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W. A. WILLIAMS, Phrenologist, con be consulted daily at the Victoria Arcade (near the Market), Swansea. WANTED for a small house in Pontardawe, a capable general.—Apply Mr.?. Stanley DaYies, Gv.eml.tnd Hf)u?' iAbertilfery.Mo)). 3J5-mp  \:TH?VUI Po"Itry Powder wnl make heri-s Jay Imcketsfall of fine, large eggs. (xi. carton la-ts 20 littis a fortnight. Sold by the Cn. operative Society ilftiercrave. 3J5-12-2G ARE you going to let your punet I(I.r heads off until next Spring y Make winter egg-production a certainty by giving them Karswooil (llarmltss) Poultry Spice, containing ground insects. Packets 2d., 6d., Is. Griffiths, 67 Herbert Street, Pontar- dawe. 7D15J26 I WINNING NUMBERS. The Winning Numbers of Drawing of Ynismeudw Sailors and Soldiers' Fund I are as follows:—1st, 1653; 2nd, 526. All prizes must be claimed within seven days.—Hon. Sec., D. M. Jenkins, Brvn- y-Coed, Ynismeudw. 1.J12 South Wales and Monmouthshire Colliery Enginemen, Stokers & Crafts- men's Association.—The Ystradgynlais Branch. Watch Competition Result:— Winning time 1 hour, 20 minutes, 35 seconds. l.J12p A HE yon going to let your pullets < at their heads off until next Spring ? Make winter egg-production a certain- ty by giving them Karswood (harmless) Poultry Spice, containing ground in- sects. Packets 2d.. 6d.—Harris, Cash Chemist, Commercial-street, Y strfl d- gynlais. 7J12-F23 POULTRY. TWO Pens of Rhode Ishnd Heds, Prize Strains, for sa Ie, £3 per pen. —Apply tonkins, Grocer, College-row, Ystradgynlais. lJ12p ySTRADGYNLAIS Prize Drawing in aid of the widow and children of the late. David Richards, of Dorwen Farm, Palleg, has been postponed until March 1st next in accord with a recpiest.—G. Morgan, Secre- tary. 3J 12-26 SOAR CHAPEL, SEVEN SISTERS, Near Neath. ON SATURDAY, FEB. 23rd, 1918, ——— A GRAND —- COMPETITIVE CONCERT (Under distinguished patronage) will be held at the above place. EVENTS. £ s d Champion Solo (Male or Female) Own Choice 3 3 0 Soprano Solo, "Xant y Mynydd" 1 1 0 Contralto Solo, "Return to I thy Rest" (Pugiie Evans). 110 Tenor Solo, "Banor ein Gwlad" (Dr. Parry) 1 1 0 Bass Solo, "Trumpeter" (J. AMIeDix) 110 Recitation (Op-en) Own Choice 110 Quartette, S.A. T.B. (Confined to Dulais Valley), "Blodeu- yn baoli wyf fi mewn, gardd" igii-ilvm Gwent) 1 1 0 Solo fhr boys under 15 years 1 of age, (Own ûllQi>ee) .lst 0 5 0 2nd 0 2 6 Open Solo for Novices that ihave not pretviously won 7/6 or over (eonfiiied to Dylais Valley) 0 10 6 Open Solo for persons over 50 years of age not having won £ 1 or over :05 0 Reci tation) for Boys or Girls Tmder 15 years of age (Own Choice) 1st 0 5 0 2nd 0 2 6 All Music reay obtained from Mr. (). J. Snell, High street Arcade, Swansea. Proceeds i.n aid of Mr David Lewis, Brick row. Seven Sisters, who has been unable to follow any employment J for upwards of four years, and with j no hopes of doing so. Programmes. Id. each, per post I d mayo be obtained from the Joint Sees. W. P. Harries, Bristol House, -D. G. Morgan, Troedyrhiw, 2Jp,nl2-19 Seven Sisters- BETHESDA, YNYSMUDW. ¡ A Grand COMPETITIVE CONCERT Will be held on SAT UK7")AY, JANUARY 1.2th, 191& To commence at 6 p.m. I Proceeds in aid of Chapel Fund. Programmes and further particulars to be .obtained from the Secretary— Mr D. Jones, Brynamlwg, Dl- Ynysmudw, Pontardawe. DRILL HALL, GURNOS. I A GiMND IfllSCELLANEOCS QONCERT I In aid of the Locftl War Emergency Funds will 'be held at the above Hall ON THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 7th, 1918. The following Artistes will take part: Miss Mary Evans, Miss Gwen Lewis, Ystradgynlais. Mr. John Morgan, Pantteg. Mr. Lewis Thomas, Ystradgynlais. Mr. D. R. Hopkin. Gurnos. Mr. Levy Hopkin, Ystalyfera. Assisted by a small Instrumental Quartette under the leadership of Mr., C. A. Morgan. Accompanist, Mr. T. W. Hopkin (Organist at St. David Church) Doors open at 7, to commence I punctually at 7,30. D29— Wet l'eel lead to Sickness. YOU SHOULD THEREFORE -AFEGUAIO YOUlt Hi". A I.Til J BY PUR CHASING LLOYDS' FOOT vw EL R. BOOTS AND SHOES, AND SLIPPERS. THE BEST ON THE MARKET. GAITERS IN ALL SHADES AND SIZES. • TABLE LAMPS, ELECTRIC TORCHES, & BATTERIES, GAS MANTLES ELECTRIC LAMPS, SHADES, AND GLOBES. LINOLEUMS, RUGS, MATS, CARPETS, IN MANY PATTERNS. NOTE ADDRESSES- D. Lldfyd & Sons, Ystalyfera, Ystradgynlais and Pontardawe. —————— Before Buying Furniture it will be to your advantage to