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CLYDAGH NOTES Au onjmabh- whist drive, promoted by the sisters and nurses of the local V.A.D., was hold at the Quarr Hos- pital, Oil Thursday evening last. Sergt. .1. Hillen acted U,6 M.C. over a happy gathering of about 70 in number. The j games resulted in the following awards being made First prize (gold safety pin), Pte. Yates; second prize (electric torch), Sapper J. Honeyman; third prize (safely razor). I t". "Jerry" Dar- win; fourth prize (hriar pipe). Pte. Nelson; -eov.s.olation prize; (50 cigar- ettes), Pte. H. Pae»>. The prises were ,ettA.'s ) I)t,, It. presented by Mr D Reeves during the evening. Refreshments, supplied by the Sisters and Nurses, were provided at intervals, the waiting being effic- ientlv performed by the convalescent soldiers, mid the evening was happily spent. Diphtheria has once more paid an unwelcome visit to C'Jydaoh, and has already claimed a number of victims. On Saturday afternoon last the inter- ment took place at the local St. John's -Churchyard of the late Aldwyth Boundy, the nine-year old daughter of Mr and Mrs. Samuel Boundy, of Waverley street, who passed away under circumstances of a sudden nature, on Christmas morning. De- ..oead. who was out and about as usual on Saturday last, died from the effects of diphtheria. Much sympathy is felt with the parents in their be- reavement. The annual service of song, pro- IDotNl for the closing Sabbath of the year, was held at Calfaria Chapel on Sunday evening last. The Rev. T. Valentine Evans presided over a large congregation. A number of appropri- ate hymns and an anthem were sung by the Church Choir (conducted by Mr George Davies), and the congrega- tion. and miscellaneous items were contributed by the following :gongs, Mis- Miriam Stephens and Mr Willie Williams; duett, Messrs. W. Williams and John W. Jones; recitation, Mr W J illi ims. Mr David Williams (or- ganist) was the accompanist. Next Sunday evening, a sabred con- cert will be held at Calfaria. Church aft<T service ,at which a miscellane- ous programme will be contributed to by Mr 1). C. Jonvs and his concert party from Pontardawe. The funeral took place last week of the late Mr William Powell, High-st., Clydach, when his mortal remains were interred at Llanguicke. De- ceased. whose illness had prevented him from following any occupation for many ye.irs, was 72 years of age, and was popularly known in the neigh- bourhood as "Billv" Powell. In his younger dnys he used to entertain his friends as a harpist. At the Public Hall on Thursday evening last, the local Forward Move- ment Church Choir gave a pleasing repeat pt-i-for mance of the operetta, "Bundle of Sticks," in aid of the Clydach S. and S. Reception Fund. During the evening, Pte. Walter Starr of Ynyspenllwch, who was home in the neighbourhood, was acoorded a hearty welcome and was made the re- cipient of a gift or money. On be- half of the Reception Committee, the presentation was made by Mr David Roderick, who said that the sky had been very black and cloudy of late. but he felt glad that a "star" had at last appeared at Clydach. Quite a oontingent of Clydach sol- dier and sailor lads, serving with the colours in this country and overseas, were home on leave over the Y uletid2 holidays. Nothwithstanding the rigors of the campaign in Flanders and in France, they all looked in very good health, cheerful and full of humour. Of course, they felt quite happy in being home over Christmas, and need- less to add, their friends and people of the Valley were right glad to be able to welcome them. But a change has come over "Old Blighty" since their last visit, and -the lads were quick to notice it. "And this is Old Blighty?" a soldier lad was heard to ask. "Here you have no butter, no cheese, no sugar, no jam, no bacon, no matches and no—no bloomin Woodbines! Why. apart from the physical hardships and the risks, we're much better off than you when we're somewhere in France or Flanders. I'm jolly sorry for you folkshome." In a message from Franm, on Boxing night Gunner Arthur Jones, Waverley- stroet, Clydach, writes:—"We are hav- ing a real Christmas here as regards weather, for the ground is now covered with snow." It may interest 'Arthur' and other friends to know that Christ- mas at home was quietly spent and that seasonable weather prevailed over the Yule-tide—cold and windy, but no snow. ———-———. At a meeting held under the aus- pices of the British Workers' League at the Public Hall, on Monday even- itng:, Mr Masterman Smith lec- tured on the subject of "Bondage under German