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VALE OF CONWAY AGRICUL- TURAL SHOW. RECORD EXHIBITION AT UiANRWST. A HUNDRED MORE ENTRIES. ADDITION OF A HORTICUL- TURAL SECTION. (By Our Own Reporter.) Since its establishment iorty years ago, the Yak> of Conway Agricultural Society has passed through many vicissitudes, but in recent years the annual &how, which is the main object of the Society 's uncLc;y.vours,ii £ ii made steady progress. Fortunately, the exhibition. to_d)ay week wae well in keeping with the later trend of events. The show was as usual held, in delightful Gwydr Park, and, notwithstanding the forbidding ap- pearance of the sky during the early part of the dia- spectawrs into the gtoun? fr?Ill the Irtulflewere p-ouritig lit tde gat?es -%N?ere orened till within a short tame of the jumping competitions with which the programme came to a close. As indicating tho notable advancement made itpon the admittedly good show of last year the Appended comparative statement of the entries Should bo given witihout further preface: — 1909 1910 Heavy horsa classes 45 46 light and turnouts 74 91 Cattle 51 69 Sheep 50 59 Piga 11 10 Dogs 54 60 Poultry 52 68 Pigeons 55 56 Rabbits 3 6 Cage Birds 7 12 Butter and honey 42 21 Total 399 498 From the details it will be seen that there yas an increased entry in eight out of the eleven teotiOru3, making' a total increase on the year of juEt one short of the hundred. Of still greater Importance was the marked improvement in the jnality of the stock. Moreover, the value and jeneral usefulness of the exhibition were sub- stantially supplemented this year by the addi- 6on of a hortioultura.1 section, which attracted 153 entries in adicEtion to the 498 in the other departments, so that spectators had a grand *otal of 651 exhibits to inspect, not to mention a capital non-competitive show of machinery, etc. The president this year was Mr O. Isgoed Jones, J.P., Plas-yn-dre, the vice-president be- ing Mr D. W. Evans, Biynmorfydd Mawr. Mr E. Jones Owen, N. and S.W. Bank, LI an- >*wst, was the treasurer, while Mr H. J. W. Watling, assisted by Mr Ben Hayes, performed the secretarial duties with characteristic urbani- ty and cam. T The judges were:—Heavy Horses: Mr Peter Davies, Warburton. light Horses and Turn- outs: Mr George Ledsom, Bromboro. Jump- tog, Trotting-, and Tradesmen's Turnouts: Pre- flidse'rit, Vice-President, Colonel Higson, Plas "la<ioc, Lkuirwst; Mr J. Hartley Babbv- Plas- pi-Roe, Roewen; Mr L. W. Jelf-Petit, Bod- hyfryd, Llanrwst; Mr J. Black wall, Hendre, LJ&^rwst; Mr R. Gladstone, Bryndyffryn, Llan- rwst. Cattle: Mr S. Raingill, Altrinciham; Mj R E. Jones, Ilafod, Corwen. Sheep and! Pigs: Mr R. E. Jones, H&fod, Corwen. Dogs: Mr H. Stretch, Ormskirk; Mr Owen Williams, Hanrwst. Poultry: Mr T. II. Stretch, Orins- Pigeons, Cagfe Birds and Rabbits: Mr T. H. Stretch, Ormskirk. Butter and Egg|: Mra Hug-hes, Geeler, Pentrevoelas. Honey: Mr .voSxn Berry, The Apiary, Llanrwst. Horticul- ture: Mr T. Evans, Gwydyr Castle; Mr G. ^oafces, Glan Conway; Mr Evan Owen, Llan- Hon. vet. surgeon: Mr W. J. Bushnell. M.R.C.Y.S., Conway. THE EXHIBITS. Generally speaking, the heavy section of the worses was tho feature cf the show. In the opirr ton of the judge (Mr Hughes, of the Park, ^aeTsws) the