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ABERCRAVE NOTES I "A DISGRACE TO CIVILIZATION." I At a special meeting of the Yst-rad- gynlais Council on Tuesday, Mr David Lewis raised the question of the Cefn- byrlo road and stated that no guarantee had been received from the Council that, after gathering money from those who -%vel,o anxious to have the road, the work would be proceeded with. It was a matter, and if the Council gave it 'guarantee- there would be something 'Minito to work upon. If the Council dill rot intend to proceed with the work why did they see the landlords in re- spect oi ihe reuuter'. The Chairman said they wanted some information as to the cost of the Told, I and he did not think it wojild be fair to discuss tho question that day. He thought they s hould leave the matter stand over until the next meeting. Mr David Lewis said it appeared to be the policy of some of the Council when important niatt-ei-s came up for discussion to adjourn the, questions. If the Coun- cil was determined t- throw the thing on one side, why diid they not say so. Everyone who kncws the circumstances of the case will give Mr David Lewis crodit for possessing infinite patience. Meeting after meeting of the Council he ha.? raised this question of the Cefnbyr- lø road until it has come within the sphere of "practical politics." Instead, however, of applying themselves to "practical politics," the members of the Council have a tendency to fly off at a tangent when anything appertaining to the needs of the Higher Parish is men- tioned, and thus it is that question has no yet go beyond the preliminary stages, yet the people of Abercrave and Col brcn may rest assured that the Council will be compeJlftd to do something in con- nection with the road at the next moot- ing. Mr Lewis would do well to con- tinue worrying his colleagues ard, as- sisted by the sledge hammer arguments used by Mr W. Walters, it is probable that the Council will yet be compelled to solve the problem of making Colbren more easily accessible than it is at pre- sent. The road leading from Abercrave to Colbren is a disgrace to civilization and the wonder is that the people of the district have remained passive so long. CHAPEL CONDEMNATION OF I AMUSEMENTS. "Observer, Aborcrave, writes as iol- lows Will you kindly permit me space to say a few words on a discussion which took place in one of the chapels in the upper part of the Valley last Sunday, on the impropriety of chapel members attending theatres, cinemas and other places of amusement. Certain persons taking part seamed to think it is im- moral to pass one's time in amusements such as we have in the dis- trict. I believe there are times in one's life when one requires some kind of amusement, somewhere to spend an en- joyable and cheerful hour after a, hard day's toil. As a rule it is persons who have never been inside such places that are the ones to condemn them. I should like to see these persons attending for once the places of amusements in the district, to satisfy themselves what immorality there is be- fore condemning them. Moreover, I do not soo it reasonable that they should ask to do away with these places with- out offering something better in their plaoc. It is not through misdirection that the young people are attending the theatre or cinema, bu because these places are more in accordance with modern life. What do the churches provide for cul- turing the minds of their young mem- bers ? It is true our forefathers lived a. good and happy life without the luxuries we have to-day, but things have changed. All this is the outcome of social evolu- tion. In fact the good and evil resulting from the evolution of society are so even- ly balance that it depends very much on place, time and temperament whether we optimists or pessimists. If my liver acts properly, I am an optimist; if it is out of order, a pessimist. Personally, I incline to optimism—that is, I think that this would, if not exactly "the best of all possible worlds," is yet on the whole a very tolerable! world, and life on the average is worth living. I also think that progress is certainly towards higher and very probably towards happier con- ditions. We do not all want the same things in order to be happy. What have the churches done to im- prove the condition of the poorer class? Although it rests to some extent with the person himself to improve his con- ditiovi by itaprcviug his personal habits, his ways of, his manner of spend- ing his time, and if he spends less on what injures his health, he will have more to spend for the happ nosa and im- provement cf his family. I believe the churches have be-on indifferent :n giving o-ny practical help. I hive no desire to say anything unjust about the churches, but I h??i ?,tlv b?,liev3 th?v ore, inactive in the improvement of social cond itions. ABERCRAVE COLLIERY "CHECK" The triennial electien for the- office of checkweighcr at. the