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ST. SAPII PETTY SESSIONS SHOCKING CASE OF CHILD NEGLECT. HARD LABOUR FOR A MAERliU) WOMAN. The- UKxnthily Sessions tow hâd at St. Asaph, on Monday, before Slajor Binah (, Mir Aitken, Dr. Da vies, aaid Mr W. Morris. AMENDING THE SMITH FIELD LICENCE. Mrs Tfodwrts, of the Plough Hot o', St. Asaiph, cwpffiticd for this usual Samtihlield Itaicoci'i for the 10th and 24th inssfc. In roply to tlK' Chairman, ahe said it was ■uigii.a.1 to fciave too Ikxmae from 11 a..m. until 4 p.m. The Chairman We have consulted together, and wr> have d-ccided to grant it faxxm 12 to 4 o'clock. That wi.!I! gi ViØ you low- to do. DM Bench granted an ext.e-ngion of time- until 2.30 p.m. to thse Plk>ug.h Ilotol, on the oocasdoa. of the Foresters dawe, on Novem- ber 24th, th« object bciintg- to cQttar a deficit on the recent fete. SHOCKING CRUELTY TO A aHILD. Irisspc-ctor James, of tihe Nation?. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, cb&rjyed Elizabeth Collin?, a married woman, of CaLifomia-souare, St. Asaph, with aiifgC'Dct- in/r a. cluld named Arme Marmooi, o^cd one y«if <°.aid tcJi months. Mr Joseph Lloyd. who appeared to prose- cute, aaid the child, wltifoh was the snsbjeet of the c!iarg>e, was illegitimate, end had for 12 or 13 weeks been living with the defendant, who received 1., per week for its care, 'flic defendant had two obildnon of bear own. It was found tha.t the child was in a very om- ao'ia.tcd condition: its logs m crooked throwg-h bad nursing, .and its tody was cover- ed with filth. The child was found crouohcd up in a box, which was in a. d-epIcrahLe atato, and iitt-tt-ead of weighing about 2^Lbs. it only weighed 911s. However, eince the ohi-ld had foe>e;n ivmov-cd to tiie WoTkhou. it had put 0:1 flush to the extent of about lib. per week. lie thought it was only fair to the derfecKlaiit to say that it was not known whether the case was one of improper feeding or not, but whatever was the C'l'l<Se of the child's wciak stat?, there could bo no excise for tho filth :,n which it was found. The Magistrates' Clerk asked if th-cne wrs any comparison Txtwcon the child and the 3. fltCiduTrt s own ahlldirten ? Mr Lloyd replied that there was, but did not propose to ask questions on tha.t point, that L- K1. subject of com-meiiit. The said he would ccirtainily put the question if Mr UOovd did mot do so. as it was an import-am t matter. Dr. Heap, St. Asaph, said he wss cafltcd to the defendiatnit's bouse on Ootobor 6t.11 to ex- amine the ohild. He found it in an extremely dtaHicinfeed condition, aad extremely weak. He waighed the oh Id, and found it was only 1 91 bs., whereas the usoial weight of a child off t --t age would 00 about 24jbs. was no organic about thochsld to acooitrsit for its oonditxra. He saw the p ace wlh<.>pr Mi-: dhiild slept. It wa.s a,n ordinary box, which was extrOTbaly dirty. There no cScthss, exo-spiJiSg -an old skirt or ooat at bottom of tlii" box, which was in a filthy cor.ddlian. He tforimd the opiician that the condition of the: child wstS due to one of two tilings cither lau ittesuffickffit quaontuty of food, whiah was starvation, or iimpioper foe-din, the tilled not receiving food which ait could dig-eat. He ,a w tho defendant's own children, and tihey were typically healthy chiLdr<em, and