animals shown, particularly in the open class for mare or gelding, were fit to com- pete in the lea/ding shows of the country. Mr Hughes referred specifically to what he de- scribed as the "magnificent animal" owned by Mr JcuTn Owen, Penrhos, Ruthin. TIria mare heA in fact ,von ri,,cmler b(>ilo?urs whereyer she h?s bek-,n 6-?,s year. %p-eaL-ing of the Olas?s as a whole he said they w,,ro a remark- ably fine lot and h<3 heartily ocngtatulatod the "-?ty up?o'n kluch an excellent display of &ni- Ynal,?. Out of all those that ciamo befoi?,- me, he addtd theo ivere onlv one or t?,vo unsound ani- ,c?,l spca.KS sp. "h. I ',Cndidly for the IL,UH cliar?,te.r.'of the show. T'hO li,-ht h<yrs?c and cit?tle jud.,Qs were also I"U-d in, th-eir praism of 4tllo animals that came Ulld*r t&eir Tdio sjic,?ep cla,%es ero not so well filled as one could wish, but in Welsh sheep there were some excellent speci- es. The pigs were weak in numbers, but Z, y1 was looking in that section was abundantly made up m the dog classes, where there was an unusual number of entries, two or three of the cottainin-- about twenty cxl-iibits. try and eav *rds '%vere also shown in good ml>ers. o butter c-Iibited was well up to t'he standard of last r's she- but the entries W" fewer. In tb hon,-y ?d?es tb,*cro Nver?e 0111? two exhiwtors. dges in the horticultural section express??d their 'Utisfact'on w'th the display in their de- sa l I P4rtment. Takin" into consideration the fact is that thi is only a .start, they said, the exhibits 'Dil the whole are good. There are two or thrleo fine bunches of carrots, and the winning collee- tiork of vegetables is a capiial one. In the flower section the sweet peas are the best of the (x. hibits. The promoters decided to make an extra charge of threepence for admission to tho horticultural tent, and this appeared to give a certain amount of dissatisfaction. BUSINESS EXHIBITS. The business exhibits attracted much attention. Messrs Hu;hcs and Burrows, as'usual, had a splendid display of agricultural machinery. This year they made a special display of Pettes and Handyman oil engines, and it was a significant 'act that the four engines exhibited were fold to prominent agriculturists in the district. In- cluded amongst the exhibits were Bamford's chaff-cutters and crushing mills, Powell's potato raiser, and mowers, etc, Walter Wood's century binder, Lanz's cream separator, Meyrs Deen- ing's reapers, Waide's end-over-end churn, but- ter workers, Gal Corn Bin, "Mealor's Ploughs," sheep swim bath for dipping sheep, sheep racks, cattle cribs, and numerous other implements, which made a really first rate and well arranged stand. Mr J. Roberts and Son, Conway-terrace, Llan- rwst, exhibited a variety of novel and useful articles for the use of motorists and cyclists. Messrs Garton's, Limited, Warrington, had their usual fine exhibits of grain, which are now grown by most of the leading agriculturists of the district. Amongst tho varieties exhibited were the following new varieties: Standwell, Mal- ster, Ideal Barleys, Abundance, Yielder. A new variety introduced this year for the first time, named "Tho Record," promises well. Messrs Foden and Co., the cattle food and medicine manufacturers, of Manchester, had a capital exhibit, and were busy booking