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LLANDUDNO URBA.N DISTRICT COUNCIL PROPOSED AMALGAMATION WITH PENRHYNSIDE POLICE PREMISES' SITE STILL UNSELECTED EXTENSIVE NEW SEWERAGE SCHEME TO COST £ 21,000. Mr E. E. Bone (chairmanj presided over the monthly meeting of this authority on Friday evening. There were also present Messrs J. J. Marks, H. Edwards, J. McMaster, David Davies, Robert Roberts, W. H. Jones, A. E. Vollam, Pierce Jones, W. Beaumont, W. O. Williams, F. J. Sarson. with the Solicitor Clerk \Mr A. Conoliy), the Assistant Clerk (Mr W. D. Long- shaw), the Acting Surveyor (Mr W. T. Ward), the Accountant (Mr W. Wood), the Electrical Engineer (Mr H Morton), the Gas Manager (Mr V, Shudbolt). £21,000 ON SEWERAGE WORKS. The Works Committee reported resuming their coii.s:(ieration of the surveyor's report on the Llamiudno sewerage system and finally decided to recommend tnat the report in its entirety be adopted and acted upon suoject to certain modi- fications, which included the iollow lig: (a) "ihat the work of constructing the proposed pumping station be deferred until all other work tics been completed and the Council are in a position to judye trom results whether pumping be neces- sary (b) that the proposed extension of the sur- face water system from the bottom of Old-road along Church Walks to a new outiall to be con- structed in Llandudno Bay near the Pier or at such other point as may hereafter be decided upon by the Council, at an estimated cost of £ 19c>, be not carried out until it has been ascer- tained from experience whether such extension be necessary; (4) that the cost of relaying the sewer in Cwlach-road be included in the applica- tion for the loan; and (5) that the sewer in Car- men yviva-road be relaid when the work in Queen s-road be done." The committee referred to the Chairman of the Council and Mr W. II. Jones "to determine the order in which the work other than that already .decided upon by the Council shall be carried out." The Chairman of the Council and Mr W. H. Joikm subsequently decided to recommend the following Order for the execution of the works subject to the resolution previously passed with regard to the pumping station and to the storm water outfall along Church Walks into Llandudno Bay: (1) Already decided upon by the Council, £ oY23 (2) trunk sewer extension, £ 7580; (3) re- laying of sewers with flat gradients, £ 429; (4) re- laying surface water drains Back Mostyn-strcet, Trinity street from Charlton-street to Warehouse- street, Augusta-stroet and Trinity Square, £ 265; (5) re-inverting culverts on agricultural ditch, £ 578; (6) Great Orme surface water scheme, £ 754; (7) outfall opposite Nantygamar-road, 1;796; (8) pumping station building, etc., £2504, making a total of £ 21,435. The committee "that application be made to the Local Government Board for sanction to bor- row a further sum of £ 12,706 for the purpose of completing the sewerage works mentioned in the surveyor's report of the 7th of April, 1910, as .varied by this committee and in accordance with the e,-timates and plans now produced." They further recommended "that, during the absence of Mr E. Paley Stephenson, Mr William iThomas Ward be and he is hereby empowered to act as surveyor to the Urban District Council of Llandudno, and in that capacity do all things and take such steps all matters as a surveyor to a local authority is authorised to do." Mr Robert Roberts criticised the action of the committee in leaving so doubtful a position in their scheme to the pumping station. The com- mittee should surely be in a position to say .whether they intended to provide a pumping Station or not. Many years ago that very ques- tion was discussed at considerable length feefore the ratepayers The Chairman, interposing, pointed out that the committee did not mean to definitely abandon the pumping station project; they merely intended to proceed with the other part of the work so that they might be in a position to judge whether the pumping station was necessary. This docs Dot say that the work shall not be done, added Air Bone. Mr Roberts: Nor that it shall be done, either (laughter). Proceeding, the speaker urged 4hat the pumping station was one of the essential in, factors in the whole scheme, and they should not embark upon that work without in the first place making up their minds to put up the pumping station (hear, hear). lie was sorry no opportunity had been given in committee to go into the ques- tion thoroughly He did not want to put any obstruction in the way of the scheme because he was anxious that the work should proceed so as to provide work for the many at present unem- ployed ;n the town, but they should see to it that they were proceeding on the best possible lines. He had very strong reasons for the opinion that she pumping station should be proceeded with, but to save time he refrained from giving them that evening. He