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YSTRADGYNLAIS NOTES. TO NG DE TUTSTEES. A jelly company assembled III the Aubrey Arrns on Saturday evening, when a well-known colliery official offered to pay for drinks round if any member of tha company could successfully negotiate the quick articulation of 'iIf you snuff shop snuff, I'll snuff shop snuff, too." The fun waxed fast and furious, but the. challengs" was not called upon by the referee to "stump up." This reminds me that there are many other tongue- twisters which may cause similar chal- lenges to be thrown out, and for the benefit of those who desire to exceed the ordinary limitations of speech, the fol- lowing may prove interesting Swan swam over the sea Swim, swan, swim, Swan swam back again Well swam swan. Two good tests to determine whether -too jolly customers have had more than is good for them may be applied as fol- lows "Round the rugged rocks the ragged rascals can to reach the rural road" or, -the following, which may prove to be a stumbling block to the applicant for a Zi lit Robert Rowley rolled a round roll round 1 A, roil Robert Rowley rolled round Where relied the. round roll Robert Rowley rolled round. The following is a bit of a twister When a twister a twisting will twist him a tn ist For the twisting of his twist he three times doth entwist But if one of the twines cf the twist do untwist rho twine that untwistesth untwistheth the twist Untwirling the twine that untwistheth between The twirls with a twister the two in a twine jJThen twice having twisted the twines of the twire He twisted the twine he hid, twictsd in twain The, twain that in twining before in the twine Aa twines were entwistcd he now doth untwine. Twixfc the twain intertwisting a twine more between He twirling his twister makes a twist cf tho twino. "Sh0 sills shells" pales into in- ^.i^riLficance compared with the following "Fa.rr.y Fisher fried four floundering f:K;r;/s for Francis Fisher's father." And now to bring these "twisters" to • m. local application, let me yuote the Charles DicKens places in the mouth of Mr Weller "My vife and I vent to Vest Vickham, iu-d vether it vas the vaggon or vether it vits my vife, I can't pretend to say; but my hoise couldn't go, and my vife vou-ldn't go, and so ve'd to stop by the vay. I fancy that even the valorous laawl- lord of the Aubrey Arms vould vacillate before he ventured to decide vether to vink at the vindow or the viskey before he gave orders to the vaiter. The last of these "ttvistiys shall be a simple one, viz. Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, Did Peter Piper pick a peck of pickled peppers ? If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, Where's the peck of pickled peppers Peter Pepper picked ? Under the auspices of the Sardis Y.P.C.E. Society, Professor Joseph -Jones, of Brecon, lectured, under the presidency of Mr R. Williams, on "Tol- stoy. The lecture was greatly enjoyed -I)y a crowded attendance. PROMOTION Mr D. Jones, of Oddfellow Street, has t>oon promoted from day shotnian to night &renian at the Yniscedwyn Colliery. "THE SUB-AGENCY Jiocal members of the Miners' Federation .Thave been considerably disappointed that <!ounty Councillor T. P. Jones did not succeed in obtaining more than 3,342 votes in the last ballot for the Sub. Agency. There were many who antici. pated that he would hav,, been in the running for the final ballot. Our com- rade polled very strongly in this district, -and actually increased on his former poll, bat not sufficiently to" place him second on the list. He secured over 1,503 votea jn the surrounding district, nearly half <,f the total number he received. Now 1Jnt thf two remaining candidates are poing to a final poll, I feel certain that CTTthv q possible will be done to secure •Ave cl yti^n of Mr J. J. James, who has -flivrys proved himself to be a champion -Of the working cla.s.s. MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING "But why are the men standing idle ro 1ate ? And whv do the crowds gather so fast in the Ft rat-e ? What, come they to speak of, what com-* they to see ?"Shamus O'Brien." Commercial street, on Monday night after the cinema had closed resembled a market place on a busy day, and all be- cause a father had the welfare of his eldest son at heart. These later days are more ancient than were the days of a quarter of century ago. For why? In those days the father of a family next door might have occasion to thrash his mischievious eldest offspring within an incho f his misguided life, and the next door people would assist, if necessary. In those ancient days a father thought that -although "Love is a boy by poets styl'd Then spare the rod and spoil the child." And, not wanting to spoil the child, the rod was used with generous measure ■and, did that prove unavailing to lead < the erring eldest son into the paths of rectitude and righteousness sterner measures were adopted. We are told, with much solemnity, that these be the days of "namby pambyism" and of the R.S.P.C.C., but we still have amongst us those who have been beaten till they know What wood a cudjel's of by th' blow Some kick'd until they can feel whether A shoe be Spanish or neat's leather." A GOOD GUESS A crowd of small boys was gathered about the entrance of the new Brecon rd. Cinema on Tuesday evening, trying to get a glimpse of the interior. A man standing near watched them for a few minuter, thc-Jn, walking up to Mrs. Edwards, he said, "Let all these boys in and count them as they pass." Mrs. Edwards did as requested, and when the last one had gone Mrs. Edwards turned and said, "Twenty-eight." "Good said the men. "I guessed just right," and' walked off. Poultry, Sc. I EGGS from our Champion White Wyan- dc-ttes now ready. Pen 1, Headed by a Cock winner of five firsts, and is mated to six perfect coloured hens, most of them winners, one winning first and speeuil for best hen in show first time out. Eggs, 7s.6d. dozen, equal to any El Is. sitting. Pen 2 also contains winners, and are some of the best layers in Wales tc-day. Eggs, 5s. dozen. Pen 3, 3s.6d. dozen White Leghorn; eggs, 3s.6d. doz. and Cams, noted laying strain. Ayles- bury and Runner Ducks, eggs, 2s.6d. doz. All unfertiles replaced, Chicks and Duck- lings double the price of eggs.—C. BEES, Ark Poultry Farm, Ystradgynlais ——————— ———————





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