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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

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BANGOR. The annual Christmas Eisteddfod promoted by the Welsh Baptist Penuel Chapel, Bangor, was held' on Christmas Day and the evening of Boxing Day. Mr John. Wickens presided over the fir-sl meeting, and after explaining that the festival was not a mere money-making affair, but was the outcome of a steady and persistent voluntary effort to wipe off an old debt, which was being done at the rate of £ 70 a year, he put in a strong plea for more voluntaryism in the churches and less bazaar and concert. Mr Hurren Harding, the, adjudicator in the musical section,urged a wider cultivation, of instrumental music, and instanced the success of the Y.M.C.A. orchestra. He pointed out that, that orchestra, only recently begun with three insruments, now ,numbered 25, and urged the people of Bangor to take advantage of that and other organisa- tions in the town for the purpose of acquiring a knowledge of instrumental music. (Hear, hear.) Teganwy was the conductor on both occasions, and Miss M. L. Eardley acted as accompanist throughout. Results are appended Solo, "Morfa Rhuddlan" 1, John E. Jones, West End 2, Cissie William's, Tabernacle-st., both of Bangor. ReÓtarion, "Ti wyddost beth ddywed fy nghalon" 1, Annie May Jones, Vic- toria-street 2, (Myfanwy Davies, Tabernacle- street. Quartet, "God is a Spirit" (Sterndale Bennett) Mr H. T. Owen, (Pendref Chapel) and! party. Translation fro.i, to English: Mr W. S. Jones, Anfield, Liverpool. Pianoforte solo for, juniors: 1, Kate Harvej"; 2, Jane Row- lands. Two stanzas on "Clio" Mr 0Ilon Wil- liams, Holyhead. Modulation test: John Ed- ward! Jones and Blanche M. Williams, equal. Solo, contest for novices, test piece, R. S. Hughes's "Rwy'n myn'd i'r Nef" Andrew Jones, Kyffin-square. Dictation: Blanche. M. Williams. Four verses on "The Grave" Mr R. Rhydiydd'oni Jones, Bangor. Children's party choral contest: The Penuel party. Crayon sketch (a ship in a storm) Owen Roberts, Garth, Bangor. Chief choral competition, test piece, Mendelssohn's "Thanks be to God," prize six guineas, and a guinea for the conductor The Penuel Choir, conducted by Mr William Williams. Essay on the characteristics of the Twelve Apostles, confined to persons under 211 years of age: 1, 'Nellie Evans; 2, Evelyn Lloyd Jones. The second night's festival was presided over by Dr Owen Price, and the results of the various contests were as under: Solo for children under LJ, "Gyda'r lesu" I, Maggie Williams, Tabernacle-street; 2, Myfan- wy Jones, West End. Psalm! writing for chil- dren under 12: 1, Winifred Ellen Roberts; 2, Annie Jones; 3, H. Deini-ol Jones. Soprano or tenor solo contest, test pie-ie, W. Davies's "Cennad y Don" Mr Tegfan. Roberts, Llan- degfan. Translation from English to Weish Mr Owen, Boardl School, Llansadwrn. Solo contest for competitors who had not previously won more than, xos 6d; Andrew Jones, Kyffin- square. For best lineii apron 1, Minnie Jones, West End; 2, Gracie Jones, Caellepa. Con- tralto or baritone solo, test piece, Dr Parry's "Hoff Wlad fy Ngenedigaeth' Miss Clara W. Jones, Bethesdia. Psalm v/riting for children under 16: 1, Jennie Thomas 2, Cissie' Wil- liams 3, Hannah Mary Roberts. Gnallenge solo: Mr Tegfan Roberts, Llandiegfan. Chief essay, "The influence. of religion, on Welsh, lit- erature" Mr Owen, Board School, Llansad- wrn. Hymmtune: x, Griffith5 Jones, WTaenfawr; 2, Thomas Thomas, Bangor. Recitation senior competition, test piece, Islwyn's "Y Nos" Mu T.. Davies, Upper Bangor. Chair prize, sub- ject "Sunset" Mr H. Hughe-si, Chapel House, Llanrhyddlad. Poem on "Patriotism" Mr R. Rhydyddon Jones, IBangor. Pianforte solo.: Miss Nellie Williams, Bangor. Essay, "The Christian Life" Mr W. Hughes, High-street, Bangor. Children's choir campetiton, test piece, Mr J. D. Lloyd's "Dos, Wanwyn, dbs" The Pendref Children's Choir, conductedl by Mr R. Davies.


Eisteddfod at Colvvyn Bay.

Welsh Good Templars' Eisteddfod.



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