moved as an amendment with reference to the clause relating to the pumping Station that the question be referred back to the whole Council in commit lee, a meeting to be held i to deal with it at the earliest possible date, be- cause they had heard nothing except from the surveyor's report why the committee proposed ■Jcting as they now suggested, Mr Pierce Jones seconded. Mr McMaster said the surveyor deprecated the Construction of a pumping station until they had Completed the other part of the scheme so that they would be in a better position to ascertain Whether the station was necessary. Mr W. H. Jones adopted the surveyor's sug- gestion as the wisest course to pursue. The Chairman: But if this report from the (Committee is in fact carried there will be no Option, but to proceed with the pumping station. •All it says is that it shall be done last. If you don't take any interim step the pumping station jwill have to be done. Mr W. H. Jones: If the Council think fit. Mr Marks said the word "work" in the first line of "Clause A" of the report should obviously bo question." That would meet the point re- ferred to by the Chairman. Mr McMaster remarked that it would not be possible to use the pumping station before the sewage was brought to it by means -If the other part of the scheme. Mr David Davies said he was entirely of Mr Roberts' opinion, as to the necessity of the pump- ing station, but as there could be no haem in leaving that work till the remaining section of the scheme was completed, he concurred with ti, 1 committee's recommendation. If there was a shadow of a doubt as to whether they could or could not do without a pumping station they should take reasonable measures to ascertain the fact before tying themselves down to the expense (hear, hear). Mr Rober Roberts, in replying, said his point yras that they were now merely going to per- petuutc the existing system oi drainage whilst there was something else necessary, namely, the pumping station, to make the scheme art effective one, and his anxiety to ensure that being done accounted for his action in that connection. On a division Mr Roberts' amendment was re- jeeted by five votes to four. It was resolved, on the motion of Mr Marks, to insert the word "question" in place of "work" in the first line of "Clause A." Mr Pierce Jones then raised the question as to whether the Nantygamar outfall works should be done after the trunk sewer extension so that that jwould be third rather than seventh on the list. He moved that the work be done in tho order suggested by him, and after a brief discussion this was agreed to. The Clerk said an important alteration was ceccssary in regard to the figures quoted in the committee's report. The itnn M729 which ap- peared first on the list should be £7604, a differ- ence of nearly £1000 The Acting Surveyor said an explanation should be made in regard to that. The fact was that on taking other levels and giving further con- sideration to other things they had been able to shorten the length of the pipsline, and to use pipes of smaller diameter than was originally in- tended (hear, hear). Mr Pierce Jones called attention to the last paragraph in the report recommending that in the absence of Mr Palcy Stephenson (the sur- veyor), Mr W. T. Ward (the assistant surveyor) bo empowered to act as surveyor. He thought they were creating a precedent never before dreamt of. The Chairman explained that it was done in pase of legal proceedings, so that Mr Ward could net with authority on behalf of the Council. However, fortunately Mr Stevenson was to oome giomc soon. Mr P. Jones: Then I more that this be deleted. STkia was agreed t.o.. Mr R. Roberts suggested that as there were so many unemployed in the town at present the work be proceeded with before the sanction of the Local Government Board be obtained to the loan. That was constantly being done under such circumstances. The Clerk explained that the Local Government Board had as a matter of fact written to say that expenditure of money in that way would not be regarded as a reason to refuse an order. It was understood that the projected work will be commenced without delay. FOOTBALLERS' REQUEST REFUSED. The Llandudno Amateurs Football Club wrote inviting the Council to reconsider their decision of a few weeks previously when it was resolved not to allow the club to peraiit fixing advertise- ments on the football stand in the Council Field. Mr Sarson now moved that the request be granted subject to the advertisements being ap- proved by the Field Committee. Mr Marks seconded. Mr Pierce Jones: Have we any authority to give this consent? The Clerk: You have no authority to put the stand there if it comes to that. There are no nnditions against it that I know of so long as you occupy the ground. Mr McMaster vigorously protested against the application, and on a division the request was ro fused by five votes to four.