Aberscrave Colliery is at present in progress, and the first ballot took place list. ivec-k-eiid, when votes were recorded as follows. :—John Morgan, 75: D. H. Lewis \the present holder cf the. post), 68; Edgar Griffiths, 40; a.nd Charles Davies, 10. The final ballot between Messrs. Morgan and Lewis takes place this week-end, and it is generally anticipated that the latter will hold the position. DEATH OF InS. WM. EDWARDS A glocm was cast over the district on Saturday by the announcement of the death of a, popular and highly respected local resident in the person of Mrs. Edwards, wife of Mr Wm. Edwards, grocer, of Cartref. Deceased, who was 38 years of aye, had only been ill for two or three weeks, and her death was hardly expected, which adds to the sadness of the affair. She was the daughter cf the late Mr Wm. Watkins, and cf Mrs. Wat- kins,* Glanafes. and by her bright and kin-dlv disposition, made a, great many friends. She was a strong Church- woman, and prior to her marriage occu- pied the pcsition of organist at the Call- wen Church, Craig-y-Ncs. She is sur- vived by her husband, and three young children, with whom the deepest sym- pathy is felt. The interment took place on Tuesday at Callwen Church, and was very largely attended by relatives and friends. The chief mourners were Mr Wm. Edwards, a.nd his two eldest ch'ldren (Brychan and Glyn) Mrs. Watkins (mother): Miss Wat-kins, s ister, and Mr Geffrey Watkins (brother) Mr and Mrs. Willie Watkins (brother and sister-in- law) Mr Edwards (Ystradgynlais), father of the bereaved husband, and the Misses A. and L. Edwards. The service was conducted by the Rev. J. Hughes (Callwen), and J G Hughes (Abercrave). There were numerous beautiful floral tributes. INTERESTING HOCKEY MATCH An interesting and enjoyable hockey match was played on the local ground on Saturday, when Neath Firsts were the visitors. Unfortunately the weather was very unfavourable, and this seriously in- terfered with the attendance of specta- tors, but nevertheless a fair number were present. The visiting team included no fewer than five players of international repute, in view of which fact their ulti- mate victory by six goals to two cannot be regarded as surprising. The home- I.lter\ however, fought a plucky gam?, end if dcfca?d were e<?ta"?y net dis- ?-tid if n-?? t d,? s- MUSICAL FESTIVAL RHEARSAL In connection. with the forthcoming musical festival to be heJd during Easter- tide, a rehearsal took place at Neuadd after the usual service on Sunday even- ing, the congregations of Neuadd, Beth- lehem, and Tynycoed being in attend- ance. Mr R. J. Lewis, liadrdaster at Abercrave Schools, was the conductor, and this the second rehearsal, auguis well for the forthcoming event. It will doubt- less be very successful. CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY I At the quarterly meeting of the local Cos-operative Society held the other even- ing, the report of the committee was passed, and it was decided to pay a small dividend on th2 past thirteen weeks' trading. The following members wer.e elected on the committee for the ensuring twelve months Messrs. Wm. Morgan, Yniswen; J. G. Jones, Old Shop; John Jones, Davies St-i-eet Rd. Morgan, Bronyrallt; and Ivcr H. Lewis, Twynyrodyn, The two latter are local I.L.P.'crs. LABOUR MATTERS I There was quite ft good attendance at the I.L.P. Rooms on' Monday evening, when under the auspices of the Branch, a meeting took plaoe, at which Mr Hugh Powell, of Ystradgynlais, gave a force- ful address on "Is Socialism opposed to civilization?" Mr 1,1. Morgan occupied the chair. After the a.bove meeting, a consider able number gathered to hear an ad- dress by Mr J. J. James, G.C.G., one of the candidates in the final ballot for the Anthracite District Sub-Agency. Mr Harry Thomas, Penyeao, presided over the meeting, which was of an enthusi- astic character. LOCAL SPORTSMEN ON GROUND I RECORDS Mr Tom Morgan, secretary of the Abercrave Hockey Club, writes us as follows A ground retord is a nice pos- session, but the subtlety of certain teams to keep them intact is not "cricket." Ys- talyfera Hockey Club was due to enter- tain Abercrave on a recent Saturday, but found at the last moment that they could not raise a team. Why ? Because they are a one-man team (Todd was playing in the West v. East match that day) or is it that they think heir record would be safer if they play such teams as Abercrave only when they are at full strength ? Probably they have not yet forgotten the shock they received at the commencement of the season, when they were distinctly lucky to run the Aber- cravites to a draw on the Ystalyfera ground, th-tnks to referee being ignorant of the TUlc of hockey, which be acknowledged by leaving the field at half time. Not, however, before he had left Ystalyfera in possession of three goals, one of which they were legiti- mately entitled to.





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