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BUILDING LAND BUSINESS AND RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY TO LET OR FOR SALE. J. M. Porter & Elcock, Architects, Surveyors, and Valuers, Land and Estate Agents, THE ESTATE OFFICE, COLWYN BAY. Telephone: No- 38, ColWYU Bay. Tel-egraci-s: Plaaa," Coiwyn Bay. XjTREEHOLD DETACHED STONE-BUILT RESIDENCE, on the outskirts of Town; four Reception-rooms, seven Bed- rooms, oonv«uient lJomestic Offioes, Stabling, Gardener's CottAge, well planted. Grounds; ttearly three acros in all; splendid views; About one mile from Station. For Sale fOr to be Let Furnished or Unfurnished. Price and Rent moderate- \A BUNGALOW.—To be Let or Sold, on the outskirts of town; in bracing position; Lomige Hall, two Reception, and tive Bed- rooms, Bufckroom, and usual Domestic Qffices zilmny aspect; splendid views abont ikroo acres of land. Price very moderate for quick sale. APARTMENT HOUSES, in some of the best positions in the Town and sur- rounding Districts. All modern conveniences. "Rents from t35 to .£80 per annum. FURNISHED HOUSES for Winter Months, in good positions and low rents; fuU liat on application. Among others, an gx- ceptionally good Detached House, with two Reception-roams, Billiard-room, audsix Bed- rooms pleaeant grounds. All modern con- veniences. Telephone, etc. RHOS-ON-SEA.—Detached a.nd Semi- detached Villas, to Let ,and for Sale. Dry a.r.d Sunny positions. Easy reaoh of See. Front, Entertainments, Golf Links, etc. Priccs and Rents moderate. COUNTRY RESIDENCES, with from three to 60 Acres of Land, to be Sold and Let. R-cnts ranging from .£40 to £ 120 per Annum. I^HOICE FREEHOLD BUILDING LAND for SALE, suitable for immediate erection of BUNGALOWS, DETACHED and SEMI-DETACHED VILLAS; also several ex- cell-ant Sites for Mi OP PREMISED. In some cases money advaaioed on two-thirds value of X»ajid and Buildings if required. OLD COLWYN.—A good Detached House to Let or for* Sale, with two Sitting and five Bedrooms. Also a Detached House, with three Sitting and eight Bedrooms. Both Houses are m dry and sunny portions, and have all modern conveniences. Possession at an early date. SHOPS. — An excellent Double Fronted Shop t«o Let in Jt'enihyn-road, Colwyn Bay, with good ouse over. In one of the best business positions in the Town. Also several other shops to Let amd. for Sale. SHOOTINGS.—^Several small Shoots still available. Two of which can be rented together with a small Furnished House on the Shoot if dee1 red. For further particulars and orders to view, apply aa above. iirao- Nat. Tel. 55. R. E. BIRCH, F.S.I. (Agent to the Cayley Estate), ARCHITECT, SURVEYOR AND VALUER, BEGS TO INFORM HIS CLIENTS THAT HE HAS Removed from Wynnstay Chambers to Oaklands (First Floor), Conway Road, Colwyo Bay (NEXT TO COUNCIL OFFICES). D. HENRY ROBERTS, ABCIIITECT, SURVEYOR, and ESTATE AGENT, 9, DENBIGH-STREET, LLANRWST. HOUSES TO LET OR SOLD. RENTS COLLECTED. R. ARTHUR JONES, Land, House and Estate Agent, THE ESTATE OFFICE (Nr. Ti). &11). CONWAY, AND AT THE ESTATE OFFICE LAR.TUMOAM) DEGANWY. Telephone: No. 29, Conway. JBelegrama: "Juees Estate Agemt, Conway." FLRNLSHED HOUSES.—Llandudno. Gem- *ay, Deganwy, I'cujiaeiiiaawr, Li&afair- gecixaii, and surround iags. UNFUBNISHED HOUSES.— Degaawy: Detached Rowdeme, XM. Degaawy, Semi-detached, .£36. Degaawy; Semi-detached, £28. Conway Semi-detached, JB28. Conway Valley Detached, £ 40. Com way V alley: Detached Cottage, CON WAY VALE. FOR SALE.—Charming Eøtate of 40 Acres Or thereabouts with Gentleman's Residence; alectr.c light and all other modem equip- ments. DEGANWY. FOR SALE. -(lea tlezmn'a detached Resi- dence in secluded situation; two Reception, mx Bedrooms, large Hall, Stabling and Ten- tria Lawn. Price £ 1650. CONWAY. FOR SALE. Comfortable Serai-detached VAla Itesidence, witk Garden back and front; two P.eoeption, five Bedrooms. Low price befcwean now and Quarter Day. DWYUYFYLCHI, Near PENMAENMAWR. For unmediate disposal by Private Treatr [Valuable FARM PROPERTY of 21 Acree. .,¿ eot to Vew Golf Linka (to be opened at kabter). Make fino &ite for Geafetanuui'a IW- cc or ripe for openiog up as attractive estate. LLANFAIRFECHAN. ATTRACITYE COUNTRY HOUSE, in own irell hid-ultt gronwb of about an Acre, three Kooeption-rooma, au Bedrooms, together with Servants' Ama.-nmodatiou (Stables if re- ,N1;. for Sale at a low prioe, and with Muucdiate postteaaioa, by gentleman leaving England. BUILDING SITES FOR SALE in DEGA.N. JVY, CONWAST. PENMAENMAWR. Etc. For all particulars, apply to— THE ESTATE OFFICE. CONWAY. Bepost'cry for "Pieteer" advertisement*. — ■ ■ i SWARMS OF RATS QuicUy quelled by Rodine Fiat Pohon. Rata can't resist it, eat It greedily, die instantly, dry up, teave no smell, entirely eradicates raU The swiftest and most deadly -at kilter. Id., 1/ 2/ 3/ B/ Foat 2d. HAKIJBY, Chemist, Perth. Agent* S. Prytbercb. Chemist, Llangefni; H. K. Janet), Cbemi >t. Amlwch H. P. Thomas & .Son.Chcmist, A'>orfIVaw and J. T. Thomas. Chemist, Purtdiiiuj vvio; J. Parry, Llancrchymedd ) ■■■■■■■MBaaaiBnnaBCBBaDaBnky I SITUATIONS VACANT. I ASMART YOT,'NIG XAN Wanted, Can- vtassing. Exoeptional opening for ■energetic man.