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LLANRWST BOARD OF GUARDIANS. DISTRICT NURSING WORK. PAUPERS WHO LOVE NOT ONE ANOTHER. REV. J. GOWER'S COMMENT. The monthly meeting of the Llanrwst Board of Guardians was held on Tuesday, Mr Jobn Roberts presiding. There were also present:- Mr D. G. Jones (vice-chairman), Revs. J. Gower, J. Ll. Richards, ami Henry Jones; Messrs E. P. Hughes, Isaac Hughes, John Williams, J. O. P. Jones, W. Williams, W. Evans, LK G. Jones, Mathew Roberts, J. Berry, D. Owen, J. Hughes, E. Roberts, R. O. Williams, J. Richards, E. Edwards, IIug-h Hughes, D. Lewis, Owen Evans, R. T. Ellis, W. G. Jones and John Owen, to- gether with Mr T. Hughes (Clerk), Mr O. Evans Jonee, Mr T. C. Roberts (Relievng Officers], ami itlr E. Hughes (Master). COST OF OUT DOOR RELIEF. Mr O. Evans Jones (Llanrwst) reported that be had paid £ 105 5s 4d in outdoor relief to 138 paupers during the past month. A cheque for £100 was drawn out for the ensuing month. Mr T. C. Roberts (Pentrevoelas) reported that Jke had paid 1;67 13s Sd to 131 paupers, and was granted a cheque for E64. PAUPERo AND OLD-AGE PENSIONS. Mr O. Evans Jones reported that there were large number of paupers over 70 years of ago m his district, most of whom had informed him that they had no intention of applyng for old- age pensions next Jauary as they preferred to fee in receipt of parish relief. Mr John II u gibes: You mean these getting 5a or over already ? Mr Evans Jones: That is so. Mr J. Richards: They are under fine impres- sion that if they accept a pension they will no longer be allowed mcdioal attendance free. The Chairmiui It is understood that they can have medical attendance. Mr J. Richards: Then the faot ought to be made known. The Clerk: Even then they must apply to the officers of the Guardians. They will not be allowed medics;! attendance out of the Pension Fund apart from the usual grant. Mr Evan Jones, in reply to Mr J. Hughes, sa.:d that a pensioner would have to apply to the Relieving Officer for an order before he could get medical relief. It WaS decided to defer the subj ret for a month to enaMe the officers to explain the position to the paupers interested. A QUESTION OF RESPONSIBILITY. Mr Evans Jcnes reported that he had removed a lunat.c, who was living with his father, to Donbgh Asylum. The man had a settlement at Fest.mog, which Union would have to pay for his keep in the Asylum. The Chairman sad he doubted whether the officer was right in removing the. man sinoo ho belonged -to another r nion. Mr Evans Jones: It is my duty to relieve every case in my district, and then for the Guardians to chijn it from other Unions after- Wards. Rev. J. Gower: As long as lie was under the charge of his father it was the duty of the pol- ice to remove him. After some further discussion, the matter was Adjourned for a month. LIFE AT MAENAN. Mr Evans Jones reported that an aged pauper residing at Maenaiii had asked to be provided with coal. Mr J. Richards moved that the application be granted. Rev. J. Gower: There are men living at Maenan who will not work on the farms. They prefer to catch rabbits and send them to Llan- dudno, and they do far better than the farmers. The application was refused. PAUPERS' BOOTS. Mr Evans Jones reported that a pauper be- longing to the Holyhead Union desired the Board to apply to that Union to grant her a pair of boots. Rsv. J. Gower: Does she have her boots re- paired or does she wear them simply until they aa-e worn out and then apply for another pair? Mr Evans Jones: Her boots ahow signs of hav- ing been repaired. It was decided to applybr the boots to the Holyhead Union. INMATES' CHRISTMAS DINNER. The Workhouse Master drew attention to .the usual formal.ty adopted by the Board in giving orders for the inmates' Christmas dinner. Mr W Williams contended that if the dinoier vas held a month before tho holidays it would appear unseasonable,. He moved it be de- ferred to the New Year. Mr J. Williams seconded. Rev J. Gower We had better have it early rext month. We will not be ab'e to enjoy it after our Christmas dinner (laughter). It was iinaily decided to have the dinner on j December 20th on market da v. Tt.NuEil ACCEPTED. The tender of Mr Lloyd Jones, amounting to El 18s 6d, for erecting a grate in the Master's room was accepted. A D ISCUSSIO-N ON DISTRICT NURSING. The application from Mrs Wynne Finch for a subscription towards the newly-formed District Nursing Association at Pentrevoelas, which was adjourned at the previous meeting, was again considered. The Chairman moved that the application be granted- The committee had been canvassing the whole district, and had been well received everywhere. It was an Association