perfectly weil. The box where thie cihrM slept wxus wot in a fit condition for it, and the ik-ksclos of the thigh were cantnaiotiLd as the child had not eutlicierrt room itn whi-oh to stretch its legs. The fact tba-t th-Q ohild had improved ill coai- driition so m-udh since it had bcxai in the Work- liouso showed that it had OtXJl ili-fcd pre- viously. Inspector Jaias said he visited the defen- dauit's house in coneeq-uence of compel nLs, aud found the child in a condition. Thtere ware sores otot tl-. c, body, wihich WM covered with diit. Tthi&re wore tlea-bc/tos on the body, but lio saw no vermin. The oaiy cLathimg lie saw wais aai did skirt at the lxiU- tom ol thie box, amd a. shoat on the tQp, both of which were HI thy. He ordered the aiiiJd to be washed and dtvt^td, and that was done, before the doctor &1.W derfenda, ;t ■iidie a stoitcimieKiit to him, in which eihe at saiid had had the chilid between 10 •aid 13 weeks. 6ha sarid yhe was getting s per week tor Ioobintg afteir tlwe child ackl- Dig thiat it was not sufficient to feted and -loth Lt. He weighed t;he child, and had also ihad it wejgbed «me0 rut the Work/house. He found that in three weeks the cVM aaareescd iin. to the exteaJt of 4.^lbs., aaid during the past week it had added anothar lib., im- proving In reply to the Chairman, the Inspector said he saw the diefendianit's own children, who were healthy and strong, being above tile averag?. riliio D'fendiaiit elc-c.ted to give evidence on her own be»b«.Lf, and said sh-e ha.d fed tJw ohild as well as aha could, and gave it pienty of food. Itho gave it lite same 1L<; 'heir own chil- dren had, and trea,tod it exactly the dame, excepting that ilt did not get up so early. As ^bjardis cCotihinig aihe had to put her own chil- rLe.n'« clothes on tba child, as its mother had Hot given her A stituh of clothing since she luad caire of it. The Chau.rmaji How do you r.ccouat for the fact that the child was covered with vermin and was dÚ..nt.r? DeJbni&i.nt: It vn s cot covered with vermin. I luave no viermim in my house. The Chairman It was covered with flcra- bi.Ws? Defendant Yes, wa hav-e fleas. The I>afenidant that knew the eones were on ohild, but cJlie did not think it necessary to caiS in the doctor. In eross-e-xiain/inatiiou by Mr Lloyd, the De- fcoucliaiLt said she f-ed the cliild tiha same a" the other cJiildren, ctnd gave it the same- on they aili liad. rI ho cliild did not seem to take kindly to nnlk. Mr Lloyd How mlch nil-lk did you buy? Dele:jd.ijri.t: About a lia*Lfpenny worth or a pouily worth a day. Mr Lloyd You said you gave the ohild the sajnc as you had, bus you have mot told us what that "aarne" was? D;rfe.lidaint Potatoes, meat ar.d broad. Mr Lioyd Potatoes, meat and bread for .3- child 0:11; year aind ten months' old? Defen'dan.t: alie had t/he &ame as my ch-aiid is two weeks youaig'eir..Sihe used to N.t heiartiiy, aowl I car.,not umdKmstand why sii-e did not get on it was that «he was one of tv. ins. M>r Lloyd Improper foedamg nslgiht- account for the condition of the child, but iit doa; not account for too tiltli" I-Vifecidaait: I washed her twioa coid three times a,day, as the neighbours know. In rtiply to the Boach, the DL»f<?indiamit pkur.od taiat the cJi-iud wias otrigtiiitiiLly Left wlih hc-,r mother, but the laindlord oajd that lie would