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BUILDING LAND FUSINESS AND RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY TO LET OR FOR SALE. J. M. Porter & Elcock, Architects and Surveyors, Estate Agents and Valuers, THE ES fATE OFFICE, COLWYN BAY- Telephone No. 33. Telegrams: "PLANS," Colwyn Bay. COUNTRY HOUSE in Yak of Conway: tour Reception d. ()ÏJgÜt Bodroct.ns; GU <1C¡,-e,s of land, fluent, £ 130. 1 DETACHED HULSE at RHOS: three Re- o.ption e-ight Bedrooms. Rent, DETACHED RESIDENCE on OUTOKIRTS oJ: I Town four R-;caption amd aoveei lkd- rooms; throe or land, lo Let (Fur- nishcd or Unfurnished), and for Sale. DETACHED RESIDENCE at OLD COL- Vv Y N three Reception and eight Bed- rooms bracing posi<tdon; open views. DETACHED HOUSE at mios: two I' caption and six Bedrooms. Boat, .£3G. SMALL COUNTRY ESTATE, well wooded, about 18 ac^jss, very suitable for Coun- try Residence. Price, .£ö25. For further particulars and orders to view, Apply as above. A at. Tel. 55. R. E. BIRCH, F.S.I. (Agent to the Cayley Estate), ARCHITECT, SURVEYOR AND VALUER, BE-S TO INFORM H'S CLIENTS THAT HE HAS Removed from Wynnstay Chambers it Oakiands (First Floor), Conway Read, Colwyo Bay N y (MlXT TO COUNCIL OFFICES). A. M, Fowler, to. (lilected A.M.I.C.E. 1889). ARCHITECT, SURVEYOR, VALUER, LAND AND ESTATE AGENT. I TEMFORARY OFFICES during { course cf erection of new Business j premise. — tr COLWYN AVENUE, Rhos-oa-Sea, Colwyn Bay. IViephone Office, No. 222a. fcesidence, No 222. T-wlegiams Fowler, Architect. Llandrillo-yn-Rhos. BUILDING LAND —Choicest P:ots of FREE HOLD LAND for Saie at RHOS-ON-SE V l-'ENRHYN BAY. OLD COLWYN, and CRAIG-Y-DON, LLANDUDNO, suitable for the erection of Detached AND SEMI- DETACHED VILLAS, BUNGALOWS, and BUSINESS PREMISES, exceptionally suit. able Plots for HYDROS. BOARDING and APARTMENT HOUSES. Money advanced on two-thirds value of JLand and Buildings during erection, and as permanent mortgage. Houses built to suit Leaseholders or Pur. chasers. MELLOR & ALLEN, LAND & HOUSE AGENTS AND VALUERS, COLWYN BAY. Propsrty Bought and Sold on Commission. Furnished and Unfurnished Houses to Let. Apartments Recommended- ON SALE. CENTRAL BLOCK of BUILDINGS, euit- abje ior good Business purposes: Caie, 'i emperance ii«jLel, W orksho i*?., c-toivrooms, Others, etc., fully occupied and showing1 jjcod returns. D. HENRY ROBERTS AitCii! l'ECT. Ml RVEYOK. and ESTATE AGENT, a, DENStGW STREET, LLAMRWST. HOUSES TO LET OR SOLD. ,;1 RENTS COLLECTED. ¡ r.1 R. ARTHUR JONES, Land, House and Estate Agent, THE ESTATE OFFICE iNr. CONWAY, AND AT THE ESTATE OFFICE (nr.Po"tomce) I DEGANWY, Telephone: No. 29, Conway. Telegrams: "Jones, Estate Agent, Conway." THE IDEAL POLlCY j I ldtUED JiY ( f The City Life Assurance Company, Ltd. j I Provide! Lift) Assurance without Medical I ICx&uiiuaUon. « I For full part culars of this uniqvn schema ) I Provide! Lift) Assurance without Medical I ICx&uiiuaUon. « I For full part culars of Ulii uniqu., schema i send P.(J. to I I U GREGORY. Managing Director. 6, Paul 3t., I 2 Fiustiury, l,ciidon, K G. I ACJCNTS WANTKU—KXCM.LIiKT I'ROSPKCT.3. I 2 Fiustiury, Luodon. K G. I ACJCNTS WANTKU—KXCM.LIiKT I-ROSPICCT,3, — 2 SITUATIONS VACANT. AGENTS Wanted, Salary and Commission, witk permanency to good men.—Apply, with reference, to "Box "7i564," "Chronicle" Oliice, Bangor. ANGLESEY REGISTRY OFFICE FOR SERVANTS.—Good homes for Servants awiautmg p'-aoos.7— à.{r3 Roberta, Britannia Temperance, Llaatair P.G. 7699c AUSTRALIA. — Wanted Faxmm, Farm A Labourers, Market Gardeners. Fare from £ 2. Female Domestics Free. Others must pay full fare; big demand for willing workers. — Write to Australian Agency, 9, Louoon-õtreet. London, E.C. 7339c TJANGOR.