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lwwv OR HING ON'S INDIA PALE ALE. :a.t.<L L- IN BOTTLE. AH INVIGORATING & NOURISHING TOKiC. — 1 RETAIL AGENT S. K. WILLIAMS, CLOCK HOUSE, COLWYN BAY. PUBLIC NOTICES. (Continuation from front page). COLWYN BAY & DISTRICT HOCKEY CLUB A GENERAL MEETING Of the above Club will be Held at Grosvenor Cafe, Penrhyn Road, Oi,. Fi-ida Evening, A ll,(fUSt 26?li, y AT SEVEN O'CLOCK. ADIES are iri-Ited to attend, as it t v is proposed to extend the Member- ship to Ladies who may appoint their own Officers. 28379P RUTHIN FLOWER SHOW, SHEEP DOG TRIALS, Male Voice Competition. Thursday, Sept. ist, igto. WILL BE HELD IN THE BEAUTIFUL GROUNDS OF RUTHIN CASTLE (B the kind permission of Colonel Coruwallis West). FIltlE Attractions commencing at 8 a.m., SHEEP DOG TRIALS, some of the best trained dogs in England and Wales will take part.. 1 p.m., the Beautiful Grounds thrown open with the An-aient Ruins, Oaves, eto. A GRAND EXHIBITION of Plants, Flowers, Ff uat, Vegetables, Cage Birds, Etc.; over 160 oiasBess: 10 Challenge OUpf. and nearly £100 in Prizes. 4 p.m. MALE VOICE CONTEST, several WeU-known prize-winners have already entered. The Ruthin Town Band wail play selections during the day. Profceor LE-il L' RST. the 'wonderful Ventriloquist, and his friend JIMMY "will give several Performances during the day. Admission to all the Show: From 8.30 a.m. to 5 P.M., Is, or 9d if purchased on or before Aug. 29th; after 5 p.m., &d. 8 p.m., GRAND ENTER- TAINMENT in the Town Hall by the R.Mm MaJie Voice Choir, Prof. Le-Hurst, Jimmy, and others. Admission, 6d and la. 28320p ROLLER SKATING. LLANDUDNO HIPPODROME MORNING SESSION, 10.30 to 12.30. Admission No charge. Skates One Shilling. (or one Skate Contract ticket). AFTERNOON SESSION, 2 to 5. Admission Sixpence. Skates One Shilling. (or one Skate Contract ticket). Ladies' Tickets, including admission and Skates, One Shilling. EVENING SESSION, 7.30 to 10.30 p.m. Admission Sixpence. (or one Contract ticket). Skates One Shilling. (or one Skate Contract ticket). CONTRACT TICKET. Six Admissions or Six Skates, Four Shill- ings. Queen's Skating Rink, R H Y JL. OPEN DAILY, io-jo, 2-30, 7-30. Hockey Match To-night, Thursday, 8-30. RHYL v. VISITORS. SUMMER SKATING CARNIVAL AND CAKE WALK COMPETITIONS, Friday, August 26th. QUEEN'S BALL ROOM. GRAND CONFETTI CARNIVAL, Monday, August 29th. ADMISSION-SIXPENCE, 7 to 10. THE LATEST AND BEST PICTURES IN THE NEW ELECTRIC THEATRE. ENTRANCE—SKATING RINK. Mt -¡tl J. LAWRENCE'S _I. I NERVE PILLS. t J. j SAFE. 1" Free from all injurious drugs, t these pills can be tak<:n with 41 perfect safety. They cauBle no inconvenience. SIX.>ÇiaUJ" recom- -I. mendoo to ladi-es. SURE. 1 You can confidently cxp-ect rdief 1 fro pain if you try this r.emcy. [ t lB. a. noerve cure th:1t is qUlte I lrroeBÍStlbIe. SATISFACTORY. 1 Sufferers who have tded th,ese [ 41+ P i 11 8 oonstautly il'.eüommend -I them; flJ sure proof that they give good rsults. Just what f you need to cure N eur,aIgia, Tic I + and evcry N('I've pain.. Keep a box handy. I I l'rioe, Is 1 d and 2s !kl post free..f PREPARED ONLY BY I G. H. LA'VRENCE, !f.P.S., I I Pharmaceutical Chemist, I t 201 HIGH ST., RHYL. f'lS < +. PUÐLlC NOTICES. DENBIGHSHIRE EDUCATION AUTHORITY. PPLICA'FIONS,ar,e. li-ereby invited for the A Appo?'utmeut if !an A'I'r-l?,NDAN(-,E OFFIC,E-H ?.r t;,?, A-BL,-RG-CLE Lll?ST-P?ICT. The salary will be £65 per annum, with a new Uniform every year, and a new Over- coat every alternate year, and the successful Candidate must devote his whole time to the duties of the office. A knowledge ol' the WeZsh language is essential. The appointment will be terminable by three' months' notice on either side. Canvassing of Members