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CONWAY LIBERAL ASSO- CIATION. ANNUAL MEETING. CONFIDENCE IN THE CHANCELLOR. Alderman T. C Lewis presided over the an- nual meeting of the Conway and District. Liberal Association on Friday evening, when there was a frood attendance. FINANCIAL. The treasurer of the association (Mr William Edwards, Boderw) was unable to attend, but the secretary (Mr R. T. Hughes, Gicnva) stated that with regard to the; election account of the borough for the last Parliamc ntary election the receipts amounted to £10 3s and the expenditure to £ 7 6s 5d, showing a balance in hand of £ 2 16s feijd. Thero was al:o an item of £ 17 19s 6d which had been paid direct from Carnarvon. There would be a balance in hand on the year's working of the association of S5 odd. The Chairman remarked that in the absence of the treasurer they could not of course adopt a rough statement of that kind. ELECTION OF OFFICERS. The business of electing officers for the ensuing year was then proceeded with. Alderman T. C. Lewis declined to be re-elected, notwithsrtanding the proesure brought to bear upon hinl by several members, all of whom testi- fied to the capable manner in which Mr Lewis had filled the office. Mr J. P. Gr.ffiths was therefore unanimously elected as his successor, ard, in responding, he said he fe'.t doubtful as to his capacity for tilling the post of guide and-leader to an association of that kind, although no could lead a choir fairly well (laughter and hear, heur). Theirs was one of the mcst important constituencies in Great Britain, because they had been instrumental in sending to Parliament a man who had made his mark not only in Great Britain but in the whole of the civilised world (cheers). Carnarvon Boroughs, who had stood by him in the years gene by, had good ground to be proud of having discovered Mr Lloyd Georga, and if the occasion came, it remained 'for th >m to show their un- abated confiderco in him as their great leader (loud cheeis). It was his (the speaker's) duty to move a hearty vow of thanks to Mr T. C. Lewis for the valuable servic s which he had rendered the Liberal Association in Conwny (cheers). Mr Lewis wad a tried and trusted man, and had had ma-nv years of experience in Bangor before coming to Conway. He (the speaker) believed that he had come to Conway in order to re- lieve him-e'f of many arduous and important' public duties. Mr Lewis. however, possessed qualities which it. would not have been right to leave dormant, and they had succeeded in get- ting him to come to th > frcnt again, and he had p-oved an ideal leader during the past few years. He trusted that they were not to be deprived of the valuable services of Mr Lewis in the future (cheers). Mr J. W. Hughes seconded, and the Rev B. Menai French supported, the motion b"ing cur- ried with enthusiasm. Alderman T. C. Lewis, in responding, said that he had always, from his youth, been an earnest Liberal. He b l'eved in Mr Glad tone's motto, "The aim of politics is the greatest good for the greatest number," and he believed that the Liberal party carried out that principle (hear, heai). Since that association had been formed. Liberalism had never gone back in the borough of Conway, as was to be s-en from the constitu- tion of the Town Council at present, whilst Con- way had never done so well in a Parliamentary contest as It had done at the last general elec- tion (cheers). He happened to bo the president of the Carnarvonshire Liberal Association at the time v. hen their present member. Mr Lloyd George, was elected candidate for the first time. i Many prople thought at th tinv that Mr George was tco young and inexperienced, and there was a good deal of advc rse critici-sm of their choice. The decision of the majority at that time, how- ever, had since proved to be. a very wise one, and they in those boroughs had done their share towards the advancement of the kingdom gene- rally by their support of him (cheers). Mr Robert Da vies, Deganwy, was re-elected vice-president of th-1 association representing the Deganwy side .of the borough, with Mr J. E. Conway-Joncs representing the Conway side. Mr William Edwards, Bodorw, was re-elected treasurer, with Mr R. T. Hughes, Gleava. as secretary, and Mr R. C. Roberts as assistant secretary. A vote of thanks was also accorded the secre- taries and tha treasurer for their services dur- ing the past year. DEGAN YV Y LIBERALS SEEK INDE- PENDENCE. Mr T. C. Lewis said that Mr A. J. Oldman, Daganwy, had suggested to him that they ought to aHow the Liberals of tha Deganwy division of the borough to form an association of their own, subs diary to that association. It wes decided to allow the Deganwy Liberals to do so if they wished, and in the meantime to ask them to select their representatives on the committee of the Conway Association. A vacancy amongst the Conway members of the committee was caused by the death of Mr John Edwards, J.P., Cadnant Park, and this was filled by the election of Councillor Robert Jones. The other members elected to represent the Con- way division were Councillor J. W. Hughes, Alderman T. C. Lewis, Mr John Robert: Castle- street, Rev B. Menai Francis, Dr M. J. Morgan. Mr Thomas Hughes, Bryn Morfa, Mr Owen Evans, Paris House. The electoral committee consists of seven mem- bers elected by the association and seven elected by the Liberal Club. The following were elected by the former: Messrs J. Lloyd Jónüóà The Bazaar John Cro&sfield, Thomas Jones, Old-road, Thos. Abram, T. G. Lewis, Owen Evans, J. P. Grif fiths, and the Rev B. Menai Francis. It was decided to increase the number of mem- bers of the Registration Committee from three to five, from each divio'on of the borough. The Conway members elected wore Messrs Thomas Abram, J. P. Griffiths, J. Lloyd Jones, R. C. Roberts, and Councillor Retort Jones. Councillor John Jones proposed a vote of con- dolence with Councillor A. J. Oldman, Deganwy, in his serious illness, and expressed the hope that he- would have a speedy recovery. This was unanimously agreed to. CONFIDENCE IN THE GOVERNMENT. The president (Mr J. P. Griffiths) proposed the following rosohtiDn :Tht this meeting of the Conway and District Libral Association expresses its confidence in tho Government, and its pI0:1,- sure that it hfcs placed a plain issue before the country, with a view to the abolishing of the present iniquitous ascendancy of the House of Lords over the representative assembly of the people; and further expresses its confidence and satisfaction with their member, the Hon. D. Lloyd George, and pledges i self, in the .event of it contest taking place in these boroughs, to do their best to secure for him, once again, a trium- phant return'' (cheers). Alderman Netherwood supported the resolu- tion in a lengthy speech, in the course of which ha said they had a member whom they were p:oud of—(cheers)—and every constituency in England, whether Tory or Liberal, would be proud of Mr Lloyd George (hear, hear). He had met a very prominent Conservative, who occu- pied a high .position, and who owned a lot of land in lieland, whil-t holiday making in Nor v that summer, who remarked to him that "Mr Lloyd George is one of the finest men that was ever in a Birtish Cabinet. He is a business man, and I will admit that you have a Cabinet of business men" (loud cheers). The resolution was carried unanimously.


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