pay a visit to DOWN 6c SON. !i? w?w. ? '%?? A??? W'W ?.? A S?????.?? The Oldest Established Firm (over CO yeers) of Manufacturers in South Wales i Enormous Stock to Select from. j QUALITY THE BEST. P14 1 C FS 1 lit LOWEST f 111 G ST. LANE, SWANSEA. A LL GOODS DELIVERED FREE. TEL. CSNTKAL 43 3 'f-.w. YSTALYFERA TOWN BAND. CENTRAL HALL, YSTALYFERA. A Grand COMPETITIVE CONCERT Will be held on SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 9th, 191S. 1 Champion Solo, £;j 5s. Other Solos 21s. Recitations, Brass Quartette and Solos, etc. Programmes, ld., post-frec, from Secretary,—Evan L. Williains, Allty- grug-road, Ystalyfera. N24— PANTTEG, YSTALYFERA. EISTEDDFOD Y PLANT (0 DAN 16eg OED.) Cynelir yr uchod DYDD SADWRN, CHWEF. 2ail, 1918 Prif Ddarn, Caneuon Gwerin, Un- awdau, Deuawdau, Adroddiadau, etc. Manylion pellaoh oddiwrth yr Ysgrifenyddioii—■ T. LL Davies, Golcudy, Ystalyfera George Edmunds, Pantteg, Y'fera. 5Fe2 YSTALYFERA COUNTY SCHOOL. NOTICE isnerehy given that the ac- counts of the Governing Body of the above-named school, and of their offi- cers in respect of their Receipts and Expenditure for the year ended the 31st March, 1917, in pursuance of the scheme under the Welsh Intermediate Education Act, 1889, Account Books, Vouch ers, Receipts and Contracts, will on the 14th day of January, 1918, bo deposited at my office, Ty Hywel, Gurnos, Ystalyfera. Such accounts may be inspected by all persons interested, during office hourc, until the 28th of January, and the said accounts will be audited by J. E. Pughe-Jones, Esq., the District Auditor, on the 1st Feb- ruary, at 10 a.m. at the County School Ystalyfera, when and where every such interested person who may have any objection to any matter contained in the accounts may attend and prefer his objection, and the same will be heard and determined by the auditor. Dated this 5th day of January, 1918, W. L. MORGAN, Clerk to the Governors. 2J12-19 GLAM. COUNTY COUNCIL. POULTRY KEEPING AND MANAGE- MENT. The County Junior Poultry Instruct- ress will be stationed at Brynamman from January 14th to February 2nd (inclusive) 1918. The Instructress will visit Poultry Keepers in the District when requested, and advise as to the breeds, housing and management, also demonstrate in killing, dressing and trussing. The Instructress will also be pre- pared to give such Public Demonstra- tions of Trussing, etc., in the Bryn- amman district as may be desired, and can be suitably arranged. Applications for her services should be addressed to Miss Gertrude Wilcock, N.D.D.. 'Drvs- c:d,! Smithfield, Pontardawe. IJ12 YSTRADGYNLAIS LOCAL FOOD CONTROL COMMITTEE. THE above Committee desires to draw the attention of the public to the fact that the maximum price allowed to be charged for Milk within the Ystradgynlais "oral District ie Sixpence per quart. If any person is .,iged more thau this amount they uld report tht" fact to the Execute Jfficer, and, if possible, produce any receipt, and tho Committee will institute, proceeding against the offending Milk Vendor. The Committee also desire the pub- lie to know that a scheme is under consideration whereby Invalids smd Infants ("111 obtain supplies of Fresh and Condensed Milk. Further parti- culars as to this scheme will appear later. HOARDING OF FOOD STUFFS. The Committee further desires to state that any case of Hoarding of Food Stuffs brought to its notice will be most seriously dealt with. *J E. VICTOR TAYLOR, Executive Officer, Local Food Office. Ystrad<ivnlais, 7th 1J-12 AUDITS. YNISCEDWYN ESTATE. The Breconshirc Rent A II tit will be held at the Yiii.seodwvn Estate Ofiiev on Tuesday. January 29th. 1918, from 10.30 a.m. to 4.3 £ ) p.m. Tenants are asked to bring tith thMn their last receipts and also the receip-s for the payment of Insur;ln" Policies. The usual Allow ances be* given- in^lieu- of dinner. YNISCEDWYN ESTATE. T)ii, will be held at The Church ,tlal1. -Ystaly- fera, on Thursday, Jffiiniiry from, 10 a.m. to .5.30 p.m. Tenants are asked' to bring with them their last receipts, and also the receipts for the payment of Insurance Policies. Tho usual Allow- ance will he made in lieu of dinner. JOHN (Agent). 3J12-2fl. • •eaiaieeoseos a a e TO ThE CH?SR?? S • P,, e ? ?__—— Are you ?ng J WAR Smuts J e CE??S?TES  e T T???? CI I W JOS si I W '>. L==-J e • I • 4wr 0 • a .o.ø.œ _n W. A. WILIJAM S, Phrenologist ^ian bo <-ou«iJlted <?aily at the ie+-t*ria Areaoo (near :!>e "t). Swan^a.