orders through their representative, Mr R. W. Rees. Messrs Dickson's, Chester, the well-known nur- sery and seeds growers, had a very choice dis play of cut flowers from their nurseries, which they claim to be the largest in the British Isles, namely, 500 acres. Messrs Henry Hills and Son's, Amlwch, stand of the famous Welsh manures, so well patronised along the Conway Valley, were also represented on the ground. Another fine exhibit of agricultural machinery was the stand of Mr E. Lloyd Jones, implement merchant, of Llanrwst. There was a valuable collection of winter machinery, such as chaff- cutters, pulpers, oil cake mills, grinding mills, horse gears, manufactured by the well-known firm of Messrs Corbett, Williams and Son, Ltd., of the Phoenix Iron Works, Rhuddlan. Mr E. Lloyd Jones also exhibited one of tho Corbelt- Williams oil engines, which was running beauti- fully. A large number of these engines are work- ing very satisfactory in the neighbourhood. Conspicuous on Mr. Lloyd Jones' stand were also Martin's prize cultivator, Ransome's ploughs, Albion mowers, Osborne hay tedders and til engine, churns; Melotte cream separators, sheep racks, in all constituting a noteworthy collection. Mr T. Tudor Williams, ironmonger, Llanrwst, exhibited a variety of machinery, consisting of Albion chaff-cutters, pulpers, corn crushers, Ro- berts' patent plough, Bamber's churns, separa- tors, weighing machines, etc. Mr Lloyd, of the Marino Hotel, Old Colwyn, AISO exhibited his patent cart brake. THE PRESIDENT'S SPEECH. Speaking after the luncheon the President (Mr Isgoed Jones) referred to the death of the late Mr Lenthall, whom he succeeded in the presidential chair, and gratefully acknowledged the action of the committee in appointing him to the office from the vice- president's position. Proceeding, he said he had attended every show since the foundation of the society, 40 years ago, but it had never appeared younger or brighter looking to him (hear, hear). The horse and cattle classes were reported by the judges to be excellent, but the pig da.&.8 were unsatis- factory, and now that the price of bacon was so high he wondered why local farmers did not pay more attention to pig breeding (hear, hear). He paid a warm tribute to the on Jen- vours of the officials (especially Mr Watling, the secretary) and the .committee. He regretted the absence of Earl Carrington, who would have been present but for the fact that he had to be at Balmoral perform- ing his duty as minister in attendance upon the King. His lordship's presence would have been particularly helpful because an opportunity would thus have been afforded of obtaining- the views of the President of the Board of Agriculture upon the new scheme he had initiated in regard to the credit banks for agriculturists, a thorough exprSmation of which would have been appreciated by local farmers (hear, hear). The president concluded with a few sentences compliment- "n-g Mr Huoh-es and his fellow judg?es iipo-,i heir work during the day. Mr Hughes br-icfly ackrio-,vlcd,-ed. THE PRIZE LIST. Appended is the prize list:- HEAVY HORSES. "Bodnant Challenge Cup," for the best gelding or _nare, calculated for husbandry, shown by a tenant farmer within the counties of Denbigh, Flint and Carnarvon: John