable" Nursery Pomade. Ono application kills all Nits and Vermin, beau- tifies and Btrengtnens the Hair. in Tins, 4.d and 9d. Postage, Id.—Geo. W. Harrison, Chemist, Reading. Sold by all Chemists. Agent for Coiwyn Bay:—J. W. AUamson, Cliemist, Station-road. Agent for Penmaen- uiarlr;-T. J. Hughes, Chemist. Agent for Con- way:—L. Jones, Chemist. 23828p LADLED.—My improved Remedies act in a -tLj few hours, when aLl else fails. Surprisingly effective. Success guaranteed. Send stamped envelop for Free Sample. Address, Nurse Hammond, 20, Ingiedene, liosoombe-road, South- end. Essex. 26421D LADIES' Hair Combings bought, from 4d oz. given cash by return.—Dick Nee and Co., 8, Old North-street, Theobaldi-road, Lon- don. Bankers, National Provincial. 27916p ADA DORE, Scientific Character Delineator, holds Consultations dadly, from 10 a.m., at 2, Queen's Arcade, entrance to Skating Rink, llhyl. 27753p "OiRINTING.—First-class quality, third- class prices. Not something for no- thing, nobody can give you that; but the very best value for your money. Write for v-ampies and prioes. It will pay you. Memos, Invoices, Statements, 250, 2s 6d; 500, 3s 9d; 1000, 5s 6d. Carriage paid. Cash with order Express Printing Co., 5, Prussia-street, Man- chester. 28072p PAGE BOOK about Herbs, and how to Oi -use them, free; send for one.—Trim- nell, The Herbalist, 144, Richmond-road, Car- diff. Established 1879. 28119p LAND FOR SALE. AND IN COLWYN CAY (Dundonald-road) for Sale, for erection of emdll Housea or Villas-—Jamea F. Taylor. Solicitor, 71. Lord- street, LlverpooL 24925p BUSINESS FOR DISPOSAL. RHYL.—Old-Established Grocery and Pro- vision Business (owing to death of Pro- prietor). good position, central.—Apply, Mr Joseph Lloyd, Solicitor. 28211p To BE LET. mo BE LET, the extensive Premises known as the "Amlwch Smelting Works," now in the occupation of Messrs H. Hills and Son, Artificial Manure Manufacturers. Vacant possession can be had on the 13th November next.—For further particular^ ap- ply to Mesars J. Rice Roberts and Laurie, Solicitors, Llangefni. AJWARTMJ=S TO "Ts A PAliTMENTS for Geatleittaa j terms moderate^Ajrolyj personally, to Miss ip., Aakworth, "Maaaing^aai/' Sea Bank, West l^oxttcnade, 0olwyn3ay. 28251^ 'TVOIOFQBTABLE LODGINGS for one ó tiro- YQ!.ll1« Men, at Rhos-oa-S«a,—Ad- dress, "M. 0. "Pioneer" Office, Oolwyn Xay. 28242p DOUGLAS, of Man.—Knowsley Board- ing EstablMunent, 41, Loch Pixaneii- ade, three minutes from l»anditig Pier. Din- n-er 6.30. Terms on appiicatdon to Mieees Canneil. 27992p LL AND U DN O .-—Com f ortable Apartmenio (with or without Board); permanency or otherwise; sunny and oentraliy situated, Bath, Piano, and all modern oonvemiences; good Cooking and attendance; moderate terms.—Apply, Mrs Griffith, Hemmiingford, Caroirne-street, Llandudno. p LONDON VISITORS.—-Apartments; close L Exhibition; Bed, Breakfast, 2s 6d.— 180, Groce, Hammersmith, London. « LORNA DOONE, QuoenVroad, Craigydon, Llandudno.—Public and Private Apart- ments, from August 27th; piano, bath, every attention; oooking a speciality. 7011 REfYLt—Permanent Kiooia in centre of Town R' for one 01 two gentlemen or iadiea; good oooking; very moderate terms. 2, Cresoent- road. p RYL.-Lady having oomfortabl-e private R hom-e would take two or three ladies permanently or otherwise, boaid-residence,—■ "W. "Pioneer" Office, Rhyl. HUDDLAN.