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THE IRON YEAR. GREETING FOR 1918 Whether 1918 will end the war may be uncertain. That it will decide the issue .jIg clear. It will be a year of trial, endurance, a.nd sacrifice, in which every citizen is called upon to lend a hand. As the Prime Minister said, "There is a hot zeal and a cold zeal, and the greatest things of the world have been achieved bo- the latter.' Even a,s the trees are stripped of leaves, so in tfris very winter of the War, the struggle is shorn of romance. Cold and stark, often dark and weary may be the hours, but they will pass. Meanwhile the citizen, who would be worthv of this year of iron, is called upon to face the facts:— That tonpago ts all important. Therefore we must not cumber the hold of a ship with a single pound of useless goods to supply either our luxuries or our lesser needs. That la bour is wanted for ship- building, aircraft, and the mighty business of supplying the armies, the navy, and the civilian popula- tion. Therefore not one hour must be spent by any worker in providing luxuries, or needless manufactures for us. That material of all kinds, whether for food or clothing is scarce. -Therefore we must demand less. 11 It is deaf that liealth a.nd vigour should not be impaired, therefore there is a limit to useful economy. This calls for the use of brains whenever we buy. The vast majority of the people have enough and to spare over alid above this health fyevel. Here begins their pa.rt in the war. Xo easy hopes or lies, Sh4 bring us to our goal But iron sacrifice Of body, will, and soul. The civilian's responsibility differs from that of tjie sailor or soldier. The latter are provided wih flood and clothing, and with pay according to their rank. Many thousands of them manage to invest a little moiie,, for the benefit of their families, or to help their own return to a, satisfactory position in civil hfe, Neither poverty nor large profits concern them. The civilian, however, may receive much or little. aoearding to ability or chance. There is no system, of money- ra.tioning by which each citizen can be limited to a reasonable quantity of things really needful. The sole controlling force is the barometer o,f our own commonsense. At present the reading is low storm and change are the order of the day. The Chanoefllor of the Exchequer told the House of Commons that for the two monlths preceding December 1st. our daily expenditure was R6,,794,000. At March 31st, next the National Debt wHI be 2600,000.000, -in-d the annual interest charge £ 285,000,000. The most rigid revision of methods cannot reduce that daily total much, if at all. Those expenses are our own life insurance premium. In a sense they are more than that. It is as though a great explosion had taken place in our house, and every penny that we could scrape to- gether had been required for doctor's bills and damage. We can pay, but only by each individual looking upon the national burden as a personal one. Taxation and saving are the means to our hand. By the cheerful pay- ment of our taxes, and by th invest- ment of every pound that wo can raiise in National War Bonds this es- sential help cam be provided. And as investment in Government Sec-urities involves no risk there is no reason for hesitation. There is no shadow of excuse for those who would waste labour, material, and tonnage when the State offers them liberal terms, and good security. Indeed the Security of a National War Bonds is such that the load:V'.g I'lsyraneo Companies use thom for the investment cf their funds. If we fail to respond it can- not be for considerations of prudence or safety, but of indifference to the Nation's present needamd careless- ness as to our own future. We are entering the wrong period for those who look for ease and pleasure. N-ot is it a time for opti- mistic pleasantries. This is a stern New Year's Greet- ing, but we are of a, breed that does not flinch. .It is the Iron Year, and the struggle ha.s oorao to the civil population.



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