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Every Man His Own Landlord


Every Man His Own Land- lord .I i WHAT THE WELSH GARDEN CITIES, LTD., IS DOING. V* "The supreme question is that of housing every man should have a sana- torium at home. Give the workers decent houses and you solve the consumption question. "—Mr Ellis J. Griffiths, M.P. That the question of providing good houses for the people still requires con- siderable attention is evident so far as South Wales is concerned no matter where one turns and it is all the more desirable that societies having for their object the provision of first class houses for the working classes should be ac- corded every assistance. Overcrowding is excessive in the Ys- tradgynJais district, and there is much insanitary property, although the Coun- cil has condemned, during the past few yea,Ts, a large number of houses in Cwm- twrch, Abercrave, Colbren and Ystra-d- gynlais. It is hoped that the three housing schemes which are at present being arranged will diminish much of the ,overcrowding, but more than. 100 houseX are still required to cope with the deand. Amon gst the pioneers of Housing Re- form ?\0 uth Wales is the Welsh Gar- den Citie?L Ltd., and this Company are the promo tf^rs of a housing scheme at Yniseedwyn, Ystradgynlais, which, when completed, will provide nearly 100 first class houses. About 40 houses have aJ- ready been completed or are in course of erection. In addition to the Ynisced wyn scheme the Company is at present developing a large number of small schemes; at Pengam over 500 houses, to- gether with shops, etc., are being erected by the Company, and at Gilfach arrangements have been made for the erection of 500 houses. In both these villages 300 of the houses are already being erected. At Gorseinon the Com- pany has already built 90 houses; many of them practically completed. It will, therefore, be seen that the Yniscedwyn Scheme is in good hands, and the people who purchase the houses will have houses up-to-date, modern and good value for the money paid for them. The Company has formulated a scheme whereby purchasers obtain most of the money frem the Council and in respect of the balance arrangements are made for the easy payment of it. By this ad- mirable system which has been taken ad- vantage of by many people in the dis- trict, a workman may own his own house by paying no more. per week than he is at present paying in rent. In fact, in some cases, a first-class house may be obtained for even less than is at present being paid in rent. The advantages of a worker owning his own house are obvious, providing it is his intention to settle down in a cer- tain district, and to invest his savings in purchasing his own house, and thus dwell under his own roof secures him from arbitrai-y interference. The houses comprising the Yniscedwyn Garden Village are of three types, the smallest type being suitable for small families, whilst the best type of house will accommodate a large family. Each of the houses have three bedrooms, scullery, kitchen, parlour, bathroom, with hot and cold water, the usual out offices, garden, properly fenced; are well built, sewered and are surounded by good roads in one of the most romantic parts of the Swansea Valley. Full particulars con- cerning the houses, and the conditions under which they may be secured may be obtained from Mr P. J. Evans, Gar- den Village Office, Yniseedwyn, Ystrad- gynlais. -——————


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