-ApartmenL&, comfortable and P, clean, near Castie and River, permanent or sea.Don-Miss Davis, Tower House, Caetle-st, Rhuddian. p VER Y Moderate Board Besidenoe for de- licats Lidies, or others in gentle- woman's quiet home; kindest attention. Write "U.S. 4, Crowestenes, Buxton. 28267 APARTMENTS WANTED. DEDROOM and partial use of Sittinsr- JLP room or Bed-Sitting-room, with or without breakfast, daily, and full board, Sun- day, for business Lady in Llandudno; state lowest terms for permanency.—16, Walnut- street, Southport. d BOARD RESIDENCE required net r Pier, -"D in Llandudno, by three ladies fc r threo weeks from August 8th; Boarding-ho ,so or private family; one Double-bedded Room (on ground or first floor) and one Single-bedded Room. Terms must not exoeed 25s each weekly inclusive.-Pleaae write fully, "B. 1, Hartington-terraoe, Buxton. d W-WO-ME required for Elderly Female; slight mental case; sympathetic treatment required.—Address, "M.C. "Pioneer" Office, Coiwyn Bay. 28116p NICE, Comfortable Home for Elderly Per- son; every convenience; terms mode- rate; permanent.—Address, "M. P. "Pio- neer" Office, Colwyn Bay. 28243p T>AYING GUEST. Lonely Young Lady, magistrate's daughter companionable, wisrues to find home, Llandudno or near. Private-house, Apartments or Boarding-house. Fond of games, conoerts, walks. Terms moderate. Dudson, Post Office, Llandud- no. 709d ANTED, 12th or 19th August, Front Sitting and three Bedrooms; on or near Promenade; inclusive terms.—Willetts, Mary- street, Monmouth. FOR SALE BY PRIVATE TREATY. nno BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY, a • Freehold Cottage, beautifully eitua/ted, with two Gardens, situate near St. George, Abergele.—For price and further particu- lars, apply to Mr Aaeurin O. Evans, Solicitor, Denbigh. 27800p ADOPTION. WANTED, for adoption, baby boy or girl, to be brought up as own.—Ad- dress, "M. L. "Pioneer" Office, Coiwyn Bay. 28194p wANTED, good home for baby boy. Please state terms and particulars.- Address, "M. M. "Pioneer" Office, Colwyn Bay. 28210p HORSES. CARRIAGES. &c. OR SAI.L,, GOVERNMS CAR, almost F new, suit Pony 13 liands.-R. Williams, Coach builder, Sisson-street, Rhyl. p FOR SALE, New Box-Cart, moveable top, suit Butcher or Fish and Poultry Dealer; largo 'Bus and useful Lurry, and light Spring Cart; Carriages of every descrip- tion for sale or exchange. Floats and light Traps our speciality. Write for list. Cash on easy terms.—Francis and Sons, Coach Builders, Coiwyn Bay. p FOR SALE Roan Horse, rising 5, 15-1 Dark Bay Mare, 7, 16-1; also small Turn-out Pony, 5 years, 10J; Harness and Governess Car; all good workers. George Hit-chen, Farmers' Arms Hotel, Dc- ganwy. 28184p FOR SALE, smart turn-out, comprising of grey Maro, six years, 13.3 hands, quiet and eound, splendid action; nearly new Liverpool Gig, and Nickel Harness to match; also light American two-wheel Trotting Buggy, and a nearly new Set of light Buggy Harness; will separate.—Apply, Ross Bros., Butchers, Llanrwst. LIGHT rAIR-HORSE 'BUS, carry eight inside, five on top, with luggage rails, good working order, £15, or exchange; also six new Floats, all rubber tyres; several second-hand traps, Y,8 to £ 12 each, good order also several Light Lurries, from Scwt., Light Laundry Vans, and up-to-date Furni- ture Vans and Lift Vans.—Apply, Fallows Van and Lurry Builders, Wellesiay, Boded-,en-ue Old Colwyn. 28129p 2 SALE, Pony, 13} hands; rising three years old; steady to ride and drive.