—Mjis WiLliams, Registry Office 113 ior Servants, 216, High-street. (Stamp for reply.) CANDIDATES, Welsh speaking, age 23 and c upwards, Wanted to train as "Queen's Nurses'' tor W a.jc.s.-Appl,y, Superintendent, 19, Kaym-oad-street, Chester. 7570c X-'tENTISI'RY. Mr II. Gwilym Owen, L.D.S., R.C.S., London, has a Vacancy tor a Pupii. Premium.—Address, 337, higll- stroet, bangor. <f ENUINE sp-atfe time work, which ioquiijvs neither outlay nor cx}>eri<iiioc-. Lt you ,a".) lookllig for th-s, addrtca to-day, statuirj ajg.j aud occupation.—"W. K. "Pio&oer Ouioc, Colwyn Bay. 292p LLANDUDNO.—Wanted, General Servant; small family; early riser, clean, cook wvli.—Address, "Ö12," irectory" Ollic, I^landudno. MISS EVANS, Servants' Registry, St. Asaph. Wanted, Cooks, Housemaid- Waitresses, Generals, good iel\renooa. Stamp for reply. p MESSRS MORRIS GJid JONES have .J. -L cies for two young Gentlemen, oi good Ic t; as Apprentices. No pnemiuiu it- quiTcd.—Apply, oy letter, to Messrs Morris aud Joiitv?, 12, Coiiuon-s'trete.t, Mar.du«- ter. 29198 p j%TENTAL NURSE Waaitcd. -— Apply, stating ag? and yc-cd tcwtuaoaLaLs. also photograjih, to Matron, Hayes Park, Hayes, ,»L x. 759Sc: REGISTRY OFFICE. — House maud, Wait- R resses Wanted lor Private and Board- ing-Houses; also good G Payne, 15, River-street, Rhyl. 27049p EGTSTRY 0ffice,"i2(7, IIIGH-sriREETT POKTMADUC.—Mrs Huuphreys has excolient Situations for responsible Women as Generals, Cooks, Housemaids, etc., for next Term (Pcutymiior). o 1^EPMAMBUIi.i/rOJ^— REPRESENTATIVE Wanted by an old-c £ tab.islLed llo^se. Must have, conn-celion good buy-trs of Basila-?ti>c« and invalid carnages.—State gux>uad LOW coveacd and what otaic-r Agoncws to "E. Box 80O, Smiths' Ageivcy, lCu, r'leet- &t.xot, London. r)I,E ~AG ENT ~\V;; nted" 1 o ^s-sl 1 "llou^e to s House N< w Soap; must be good, reliable peffsor..—W rite, feamth, 69, RothwcLl-street, £$Laok|>coi. d Hj \BlSTWORTHY, Active Man wishing to lEorea^e his earnings, and having two or thTree hours free •cku.y, wanted by OKI 's- tablished Company.—Address, "tL Pi<>- ne-er" OiBce, Colwyn Bay. 29052p WANTED GENERAL, about 18 or 19 Years oJd; farce in kan%; a blt to wash; goud rea«t!anod it<iuai^d; coun'try. — Ad- Uiiesti, '1'. 1 icwucer" Ufhoe, Colwyn Bay. 292 20p \%T ^^TEli, at fo,- ex- f riono., •( ■woic-Goaciral; gooci chivr- a<:t:r ii^aiapcasable; v."ag<s, ^18—i;20.—Ap- lily, Lan-caetc-r said Co., Stationciis, Degon- VS7 ANTBD, thoioug'lily domesticated, us> fill Mother's for two young chil- di«oi, -and Liorht iiouec-worK. State ,g- w.g>e5, aiai refeiw.oes. -•'W. J. '"Pioni-v.-r'' Ofhoa, Colwyn Bay. 292-S.^p TM7"ANTED, i'iaigLe-haiidcd Iloiascanaid, for country pi-ao.\ not under 26, Cliuich of Finland, wimug to give a-ight aaeiekmca to ooox; wa- A 18 to M. "Pi-o- n-tvc" OijLioc, Co-wyn Bay. 2S294p ANTL1D, UNCEIII IF1CATELT^Iv;T: ANT ior C.E. infant School, .e-I>3Ii Bridge. Wcush essential. Surging desir- Sadaiv, eac.osffig tcsti- inoniia'ti, Rootor, Llantoir P.G. ïG4.J WA MED, G EN EE AL SERVA.NT, mu.-t be" cJea-n ar.d lnethodioal, no waahmfr, English girl preferred.—Address, "M. "i_iuroniCij" Gdiee, Bacgor. \TAINTl'lD, at once, Farm Labourer foi- a siiKiJ Farm; inilst know how to niilk aud look adtcr a horse; good ref-orcneeis aIvo luteiy nooeseatfy.—Apply, rida Alfn-ai, Upp-r Bangor. 77Urc XfiTANTED ^ook-Gcnoial. — Apply, 10, Vic- tori a. Pi*rk, Bd-ngor. 770-Oc "l^ANTED, at onee, an exporieneod (^cn-cra 1, must have good reference.—- Apply, Mrs 0-Henri, 12b, Lawrence-road, Vv a,vortroo. l'iverpool. QAfb RELIABLE, ENERGETIC AGENT'S D17U *uid COLLECTORS required, im- mediately > in ^orth and Mid-Waies, Cheshire and t>hIopsh;iei by a sound, progressive Offiof, duly incorporatfd, to transact Sick- ne&s, Ace.aeut, Dowry 5 to 21 years, House Purchase, Fire, Burglary, and Plate-glass Business; aiso, Life <_oi lee ting Society; pro- ep&ctuses unequalled terms to Agents excep- tional, interest in Books, and early promo- tion with every ass^tance.