—Address, in first instance, "0.1:> G. "Pioneer" Office, Coiwyn Bay. 2855 lp A GENTS Wanted. Private Greeting Cards. Absolutely best series pub- liahed. Write at once for Book.—Wilkinson, 24&, Bank-street, Acciington. 28591p t>OOiS.—Wanted, immediately, Single B Main, smart appearance, sober, amd in- dustrious, with -good referemoe. AFPI.Y, I Sportstoan Hotei, Carnarvon. 28542p r TROY Wanted.—Apply, Domestic Buzaar -■ Co., Ltd., Con way-road, Colwyn Bay. 28477p OK-GENEB,A,L, Housemaid kept, clean, capable worker.—Apply, Matron, Cot- tage Hospital, Llandudno. 28492p .N 1 RY, GENERAL, 18^227 at" once" 'J all duties; small house; easy, comfort- able piece for clean, honest, willing giTl; reference required; no Registrys. Mrs Walch, 9. Stockton-street, Moss Side, Man- chester. 28594p dTXLERK Wanted, at once, for Coal Mer- chants' Offioe.—Apply, Rowland and Co., Colwyn B/ay. 28537p EXPERIENCED House Parlou r ma id ■4 Wanted; private house; two in family; good w-ages.-Apply, Mrs Cooke, Ffritliville, Marine Drive, Rhyl. 28442p ENERAL, 18 to 20, capable of running a G small house and assisting in washing; give references and state wages iequiiod.- Mrs Hobbs, Greenfields, Dyserth. 28417p TTOUSE-PARLOURMAID Wanted; Pri- vate School; must be Church; early riser; Boy kept.—Apply, by letter, with full particulars, Mrs Herbert Wright, Tanllwy- tan, Oki Cobrya. 28484p iTOT^'EL.—Waited, soon, a good House- Cihamber-maid.—Addreae, 0, D. "Pioneer" Offioe, Oolwyn Bay. 2S544p HOUSE PARLOURMAID, good -M-,L House Parlourmaid; Betweenmaid kopt; mlam cleans knives and boots; good wages. Mrs Con ran, Brondynryn, Denbigh. p XfO USEM AID Wetted, September :-b-d good references. — Apply, Matron, Glanydon, Old Colwyn. 28555p XTOUSEMAID-WAITRIiSS Wanttd/ begin- ning of October, for Livei^pool; tifaxeo in family.—Apply, by Letter, Mrs ino-tmztn, "Cotic-a," Seaue-Id-road, Colwyn Bay. 28556p ILITOME oSFcr-ed in Upland Farm, near — Ruthin, to Lady, in return for Com- panioiiship, and email remuneration.—Ad- dre&s, "0. J. "PiQnøer" Offioe, CoJwvn Bay. 28505p EVANS, Searvants' Registry, St. 1'1.. Asaph. Wanted, Cooks, Housemaid- Waitrwses, Generals; good references. Stamp for reply. p iLLlNERY.—-Young Lady to take charge a± Showroom and Workroom.; must be experienced Trimm<rr and Saleswoman; medium cash trade; sita-to age, salary, and references; live out.—J. and A. Savage, Run- corn. 28538p "ORTH WALES STEAM LAUNDRY, l. OAKENHOLT, FLINT. Agents Wanted for Colwyn Bay and District.—Ap- ply as above. 28435p REGLSTRY OFFICE. — Housemaid, Wait-. resaes Wanted for Private and Board- ing-Houses also good Generals.—Mrs Payne, 15, River-street, Rhyl. 27049p X^ICrORIA HOTEL, LLANRWST.—Wan- ted a good Cook; also an experienced Waitress and a House Chambermaid.—Ap- ply, with references. 28617p WANTED, good General Servant, for WANTED, good General Servant, for Deganwy, comfortable home; three in family; first-class references indispensable.— Address, "N. L. "Pioneer" Office, Colwyn Bay. 28430p ANTED, HO~ US EM xUT)~ WAmiESsT some experience; age 20 to 25; good reference.—Misses Robins, Sefton Boarding- house", Old Colwyn. 28425p ANTED, (,xf,,eri-enoed Y<)uyi,o, General; English preferred.—Apply, Lyndhurst, Alexandra-ix>ad, Colwyn Bay. 28482p WANTED situation as Cook Housekeeper » or Working .Housekeeper in a small zzl family; good plain cook; excellent refer- ences*.—Address, "O.B. "Pioneer" Offices, Colwyn Bay. 2853Gp WANTED Cooik General; must have good referetnees; Housemaid kept.—Apply, Rysiseldene, Con way-road, Colwyn Bay. 28531 V^ANTED^ I^RLOUR^MAID^ or good House-Paa.loiLr-miaiid; permanently cr temporarily.—Mrs Mocabta, CLive House School, Old Colwyn. 28554p V)l^"ANTED, a young General Servant; ™ smal'l family; comfort able home.— Apply, Mirs Jon-es, 6, Derwen Villas, Rhudd- lan. 28548p VTTAxVTED Mother's Help for the Country to help with young children Servant kept; good home for suitable person. — "N.O. "Pioneer" Office, Colwyn Bay. 28443p W ANTED General Servant at once. — J. Rowlands, Tal Eifion, Criccieth. ANTED an experienced English nurse a.t once; Coolts and GesneraLs at liberty. —Bounds' Registry, Colwyn Bay. 28564p ANTED, strong Houaemaid-Waitress; also, good, strong General, able to do plain cooking.—Apply, Mrs Hughes, Crown Hotel, Denbigh. 28596p y\T ANTED to represent a well-known ™" Colliery Company, a Salesman capable of taking full charge of a Retail Trade, in Colwyn Bay and district, must have an intimate knowledge of the district; Colwyn Bay reeid-ent preferred. Applicants to send copies only of recent teetimomials, stating ag* aad salary required.