— J. H. Roberts, Eisteddfod, Bwlchgwyn. 28264 ANTED71JGHT CART, for 14 hands Pony; must be cheap. Reply, HM. V. "Pioneer" Office, Cvlwyn Bay. 28272p DOGS FOR SALE. "OTTHITE West Highland Terriers for dis- posal, eight weeks old, one male, three guineas; two females, two guineas each.— Address, Jno. M. Baker, Gorddinog, Llanfair- fechan. font HAU^VARIOUB. Best 0^vafiis#d"0GffUgfei6d Is m% tek, Is 4di m, Is la-8d Bidgeeftp Nftik VV^Osi^rs, Iksite. m lota of ML «Alytt (MrasStias worfeb jtodL £ &&$ per OOnt..b huY* «*■* ing from Factory direct. AgwnM Wanted. Bead postage for large trated Xiist and particulars. — Email ^oot (3o, (Dept. 24m, Portiand-square, Bxls- tol. 0 UBTOMYRS NZ"U& to tako-from WO to 700 dozen of new-laid English Eggs weekly; every Egg warranted newsl^ted. Is Id per dozen from. Monday, 18th July. Best Devonshire Scald. Cream Butter in i-H). prints and rolls, la Id per lb-Apply, Snow and Co., Merchants, Tiverton, Devon.. 2S097p CHINA for Boarding-houses, Hotels, eto, Special prices. Famous 21a package oontains: Dinner Set for 12, Tea-and; Break- fast Set for 12, Teapot, Hot-water Jug-) three all pure white, perfect, safely delivered, for 21s. Catalogues, offering China at italf-prioe, free. Write now.—Vincent Fjne Art Pottery, 31, Burslem. 27798p "jg^OR SALE, National Gas Engine, 2Jh.p., • in good condition,, &s new, or would exchange tor good Light Float, suit 13 to 14 hand Pony.—Griffiths,. Butcher, Pool-street, Carnarvon. 28137p ALYANISED CORRUGATED SHEET, all, warranted eound, 27in. wide; 6ft. lo, 6ft. Is 3d, 7ft. Is tXl, 8ft. Is 9d, 9ft. 2s, 16ft. 2B 4d each. A fow light Salvage Sheets. •sound, but soiled by sea water, 5ft. 100. 6ft. Is each; ridgmg 3d per foot; spouting 3gd per foot.-iN.W. Dept., Butler, Bell Works, Wolverhampton. 28112p GALVANISED FENCING WIRE, in j-ewt. bundles, from 6 to 14 w.g., perffect new wire, but shorter lengths than usual, 8s per cwt.; Galvanised Barbed Wire, salvage, slightly soiled, in 84-lb. bundles, 336 yds., 98 per bundle.—N.W. Dept., Butler, Bell Works, Wolverhampton. 28113p GARDEN BARROWS, strong, weii- seasoned wood, from 15a 9d each.— J. B. Randies, Ironmonger, Coiwyn Bay. p MANGLES and Wringing Machines-, 22- inch Rollers, warranted quality, from 3 ôtl each. J. B. Randies, Ironmonger, Ooiwyn Bay. p ORGAN, massive high top, with mirror, 10- stops and 2 knee swells; sacrifice for £ 10.—"L. U. "Welsh Coast JPioneeT,^ Col- wyn Bay. 28076p LilANO, X12, excellent condition, walnut case. 40, Regent street, Wrex- ham. 28074p PIANOFORTE, aimost new, cost £ 30, ac- p cept half or near offer.—"L. T. "Pio- neer" OtSce, Coiwyn Bay. 28075p TTGLY WINDOWS beautified with Staino- glass, 3 Sheets, Is W.-Send Stamp for patterns, Guest's Stores, 8, King's Norton, Birmingham. 28183p "VlTALLl'APERS from l £ d per roll. Any » Quantity, large or email, at Wholesale Prices. Stock exceeds 250,000 roils; all classes.- Write for Patterns, stating class required.—-The Barnett Wallpaper Co., Ltd. (Dept. 221), Camp- field Avenue. Manohester. 20 PBRRETS for Sale, from good work- ing strain; price, 3s 6d each.-Wil- liams, Warren, Gwespyr, Holy well. 28249p HOUSES FOR SALE. COLWYN BAY.—Advertiser is prepsroo. to c build Houses to suit Purchaser's re- quirements; some charming positions avail- able ad-vantagoous terms; estimates supplied to intending buyers.—Address, in first in- stance, "M. D. "Pioneer" Office, Colwyn Bay. 28126p Ul)DLAN.