—xlpply, m con- iidence, to G. li. Goodwin, InsjKctor, care of Rowlands Tetnperanoo Hotel, j_Lich-street, Bangor, North vVales. ° 755*3 EDUCATSONAL. 14/f ETALLIFEROUS MINERS, Officials, t'liarrymea, desiring success, take Postal, i/escsons, in Geoiogy, Metai Mining, Surveying. Electricity. Certificates awarded. —Write ior free Book, "Cambrian Mining School," Glanffrwd, Porth, Giara. :Z90iJ)p I->UPIL.-W3Dik:d Pupiiii for Office whcire oompkite inetruotnon will be giv-an in tJiorth<ind, Typownitiaig, BooJc-kcep.m^ etc. —Apply, "Piü;1(x,r" Office, Rhyl. MSIOICAL. rnilB MEDICAL HOME, COLWYN B\' £ — J- FULLY TRAINED GERTIE IC ATE D N(JRSl(>S supplied, who live in the Home wtien not at Caises, and are under personal super- vision. Pa.i^ntd received Massage u r i. I Appliances on H.m. Tel. o. 24. -.Si.tren. AlLii Isabel Matty. 2255ip ADOPTION. HOME WANTED for healthy Boy, of rospectab!e birth.—Rcp.y, "W. B. l'ionolr uttioe, Colwyn Bay. 2S221'p \Y ANTED Home for Baby taken from birth. Address, "S.O. "Pioneex" Office, Colwyn Bay. 29039p WANTS (Miscellaneous). MOLE SKINS. — Gerrard Brothers, Fur- riers, Edinburgh, announce increase in pries for Moife Sk"ns.-Send for particu- lars. 2905-ip It/TILK.—One or two good Dairies Wanted; good prices given—S. E. Dale, 57 aind 59, Albert-Street, Ardwick, Manchester. 759201 DOQS FOR SALE. "CX)R SALE, Siieep Dog Puppies, oros9ed Old Ebgl.i&fe and Rough Coated Collie; parents excellent workers.-Apply,E. Francis, Hafod OU-Eat, Amlwch. 7594cl IEDIG REE -WÉk TERRI MS.-xiokd biwh and several puppies reedy to show So d at very low priocs, to eiaar; over«tockad.—Apply, 'W. H. "Pio- E-eer" Office t'ci'vrfn Bay. 29286p ITE West -Highland Terriers for Sale, NN throe fejnales, nine months oM; nedi- gree.—Add^ees, "J.M.B. Gorddicog EState Office- LLanJAirfcekaa. SITUATIONS WANTED. CERTIFICATED GOVERNESS requires daily or resident post in school or Family. Latin, French, German, English, Music, etc. Highest reference. — Offloe, Rhyl. 29148p {COUNTRY GENERAL dis?ngaged (20i); tail, strong, 000k, waah, two years' re- ferences; J613. 54, Berwyn-street, LLan- goukm. 29224p COOK requires situation, temporary or permaii/Oiit; private and hotel nefer- emces.—Browm's Regiistry, Wi'Llow Baink, L-ewelyn-m-id, Colwyn Bay. 29261p COACHMAN seeks Situation as Chauffeur, c or "Groom Cihautfeur two months' first- j class G arage expariesnoe life experience with, horses; hug hi y recommended; good refer- ences; single; age 27. W. Melliocaf, Groas- way-Groen, Stoui-port, Woroesteisbire. 29183p (1 ENERAL, disengaged, thorough countd-y- G gird, 20, 2 yeais wfeu-ence, cook, waaii, tali, strong, ^113.—54, Berwyn-street, Hlaa- goiilen. Wl- HOUSEKEEPER, middle-aged, requires re- engagement; testimonials, six amd two years.—i. "Piooear" Olfioe, Colwyn tlay. 29199p X ADY (30) wants situation as Linen- keeper or Laundress L11 a hotel, or Laundress in private school.—T. K. "Pio- Otace, colwyn Bay. 29139p STATIONERY, FANCY, and NEWS. — £ 3 Assistant with good knowledge of same s re-cngageme.ut Mr January 1st; North Wales preieried; four years' cxperienc-o; age 18; taxi, aud not afraid of work; mode-rate wages.—Apply, Box 757o, Office, Bangor. c TfiDRAINED MATERNITY NURSE, with ex- perience in general nursing, desires position as Housekeeper to invalid lady or gentleman.—" i'. "Pioneer" Office, Col- wyn Bay. 29164-D 70-LTNG MAN seeks situation; permanent; willing worker; total abstainer; Baker by ticde.-j.tobert D. Bovven, 5, St. David's- terraoe, Peoimaenmawr. 