not h-ave farmimg im li,.s ihousoK, and so h-er nkother had tfun option of giTir.jg up the child or loaving her house. As sjhe (defendiamtT did not wieli her mother to be turned out, fiha took tie child. Tho Bench dfdoo that they wouild defer dcci-aloa tuitdl they had heard ANOTHER CASE on the list. Mary Jones, a married v.'eanan. of t, Califomia-sqn-are, St. As«'ph, mother of the liast defendant, was then charged wiitih ailgo T^glooting- the aamo chtfld whilst in her care. Mr Lioyd prosecutod, and calltcd, Mrs Jane Dark in, who said ahc r-a-iidcd rjow at 3, Siflvei'bank, St. A.-iapii, but had been formerly a nsighbour of Mtj Joiiiea, <at 3, Caiifomuia-Kquaire. t?h)9 saw the child a few hours aft.^r it was boim. It t.tsb one of twins, tho other child bctjag stillborn.. Tho twins, tho other child bctjag stillborn.. The dhjd wai well developed, and for three I wvoeki, whilst undieir the care of its .mjother, it thrived very wc(H, bazng fed with a bottle. ÂJIt?'r tha mother Left, the child was lalt wetih Mii-s Jcrwri, aaud wittiici.-i; i- that it I ▼.ia« mat thriving. She rcooinimeLid>id the de- I liSP ^e it mdlk sand barley w^tec. t he aei'Cini^anit d:d not to take much oare ot the cavd, and -ai'tar its iriothecr leait at cev-tii weat out of the house excopUiru? imto the baci yard with otliscr ahi.ldrton. Shs dM mot eor.siidar tlie chiild was propco-ly looked altar, out.feihe fcut har conscdcaoe was cfiear attar a ejector vaonirj^tad t. oonti-diDrier 4, I h-e woajd ha.v^ reported the thc.a been anythimg wzxjtag with the baby. WhiLa Mxa Joaas aod Mire GouLiae gx^od boisre, was afraid tbr-y gnrre way to drink. The Dcif'emdani'c qucoticEiicd U wii(fcni-;c.s as to how hiad fed the ehiiLd, acd M-m Dur- kin uid yhe was fmre tliat cT,,dafitt, knew the child was mat thriving, iis MI. oral occasion alie asked her what could give tJie child to make It look fat by the time. it« owithor canrae, and ihe giuva defendant ron^e Quaktc ck--t.,i to bail down for the baby. Mr Lloyd said tlho evidence already Iscffc-re the court would appCy to the oai e, sad he lid licit propose toO oa.'l any other iKi.hi}>oa\rs. T^e Baa-ch retired to oaasidter tiho cas<3, and on lieit-usmdiiig .ijiito court, the Chairman staid tlawt as reigs.rds Mary Jooca they had given the iraaM*er every considerailuca, .:1.1 while ttli-ey ex>nsldcir-:xi there had been ttogf.-oct tb:JY d:J imcit think that the ozivn Icon actuailliiy pTovod agai.r.irit would give hof.T the 'berre+i't of the doubt, arid would be diisohargied. Miary Jonss Thank you. Continuiing. the Chai,rmaa ffxd, tiluett in the oswe of Eili'aatoahh C<sllit» ah. had Ixhlci -inou ght ibeifaee the court on a very t.rrioru oh-v^ge. Evidence htad h en given, ayitt it proved, that in irtot Kegilcctcd the chYd. bu.t k.Pt it in a box in ftiibh, and thei box was ouch that the poor iittle fehiing oou'd raot iitreitch its legs in i.t. While the wzs in such u cooiddtion IreT own chridaem were wetlii nourished. dc^fendan/t had evident- ly tnkeui ehtiild to maks .rmrwitciv, v. li 11 SílO fourd iihJ. coie'.d not make a.nyhhhig mrt of w.hat she rce«ived 900 either her in oi-a e-y on soenotitjn^ oi&t* or nogkoted to feed tltD et:i'd. The Bcaich wished thip caae to a wiaaiaiEg to c;L:i.:1, who took dbrMrm, and they liad decided to r-ernl bar to I See cce montJi with