—Applicants to "'N.X. "Pioneer" Offioe, Colwyn Bay. 28607p ANTED Housemaid-Waitress for Octo- ™ ber 5th; state age, experience, and refcrenoes; three in family.—Miss leighton, County School, Llanrwst. 28609p VOUNG GENERALS in want situation; — also Cook-General want a temporary plaoo for month.—Apply, Mrs Ephraim, Re-. gistry Offioe, Blaenau Festiniog. 28612p ANTED smart Young Man as Traveller for First-Claas Ladies' Tailoring Estab- lishment must have some k-nowledge of the Trade, and be welq aequaiat-ed with the locality. Apply, "Traveller," "Chronicle" Offioo. Bangor. WANTED smart Meui in private family; abstainer; able to wait and keep silver; must have good referenetf.-Apply, by letter, Lancaster and Co., Dteganwy. 28620 WANTED, at <moo, for Knutsford. CbMhire, good experienced Apply, evenings, Sirs Ashcroft, Oemlyn, Aber- gelo-road, Colwyn. 29622p \JtrANTED, exporienoed Waitress, for private house at Colwyn Bay.—Ad- drees, "N.M. "Pioneer Office, Colwyn Bay. p lif ANTED, for small Private House, in Colwyn Bay, a highdy respectable, thoroughly &mcstioated Englishwoman, young or middle-aged, for housework; must be good plain aook; hours, 10 a.m. to 6 pm.; p out; wages, 128 weekly.—Write, with reSerenottt and. full particulars, "0. R. "Piottoar" Office, Oolwyn Bay. 28634p WANTED, November 1st, General Servant, for family of throe; plain cooking, washing; one who has been house-wajting- maid preferred.—-Write, stating wages, to Miss Wiladen. iy Gobaith, Aber^tle. 28G33p W ANTED, for Hotel, in AngIN-ny, tOW Cook-Geaeral and House maid-Wait- ress.—Apply, with references, Box 7147 "Chronicle" Offioe, Bangor. V\TANTED, at once, for Rhos Uchaf, near Bangor, Working Housekeeper; food reference* easemtial. Apply, Plas Meua.i, Uppar Bangdrl- c WAINWD, early in November, for an ▼ » Hotel in Anglesey, & good Cook, able to look %ftlr a small dairy kitdien- Girl kept; good wages and good home for a 8uitab1 pe-roo-n.-Appiy,. Box 7469, "Clorianydd" Office, Llang-efni. SITUATIONS VACANT. WANTED, in Auctioneer's and Estate Agent's Office, a trustworthy, intelli- gent, and go-ahead Clerk, preferably already in this business, and must have a knowledge of Bangor and district.—Address, in cou- fidence, Box 7148, "Chronicle" Oilice, B.n- gor. VITEST AUSTRALIA. Special offer to *» FARMWORKERS. Fare .£2. Recent experience essential. Women Domestics Wanted. Particulars free concerning all branches of employment, fares to all parts of Australia. Australian Agency, 9, Lon- don-street, London, E.C. 7064c PROFESSIONAL. mUTOR GENTLEMAN competent to teach Youth Englicsh. subjects, few hours daily; Rhyl; one who can teach niusic preferred. Miss Guthrie, Kinmed- street, lihyl. 28624.p MUSICAL. II EVLS WJIrrLO(,-K, A.L.C.M., giwa Jbesscms in Pianoforte-playing and 'Itiie-ory of M-usic. iSpecial mestihod for Be- ginners.—For terms, apply, 239, Carnarvon- road, Bangor. 724go ORGANIST and Choirmaster (combined) 0 Wanted for Llandegai Chur-ch.-A-p. ply, Vicar. 7199o SITUATIONS WANTED. A S ■Cook or Cook Gfcn-eral, in ocr near B-hyl; three years' referenoas; no washing.— Adodlve3, "R. care of M. Guthrie, "Pioo" Offioe, Rhyl. 28561p OOOTS, Billiard Marker or Waiter wants situation; exjjerienoed; good refer- ences. Address, "W. "Pioneer" Office, Colwyn-Day. 28491p B USiN GENTLEMAN seeks temporary or permaaient appointment, capable manage office or ouftsacfae department, cxoel- Ijnt references.—Apply, "0. F. "Pion ;> r Office, Colwyn Bay. p U-NTRY GENERAL disengaged (19), two years' referenoe; cook, wash; strong, willing, capable servant, 4s 6d.—West, Rose Cottage, Berwyn-iit., Llangollen. 28C06p PROFESSIONAL. CERTIFICATED GOVERNESS disengaged, c successful in preparing for examina- tions; daily preferred.—Address, "N. H. "Pioneer" Office, Colwyn Bay. 28414p T ADY, refined, educated, domesticated, de- sires post as Companion Help; small salary.—Address, "N.N. "Pioneer" Office, Colwyn Bay. 28472p pOSTaB good Pla-in Cook in Private Family, would take School; at liberty; four years' reference.—Address, "N.S. "Piomeer" Offices, Colwyn Bay. 28483p SITUATION WANTED as Housemaid or Houseanaid-Waitress, in private fam- ily. Maggie Roberts, 2, Tanyfoel, Beth- eooa. 28541p T 7 PHOLSTRESS desires work honne or IU" ladies' cut and make loose covers Bed Mantle Drapery, Carpets, etc.; good refer- ences.—Alexandra Cottage, Rhyl. 28632p WANTED, Situation as Working-lion w keeper, iin a pnivaite family. Ad- dress, "O. E. "Pion-eer" Office, C Iwyu Bay. 28546p YOuNG LADY, Musical, -experienc-e in i Kindergarten work, requires daily pupils, in iprivate family.—"O. H. "-Pl(>- neer" Office, Colwyn Bay. 28559p EDUCATIONAL. OLWYN BAY.kb,-rl-,ele-road School for J Girls, with Preparatory Department lor lit tie boys. The next Term commences Tuesday, September 20th.