29155p OUNG GIRL wants a situation as lioiuc- Jt in aid-W aitrcas, at onoe hve y«<ars lost oltnatiion. — A<klress, "\Y. D. "Pi«n«cx" Office, Colwyn Bay. 29223,p "V7"OUNfl LADY desires po5t as Nitreery Governeas (experkmoed;, Codwyn Bay Otr rji-ighboui-hood, daily ou- weekly. — Ad- da-cbs, "W. 1" "Pioaeicr" Office, Colwyn Bay. 29:¿63.p PROFESSIONAL. yOUNG LADY dŒ Daily Teaching; — neighbourhood lJeii .ri;ae.ii;nawr, usual subjects, r reaich, cei-t.ficate Acquired abroad, pmate FrcuiOii lesions.—Misis Barrie, Bedoi tSacu, Dvvygyiyiohi. 29250p -==-> M !SCELLANEUS. BOOK DEBTS purchased. Cash down, any district.—Vv. jacKson, Corporation* street, Manchester. 2ti511p tCONTRACT .Wanted for pure, rich Cream J (pait y Guernsey Aoout live gallons a week, in small jugs ready for 3s par quart, or including carriage ana jugs, bs 3d Sale, Retaliate at 4s.—Ulenmoriston, Eastham. CGENERAL ACCOUNTANCY, Rent and X Debt ColleeLou, House Agent. Holder of a Certificate under tiie La. of Distress Amendiiient Act.Lew. D. Jones, Account- ant, tfaugor. IMPORTANT TO MOTHERS. — Every ) I Motner who values the Health 0.: her Child should use Harrison's "Reliable" Nur- sery Pomade. One application kills all Nits aud \'t'rmui, beautiiies and strengthens the iiair. in iins, 4d and Ud. Postage, Id.— I Geo. Vv. Harrison, Chemist, Reading, teold I by all Chemists. Agent for Colwyn Buy — J. W. Aaamson, Chemist, fctaliou-road. Agent tor PeumacniiiAwij: — i. J. iiuglies, Chemist. Agent lor Conway:—L. Jones, Chemist. 23S28p LADIES.—My improved Remedies act in a isw hours, vvi.-eu aJ else iai.a. iurprisa-ngiy 1 eii'ective. tjucctss yuuiuniced. Send stamped cnvciopd for Free .Smnp.o. Audreys, Nursti I Hiui'.iiKMd, 20. ing.eUeue, Boscombe-ioad, South- end. Essex. -_uu 26421D rg\LiY '1R1CARDS, New Patent Domino Game, witii emblems of Gt. Britain, etc. Post — Fazaiieriey, Duke-street, Liverpool. 7489 f* j l'AGE BOOK about Herbs, and how to use them, free; send for one.—Trim- nell, rilw Herbalist, 144, Richmond-road, Car- Established 1879. 2S119p HOHSES. CARRIAGES. &c. FOR SALE. new Itubber-tyre Governess Cax and Second-hand Gig, Dog Cart, two Light Lorries, Horse Breaker's Cart, two Paajtons.Rubber-tyrtd Landaus,Victoria, and Brougham, Business and Pleasure Floats, a specialty; Hand Carts, Wheelbarrows, and 'Bus top. Cash or easy terms.—Francis and Sons, Coach builders, Colwyn Bay. F'OR SALE, complete Turnout, Cob, 14 hands, eight years, fast; R.T. Fdaat, iiarp.'tss, good as New. "A Oilio, Rhyl. u __0- 29249p nno BE SOLD, two Light Horse3, 15-3 hands JL high, rising four and five years old, very quiet, and been broken-in; to be seen at Rhyd y Gwtta, -.en, St. Asaph. 29090p TO BE £ OLD a First-class Brake, in good, condition, to hold 35 persons; cheap. —Apply, Minns, 28, t¿ U>t:< Jl ôo-tJ. Vt:¡u,c Ch.&s- ter. 29292p "I7ICTORIA, Rubbers, Hood, Brake; good as new suit invalid or doctor. 41, "Pioneer" Oftioe, Llandudno. p FARMS FOR SALE. 18 A NGLESEY.—Freehold Farm of 108 Acres with House and Buildings for Sale, or would divide in lots to suit purclia-sor cer- tain portions very suitable for building. — For particulars apply to G. H. Williams, Braint, Llanfair P.G. 7682c ADVERTISE I,y THE PIONEER AND I INCREASE YOUR BUSINESS j WRITE TO-DAY FOR TERMS TO THE ADVERTISING MANAGER, PIONEER OFFICE -o- COLWYN BAY. FOR SALE—VARIOUS. BRAND New Set Bonzaiine Snooker Balls; fuii size; cheap.—43, "Pioneer" Office, Llandudno. p BEiST Galvanised Corrugated Sheets.—5 ft., Is 3d; 6-ft., Is 5ti, 7-ft., Is 7d; 8-ft., Is 9d. Ridgeeap Nails, Washers, Bolts. Carriage paiii on lots of 20s.-Alyn Galvani- zing Vvoriis, Mold. 25962p IT^OIt SALE, cbcia.p, Peacock, in full plurn- —Address, "VV. L. "P,lion' £ er" Oliice, Colwyn Bay. 29293p GALVANISED CORRUGATED SHEET, all G warranted sound, 27in. wide; 5ft. Is, Git. Is 3d, 7ft. Is (3d, Bit. Is 9d, 9it. 2s, IBft. 2s 4d each. A few light Salvage Sheets, sound, but soiled by sea water, 5ft. lOd, 6ft. is each; ridging 3d per foot; spouting 31d per foot.