Owen, Penrhw, Ruthin. Mare, with foal: 1, John Owen, Ruthin; 2, John Roberts, Pron Francis, Llanrwst; 3, Mrs Edwards, Rhosmawn, Llangerniew; 4, John Owen, Pennant Ucha, Llanddoget; 5, T. H. Ro- berts, Stag Hotel, Llangerniew. Gelding or filly, foaled in 1907: 1, John Roberts, Llanrwst; 2, Owen Hughes, Foel Fawr, Llan- ddewi; 3, J. R. Griffith, Siamber Wen, Uan- rwst, and Mrs Edwards, Llangerniew; 4, W. Williams, Cvffdy, Llaurwst. Colt -or fillv, f o,a.l-ed in 1608: 1, John Owen, Ruthin; 2, John Roberts, Llanrwst; 3, Morris Williams, Hafod Fawr, Llanddewi; 4, Rowland Hughes, Llanrwst; 5, Richard Jones, Taihirion, Yspytty. One year old colt or filly: 1, John Roberts, Llanrwst; 2, E. Davies, Farmyard, Conway. Pair of horses 1, David Pritchard, Glanywern, Mochdre; 2, John Owen, Ruthin; Robert Parry, Glan'rafon, Dolwen, Abergele; 4, W. R. Williams, Henblas, Llanrwst. Mare or gelding, shown by a tenant farmer: 1, John Owen, Ruthin; 2, David Pritchard, Mochdre; 3, Robert Parry, Abergele; 4, W. R. Williams, Llanrwst. For the best foal, sired by either of the Plas Llan stallions (special prizes given by Mrs G. Jones, Eg- Iwysbach: 1, John Roberts, Llanrwst; 2, John Owen, Pennant Ucha, Llanddoget. LIGHT HORSES. Silver medal offered by the Hon. Mrs Ward for the best foal of any age, by any of her hackney sires: 1, J. 0. Pritchard, Carlton Stables, Colwyn Bay. Mare, with foal: 1, Hugh Owen, The Abbey, Llanrwst; 2, Frank Bibby, Plasyfoel, Dyserth; r., John Roberts, Coo Melwr, Llanrwst; c., William Johnson, Colomendy House, Denbigh. Mare or geld- ing, exceeding 14-2 hands: 1, Harold W. Davey, Maesmynan Hall, Afonwen; 2, Frank BiHby, Dyserth; r., John Roberts, Cae Mel- wr, Llanrwst. Mare or gelding, not exceed- ing 14-2 hands: 1, Frank Bibby, Dyserth; 2, paxold W. Davey, Maiesymynan Hall, Afonwen; r., Miss M. E. Knott, Nantycoed, Conway; c., J. R. Griffith, Llanrwst, and Mrs Fielding, Eirdanws, Talycafn. Two year old gelding or filly: 1, Harold W. Davey, Afonwen; 2, W. B. Lloyd, Ty'nyffrith, jLlan- fairtalhauirn; r., Griffith Williams, Hendy, Talybont. One year old colt or filly: 1. H. W. Davey, Afonwen; 2, J. R. Griffith, Llan- rwst; r., Mrs W. Morgan, St. Ann's Vicar- a -,o Bethc,,?da. Pony mar-e or geldi,ng, not exc ??ng 13-2 hamds high -and not 1-c!s?s than three years old: 1, Miss M. E. Knott, Con- way; i2, Morris Roberts, Nebo, Llanrwst; 3, T .Fletcher Hughes, 18, Station-road, Llan- rwst; r., John Roberts, Cae Melwr, Llan- rwst; c., Win. Trrrott, George and Dragon, 'aurw I St. W-eish nlOLlntaii in?are or pol,ding, not exc?oedin 11 hah-is 3i,igri: i a.ud c., 0. E. Morris, Sugocd, 1'enm.:Lcliu, 2 and r., Harry Roberts, Bryntirion, Den- bigh. Pony mare, with foal at foot, not ex- ceeding 12J hands high: 1, W. B. Llcyd Llanfairtalhaiarn; 2, John Evans, Tro'arVli^ Llangerniew; r., 0. E. Morris, Penmachno! Pony mare or geldmg, not exceeding 12-2 hands: 1, Miss M. E. Knott, Conway; 2, W. Trivett, Llanrwst; r., 0. E. Morris, Pen- maclino; c., Harry Roberts, Bryntirion, Denbigh. Tho County Live Stock Insurance Asociation's special prize Foal sired by "Norbury Patrick," the property of Mr Peter Goodwin 1, J. R. Griffith, Llanrwst. JUMPING COMPETITION. 