—Prospectus and all particulars from Miss Selbie and Miss Ayles. At Home, Mondav, September 19 th. 2850Ip MISCELLANEOUS. BOOK DEBTS purchased, Cash down, any district.-W. Jackson, 2ti, Corporation- street, Manchester. 26511p RESSMAKING.—Ladies' own Material, 'lterms, moderate.—MTS Glenn, "Glan- dower," Deganwy. 28621p IMPORTANT TO MOTHERS. —Every Mother I who values the Health of her ChI.d should use Harrison's "Reliable" Nursery Pomade. one application kills all Nite and Vermin, beau- tifies and strengthens the Hair. In Tina, 4id and 9d. Postage, ld.-Geo. W. Harrison, Chemist, Reading. Sold by all Chemists. Agent for Colwyn Bay:—J. W. A damson, Chemise, Station-road. Agent for Penmaen- mawrT. J. Hughes, Chemist. Agent for Con- way :—L. Jones, Chemist. 23828p ADIE.S.-Ily improved Remedies act in a Ja-J few hours, when ail else fails. Surprisingly effective. Suooess guaranteed. Send stamped envelope for Free Sample. Address, Nurse Hammond, 20, lngledene, Bosoombe-road, South- end, Essex. 26421p LADIES' Hair Combings bought, from 4d oz. given cash by return.—Dick Nee and Co., 8, Old North-street, Theobaldi-road, Lon- don. Bankers, National Provincial. 27916p 64PAGE BOOK about Herbs, and how to use them, free; send for one.—Trim- nell, The Herbalist, 144, Richmond-road, Car- diff. Established 1879. 28119p WANTS (Miscellaneous), GÛA'l'S Wanted to hire for short time; clean, healthy, Billy. Hill, Pydew, near Llaaidudno. 28530p UBBER. Old Tyres, Tuks, etc., Wanted.—Send post-card to Rubber Co., Norton House, near Post Offioe, Pem- rfhy-n-road, Colwyn Bay. iu ACKINTOSli ES Overhauled, Cleaned, Altered and Repaired. Enclose fall parti- cuLars. 28563p fTVO RAG HAWKERS and MARINE A STORES, etc. Woollens, 3s 9d per soone; unripped cloth, Is Id; whites, Is; rough rags, 4d; tailors' cuttings, 3s 4d to 5s.Horwich, "Albert Mills," Downe-street, Liverpool. 28352p A-NTED, Gent's Misfits; Ladies', Gent's, and Children's befit-o-ff clothing. Good pwoes govern. Customers waited upon on ire- icoiflt of Post (;ard. Cash by 'return for all Paroels æJrt on. Jones, WrdrldOO Dealer, Com way. 28328p FURNITURE WANTED. ANTED. Modern or Antique Furniture; vT Homes purchased outright.—Kaalam, Aoo- Pioneer, Rhyl P APARTMENTS TO LET. A PARTMENTS, permanent, for thrce or four Gentlemv'ii, to share Sitting-room; board option?. Ben Lomond, Wynnstay Road, Colwyn Bay. 28473p COLWYN BAY.—Furnished Apartments to c Let, or whole of House, Rhos district..— Carmel, Liaanerch-road. 28508p DOUGLAS, Isk of Man.—Knowsley Board- ing Establishment, 41, Loch Promen- ade, threo minutes from Landing Pier. Din- ner 6.30. Termii on application to Misses cla-nn-eii. 27992p DENBIGH. — Widow, business, has furnished Bedroom and Sitting-room; Board or without, cleanliness, good Cooking. R. Pioneer" Oflic, Rhyi. 28493p LLANDUDNO.—Comfortable Apartments (with or without Board); pormaueucy or otherwise; sunny and centrally situated, Bath, Piano, and all nied-orn ocsnvemiesnceo; good Cooking and attendance; mode^a^e terms.-Apply" Mrs Griffith, Hemmiagfora, CaiWine-etreet, Llandndno, p LliANDUDNO.—Lorna Doone, road, CVaigydooi, pleasantly Bitui.tid Apartments, minute from Promenade; piano, bath; moderate special t-erms; .1-erml ency. 19P RHYL.—Peri/'anent Rooms in centre of Town for one ot two gentlemen or ladies; good cooking; very moderate terms. 2, Crescent- road. p 'D B-YL. — R€<ccTamended Rooms vacant; Board if required; Terms (moderate; for W itnter or perm a money.—Smith, 4, Beille Vine, Bath-street. 285621 H U DDLA N. -Apartments, comfortable and clean, near Costie and River, permanent or seasom-Miss DavLs, Tower House, Castle-si-, Rhuddian p APARTMENTS WANTED. LA.INDUDNO. Sitting-room and two Bedrooms for Lady, Gentleman and Daughter; tc-rms strictly moderate for winter months.—"O.M. "Pionoer" Offioe, Colwyn Bay. 28614p HORSES. CARRIAGES, &c. FOR SALE, New Box-Cart, moveable top, suit Butcher or Fish and Poultry Dealer; laxge 'Bus and useful Lurry, and light Spring Cart; Carriages of every desc-rip- tiosn for sale or exchange. Floats and light Traps our speciality. Write for list. Cash on easy terms.—Francis and Sons, Couch Builders, Colwyn Bay. p LURRIES, LURRIES; VANST Lu VANS, VANS; CARAVAN.—Furniture Van3, Tunnel Vans, and Lift Vans.—Fallows, Ltd., Wellesley, Bodelw-vddan-avenue, Old Colwyn. 28329p 5UITEI) THROUGH "PIONEER." Trefriw, September 12lh, DEAR SIR, I thank you for the enclosed insertion which has brought many replies, through which I am suited. Yours truly, W. J. ¡ CYCLES, MOTORS, &C., FOR SALE. 1 Q 1 O TYRES. No advance. Covers, 1. x A V 3s 9d each. Air Tubes with Valves, 2s 6d, guaranteed. Also Dunlop, Palmer, Clincher Tyres, Frames, Wheels, Pedals, Chains, etc. Makers' prices, Lists fro-W. A. Gorton, Manufacturer, Wolver- hampton. p POULTRY, EGGS, Ac. FOR SALE, Pure-bred, April-hatched Cockerels, Rhode Island Bed (Adams), White Leghorn (Worcester Poultry Farm), and Salmon Faverolles (Coaley Farm); also, trio Faverolles with unrelated Cockerel.