—N.W. Dept., Butler. Bell Works, Wolverhampton. 28112p €1 KEY HAIR permanently and speedily re- stored to its original colour by using HARRISON'S HAIR COLOUR RESTORER, It is not a dye, but a natural means acts as a restorative. Contains nothing injurious, and is benehciiil to the growth and beauty of the Hair. in bottles, price Is 6d (postage 3d -er: extra). Manufacturer: G. W. Harrison, Hair Specialist, Reading. Sold by Chemists. Agent lor Bangor: J. Boweu, Chemist, Castle Hail. Agent ior Llangeiui: S. Prytherch, Chemist. alll: Drug Hall. 2 7VALVAN1SED FENCTNG"WIRE, in -J-cwt. bundles, iroin 0 to 14 w.g., perfect new wire, but shorter lengths than usual, 8s per cwt.; Galvanised Barbed Wire, salvage, y soiled, in 84-1b. bundles, 336 yds., Us per bundle.—N.W. Dept., Butler, Bell Works, Wolverhampton. 28113p 1 AltDEN BARROWS, strong, well- seasoned wood, from 15s Dd ea-ch.- J. B. Randies, Ironmonger, Colwyn Bay. p ,d-h,aed Ixon F*ttLn.- ,,s for GOOD Second-haind Iron Fittings for Butcher's Shop Ù>.r Sale. — App<Ly, Lloyd, i'andorliwi, Colwyn Bay. 29265p |fTALVANISED"ROOFING SHEETS, Speelad G job Lot ilght sheets, 21 i-nohes wide, to cover 18 inoh-cs, oft. 7$d; 6it. M each; all sound and free from holes, but slightly &oiiled. W.C. Dept., Butieir. Boll Works, Wolverhampton. Estabhwhod 1828. p AL V ANLSJilD BARB WIRE, English G make, new, but silightly soiled, 8-jnb. bundleis, 33;iyds. 9s per bundile.—W.C. Dept., But-lc-r, Bell Works, Wolverhampton. Estaib- lished 1828. p 7TALVANISETD 00RRUGATED ^SHEETS, si>:<ci:U, salvage, new sheets, soiled by sea winter, 6ft., Is; at., Is A; 7ft., Is 6d; (Aft., 1(; Sd.— W.C. Dept., Butler, Be-li Works, Wolvcii'li;ampto.i. Established 1828. 29247p "Of AND^OME Loapard-skin Mottor Rug; -dL,rk gree-tn mwujnt, as new, liKilf-pricf, £ü; uecifui pixsnemt. — W.N." P;i.ccii:i?ir" Ofii,o:?o, Cidlwyn Bay. 29302ip MANGLES and Wringing Machines, 22- inch Rollers, warranted quality, from 39s Gd each. J. B. Randies, Ironmonger, Colwyn Bay. p 7.9 jx>r 2031 bs. saelcs includ-rd rails in Liverpool. CalSh.J. M. Council, 10a, Sun- ytrcet, Browiilow-hill, Divorpool. 29291p i>OR 1 AB.LM EiNGINE.-N,ow om Tregarth Sta-trloca; prioa < £ 40; linsured to bOlhs. prcesuve; Sii.P.; very low pries to-clear. — Groan, 3, Iilowclilyai-road, Colwyn Bay. 2924Cp RAJjBIT NETS; Fish Nets; Cricket, Lawn Tennis Nets; Traps every description; Catalogue stamp.—Young (mention paper), Net Works, Crewkerne, bomerset. 28351p A IS, MICE, MOLES, COCKROACHEST and BEETLES greedily eat Harrison's "Reliable" Rat Poison. Cats and dogs will cot touch it. Vermin dry up and leave no smell. Prices 6d, Is, 2s 3d, and 3s 8d. Post- age 2d.—G. W. HARRISON, Chemist, Read- ing. Sold by Chemists. Agent for Bangor: J. Bo wen, Chemist. WANTED, two large Slate-planing Machines; must be cheap for ca&h.—■ Apply, Prince of Wales, High-street, Raai- gor. 7651 ALLPAPERS from lid per roll. Any I" Quantity, large or small, at Wholesale Prices. Stock exeeeda 250,000 lolls; all classes.— Wl:te for Patterns, slating clasa required.—Th« Barnett Wallpaper Co., Ltd. (Dept. 221), Camp- field Avenue, Manchester. APARTMENTS TO LET. LLANDUDNO.—Comfortable Apartment (with or without Board); permanency 'tc or otherwise; sunny and centrally situated, Bath, Piano, and all modern conveniences; good Cooking and attendance; mode-ra/C terms.—Apply, Mrs Griffith, Hemmuigford, Caroline-street, Llandudno. p HYL.-Perv-auent Rooms in centre ci Town R for one 01 two gentlemen or ladies; good oooking; very moderate terms. 2, Cresoent- road. p HUDDLAN.-Apartment, comfortable and clean, near Cast e and River, permanent or season.—Misa Davis, Tower Home, Castte-st-, Ithuddlan p ^IPriNGlloOMan^BEDROO^lTprctty Cottage; large garden; close to sta- tion.—Proprietress, Rofft Cottage, Resectt, nr. Wrexham. 