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YSTRADGYHLAIS COUNCIL AUDIT- I ANOTHER PRIVATE r MEETING. Vain Protest of Minority. A special meeting of the Ystradgynlais District Council was held on Saturday evening for the purpose of considering' a letter received by Councillor W. D. Walters from the Local Government Board in regard to the recent audit. There was a full attendance of members, ;nd Mr. Tom Williams, J.P., presided. At the outset Mr. David Lewis moved that the matter be discussed in commit- tee. Mr. Lewis Thomas said that since there was so much before the public at present he was afraid it would be detrimental to discuss the matter in camera. It seemed to him they weto afrakl of the Press or something. He would suggest that if anything cropped up which was detrimen- tal to the Council they should ask the reporter not to make a. note of the fact. The Chairman said he had no idea what was in the letter which Mr. Walters had received from tke Local Government Boaæd. Mr. Lewis Thomas remarked that if they discusee-d the matter in private he felt that the ratepayers would become suspicious of the honesty of the Council. Mr. Dd. Lewis said they could be quite as honest in dealing with the matter in committee as otherwise. He did not know what was in the letter as a whole and he therefore moved that the Council re- solve themselves into committee. Mr. Ben Williams (Cwmtwrch} said that a great deal of misapprehension had arisen over the meeting held at Pontar- dawe, and some of the councillors were really being looked down upon for ac- tions which they were not responsible for. In regard to the present meeting one person had 'phoned him on Fridav to the effect that the meeting was to be held that night. That party knew of the meeting through someone. NI r. J. W. Morgan said that some people knew quite well of the meeting, but he was going to second the motion of Mr. Dd. Lewis. In Tegard to the Pontardawe meeting referred to by Mr. Williams there were two meetings held that day, and the reporter did not hap- pen to come to their meeting. That was why it did not appear in the Press. He suggested that an official report be given to the Press of that night's meeting. Mr. Wm. Walters said that he was re- sponsible for calling the meeting for that night on the strength of the letter he received on Sunday from the Local Gov- ernment Board regarding the audit. He had intended calling the meeting for the Thursday, but he was under orders for that day to attend the proposed inouiry at Cardiff by Sir Lawrence Comme over the five per cent, question. Personally he was of the opinion that the letter should be considered first of all in committee before anything was given to the Press. Mr. John Howells said he failed to see that they should be afraid of discussing the matter in the presence of the reporter. Mr. D. R. Morgan said that at the meeting held in Pontardawe Mr. Jestyn Jeffreys took first opportunity of bringing forward his report in regard to certain errors, so that he could place the views of the Council before the Local Govern- ment Board. He was sorry the Press was not represented at that meeting and he was of opinion that night that the report of the L.G.B. should be discussed pri- vately and an official report given to the Press. Proceeding, Mr. Morgan said it was his intention to call a meeting of the Abercrave ratepayers and submit every- thing to them. He was not only going to give the side of Mr. Morgan who had taken the opportunity of 6howing the matters up, but he was also going to give the Council's side. So far-thev only had one side and he felt convinced that when the matter was explained to the rate- payers, they would confirm the action of the Council. The Chairman asked if there was any amendment. Mr. Lewis Thomas said, he failed to see why the meeting should be in camera. He was sure it would prove detrimental to the Council. Mr. John Howells If the meeting is to be private I am going to leave the Council to-night. Mr. Lewis Thomas moved and Mr. J. Howells seconded, that the Press should remain. Three voted for the amendment, name- ly Messrs. Ben Willta-ms (Cwmtwrch\ Lewis Thomas (Gwys), and J. Howells (Ystradgynlais), and six against. The resolution was thereupon declared carried and the reporter withdrew. I THE OFFICIAL REPORT. The following is the official report which has since been supplied to the Press :— j At a special meeting of the Ystrad- gynlais Rural District Council held on Saturday, Jan. 6th, a. letter was read from the Local Government Board to Councillor W. D. Walters, the former chairman of the Council, with refer- ence to the audit cf the Council's ac- t counts for the half year ended 31st March, 1915, and the same was dis- cussed at length and a reply to the Local Government Board was formulat- ed and ordered to be signed by Mr. W. Walters and despatched to the Local Government Board in due course, and it was decided that in the event, of the Local Government making any reply or further comment upon the letter sent, or not, that a statement of the facts referred to in the Board's letter be reiported upon and supplied to the Press for publication. ————— -0