—- Apply, Hicks. Ros theme. Upper Colwyn Bay. 28502p ISS BABCOCK, winner of 5000 Cups, Specials, etc., at all the Classical Shows, including Crystal Palace, Dairy Royal, Birmingham, York, Leeds, Manches- ter, etc., has for sale splendid Cockerels and Pullets; also Adults in Old English Game, in all colours; also Bants; also Indian Game and Indian Game Bants; also Andaluskms; also White Orpington Cockerels, Lindner's Strain, Plymouth Rock Cockerels (Jackson's Strain), and others for utility purposes.—Ap- ply, Ghur, Old Colwyn, or R. S. Marsden, Rimington, Clitheroe. 28440p Tt^HITE WYANDOTTES.—A grand selec- tion of 1910 April and May Cockerels, from pure and prire-br-cd strains, for dis- posal lovely colour and type; from 4s up- wards. Winner this season of over 30 prizes at English and Welsh Shows.—W. R. Owen, The Tower, Downing, Holywell. 28598p KA YOUNG FOWLS for .Sale. — Apply, "'Furnace Farm," TaJycafin. 28543p 2 AAA YARDS Wire Netting always in jUvv Stock, from Id per yard.—J. B. Rajidlea, Ironmonger, Colwyn Bay. THE FARM AND GARDEN. A LBERTS BASIC SLAG.—For prices, apply to W. Ellis and Co.. Merchants. Abergele. SHORTHORN CA-LVES.-Parm"s can have the very best delivered at their nearest Stations at reasonable prices, bred from largo-framed Cows, by pedigree sires. Hun- dreds have been sent into all parts of Walea. Wrrite for Prioe List.—F. B. Gill, Highgate, Whitchurch, Salop. 28027p MEDICAL. OT. MARY'S HOSPITALS, MAN CHESTER ^-5 (formerly St. Mary's Southern and Maternity Hospitals).—M-idwives amd Month- ly Nurses are Trained at the Hospital in Oxford-street, Manchester. The next Course of lectures commences Monday, the 3rd October, at 4.30 p.m.-For particulars apply to the Secretary at the Hospital. 28526p rTWIB MEDICAL HOME, COLWYN BAY.- A FULLY TRAINED CERTIFICATED NURSES supplied, who live in the Home when not at Cases, and are under personal super- vision, Pationte received. Massage Nursing A on Hire. Tel. No. 24. -Matron. Miss Isabel Matty. 22553p FOR SALE-VARIOUS. BEST Galvanised Corrugated Shoots.-5-ft., 13 1s 2d; 6-ft., la 4d; 7-ft., 18 6d; 8-fL. Is 8d. llidgecap Nails, Washers, Bolts. Carriage paid on lots of 20s. Alyn Galvanizing Works, Mo.d. 25962P BOOTS.—^ave nearly 50 per cent. by buy- -*— ing from Factory direct. Agents Wanted. Send postage 2d for large lllus- trated List and particulars. British Boot Co. (Dept. 244), Portland-square, Bris- tol. 28078p BULBS on approval; carri-age paid; re- liable quality; reasonable prices, 36- page Catalogue fi,oe.-FIlisen, F.R.H.S., 126, West Bromwich. 2S3G8p C^US"iX)MERS Wanted to take from 500 to f 700 dozea of new-laid English Eggs weekly; every Egg warranted new4aid. Is Id per dozen from Monday, 18th July. Best Devonshire Scald Cream Butter in -lb. prints and rolls, is Id per lb.-Apply, Snow and Co., Merchants, Tiverton, Devon. 28097p (^ALVAWISED C'ORRUGArED SHEET, all G warranted sound, 27in. wide; 5ft. Is, 6ft. Is 3d, 7ft. Is 6d, 8ft. Is 9d, 9ft. 2a, 10ft. 2s 4d each. A. few light Salvage Sheets, sound, but soiled by sea water, 5ft. lOd, 6ft. Is each ridging 3d per foot; spouting 3!d per foot.—N.W. Dept., Butler, Bell Works, Wolverhampton. 28ll2p ALVAN1SED FENCING WIRE, in -J-cwt. T bundles, from 6 to 14 w.g., perfect new wire, but shorter lengths than usual, 8s per cwt.; Galvanised barbed Wire, salvage, slightly soiled, in 84-ib. bundles, 336 yds., íi per bundle.N.W. Dept., Butler, Bell Works, Wolverhampton. 28113p UNS! GUNS! GUNS! Gradual pay- G nientd. Thoroughly reliable work. Close shooting. Send for list.—Thomas Wild Gun Works, Birmingham. p ARDEN BAhRlUWS, strong, vrail- G seasoned wood, from 15s 9d each.— J. B. Randies, Ironmonger, Coiwyn Bay. p ADY deavi-ag Colwyn Bay has few pieces of Furniture to ell. Old Mahogany, Bronzes, Piano, Pianola, Carpets, etc., can be seen any day befor-e 18th inst., between frvo and cix; mo d-eaters.-Kelawater, Llan- erch-road, Colwyn Bay. 2849&p MANGLES and Wringing Machines, 22- inch Rollers, warranted quality, from 398 6d eaoh. J. B. Randies, ironmonger, Colwyn Bay. p ORGAN, massive high top, with mirror, 19 stops and 2 knee swells; sacrifice for £ 10.—"L. U. "Welsh Coast Pioneer," Col- viyn Bav. 28076p OIANO, J612, excellent condition, walnut case. 40, Regent street, Wrex- ham. 28074p B >IAN OFORTE, almost new, cost Y.30, ac- 11 cept half or near offer.—"L. T. "Pio- neer" Otfice, Colwyn Bay. 28075p ABBIT NETS; Fish Nets; Cricket, Lawn Tennis JNets; Traps evory description; Catalogue stamp.—Young (mention paper), Net W orks, Cre^kiime, Somerset. 28351p WALLPAPERS from lad per roll. Any Quantity, large or small, at Wholesale Prices. Stock exceeds 250,000 rolls; all classes.