1, F. V. Grange, Alvaston, Nantwich; 2, W. H. Jones, The Bungalow, Black Horse Lane, Old Swan, Liverpool. TURN-OUTS. Turn-out, mare or gelding, of 14 hands and upwards, and two or four wheel trap: 1, Frank Bibby, Plasyfoel, Dyserth; 2, Harold W. Davey, Maesmynan Hall, Afonwen; 3, J. O. Pritchard, Carlton Stables, Colwyn Bay; c., John Roberts, Cae Melwr, Llanrwst. Turn-out, maro or geld- ing, under 14 hands, and two or four-wheel trap: 1, Miss M. E. Knott, Nantycoed, Conway; 2, Owen Jones, Tanlan, Llanrwst; 3, John Roberts; res., T. Fletcher Hughes, Station-road, Llanrwst. Tradesmen's turn-out: 1, J. R. Griffith, Siamber Wen, Llanrwst; 2, Mrs Fielding, Eirianws, TaJy cafn; 3, R. T. Evans, Eglwvsbach. TROTTING MATCH AND PONY RACE. For the fastest trotter, any height or age: 1, Ll. Roberts, Rhos Farm, Llanrwst; 2, Richard Jones, Taihirion, Yspytty; 3, H. Evans, Bryn Cnap, Llansannan. Pony race, not exceeding 12-2 hands: 1, J. G. Evans, Ty Gwyn; 2, Thos. Owen, Maesol, Llangerniew; 3, T. H. Roberts, Stag Hotel, Llangerniew. CATTLE. Bull of any breed, not being Welsh: 1, Mrs Rowley Conwy, Bodrhyddan, Rhuddlan; 2, LNirs C. Lloyd, Lodgo Farm, Denbigh; 3, R. and J. Lloyd, Llanrwst. Welsh bull of any age: 1, H. 0. Ellis, Ty'nyrhendro, Bang,.)r; 2, C. 0. Roberts, Maesgwyn, Pentrevoelas. Welsh dairy cow, in calf or in milk, shown by n tenant farmer: 1 and 2, William Jones, Hand, Llanrwst. Welsh heifer, two and under three years old, shown by a tenant farmer, and bred within the district of the society: 1, H. O. Ellis; 2 and r., William Jones; h.c., Samuel Hughes, Glyn, Trefriw. Welsh heifer, one and under two years old, shown by a tenant farmer, and bred within the district of the society: 1 and 2, Wm. Jones. Shorthorn cow, in calf or in milk: 1, G. 0. Jones, Merchlyn, Conway; 2 and 3, Mis Rowley Conwy h.c., Mrs Fielding, Eirianws, Talycain. Crossbred cow, in calf or in milk: 1, R. Armor Jones, Caegwyn, Denbigh. Cross- bred cow, shown by a tenant farmer: 1, R. Ar- mor Jones; 2, G. O. Jones; 3, Wm. Jones. Heifer, of any breed, not being Welsh, two and under three years old: 1 and h.c., It. Armor Jones; 2 and 3, Mrs Rowley Conwy. Heifer, of any breed, not being Welsh, one and under two years old, shown by a tenant farmer: 1, Llewelyn Lloyd, Ffordd y Gruccyn, Rhuddlan; 2, R. Armor Jones; 3, Evan Roberts, Tyddyn Hen, Llanrwst; h.c., G. 0. Jones. Pair of Welsh steers: 1 and 2, Wm. Jones; r., Richard Jones, Taihirion, Yspytty; h.c., Samuel Hughes, Glyn, Trefriw. Pair of steers, any other breed 1 and 2, Wm. Jones. Yearling bullock, any breed, shown by a tenant farmer: 1, G. 0. Jones; 2, Samuel Hughes; 3, Rowland Hughes, Hafod, Llanrwst; h.c., George Jones, Brongerddi, Llan- rwst. SHEEP. Welsh ram, shown by a tenant farmer: 1, H O. Ellis, Ty'nyrhendre, Bangor; 2, W. G. Roberts, Dyserth Hall Dyserth; h.c., Hugh Da- vies, Gorawen, TaJycaln. rüng Welsh ram: 1, John G. Gratton, Foryd Farm, Abergele; 2 and 3, W. G. Roberts, Dyserth Hall. Wiltshire ram, shown by^aT^emant farmer: 1, Mrs Field- ing, Eirianws, Talycafn; 2, W. Williams, Parity- oanv, Trefriw. Ram, of any breed not before mentioned1: 1 and 2, Mrs Rowley Conwy, Bod- rhyddan, Rhuddlan; r., J. Harrison, Llugwy Cottage, Bettwayooed. Ram lamb, of any breed, shewn byi a tenant farmer: 1, Hugh Da- vkss, Gorawen, Talycafn; 2, John G. Grafcton, Abesrge3e>; r. andi h.c., W. G. Roberta, Dyserth Hall. Ram