28773p APARTMENTS WANTED. WANTED, in Spring, three good-s;zed, » partly furnislied Roome, w^ith attend- a-noo for lady, for a permancy; good cook- ing west end of iColwyn Bay. — Apply, "T.N. "Pioneer" Office, Colwyn Bay. 29193 e,c::=>.c::=>.c::=> -»• You Get More Replies <9 by advertising in the "Pioneer." w fI If you want a servant, to rent a ) u house, to sell or buy anything; if U J» you went a situation, the best thing JT to do is to fill in the form printed U at the bottom of this page and send U it to the Advt. Manager, U "PIONEER" OFFICE, Colwyn Bay. U yi X >Qf „>»g ■■ ■■>me==>t "v FOR SALE BY PRIVATE TREATY. A NGLESEY\—For Sale by Private Treaty, A Freehold Farm, 240 Acrcs good Land; imm-ediat,e possession. Apply to J. W. Paynter, Solicitor, Amlwch. 7570 J^OR SALE BY PRIVATE TREATY, all those two Dwelling-houses, known as Brynodol and Maisonette, situate on the corner of Ellcsmere-road and Prince's Drive, Colwyn Bay.—For particulars, apply, T. H. Morgan and Co., Solicitors, Colwyn Bay. X^OR SALE BY PRIVATE TREATY, as a v.ihole or in lots to suit purchasers, all those Freehold Premises known as the Pen- isa'r Dre Tannery, situate in Water-street, Abergele, comprising a Messuage or Dwelling- house with large and productive Garden, Stables, Coach-house, and Tan Yard, with Sheds and Buildings thereon. Total area, 4770 square yards. Immediate possession can be had.—Apply to Mr E. A. Crabbe, Soli- citor, Town Hall, Abergele. 29165p l^JURSERY, freehold; three glass houses, N 100 x 12; two ditto, 36 x 14; three acres Land, Cottage, etc., etc., to oe Sold, a bargain; first-doss opportunity for a prac- tical IIAMI no oppoaitiotn.—Further pairti- ouloirs of A. J. Williams, Boo Hive, lAaon- gi. 292COp THE FARM AND GARDEN. A LBU, RTS BASIC SLAG.—For prices, apply A to W. Eiiie, and Co.. Merchants. Abergeie. T^LOWER POTS from 2| inch to 18 inch j1- kept m stock Seed Pans, Rhubarb and kaoe Pots, Rustic Ware, etc., try our 78 (;.(1, 10s öd, 15s, and 218 cratos. Catalogue tree. Buy from the makers—Herbert Park Pottery Co., Darlaston, Staffs. p CYCLES. MOTORS, &C., FOR SALE. íOTOR BlCYCLETTe^lTh.p.; ch^n- 42, "Pioneer" Offioe, Llandudno. p x OCIvTAKING SALE. — Tyres, 1911, pattern covers, 3s 3d. Air Tubes, with valves, 2s 3d each guaranteed. Pr Tyres, Frames, Wheels, Capes, Saddles, etc.. guaran- teed new goods. Sale list free. W. A. Gorton, Manufacturer, Wolverhampton. c Fill in this Form and send it to Advertisement Manager, 3 } 4 PIONEER" OFFICE, CONWAY ROAD, COLWYN BAY. ) I The charge for ail kinds of SMALL ADVERTISEMENTS, SITUATIONS VACANT I C I and WANTED, &c., in the" PIONEER" is 18 Words i/ Three Insertions, a/- I 3 J 9 (which must be Prepaid). Name and Address must be paid for. } | | 20 | 25 | l J f Please insert above Advertisement times, for which I enclose P.O l or Stamps value d. J e Name i i Address- < HOUSES TO LET. GLAN OCi.1 WAY. Ninie-roomed Seand-de- ta<dhed Vil-ato Let, with modern con- veniences pleiasaaiitly situated, cloaa to Station and Village; rent X17 p.a.-Apply, Malek, Estate Agønt, Llanirw^t. 29242ip LD COLWYN.—ALFRED COY, House aind Estate Agent, Station Yard. TO LET, good selection Detached and Semi- detached Villas. General Enquiry Offioe for matters relating to LAND and PROPERTY, Old Colwyn and neighbourhood. 27975p LLANDDULAS. Four-roomed Cottage with good Garden to Let. Rent 3s 6d clear; 20 minutes' walk from Sea and Station.—Apply, Hughes, Rhydyfoel, Llan- ddulias. 29159p -P-ENMAENMAWR.-Eciudaloe, fwl sea view, modern convenience, low rent.— Mrs Evans, Erindale, Pen maenmawr. 29140p HTK) LET, "Bodgwynedd," AbergeLe-road, Colwyn Bay; three Reception, eight Bedrooms, Bathroom, and usual Offices; vaoan-t next March 25th.—Apply, GHyn Villa, Llandudno. *29182p ri\REFRIW.—Thirteen-roomed House; fine rp and sunny situation, large Garden, good sanitation and modern conveniences, close to village; rental X35 p.a.