-Pai,r Semi-detached Villas, R" perfect sanitation, modern conveniences, largo Gardens; also two Four-roomed Cot- tages. Barnett, Fern Lea, Rhudd- lan. 28128p FURNISHED HOUSES TO LET. I3URNEDGE, near Llandrillo yn Rhos Church; Semi-detached; containing tv»<3 Sitting-rooms and three Bedrooms; every con- venience, beautifully situated. 28178p BEITIVSYOOED. Furnished House or Apartments to Let, for any length of time, containing three Reception and seven or eight Bedrooms, usual conveniences, house nicely situated. — Apply, G. Jocnee, Rock House. 28148p COLWYN BAY.—To Let, from September c 10th, Furnished House: ten rooma; Croquet Lawn, Garden; terms moderate.— Address, "G"Pioneer" Office, Coiwyn Bay. 28258p COUNTRY COTTAGE, Furnished, to Let, c near Chester; four Rooms, nice country, no children. William Morley, Home Farm, Broughton, near Chester. 28268 MOLD, NORTH WALES.—Gentleman'a Residence to Let, Furnished, situate in its own grounds. The House contains three Entertaining rooms, Housekeeper's room, eleven Bedrooms, Bath, two W.C.'s, and the usual domestic offices; Stabling for six horses and good Coach-house. Bryn Alyn is situate closo to Rhydymwyn Railway Station, .Church and Post Offioc.-Apply to Major Birch, Maes Elwy, St. Asaph. 28214p D OOLWYN (Beach-road). To Let, V Furnished, a charming Six-roomed Cot- tage for September or longer.—Apply, Miss Child, Kenmare, Hillside-road, Colwyn Bay. 28225p FURNISHED HOUSES WANTED. WANTED, Furnished House in Pensarn, near sea, for three weeks (August— September).—Address, with all particulars, "A. B. oare of Smith's Bookstall, Stoke-om- Trent. THE FARM AND GARDEN. Jk LBERT3 BASIC SLAG.—For prices, apply to W. Ellia and Co.. Merchants. Abergele. SHORTHORN CALVES.—Farmers can have the very best delivered at their neareet Stations at reasonable prices, bred from large-framed Cows, by pedigree sires. Hun- drods have been sent into all parts of Wales. Write for Price List.-P. B. Gill, Highgatc. Whitchurch, Salop. 28027p r } F' iPll IOin NEthEiRs ForOm FFaInCd E, seCnOd NiWt AtY o ARdOvAerDti, seCmOeLnWt YMN anaBgAeYr, )^ C | The charge for all kinds of SMALL ADVERTISEMENTS, SITUATIONS VACANT S } I and WANTED, &c., in the 11 PIONEER is 18 Words 1/- Three Insertions, 3/- < f (which must be Prepaid). Name and Address must be paid for. 5 ==-'=== 10 { 15 ( 20 25 30 r Please insert above Advertisement times, for whfeblenclose P.O I r or Stamps value p* < > Name < f Address x HOUSES TO Letc MmV^COm^Besidcnoa QCfa-4 £ on) to bo Let on lease; wwaaB, bUliard-scxKa, alas Ikdroomsj Bath 0,}; Giwdun and Baadaeki fcordsriag' i Mvtsi Oontmy; beautiful situation, — Ad- r dpGgs^ "TilL uHaaecr'J Office, Odwyn, Bay, 2824&p I^Mi^TABLE.CBjhmvlaiied Fkto to l«t. \J A^pjv, 0^ PccrMas asa Cb.Auctaoisocrfl, C^v^ Bay. ^/838p ObLWXK BiX -HillsiSe-roadi furnished- House; four Bedrooms. two SiUing, usual Offices early September va"ut,; Reut X28-Aiply, "Old Trafford," Hflgide-road, Coiwyn Bay. 28117p I^ASTL&HILL, DENBIGH.—To Let, a beautifully situated Semi-detached Villa, containing two Entertaining, five Bed- | rooms, Bathroom, with all modern conven- 1 iences,—Rent £ 30.—Apply, D. S. Davies, Plas [ Caetell, Denbigh. 28203p CONWAY.—Detached House: one .Q" Sitting, four Bedrooms, Kitchen, Scul- ] lery, Bath (h. and c. water), Oen- tralstores. 28216p AO T-ASINFEYN, Near BANGOR. "Bod vT Gethin," well-built Detached lies idence with Garden; containing two Entertaining- rooms, four Bedrooms, and Domestic Offices. ir,ent £ 15.