— WLte for Patterns, &tating class requii-ed.The Barnett Wallpaper Co., Ltd. (Dept. 221), Camp- field Avenue, Manchester. OA GRAND Second-hand Mail Carts and Trolley Cers to clcar, cheap.—Mar fell's Ironmongery Stores, Colwyn Bay. 28599p FurtNISHEI:) HOUSES To LET. T^YSJiRm c.v.l'TAGE to Let, furnished; or guests received; lovely .situation.— Hannie, Dysecrth. 28545p ^\LD COLWYN.—Well .Furnished House to Let lor year, fiom end September; beautiful situation; lovely Garden; fine views.—Cowie, Colwyn. 28293p OLD COLWYN. — Rose Cottage, Beooh- road to Let furnished for Winter Months; low toci-nis.-M. Child, K-onmare, Hill Sido-roiad, Colwyn Bay. 2852&p T>RESTATYN.^ ^fcperior Furnished Villa, beautifully situatad, every convenience, Piano, Gas Cooker; vacant; winter terms. "O.P. "Pioneer" Offioe, Colwyn Bay. 28629p r|TJO BE LET\ Furnished, for the win'ter months, well-appointed Bungalow, from Rhyl Station; terms, 15s weekly. —"Pionoer" Office, Rhyl. rTtO LET, September, Bungalow, six Rooms, 25s week also, two Cottages, 10s each. week; sea and mountain air; noted healthy position situate six miles from Harlech Golf Links and Criecieth.-Fuil particulars and photo from J. N. Edwards, Blaenau Fes- IQg- 28497p HOUSES FOR SALE. OLW-YN BAYT.—Advertiser is prepared to c build Houaes to suit Purchaser's re- quirements; some charming positions avail- able; advantageous terms; estimates supplied to intending buyers.-Addrem, in first in- stanoe, "M. D. "Pioneer" Offioe, Colwyn Ray- 28360p C OLWYN BAY, best position, with exten- c sive &-a and mountain views, charming Freehold Bijou Houses, just completed Prioe, XI-50 to X650, or would .-Apply, Bradley, The Cottage, Woodland Pa-rk, Col- wyn Bay. 28597p OR SA.LE, Detached Villa, in best part Colwyn Bay, two Reception, six Bed- looms, large Garden, Tennis Lawn.—Apply, Penahurst, Lansdowne-rd., Colwyn Bay. 28602 f JVREERIW.—Leasehold (over seventy years) JL Detached Stone-built House; "having eights Rooms, nioe Garden, good approach, very conveniently situated for Station and Village. — Full particulars apply, Malek, ge. Estate Agent, Llanrwst. 28334p HOUSES WANTED. f jOTT1 AGE or BUNGALOW, between Orewe and Conway, five rooms, modern con- veniMaK^e, souii aspect, good elevation, not neair sea. Rent, .£20 or thereboutB.-Par- ticulars to Alfred Coy, Station Yard, Old GJI- wyn. 28600p \XTANTED parties having Houses to Let to Bend particulars, at once, to Haslam. Es- tate Agent, Rhyl. \^ANTED, Detached Cottage, with large Garden or Field, to rent or purchase -Address, "L. A. "Pioneer" Offioe, Colwyn Ba-V" 27888p ANTED, in or near Colwyn Bay Un- W furnished Detaohed House; three lW- oq>tio«, eight Bedrooms; Stabling if possible .-—Address, "O.A., "Pioneer" gffioe Oolwyn Bay. OAM?. 8' ^—■———— w— _UUUvp F Fill in this Form and send it to Advertisement Manager, | f PIONEER" OFFICE, CONWAY ROAD, COLWYN BAY. ) s The charge for all kinds of SMALL ADVERTISEMENTS, SITUATIONS VACANT s i and WANTED, &c., in the "PIONEER" is 18 Words 1/- Three Insertions, J f (which must be Prepaid). Name and Address must be paid for. j .5 I £ 10 | ( 15 { 20 } 25 3 30 3 T ■■T •+-rrmrmmMTmnn^mmmnnMx r Please insert above Advertisement times, for which I enclose P.O f or Stamps value "• d- ? Name _■ i Address i .-w. HOUSES TO LET. COMFORTA.BLE Uidurnished Flats to I et, ims»ediiart>ely.—Apply, G. Perkins and Co., Auctioneers, Colwyn Bay. ^<638p O-LWYN BIY.-Pleasant Family House, modern conveniences. Rent, £ 28.— Apply, present leaiant, 14, Erskine- road. 28479p LWYN B-&Y.-lo Let, "EurY"l," CO Willoughby-road; six Raon.9 and Baitii. Vaoaixt 29th.-lpply a bo fi. ~rt47\} /^tOLWYN BAY.—House, throe reoeption, nine Bedrooms, Bath, W.C., all other conveniences. Rent, = £ 50; lees good ten- .t.-Apply, Hazels, Ha warden-road. 28601p KFA,CRED Four-roonwd Cottage, at Llys- fuen, near Colwyn Bay; rent 3s 6d per week. Apply, Williams, London House, LlandduLas. 28488p LD COLWYN.-A-LFRED COY, House 0 and Estate Agent, Station Yard. TO LET, good selection Detached and Semi- detached Vi<tl«as. Geia-eral Enquiry Offioe for matters relating to LAND amd PROPERTY, Old Colwyn and neighbourhood. 27975p fiLl) COLWYN. Cadwgan-road.—Semi- V d-etached House; two Sitting, four Bedrooms, Bathroom, etc. Rent, X26. Im- mediate possession-Davie-, Oaklands, Old Colwyn. 28433p N VILLAGE of TREFRIW.-Five-room-ed Cottage; conveniently situated, good sanitation, small Garden X15 p.a.-A,ppiy, Malek, Llanrwst. 28332p L LANRWST. Semi-detachod Cottage to Let or Sell, Garden; South-West aspect; fine views. Apply, Malek, Agent, Llanrvst. 28370p EPRINV. Grandly situated Detached TR House; all modern conveniences, good sanitation, sunny aspect, excellent Gardens. —For rental and full particulars apply R. Malek, Surveyor and Estate Agent, Llan- rwst. 28333p rnREFRIW.