—Apply, Malek, Estate Agent, Llanrwst. 28331p fTK) BE LET, two New Houses, in Ambrose- street, for immediate occupation. Rents, 5s and 5a 6d weekly. — Apply. Humphrey Willianifi, Ltd., Penlom Slate Works. 7648 HOUSES WANTED. "^STTANTED parties having Houses to Let to » send particulars, at onoe, to Haa'.am, Es- tate Agent, Rhyl. "V\7"ANTED, email House, for February; two reception, four or five Bedrooms. RElut, £ 28.—Address, "W. E. "Pioneer" Offioe, Colwyn Bay. 29262p FURNISHED HOUSES TO LET. DEGANWY. Prooneiiade. Fumisihed —— House: two Entertaining-rooms, five Bedrooms, usaial offices, to Let, three months or longer; reasonable terms careful tenant; inspection by arrangement. Also for Sade.- Write, "R. 73," care of Lee and Nightingale's Advertising Offices, Liverpool. HOUSES FOR SALE OR TO LET. npo BE LET or SOLD, a Semi-detadi^d House; Dingle Hill, Colwyn Bay. — Apply, S. Bond and Sons, Builders, Colwyn Bay. 29192p HOUSES FOR SALE. ^"vpFERS INVITED. — For Freehold and Leasehold Properties in Llysfaen and LJandduLas. In Llysfaen Freehold, Panty Carw; t1 i41 lottages, with about threoe acres of Buildiing Land. Llanddulos: Leasehold, Clip, 'l':yn Cottages; always letting; 70 .Yoars, unexpired Leasehold; also two Cot- tages in Mi.11..stree-t; 16 years' unexpired Lease. A reasonable offer will be well con- sidered, as the Vendor desires to rvalise.- Apply to Mr William D. Jones, F.A.I., Holy- head, or to Mr A. LI. Stevenson, Auctioneer, etc., 16, Station-road, Colwyn Bay. 29160p rpO BE SOLDrD¥rACHED HOUSE,TiUate in excellent position, commanding ex- tensive and unequalled views, within 15 minutes' walk of enai Bridge. House con- tains two Entertaining-rooms, two Kitchens, Pantry, four Principal Bedrooms, Servant's Room, Boxroom, Bath, and W.C.; own water supply; nice, cool Conservatory; small, well- stocked Garden. ALSO, TWO SEMI-DE- TACHED FOUR-ROOMED COTTAGES ad- joining, aJI well built, and in perfect condi- tion.—Write "D61," Lee and Nightingale's Advertising Offices, Liverpool. 7551 BUSINESS FOR DISPOSAL. "ORICKWORKS for Sale; leasehold pro- 13 perty.—Address, "T. 0. "Pioneer" Offioe, Colwyn Bay. 29184p T LAN DUD NO.—Sweets (high class) small L established Season Business for Sale. Suit young lady. Splendid situation. In- going ^50.—Apply, "Boa-gain," "Directory" Offioe, Llandudno. 92158p OTFICES, SHOPS, &c., TO LET. ITOLYTJ EA D.—Shops to be Let, situate in .1 main thoroughfare.—T. G. Owen, Pen- rhos Estate Office. 7580c OFFICES to Let; commodious, well-lighted, and central.—Apply, C. Bowen, Draper, Bangor. 7679c rpo BE LET, with immediate possession, Shop aind extensive Premises in Arvonia Bu idlings, Highnstreet, Bangor (three mdmutes' walk from Railway Station).—Ap- ply, Ccilonel H. Savage, ArvonLa Cthamibers, Bangor. c LICENSED PREMISES TO LET. BUTCHER'S ARMS," LLANFAIR P.G. —To be Let, with early possession- In-going by Valuation. — Apply, Lichfield Brewery Co., Ltd., Lichfield. 7151 LE-l', "Klmg's Head, U.andudn<); well A -a"uotumed all-year-round tmj,e. Apply, Tnd, C'oope and Co., York Chambers, Llamdudno. 29290]) -=:= To BE LET. rp LET EARLY IN 1911. HAWARDEN TOWERS, Comer of Hawa-rdieiif-road and Primoeis Drivi. Rent, £70. BRIGHTON HOUSE, in same block as above. < £ 50. HOUSE and SHOP in Ceylon Buildings, A'bargalv-road. £ 50: LOcK-UP SHOP iin the best spot of Higih- P ati'eat,- Oiyl. X52. —Apply, 1. B. Jones and Co., Rhyl. r IF, Ground Floor of a Chapel to be Let JL as a Warehouse; very suitable as a storeroom or joiner's workshop; rent, 2s 6d per week.—Apply, Llew Jones, Homedale, Re- gent-street, Bangor. 7531c FURNITURE WANTED. WANTED, Modern or Antique Furniture; Homes purchased outright.