—Apply, A. E. BickneB, Auctioneer, Bangor. c OLD COLWYN.—ALFRED COY, House and Estate Agent, Station Yard. TQ LET, good selection Detached and Semi- i detached VRLBB. General. Enquiry Office for matters relating to LAND aaad. PROPERTY, Old Coiwyn. and i neighbourhood. 27975p rilO LKT, an, JEight-xoonaed.House, at Pcn- tre, Hal^yn, -with Garden, etc.; afeo a. Six-roomed House, fnrnfehed 05 uPfUT- • nished, in the eama neighbourhood;—Apply ur ply- to William Williams, Henblae, Holy- well. 28133p r|lHE PINES, Llandrillo, Rhos-on-Sea. Rent J- .£23; four Bedrooms.. Bathroom, W..O. separate, good Gardens; splendid views back i and front. 28193p fflO LET, at Michaelmas, Cymmau HaU,. with two Lodges and 42 Acres of Pas- ture Land, in the Parish of Hope, five miles from Wrexham, wfthin easy distance of two Stations.—Apply, J. Bligh Monck, "Crump- well," Oswestry. 28205p fTHO LET, from September 25th, Broad- waters, Cohvyn Crescent, Rhos-on-Sea. Bent .£35 per annum, free of rates, until March 25th next. 28253p NPURNISHED RESIDENCES to Let. Rents X30 to £ 40.—Apply, T. Griffith, Land Agent, Llanrwst. 28207p Houses WANTED. l' WANTED parties having Houses to Let to send particulars, at once, to Hasiam, Es- tate Agent, Rhyl. WANTED, Detached Cottage, with large Garden or Field, to rent or purchase. —Address, "L. A. "Pioneer" Office, Colwyu Bay. 27888p LICENSED PREMISES TO LET. FTK) LET, with immedate possession, Red • Lion, Bangor.—Apply, Rogers Jones, Glan Conway. 28118p FURNITURE WANTED. WANTED, Modem or Antique Furniture; Homes purchased outrigbr-Haalam, Auo- iioneer, Rhyl p FURNITURE FOR SALE. MASSIVE Mahogany Dining-room Table, 4ft. 6in. wide and 9ft ain. in length, when extended; handsome Consul Table with glass over, 6ft. 6in. wide and 9ft. high; Piano by WilliaDj Treber, London, in good condition; also, about 50 Kitchen and Dining- room Chairs.—Apply, W. Smith, Furniture Dealer, Old Coiwyn. 28217p SHOOTING TO LET. SHOOTING TO LET, on Sir Pyers W. Moatyn's Holywell Estate, about 1100 acres (of which 85 acres are covert). Rent .£50 per annum, Keeper's Cottage included. Tenant paying rales and keeping up covert fences.—Apply for fuller particulars to Messrs Roddick and Co., Agents, Estate Office, Talacre, Prestatyn. p COACHING. COLWYN BAY. J Fred Francis & Sons' COACHING TOURS To the WELSH HILLS. WATERFALLS. AND LAKE DISTRICTS. (Weather and other circumstances permitting.) Tour No 1. -THE GRAND LOOP TOUR.-The "Tourist" leaves the Mews on Mondays, Wednes-, days and Fridays, at 10 a,m., returning at 6 80 p.m. 'Fare, 10s. Box seats, 28. extra. 56milm Tour No. 2.—BETTWaYCOJED. The Tour. iet" leaves the Mews at 10 a.m., on Tuesdays. Thursdays and Saturdays, returning at 6.1C p.m. Fare, 7s; Box seats, Is extra. 40 milea. Tou" No. 3.—THE CITY OF ST. ASAPH. "Te Olde Titaee" leavee the Mews at 11-a.m. daily (Tues- days and Saturdays excepted), via Abergele, Bhuddfcm Castle, St. Asaph, and the Marble Churuh. Arriving homo about 0.16 p.m. Fare, ds. Box seats, Is extra. 28 miles. Tour No. 4.—To and from PENMAENMAWB. "The Sportsman" leaves the Mews day at 2.30 p. via Conway, Sychnant Pass to Penniaenmawr. Arriv- ing homo at 6.15. Fare, 4s; Box seats, Is extra. 231 miles. Tour No. S.-THE SHORT LOOP. A Coach Jeaves the Liews 4daily at 2.30 p.m., via Conway, .Ty'n-y-Oroea, And Tal-y-Cafn. Arriving home at 6 p.m. Fare, 4s.; Box seats, Is extra. 