Rule. Mr Gumings, representing the Seamen's League, also, addressed the meeting. The sub- jects discoursed upon were illustrated bv lantern, slides. Mr Br-owlie pre- sided ver a ft""rly go-od gatlieriilg. The wounded soldiers and nursing sta.ff, augmented by several visitors and comprising ,in all a gathering of about 80 people, spent fui enjovable New Year's Eve at the Quarr Hos- pital. A fancy drass -social had been arrajiged for the, occasion. and the costumes worn had been mostly made by the patients and nurses. Quite an artistic display was provided, the cos- tumes showing much originalit- and varying in cliaracter pourtrayal from that of a Bing^I^oy to Brittania. Al- though the nurses actively partici- pated in the fancy dress display given during the evening, prizes were awarded to the men only. The prize winners, who were de- cided by popular vote, were as fol- lows:—First prize, Sergt. Crisp, who introduced realistic, touch es .into his clever representation of "A Tramp" second prize, Pte. Pace, who repre- sented "A Gypsy," and well sustained the charcter of a roaming Bohemian thiird prize, Pte. Bovle, who ably characterised a "Kind's Jester." The prizes were presented by Dr. John Jones. Musical chair, whist and other games were indulged in, Mr IJew. Davies and Pto. S. Rnnd!e assisted by members of the Mond Orchestra, being responsible or the accompanying music. Rereshments were provided, and served by the patients. The Old Year passed out amidst the nging of "Auld Lamg Syne," and, in accord- ance with the nations J custom of "Dark Man and Laurel Branch," the New Year was brought in by the night orderly to the strains a.mon.g the Scottish lads of "A guid New Year tae ye ane ail' a." The simigin, of the Na/tional Anthems subsequently brought to a. close a most pleasantly spent evening. Mr David Rees made a happy Master of Ceremonies for the evening. The splendid arrangements made were suiiervLsed by Sister Bach (in dharg of the licapital). who, assis- ted by Sister Astley and V.A.D. nurses, avails herself of every oppor- tunity in which to entertain and en- sure the comfort and happiness of Clydach's honoured guests. The funeral took place on. New Year's afternoon of the late 'M rs. E. Griffiths, of Heolycoed, Ynystawe, widow of-tlie late Mr S. Griffiths. The interment took place at the local Salem Churc hyard. At o, iittemeeting 'held, under the ur.itd a us p'cos of the Young People's Guild rwid local Zenana Branch, at Calfaria Schoolreoim, on New Year's evening, a paper on an interesting and controversial subject was read by Mr Ivor Jones, a young i theological student of Heolygraig, and I vf'issioner Thomas aii in- structive address on the subject of missionary work in India. The Rev. T. Valentine Evans presided. The addresses were much appreciated, and the usual votes of thanks were heartUy i accorded at the close. I The Sietcr-m-fha,r?e of the Quarr Hospital, wishes to acknowledge -rate- f t-, rra d e to the fully the following gifts made to the hospital during the past month:— Mr W. J. Percy Player, £ 5 prizes, etc., for Christmas Decoration Com- petition, four geese, fruit and nuts; Mrs. H. Johes and Mrs. H. Gibbon, £ 2 extra prize for Decoration Com- petition Mond Nickel Works, gramo- phone and records, 40 Xmas gifts, five turkeys, 2,000 cigarettes and tobacco Mrs. Eldeston, Park road, cakes: Mrs Herbert Gibbon, Park road, cakes; Mrs. Maybery, CQydach, cakes; Mrs. Hill, Vardre House, cakes; Mrs. Sam Davies, Clvdaoh, cakes; Mrs. Evan Jones, Post Office, Clydach, cakes; Mrs. Re< Baker House, Clydach, cakes; Mrs. Robins, grocer. Clydach, cakes Mrs. B. Davies. Clydach, cakes; Mrs. J Hopokins. High street, cakes; Mrs. Morgan, Pontardawe road. cakes; Mrs. (Dr.) John Jones, Cli-daeli, cakes; Mrs. Riohard Thomas, Clydach. cakes, cigars and cigarettes; Dr. Dawson, assistant to Dr. John oJ noes, cakes Mr and Mrs. J. Rees, Brynoo-ed, Clyd- ach. pastries; Mr and- Mrs. Rees, Caemawr, Clydach, pastries; Mrs. Morgan, Ynistawe, pastries; Mrs. J. H. Da.vies, Richmond rilla. Clydach, pastries Mrs. B. Hill, Dryslwyn, Clvdach 'pastries Mrs. J. L. Rees, Cloth Hall, Clvdaoh, pastries; Mrs. (Dr.) Havard Jones, Clydach, pastries; Mrs. E. Jones, Clydach, pastries; [Nurse Russell, Clvdach, pastries; Boys of Clydach Infanta' School, crackers; Dr. John Jones, Clvdach, ginger beer and crackers; Miss Reeves, Clyda-ch, cigars and 100 cigar- ettes; Nurse Sternfield, Ynistawe. 100 cigarettes; St. John's Ambulance As- sociation, 3,000 cigarettes and to- baooo. ) "Welsh I/leweh'ii. I



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