—Haslam, Auctioneer, Rhyl. p POULTRY, EGCS, &c. FOR SALE, five Buff Orpington hens, one cock; ten white Wyandotte hens, one cock, all hatched 1909; three white Leghorn Cockerels; Hens, 3.s; Cock, 5s; good lay- ing strains.—Duaui, The Knoll, Upper Col- wyn Bay. z925Hp MISS BABCOCK, w 111 nor "ol"5000 1'rizes, iv-B. Cups, Specials, etc., at all the Classical Shows, including Crystal Palace, Dairy Royal, Birmingham, York, Jes" Manches- ter, etc., has tor sale splendid Cockerels and Pullets; also Adults in Old English Game, in all colours; also Bants; also Indian Game and Indian Game Bants; also Andalusians; also White Orpington Cockerels, Lindner's Strain, Plymouth Rock Cockerels (Jackson's Strain), and others for utility purposes.—Ap- ply rut Ghur, Old Colwyn, or R. S. Marsden, Remington, Ciitheroe. 2S440p AAA YARDS Wire Netting always in ,Uvv Stock, from Id per yard.—J. B. Randies, Ironmonger, Colwyn Bay. Turkey, Duck & Geese Eggs SPECIAL OFFER. (Ün. American Mammoth Bronze Turkeys 8/6 Immense Aylesbury Ducks ••• Enormous Embden-Toulouse Geese: 9/. Special Indioin Runner Ducks 4,6 Unfertile Replaced FREE. Sound Delivery Guaranteed Anywhere. A ARTHUR HARWOOD, THE GROVe, KAMLVIHN3IV5ITH. f U -F- PJ -c r L Fi -3 r UP- R J -E In time for f Christmas. Reduction in Prices of Provisions' After a long period of except- ionally high prices, it must be good news to know that HAMS AND BACON can now be bought at prices which 0 no one will complain to pay j at Pryce Williams, AND CO, The Leading Provision i Merchants. WAfl J Also P. W. & Co. have received 1 some Prize Dairy Cheshire Cheese ALSO 3 Gorgonzolas and English J Stiltons. | Call and order to secure | REALLY CHOICE GOODS. | ■ Note Addresses- í PRYCE WILLIAMS AND Co., West End Stores, Conway Road. I n Ceylon Stores, | V»0iWyil OSy Abergele Road, ) EVERARD STORES, Rhos on Sea DEVON STORES, Old Colwyn. -1 ffl-E ftj7F Li-r:3 TO LADIES. Irregularities, etc., remcvi:<l by an entirely new and A13SOLUTELY C'EHTAIN METHOD WITHOUT MEDICINE. No pills, mixtures, or nauseous drugs; to take. No useless injections. THE GREA'IEa'i' A DISCOVERY OF MODERN MEDICAL SCIENCE. Guaranteed harmless. It it positive, safe, certain, and &;)eedy. Does not interfere with househoid duties. Every case guaranteed. Do not experiment with useless remedies. Send at once a stamped addressed envelope for full particulars and testimonials GUARANTEED. GENUINE UNDER A PENALTY OF £ 1000. Mrs. STAFFORD BROOKES, (147 Dept.). 220, ARDGOWAN ROAD, HITHER GREEN, LONDO, S.E. (Established over 16 years). RODINE REPELS RATS The Smell of RODINE at'.raeti the rate; it's taste pleaaes thean. 1'hey eat it greed- ily, die instantly, leave no smell. Never fiyiis. V tter extermination assured. &d.. Is., 2& Z); 5s. Post, 2d. HARLEY, Chemist, Per ill. Agents:— S. Prytberch, Chemist, Llangefni; R. R. Chemist, Amlwch; II. P. Tho- mas and Slon. Chemists. Aborffraw; and J. T. Thomas, Ohemirt, Portdinorwic. F i-<" M A To B8Str°y eyery Jill form of Eczema nso FRANCIS'S SKIN I, OINTMENT. Itching will cease after Ono Appliea- Jjbagofy tion. Will cure liing- waria in 2 or 3 Days, la itifalll'olo for Files. Acts like a charm on Bad Legs. HenJs up old Wounds Sores. Destroys every form of Kczeraa and other SUin Troubles. Has Jfe never been known to faiL In boxes, 113. Id. each (post free) FRAiiCiS I G].,CHEMISTS, WREXHAS iim:f.!iÆ:fJ1,1];f<!ijtJF'diWrLJ1Jj!j'ïlIi!ffif'illi.I( i P i^ I When Replyng to Advertise- I ments, pleaae mention I "THE PIONEER." I M 1 4Øft>.fr'ill!Rcl:.ff-'g.œEffi1;¡ï! printed by tne Proprietors of the "WELSH COAST PIONEER," and Published by then: at their Head Offices:—Conway road, COL. WTfN BA Y. h the COUNTY of DENBIGH; and at G3a,Moityn-street,LLANDUDNO, ia the COUNTY of CARNARVON; "Pioneer" Office, Kinmo!-street, Uhyl; Central Build Hi^h-strec-t, PRESTATYN, vn hi COUNTY OF FLINT, Thursday( Decern be 19'0.