of any breed not having previously won a prize, ana shown by a tenant farmer (special prize given by Messrs McDongall Broa): 1, W. G. Roberta, Dysetrfc Hail 2, John G. Gratton, Abfcrgole; r., Mra Fielding, Talycafn. Ttoree Welsh ewes, having reared lambs dkirimr the season: 1, T. H. Roberta, Hendre House, Bodfari; 2, Jolm G. Grafton, Abergele; r. W. I, G. Roberts, Dyserth Hall; h.c., H. O. Ellis, Ty'nyrhendre, Bangor. Three Welsh ewes, having reared lambs durin-g the season, shown by a tenant farmer: 1, T. n. Robets, Bodfari; 2, John G. Gratton, Abergele; r., W. G. Ro- berts, Dyserth Hall. Three shearling Welsh ewes: 1, W. G. Roberts, Dyserth Hall; 2, John G. Gratton, Abergele; r., R. O. Williams, Bryn- dowsi, near Conway. PIGS. Breeding sow of large or small breed 1, R. E. Munro, Oraigside, Llandudno; 2, J. Harri- son, Llugwy Cottage, Bettwsycoed; r., J. Evans, Bodnant Arms, Eglwysbacih. Pair of store pigs: 1, W. Williams, Cyfldy, Llanrwst; 2, W. Jones, Hand, Llanrwst; r., Evan Roberts, Ty- ddyn Hen, Llanrwst. DOGS (Open). Rough or smooth-coated collie dog: 1 and r., W. G. Powell, Capel Gannon; 2, George Austin, Treflan House, BaiigOr; 3, J. Hughes, Woodville Grove, Llandudno; v.h.c., Miss E. M. Elking- ton, Plas Llanercll-y-mor, Holywell; h.c., Robt. Hughes, Barom Hill, Great Ormc's Head, Lian- dudno. Rough or smcoth-cxxited collie bitch: 1, R. Hughes, Wicklow Kennels, Bangor; 2, J. r Hughes, Woodville Grove, Llandudno; 3, W. G. Powell, Capel Garmon; r., Miss E. M. Eiking- ton, Pias LJanerch-y-mor; v.h.c., Dd. Roberts, Vine Cottage, Llanrwst. ColLio puppy, under 12 months old, rough or smooth: 1, It. Hughes, Wicklow Kennels; 2, J. Hughes, Woodville Grove, Llandudno; 3, Miss A. C. Griffith, GJan- ypwll Schools, Bla-onau Festiniog; r., Sam Jones, Tynywern, Pentrevcelas. Wire-haired or smooth fox terrier dog: 1 ajid special, J. Tregoning, Trigfa-, Denbigh; 2, W. C. Roberts, Dolhyfryd, Llandudno; 3, David Roberts, 6, Eifion, Terrace, Blaenau Festiniog; r., E. Llúyd Hope, Penybryn, Llanrwst; v.h.c., Dr. J. \V. Owen, Llys Meddyg, Llanrwst; h.c., Hon. Mrs Ward, Old' Colwyn- Wire-hairod or smooth fox terrier bitch: 1, Mrs A. R. Hughes, The Harp Inn, Bagilit:; 2, Robert Edwards, Lower Mills, Llanrwst; 3, Lewis Jones, 3, Railway-terrace, Penmorla, Portmadcc; r., Owen E. Jones, Bod Gwynedd, Llanrwst; v.h.c., Hon. Mrs Ward. Welsh terrier dog or bitch: 1, W. C. Roberts; 2, Tyddyn Gwyn Road, Blaenau Festiniog; 2, W. Jones Humphreys, Boot Depot, Penrhyn- deudraeth; 3, special, r., and v.h.c., Williams, and Williams, 2, Tyddyn Gwyn road, Blaenau Festiniog; h.c., Bertie Evans, Mountain View Hotel, Mochdre. Terrier, any other variety excepting toys: 1 and special, John Taylor, Moston House, Rhiwbank, Avenue, Colwyn Bay; 2, James Wyse, County Buildings, Llanrwst; 3, Mrs A. R. Hughes, The Harp Inn, BagfUt. Spaniel dog or bitch, any variety: 1, W. Jonce Humphreys; 2, Griffith Owen, Unoorn, Blaenau Fe-sti-rii-og; 3, Ellis Owen, London House, Llan- rwst; r., Mrs J. Owen, Tanlan, Llanrwst; v.h.c., D. Pryoe Williams, London House, Llanrwst; Dog or bifcclh of any breed not before men- tioned: 1 and special: Miss A. Horsfall, 121, Sussex Road, Southport; 2, John Taylor; 3, Mrs W. Smith, Claremont, Rhiw Road, Colwyn Bay; r., A. R. Hughes, The