23 milea. Tour No. 6.—To and from BODNANT HALL. A Coach leaves the Mevvs at 2.30 p.m. (Tuesdays and Saturdays only,), allowing time to view the Gardens. Arriving home at 6 p.m. Fare, 3s; Box seats, Is extra. 16 miles. Tour No. 7.—RHTDYFOEL, BETTWS ABERGELE, gad COEi) COCH. Charming Drive. A. foux-hoise Coaoh leaves the Mews, at 2.30 p.m., for Llanddulas Taayrogo, ithydyfoel, Bettws Abergele, Coed Cooh (the res: uea ot the lion. Mrs Laurence Brodrick) aud Gardens, and home via Dolweo, arriving home at 6.15 Return tare, 4s Box seats, Is extra. 24 miles. Gwrvch Castle (Residence ot the Countess of DundonaUi). '1 be Proprietors have permission to drive through the Grounds upon payment of a small fee. Days of Admission Monday, Wednesday and Friday. ALL TOURS RETURN IN AMPLE TIME FOR DLNNElt AT THE HOTELS. Large parties catered for at Reduced Rates. For further particulars enquire at the Coaching Office. In case of Wet Weather, cacti Coach is provided with Waterproof Capes and Aprons. Any of the Coaches cau be Engaged Privately at a day's notice. 27215p EFFICIENT BILLPOSTING. PARTIES desirous of having Bills posted on p ALL the most. IMPORTANT Advertiao- tnent HOARDINGS in the District of Rhy4 Prestatyn, Meliden, Dyserth, Rhuddian, and St. Asaph, should send their Orders to BEECH BROS.. THE RHYL and DISTRICT BILLPOSTERS, Advertising and Billpoating Contractors, PROPRIETRzss-MRS. F. BEECH To whom all Communications should be Addressed. Manager:—W. KELLY. Head Office. KINMEL STREET, RHYL. e r y PP7PM A To DMtr°y UVfc/irf ITIXII form of Kczema nse f FRANCIS'S SKIN OINTMENT. Itching -will ce&se after One Applied* tlon. Will euro Elng- worrn In 2 or 8 Days. Is Infallible for Piles. Acts lik« » charm on „ 3Be4 Logs. He<s tip old Woondfl St Sores. "HTV,, Pes troys every form of Ecacm!) ana other pkJn Troubles. Boa never been known to fall* boxes. id, (past free) FMHCI8 C0.,CHEHIST3, WREXHA8 MUSICAL. AIR. BRYAN WARHURSI Grganlat td Thomas' Qhurtji JUiyij ytewsfitei si Bi Pfeui'e Ghureii, CW U/uflty tis^^ I t@.¡ eÏä 1 Eupiia prepared tef ftli ex&miQatioina. ffoifl July, l&Ofl, ^4 t»aehing fet1 LIl A.M, and ylptem&9: fo^a^atiea i^gaaally, pt by A CeUise of Pfaetioai and fcWw m te 00vw tu whole ol Vtileis Prtxlueikjii Piai«>fort« Tefcob^if vnm OOLWYN BAY andOLD COL# TUEBDAVB and FRIDAYS. Haydn Hense, Uhyl, 07590 MR F. GURNEY BARNETT L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M. (Teaahing Singing). (Teaching Pianofo"9^ Conductor of the Coiwyn Bal PhiIhana1,lll Society, LadieS" Choir, and Ainateuf Orchestra. "\70ICB PRODUCTION, SOLO SING^J' PIAJNOFORTE, ORGAN, 4 HARMONY, COUNTERPOINT, Etc. ?P^?lete Preparation f .r the L.R.A.M- A.R.C.M. Diplomas; and all other recog1^ Examinatioua. Ncrmanhurat, JUaotrcb Road, COLWYN pianoforte, Organ, Singina, fianao.9. £ E. W. MATHERS, (Member Incorporated Society o/Musicia^h RECEIVES PUPILS AT Scattel,d IZ084, Y, "BAYCLIFFE CoLwyri f'A LESSONS GI YEN AT PUPILS' RESIDrsoll IF DESIRKD. "W Preparation/or ISM. and olhtr ExamW^ MANY PAST SUCCESSES. MODERATE TERMS. 