hard labour, amd without opt-jon of a fime. On hea-r!7^g the sentaRoo the d'e f-endant. burst out sdbbrinig, and on being r-emoved from tire court cried hyeitctfi-coi'Oy. Later ica tho day she was convc-ycd to Carnarvon pjii'.votn. A CLEVER CAPTURE. J-ojeph HugfliaH (,:?lliias :'Ponto"), emd Rob-rot Hughes (ai'.ir.s "T'isikor"), labourers, of Yeca- •i»ad, Rhyl, wcro ,c3iarg€id by Ileriiry Barrcttt, gtanic-jbe-eipcB:, with utiewpaissing in pursuit or' eonics on iacd at Maissgwiiym Farai, R.hudii- Jan, ,-ja the oocupatiooi of Mr Robert Evans, on October loUh. Both ickii'mdanits pleaded guilty, but Josir-ph Hu,gh,s said he had not ca'ught ■anytlGaing. Mr Joseph Lloyd, wtho j>rou>:<uuft>:d, stated that the ^aaiok-eapcir found a numbar of snair-e-i set on tiiie land, read ho wicrat there iOjga.iin at 6.30 the foH-owiag mcirxx>n%* to fund wtho had sset tlbeon. IIo m-w tho drcifi^adants go tti) to the snares, cmd one of the •ajtiiis had nine otlier anooas in liia j>oc3ceit. • Ir:=y{>ectotr Peaxwau stated fe-iit Jo?<t>}i HutgheB had beeai "up" 26 fciiTiCG, >v!hefj2> the other man had ten couvict'wxrs reioarded agaiLrrat Is km, but nooo foe ga :ne trespass. (h>3,irmam said the men wnre un- dourotcdily rJoibordoiw charaeieire, and they woi-'ld each ba fin-ed 1-0 and costs, or ore nwruth. Je*e»?iph Hughes: We will do the month. A WOMAN'S MISTAKE. WiiLilara John Foukcs, roadrcoa, B.ik:aoiu-e, TI1.3 Roe. let. Aeaph, TO? sumnKxnj^td by Mr Wm. Evan-s for not eendiiu.g his atffp-.T^.n to tjnhool. Mr Evans prove id that the boy rd o.nPy ai- t-an<k>:l 64 times out of a. |>osK!.b!e 9(i. A Cteil.tieir was road from the mother of the rooy oanteffidiing that he wafi 14 or,L age, arnd in support of this slao arfd sihe wa;; H2.T!OT:Led to the def-^d-ant when led was riiae. If it was true that true boy was 13 dhe had cieeily be-eci m an-i,d four yKi.vra, 2.r;d tllio akld-ed tltat &he ought to kai:i;v better than the scihool authorities (laughtea1). Silie bad been rrarriied five yciars, wihich would make the boy 14. AIr Evaurs then produced a bÚctJl certifi- cate, r.ffiowi,ug that the boy was omi''Y 13 years of age cm October 1st. The Chairman said the Bench had d-ee'diod to tine the ctefeeidant 7s 0d includiiBg costs. TOO SHORT A NOTICE. Joliai Jones, of 1. Albert-street, Róh y,l, had bsie-n eummomed for being dr-,iixk in charge tu a horse at St. Asaph 0:1 the 28th of Oct ober. When tril case r.-aq caUied on a letter Toad tKroan daf-cadaait's wife stating that the •defend aint was not well enough to c.jspciar. Vt..sbed to state that defendant denied beiimg drunk, and had explained to that he -had driven his pony over Foryd Bridge, paafc Bodelwyddan Church to St. Asaph, where he called at the Bryndinas to see a relative. When he came ant the pony was fireeih amd was taken to the police station (liaughter). The Magistrates' tllerk, who was reading the letter, recnairkcd that he supposed it was the pony which w^d ta-ken to the police station (laughter). The wrute-r added that defendant liad iO.shxl to be taken to sec a dootoc to S> if he was drunk, but he was taken to station in- skarl. He had to com-p'ain tha;t the sum- mOll," was only served on Saturday, and that was too short. ia tmé. Iihe Bench adjourned the case untl the next court.


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