Harp; v.h.c., Mrs M. A. WeJLsby, 7, Wellington Road, Rhyl; h.c., Mr and Mra Jones, Acacia House, Lianrwst; h.c., W. R. Humphreys, 26, Park Iiiil, Bangor. Dog or bitch, any variety, not having previously won a first prize: 1, Mrs YV. Smith, Colwyn Bay; 2 (equal), W. G. Powell, Capel Garmon, and Walter Speed, 10, Ambrose-street, Bangor; 3 (equal), James Wyse and Mrs Jane Plumb, Red Lion, Llanrwst; 3, Mrs A. R. Hughes, Bagiilt; v.h.c, Mrs M. A. Welsby, Rhyl; h.c., Dr J. W. Owen, Llanrwst. Sporting dog or bitch: 1 (equal), John iaylor, Moston House, Colwyn Bay, and J. Tre>gonin"> Trigfa, Denbigh; 2, Mrs A. R. llughej, Ba&lllt; 3 (equal), W. Jones Humphreys, Peiixa-pideu- dracth, and W. C. Roberts, Llandudno. Sell- iu,.Z cla?,s, ao;z <),r bitc?i: 1, rw,-?7t; 2, W. G. Ca.i-K2d GaniiG?,i; i,a-ni,es W)-t:e, aiij Wa,tk?r speed Ban' ,-r. D<),- or bitchoftny 6?,ced (equa.), J,ohii Tay-,or, (?clwyii Ba-; ? I an.(I J. Tregoil-iig, 2 W. G. and A.' it. Hughes. Toy dog or bitch, any variety 1, Miss A. Horsfall, Southport; 2, Mm \V. Smith, Col- w3- Bay; 3 (,equal), MTS !l. i?. Nlvcdl-lb.Y, and Mri J. P!,umb, Li.,nnvst. Wl'l'e or Sillo<Ytii fox berr,"Or clog, or bitcri (pr:.z,) by Iai?itas J. Tregoiil!"g. r ?ci7iLer do or bi ?c any ot-ier va-riety: 1, Jo-TiA Tay!,UT, Ck)iiv3?n Ba, Bitch in the show, any variety (prize, 281b,. Mciox Dog Food); 1, John Taylor, Colwyn Bay. Dog- or bitch, any breed, bred by exhibitor (prize, value 10s 6d, gtiven by Jcye.i Sanitas Co., Ltd.): 1, J. Hughes, Llandudno. Rough or -snoot,h collie dog or bitch (prize given by Messrs W. S. Williams, Llanrwst): 1, W. G. Powell, Caipel Garmon; sr., R. Hughes, Bangor. Puppy dog or bitch, any variety, under 12 months old (prize, 281be. Melox Dog Food): 1, John Taylor, Colwyn Bay. Non-s,portmg dog or bitch (urize', electro-plated cup, given by Mr J. Boiloten, Raayjor): 1, Miss A. Ifcrsfall, Southport. Sport- ing dog or bitch, (prize, electro-plated cup, given by Messrs T. R. Jorcs, Moss Hill, and W. G. Powell, Cxp?--l Gar,-nor?): 1, J. Trego,,iirk, D,'Tibi,h. D<)g in show, any vait?-ety (prize, 1-un,d volurne of "Our I MitsLi A. rl fad;. SpIricia? p *zo Of a slyc? ro;? L--oA-1 by Mr W C. Itol),?rt. (I.ceorator, Lla,?dudr,.o, 'fo-r the best maiden Welsh terrier, bred by a bona-fide working man in North Wales: 1, Wiilliams and Williams, Blaenau Festiniog. POULTRY. Minorca or AndaJusian, cock or hen 1, N. J. Campbell, Foresters' Arms, Holyhead. Game, any variety, including Malay and Indian Game, cock or hen: 1, R. II. Hughes, 79, Mwrog-street, Ruthin; 2, John Evans, Trofarth, Llangerniew; r. and vhc., Robert Edwards, Lower Mills, Llanrwst. Plymouth Rock, cock or hen: 1 and 2, John Evans, Llangerniew; r., Watk'in Samuel, Kings Mill House, Wrexham; vhc., J. A. Walker, Osborne House, Llandudno. Wyandotte, cock or hen 1, N. J. Campbell, Foresters' Arms, Holyhead; 2, E. J. Berry, Treflys, Llanrwst; r., Watkin Samuel, Wrexham. Orpington, cock or lieai: 1 and 2, N. J. Campbell, Holyhead; r., J. A. Walker, Llan- dudno. Leghorn, cock or hen: 1, N. J. Campbell, Holyhead; 2, D. R. Williams, 334^ High-street, Bangor; r. and vhc., Edward Mills, Eirianfa, Llanrwst. Any other variety, cock pr hen: 1, N. J. Campbell, Holyhead;' 2, J. A. Walker, Llandudno; r., John "Evans', Llangerniew; vhc., R. Ewart