2735^. MR. E. ARTHUR MORRIS, A.R.C.O., ORGANIST & CHOIRMASTER 01 ST. yOHWs CHURCH, t OLD COLWYN, GIVES LESSONS IN PIANO, 01,G,40 AND SINGING. For Terms, etc apply 41 AMBION," OLD COLW* 28 i6rp .MISS CECILIA ANWYL PIANOFORTE. THE NEW TERM WILL SSp. TEMBER 1st, IN DENBIGH & THE VALE OF CLW"i — — rfi Full particulars as to terms, ftc., 00 cation to Miss C. ANWYL, 61, Devereux Drive, Liscard, Liverpooft p THE Jtp CLAXTON-JONES OROHESTP (ANY NUMBER). OPEN TO ENGAGEMENTS FOa ALL SOCIAL FUNCTIONS. REPERTOIRE INCLUDES LATEST LONDON A.ND CONTINENTAL SUCCESSES. Terms on application to Holland Villa, Bodafon, Llandudjf Mr Piter Edtoards, mus. %3c i (Fear Jllaw), f Musical Adjudicator,Festival Conductor/ 4, Lake Avenue, RHYL«^ IMPORTANT NEW WO UK. TVJATIONALAIBS OF WALES. TheM«sl? Edited & the Words fialtMullr tranrf*t^ by Pedr Alaw. To be Published b7 SCaiPTittN, the Names appearing In Volnme. Price B Both Notations 7 Send for Prospectus to TffK CaXTOK | PRESS, LTD., BANGOR. PRJ:8S, LïD., HANGOR. t FINANCIAL. NO PRELIMINARY FEES. MONEY LENT PRIVATFily In Large or Small Sums (not less than £10),. ON BORROWER'S OWN PRO- MISSORY NOTE. ESTABLISHED NEARLY FORTY YEARS and now lending UPWARDS of L70,000 ANNUALLY. For Prospectus and Terms, apply to GEORGE PAYNE & SONS 8, CRESCENT ROAD. RHYL. nII Bata&ished 1870 11623* IMPORTANT NOTICE.—LOANS from to £ 5000 granted, without delay, at diataiuoo, to Honsehoidei's, Publicans, Farmers, and all Classes, on pet" sonal seenrity; no Bondsman, no trcublft strictly private, low interest, by foUoTvintf.. Weekly, Moxuthly, and Quarterly RepaY. incaitxi: —c £ 10 Loom from 3s weekly; £ 20 1;00 from 5s weekly; £ 50 Loan from 123 6d ly; J6100 Loan from 25s weekly. Deal aai OLd-Kstabl'ished Firm, where you reiy on strathtforward Business. Don't H misled by paying extortionate illlresbs øJ1 heavy repayments abovo yousr nioaaia. SAMUELS and CO., 5, JOHN I)ALTON" STREET, MANCHESTER. DON'T BORROW MONEY IN YOUR 0"^ TOWN.—Why be hanclicapped for lack of C»P** tal when you can obtain a striotJy private advslfIC4 from JE10 to 21000 on simple Promissory Note? J¡111 distance. No enreties required. Genuine application* never refused. All Communications treated as privata and confidential whether business is done or not. Promptness, absolute privacy, and straightforward dealings are assured. Repayments are arranged to suit own oomvenienee, and the interest is reasonable It costa you nothing to enquire our ter.&-Writs ot call toH. Kay and Co., Ltd., 32, Market-street Manohester. 27153p ^CASH ADVANCED 1 Privately without fees, fuss or delay. B On Note of Hand or Other Security." 5 From 50 upwards, on personal signature or with B Becurity.- Having a large connection uaongst B clergymen, professional gentlemen, tradeamen, H farmers and private persons, we are in a position B to quote lowest rates of interest. If intending bor- H rowers will simply state their requirements a B qualified representative will be cent to applicant's B residence direct from head office, prepared to B complete the transaction on mutually advasta- B geous terms. Existing loans paid off and advan- E cos made at reduced rates of interest. If desired, ■ business can be transacted by post; apply in S Btrictoonfitleoce to the direct lenders-invoi(i 1 agents). | F. LAWRENCE, LTD., f H 14, Jermyn St., Piccadilly, London. 1 B Trf. s "Endmost," London. 'vhone 4.500 Mayfair s -<L -,1 Prtkuted by the Proprietors of the "WELSH COAST PIONEER," amd Published by thean at their Head Offioc-g:-Con-way road, COL. WYN BAY, in the COUNTY of DENBIGH; and at GaaMostyn-stroet,IJA.NDUDNO, in tho COUNTY of CARNARVON; "Pioneer" Offioo, Hogih-etpaeit, RHYL; Central Build- inga, Hxgli-etreeit, PRESTATYN, in ^310 OOUNTY of FLINT, Thursday, August llti, 1910.