which the Board should support, as it was an excellent cause, and one of great utility to the Union. Tho Clerk said the Board could not pay any turn to the Association until it was finally formed. Mr J. Hughes: Will the nurse cover all her district without charging travelling expenses? I The Chairman Certainly. Rev. Henry Jones: I was at Pentrevoelas a short time ago, and the lady of the house where I was staying had been out collecting towards the newly-formed Association. At first the people did not appoar ready to assist, but a man fell ill, and Mrs Wynne Finch sent a nurse to look after him at her own expense. Then the people, after seeing what th~ nurso was capable of doing, changed their minds, and sent in their subscrip- tions of their own accord. Mr J. Williams: Will it not be easier for us to settle upon the amount after the Association has been properly formed The Chairman said that the paupers in the district would be attended free. Mr David Lewis: What about the people re- tiding in the other part of Capel Garmon not in- eluded in this district? The Chairman: They come within the Llanrwst district. Rev. J. Gower pointed out Llanrwst was the town for a large rural area; it was the market and fair town of the country. Mr D. Lewis: If we subscribe towards one district, we must subscribe towards the others. The Chairman Certainly. Promote nursing associations in the other districts and we will assist you. Mr W. G. Jones moved, and Mr W. Williams seconded, that the Association be supported, the motion being adopted. Mr Hugh Hughes moved that the subscription The JE3 3s, and Mr John Hughes seconded. Mr LI. G. Jones moved that the subscription be- S5 5s, and that each district be granted the aame amount, provided they promoted a similar Association. Rev. J. 1.1. Richards: That. is the amount granted the Llanrwst Association. There ought to be some differentiation between the town and the country districts. Mr J. illiams: It would not be just to do so. Uanrwst town has five representatives here, whereas no other district has more than two, and the rateable value is also a consideration. Mr LI. G. Jones: I am only asking for fair play for both. You must remember that there are plenty of doctors at Llanrwst, while there is not one in this district. Mr John Williams: Most of the paupers at Llanrwst come from the country districts. The Chairman: Oh no; they arc hereditary. Rev. J. Gower: Why don t you do what I want you to do. Two sisters or neighbours should be made to live together, then there would be less work for the nurses, and the Board would have more money to subscribe towards such Associations, and enable them to keep a nurse in each parish? If these paupers do not Jove one another they will all go to hell (laugh- ter). They go to the same chapel or church and pretend to worship the God of Love, yet they quarrel and detest each other. They are all can- didates for hell (laughter). Mr Evan Roberts: We have no right to force people to live together The Chairman: The whole of the Llanrwst district is only about three miles, while the one covered by the Pentrevoelas Association is over nine miles, 'a.nd mostly mountainous. It is our duty to support such an Association. The Chairman seconded the motion to grant & t Mr J. Be try: It is out qL all reason to grant Pentrevoelas the same sum! as Llanrwst. Tlie Chairman: We #e not here as the champions of Llanrwst alofiei represent, tho whofe U nion. | f R< v. J. lower: The rpesfion! toeTore to is "Har much'' (loud laughter). I I 11 1 Mr J. O. D. Jones: How far out of the town does the Llanrwst nurse cover? Mr J. Williams: The rural district. llev. J. Gower: All the other districts will want subscriptions, and we will have to give them the same amount. Rev. Henry Jones: Before they can apply to us, tl.ey must first collect from JC50 to £ 60. Rv. J. Gower: Who made that law? (loud laughter). Mr Hugh Hughes: We think of l>n:nv nu Association at Permiachno, but we would not expect to got an equal subscription to Llanrwst. The Chairman: I don't think Penmaehno should get as much at Pentrevoelas (laughter). Mr Hugh Hughes: The district covered by the Association is an exceptionally healthy one or else there would be a doctor residing there be fore now. But for fear there may bo a case of illness there in the dim and distant future I will support a subscription of £ 3 3s (laughter). It was ultimately decided by a substantial majority to subscribe S3 3s towards the Associa- tion. MEMORIAL TO KING EDWARD. The Chairman and the Vice-Chairman were tc appointed to represent the Board at the meeting of the King Edward Memorial Fund.



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