Owen, Presta- tyn. Selling Class, cock dr hen 1, J. A. Walker, Llandudno; 2, N. J. Campbell, Holyhead; r., Robert Edwards, Lower Mills' Llanrwst; vhc., Robert Evans, 54, Denbigh- street, Llanrwst. Aylesbury, drake or duck 1, N. J. Campbell, Holyhead; 2 and r., T. R. Jones, Moss Hill, Penmachno; vhc., T. Z. Roberts, Ty Iorwerth, Llansannan. Any other variety, drake or duck 1 and 2, Peter Roberts, Poultry Yard,Mwrog-street, Ruthin; r. and vhc., Richard O. Evans, Ty'nddol Farm, Tanygrisiau, Blaenau Festiniog; vhc., J<)Iln Evans Llan,,?erni,ew. T y -urkc?. cock or hen: 1, R. Williams, Fron Wen, LI-allsanliaii. Bantams, any variety, cock or hen 1, Sid Jones, Merthyr Tydvil; 2, Miss Eva Hughes, Denver House, Mount Pleasant, Llanrwst; r., Cecil Hayes, Pwllmonyn, Llanrwst; vhc. Frank Hayes, do. EGGS. Half-dozen white eggs: 1, John Evans; 2, Miss Lucy Ll. Jones, Brynfawnog, Mae nan. Half-dozen coloured eggs: 1, Miss Cissi.e Jones, Brynfawnog, Maenan; 2, Miss Lucy Ll. Jones; h.c., Mrs Rogers, Pentrerhydidan, Llangerniew, and John Evans; c., D. L. Thomas, School House, Trofarth, Abergele. PIGEONS (Open). Fantadl or Jacobin 1, Robert R. Jones, 18, Dorfil-st., Blaenau Festiniog; 2 .and v.h,c.' A. Ivey Gerard, Llanrwst; 3, Benjamin Jones, Blaenau Festiniog; r., Evan Thomas, Llanrwst; v.h.c., Jones Bros., Llanrwst. Show Homer: 1 and h.c., Evan Thomas; 2 and h.c., Llewelyn Williams, Pcnmaenmawr; 3, D. Beadles, Holywell; r.; John Williams', Holylhead. Flying Homer: 1, 2, r., aDd v.h.c., Jones Bros.; h.c., H. Roberts, Llan- rwst, Evan Thomas, and John Williams. Pigeon of any other variety: 1. 3, and r., Llew- Williams; 2, Jorss and Pelling, Llan- fairfechan. Selling Class.—Pigeon of "any variety: 1, Jorss and Pelling; 2, p. Bead- les; 3 and v.h.c., Llew. Williams; T., Evan Thomas. Special prize of & sportsman's knife for the best pigeon in the 6how..1, Llewelyn Williams. CAGE BIRDS. Goldfinch: 1, John Kershaw, Llanrwst; 2, J. E. Jones, Penmachno; 3, Thomas Rch 'berts, Llanrwst; r., R. Williams, Penmach- no; v.h.c., J. T. Jones, do. Canary of any variety: 1 and r., R. W. Thompson, Llan- dudno; 2, Evan John Jones, Penmachno; 3, J. E. Jones, do.; v.h.c., Evan Edwards, Har- lech: RABBITS. Rabbit of any breed: 1, W. A. Hughes, Llanrwst; 2, Tom L. Pelling, Llanfairfechan; 3, W. R. Thomw, Uanrwst; r., Miss Hat?o Evans, Llanfairfecha-n; v.h.c. ]3enjarain Rnes, Blaenau Feetin-i-og. 13UTT39 Tenant farmer showing,the best sample of pot butter,mot leo.,s than 25lbs., bona-fid-o th-o pr,oduce of hi4a own faxm: 1, Miss LloyA, Lia.urwst; i2 aud 3, Mri3. Edwa-rds, Lla;ng:i niow. Texiant fa,? showing the 4 sample of fresh butter (old method): 1, Miss Lloyd; 2, Mrs Edwards; 3, Miss Williams, Conway; v.h..c., John Evans; h..c., H. O. Ellis, Bajigor; c., Mrs Roberts, Glan Con- way, Mrs Humphreys, Llanddoget, and Row- land Hughes, Llanrwst. Tenant farmer h*o bestsample of fresh butter (new L ?Miss Lloyd; 2, MTS Edwaxds; 3, M CuTizydr-uidlo-n; v.h.c., H. 0. F ?Lil; 1). CunuL;gham, Talyca'n. ?s; C., HONEY. Light coloured run or extracted honey, in lib. or 21b. jars totaJ weiijjiht not to be less than 121bs. or more than 2Ulbs. 1, Thomas Owen, Rhianfa, illanelian; 2, II. Wiiloughby Lance, 16, Lloyd- street, Llandudno.







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