- Thirteen-roomcd House; fine TR and sunny situation, large Garden, good sanitation and modern conveniences, close to Village; rental oC35 p.a.—Apply, Malek, Estate Agent, blanrwst. 28331p qpo BE LET, charming Residence, com- manding grand views of River Conway and district; suitable for Retired Officer with small family. Rent, < £ 45.—Apply, Colonel Higson's Estate Office, 18, Booth-street, Man- chester. 28446p HpO LET, Semi-detached House, Greenfield- road, March 25th next, 1911. Rent, .£42. Apply, Alfred G. Pugh, Chartered Accountant, Colwyn Bay. 28507p 7TK) LET, Semi-detached House, inAber- gele-road, £32; one on Dingle Hill, .£25.-Roger Bateson, Clarenby, Abergele- road, Colwyn Bay. 2860(ip DOGS FOR SALE. IRISH TERRIER Pups for Sale; bred from ancestors that have fetched as much as X300 and .£400 apiece; winners of many championships; the very best blood obtain- abl-e. These Pups are perfect specimens, and may be seen by appointment.—Apply, T. H. Jones, Kenilworth, Greenfield-road, Colwyn Bay. 28616p DOGS WANTED. X>LACK SPANIEL.—Wanted Dog /Pup for house and children..Price roust be moderate. Apply, "A.C.R. "Chronicle" Office., Bangor. LAND FOR SALE. LAND IN COLWYN BAY (Dundonaid-road) for Sale, for erection of small Houses or Villas.—James F. Taylor. Solicitor, 71. Lord- street, Liverpool 24925p ADOPTION. Y superior Person, one or two children to Nurse or would Adopt Baby.—Address, "O.N. "Pioneer" Office, Colwyn Bay. 28618p FOR SALE BY PRIVATE TREATY. T^OR SALE BY PRIVATE TREATY, oil those two Dwelling-houses, known as Brynodol and Maisonette, situate on the corner of Ellesmere-road and Prince's Drive, Colwyn Bay.—For particulars, apply, T. H. Morgan and Co., Solicitors, Colwyn Bay. FARMS TO LET. PARISH OF LLANRWST. TO BE LET, on 30th November next, GWNINGER and TAIYNYFOEL Farms (-except the Dwelling-house, Garden, and appurtenances known as "Belmont"), containing 83a. lr. 36p. or thereabouts; also the Grazing in the Gwninger and Taiynyfool Plantations, comprising about 129 aer-es.- For particulars, apply to Messrs Griffith and A.1iaxd, Solicitors, Llanrwst. To BE LET. LINT.-Stable at premises late Railway Vaults to be Let.—Apply, Northgo-te Brewery, Chester. 28627p LICENSED PREMISES TO LET. CiERWYS.CROSS KEYS HOTEL/ to be c Let (Rhyl and other Coaches stop in season on tour).—Apply, Nortligate Brewery, 28628p BUILDING LAND. LLANRWST. Excellent Site for small Villas and Cottagea; 99 years' Leases. —Humphreys-Jones, Architect and Surveyor, Mayfield road, Hands worth, Birming- ham. 28528p OFFICES, SHOPS, &c.. TO LET. A CORNER HOUSE and SHOP to Let in Market-square, Llanrwst, from 1st November next. Apply, W. TVigge Ellis, Solicitor, Llamrwst. 28529p FIRST-CLASS OFFICES to Let, in centre of town, opposite the Municipal Build- ings.-Nunn and Co., Wynnstay Chambers, Colwyn Bay. 28366p SHOOTING TO LET. "\f IXED SHOOTING in Conway~~VaJe7— Apply, W. Twigge Ellis, Solicitor, Llanrwet. 28475p tn6 BV, LET, Shooting of Plas Uchaf, Abe Irgele; 800 acres; Ii miles from Station; VbO pheasants reared; last year's bag 500.—Apfjy, Walter Scott, Esq. 28469p SHOOTING WANTED. GOOD Rabbit Shooting Wanted, within G four miies from Colwyn B.ay.AddDCSB, "0.0. "Pioneer" Offioes, Colwyn Bay. 28623 EFFICIENT BILLPOSTING. PARTIE3 desirous of having Bills posted on JL ALL the most IMPORTANT Advertise- ment HOARDINGS in the District of Rhyl, Prostatyn, Meliden, Dyserth. Rhuddlan, and St. Asaph. should send their Orderi to BEECH BROS.. THE RHYL and DISTRICT BILLPOSTERS, Advertising and Billpecting C-ontractom PROPRIETRESS—MRS. F. BEECH To whom all Communications should be Addressed. M-ag-W. KELLY. Head Offioe.-3. KINMEL STREET. RHYL. PP7FM A To Destroy every form of Xcsemit on f FRANCIS'S SKIN OIN T MINT. Itching will ceaae after One Appliea- tlen. Will cure Ring. worm in S or 3 Days. Is infallible for Piles. Aeta like a charm on Bad Legs. Heals up old "Wounds A Bores. Destroy# every form of Eczsma and other Skin Troubles. Has never been known to folL In boxes, Is. Id. each (post free) TOC1S R C8.,tBEil)STS,WREXHHIl| to taU. In boxes, Is. leL each (post free) FRANClS R Cl.,LliEVISTS, WREXHAM MELLOR & ALLEN, ESTATE AGENTS & VALUERS. Tel. 131 COLWYN BAY. HOUSES TO LET. 2 ENT., 4 Beds, nice Grounds; JE32. < ENT., 4 Beds, good Garden; X22. 2 ENT., 6 Beds; open, sunny; 1-b 28. gl 2 ENT., 5 Beds, large Gardens; £4.5. 2 ENT., 4 Beds; lovely views; £ 37. TVfICELY Furnished Houses, good situation* Winter terms, 10s to 8 guineas weefc1 Jy. FOR SALE. jpRIVATE RESIDE?^CES, ^500 to xira 13LOCKS of Cottages, return interest 7 til 10 per oent. COTTAGE, 10 acres of land, X900. BUILDING LAND, Nant-y-Glyn, about acres, .21500. T) IJILDING LAND, Rhos-on-Sea. MR. BRYAN WARHURSF A.R.C.M., L.R.A.M., Organist and Choirmaster of St. Thomas' ChurpJj Rhyi; Choirmaster of St. Paul's Chuich, 0* wyn Bay; Smging Maafcex, County Schoow Rhyi, etc., eta ORGAN, PIANOFORTE, SINGING, VOICE PRODUCTION, HARMONY. THEORY. Pupils prepared for all examinaticwis. successes. 