of the Committee, personally or by letter, will be deemed a dis- qualification, and letters 'written in recom- mendation of Candidates will be considered to have beeji written with their knowledge and sanction, unless they can satisfy the Committee to fthe contrary. This condition will be strictly enforced. Application Forms may be had from the undersigned, on receipt of a stamped ad- dressed foolscap envelope. Application, in Candidate's own hand- writing. accompanied by COPIES of three recent testimonials, must reach the under- signed on or before 31st AUGUST, 1910. Dated this 10th day of August, 1910. J. C. DAVIES, Organiser osf Education. Education Offices, Ruthin. 28291p LIGHT RAILWAYS ACT, 1896. LLANDUDNO AND COLWYN BAY LIGHT RAILWAY (EXENSION No. 2) ORDER. rImE Light Railway Commissioners have .I.. submitted to the Board of Trade for confirmation, under the above-mentioned Act, an Order made by them authorising the construction of Light Railways in the Urban District of Colwyn Bay and Colwyn in ths County of Denbigh and in the Rural District of Conway in the County of Carnarvon (being an extension of the undertaking authorised by the Llandudno and Colwyn Bay Light Railway Orders 1898 to 1907). Any objections to the confirmation of the Order should be addressed to the Assistant Secretary (Railway Department), Board of Trade, Whitehall Gardens, London, S.W., and must be lodged with the Board on or before the loth September next. These should bo accompanied by Copies of any Clauses or Amendments that may be desired to remove the objections and Copies of such objections and Clauses or Amend- ments should at the same time be sent to the Promoters' Agents named below. Copies of the Order as submitted for con- firmation may be obtained on payment of not exceeding one shilling per copy from Messrs Paines, Blyth and Huxtable, 14, St. Helena Place, London, W.C. Board of Trade, 7, Whitehall Gardens, London, S.W. 19th August, 1910. 2835,5p COLWYN BAY GOLF CLUB, SPORTING 9-HOLE COURSE, SITUATE ABOVE rWLLVCKOCHAN WOOD, COMFORTABLE CLUB HOUSE, Luncheons and Refreshments Provided. GOLFING REQUISITES STOCKED, Steward and Professional L. GREEN SUBSCRIPTIONS. Per Annum. Honorary Members £ 1 ls and 10s. Resident M-embers- Ladies xl Is .)d. Gentlemell t2 2s Od. Country Members— Ladies or Gentlemen £ 1 is )d. Visitor, 2s per Day; 7s 6d per Week. DOUGLAS M. PEACOCK, Hon. Sec. Club House, Colwyn Bay. SAILINGS. CUNARD LINE ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS. LARGEST AND F ASTET VESSELS in the WORLD "FRANOONIA" and "LACONIA" (each 18,000 tons gtoas and Twin-Screw) now building. LARGEST AND FASTEST SHIPS TO BOSTON. From LIVERPOOL (Via Queenstown). TO NEW YORK. TO BOSTON. Lusitania, Fat- Aug. '27 I Saxonia, Tues., Aug, SO Campania, Sat., Sept. a Ivernia, Tues., Sept, 13 CANADA.—FAST ROUTE, SPECIAL RATES For further particulars, applv to Local A treats or to THE CUNARD STEAMSHIP COM- PANY, LTD., Liverpool. PLEASURE STEAMERS. THE STEAMERS OF THE OLD-ESTAB- LISHED COMPANY, ST. GEORGES S.S. CO., LTD., will ply (weather and other causes permit- ting) on one of the most beautiful Rivers in Wales, between DEGANWY, CONWAY AND TREFHIW. AU GU ST. S'teamer Steamer Stea.mer loaves leaves returns from Deganwy. Conway. Trefriw. 25 Thurs. 12.20 p.m. 12.25 p.m. 2.40 p.m. 26 Fri. 1.15 p.m. 1.20 p.m. 3.20 p.m. 27 Sat 1.55 p.m. 2. 5 p.m. 4. 5 p.m. 29 Mom. 4.40 p.m. 4.50 p.m. t6.30 p.m. 30 Tues. 5.25 p.m. 5.35 p.m. t7.40 p.m. SEPTEMBER. 1 Thursday 8.30 a.m. 8.35 a.m. 9.55 a.m. t Doubtful if Steamers reach Trefriw. Fare accord- ing to distanco. FARES.-Foro End, Is; Iteturn, 2s. After End, Is 6d; Return, 2s 6d. Children, Half. price. 27689p


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