29 Successful Candidates (8-A^ and R.C M.) from Julv, 1908, to 1909. Special coaching for L.R A.M. and A.R-C-1^ Diplomas. Preparation personally, or by P?f*i A complete course ol Practical and Theoretic*; Work Papers set to oover the whole of Voioe Production and Pianoforte Teach"#' VISITS COLWYN BAY and OLD COLNVY" TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS. Haydn House, Rhyi. 257590 MR F. GURNEY BARNETT L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M. (Teaching Singing). (Teaching Pianoforte)* Conductor of the Colwyn BaJ Philharmonic Society, Ladies' Choir, and Amateur Orchestra. VOICE PRODUCTION, SOLO SINGING, ■! PIANOFORTE, ORGAN, THEORY, > HARMONY, COUNTERPOINT, Etc. Complete preparation f the L.R.A.M. and A.R.C.M. Diplomas; and all other recognised Examinations. b Normanhurst, Llanerch Read, COLWYN BAY. Pianoforte, Organ, Singing, Harmony. P. W. MATHERS, A.R.C.O. (Member Incorporated Society of Musicians), RECEIVES PUPILS AT P A Vr'T 7UUU Seafield Road, "BAYCLIFFE," COLWYN BAY- LESSONS GIVEN AT PUPILS' RFSIDENCB IF DESIRED. Preparation for I.S.M. and other Examination* MANY PAST SUCCESSES. MODERATE TERMS. 27350P MR. E. ARTHUR MORRIS A.R.C.O., ORGANIST & CHOIRMASTER OF ST. JOHN'S CHURCH, OLD COLWYN, G1 IVES LESSONS IN PIANO, ORGA# AND SINGING. For Terms, etc apply "AMBION," OLD CoLwyn 2816rp -J THE CLAXTON-JOKES ORCHESTRA (ANY NUMBER), OPEN TO ENGAGEMENTS FOR ALL SOCIAL FUNCTIONS. REPERTOIRE INCLUDES LATEST LONDON AND CONTINENTAL SUCCESSES. Terms on application to Holland Villa, Bodafon, Llandudno. 27551P r;=.=- -=-=. :x: IIRr p«t«r €du)ards, mo* u< (Pedr A law), Musical A dj tut tea tor, Festival ConAm'or^tc 4, Lake Avenge, RHYL. IMPORTANT NEW WORK. RATIONAL AIRS OF WALJE& Tho Mnsle Edftfld & the Words faithfully translated (ptdr A law), c Musical A. djudicator. Festival CQ"dlJ,'or,dc 4, Lake Avenge, RHYL. IMPORTANT NEW WORK. RATIONAL AIRS OF WALJE& Tho Mnsle Edftfld & the Words faithfully translated V by Pedr Alaw. To be Published by 8UB- f SCRTPTlttN, the Names appearing in the r Volume. Prioe 6/ Both Notations used. > Sand for Prospectus to TIDf CAXTON Q PRBSS, LTD., BANGOR, COACHING. COLWYN BAY. J. Fred Francis & Sons' COACHING TOURS To the WELSH HILLS. WATERFALLS. AND LAKE DISTRICTS. (Weather and other circumstances permitting.) Tour No 1. -THE GRAND LOOP TOUR.-Tlae "Taurist" leaves the Mews on Mondays, Wednes- days and Fridays, at 10 a.m., retarninjf at 6 80 P.1IIo Fare, 103. Box seats, Ill, extra. 66 miles. four No. 2.—BETTWaYCOJCli. The" To«u ist" leaves the Mews at 10 a.m., on Tuesday*. Tbnradays and Saturdays, returning: at 6.16 p.m Fare, 7s; Box seats, Is extra. 4C miles. Tour No. 3.—THE orIT OF ST. ASAPH. uYe Olde TimM" leavae the )I. at U «.cn, daily (Tueeo days and Saturdays M:M.i). rim AberjcJe, Blauddlee Castle, St. Aiaph, sad the Muble Churuh. ArriTlag hoaie abont 6.16 p.m. Fare, 3a.; Box seats. Is extra, 28 miles. Tour No. 4.—To and from PENVJARNMAWB. "The Sportsmaji lea»ea Ux> Hemra daily at ijo p — via Coaway, Syehaaot Pass to Peoroaenmawr. Aniy. log beIÐo at b.1á. Fare, ill; Box seats, Is extra. id milea. Tour NO. 5.-THK SHORT LOOP. A Coach Jcavei the Mews daily at 2.30 via Conway, Ty'ti-y-Urae* and Tal-y-Cafn. Arriving home at 6 p.m. Kare 4s., Boa seats, is extra. 23 mile8.. Tour No. S.-To and froni BODNANT HALL. A Coach leaves the Mews at 2.J0 p.m. (Tuesdays and Saturdays only), allOwiRg time to view the Usrdesia Arriving how. 6 pun. Fare, 08 Box seats, Is extr^ 16 miles. Tour NO. 7.-BHTDTFOBL, EETTW8 AHiiRGELB, and UOliD CX>CH. Chanuinr Driye. A four-hotss Coach lesres the Mews, at 139 p.m., fur LUndduisa TaAiyrogo, llhydytuel, BeMwa AloweeiN Coed Coch (the reaWenoe of the Hon. Mrs Laurence Brodrick) and ttsrdeos. *nd tioina tia DoJven, arririajf heme al 6.15 Return tare. 4s Box mat4. Is extra. 24 milea. Gwrych Csistlo (Resides)co of the CouoUess oj Doudoaaui). iiw riupimuira have pernussion to drivs through tho Ureuads upou payment of a maiall too, Days Lvi Ådm: Moe<iay, Wedtieaday and Krida/f AU. TOURS RETURN nr AMPLE TIME FOtt DlMJiBIi AT THE ILUTELJ. Large parties catered foe at Reduced Bates. for further particulars enquire at the Coaching Oifloflk In caae of Wet WeaLber each Coach is prorided witb Waterproof Capes and Aprons. Any of the Coaches can be Engaped Prirstely at < day's notice. 27213p 'I'rtmited by tas Proprietors of the "WELSH COAST PIONEER," aoud. Published by thorn at their Head Officcs :—Com way read, COL- WYN BAY, in the COUNTY of DENBIGH; amd at 63&,Mostyn-etreet,LLANDUD]NO, in the COUNTY of CARNAKYON "Piomoer" Oflioo, lligh-atr, RHYL; Central Build- ings, Hig-h-street. PRESTATYN, m ii« COUNTY OF FLINT, Thursd?v B,Pten» bor 22nd, 1910.