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I Food Growing at j Ystalyfera.…


I Food Growing at j Ystalyfera. I t Powers of Local Council to Take ( Laud. At Jerusalem Vestry on Saturday evening, a meeting was held under the auspices of the Ystalyfera- Cottage Gardeners and Allotment Holders' Association. Councillor H. J. i'owcii, J.P., presided, ami he was supported by Mr. Lionel B. Wolf, of the Board ot Agriculture and Mr. A. H. Stallard (secretary). The Chairman said that orders had come to the local authorities asking them to take steps to acquire more land for cultivation where they thought it necessary. The Pontardawe Council, and the clerk (Mr. Wyndham Lewis) had decided to support the Order to the hilt. Small garden-holders knew what it cost to obtain food stuffs and he hoped they would also support. Ystradgynlais had not acquired the rights held by the Pontardawe Coun- cil, but he thought by reports in the "Labour Voice" that they were mov- ing in that direction. Pontaj-d.i .0 Council would, hi ever, consider a a duty to assist, the Ystradgyni.tis authority to the best of their ability. Mr. Stallard (th-j secret try) referred to an appeal for waste land that nad been reoeived, but which had been re- fused by the landowner as n was pro- mised that the tenant would till it. This the tenant had faihnl to do last year, and meanwhil e he was keeping a good man out. In one case the land- iord also wanted fencing put up. Mr. Powell suggested reporting such matters to the Council, and also adver- tising for applicants for the land. It would aiso assist the Ystradgynlais Council if they as a. society sent to the Council asking tluir support to acquire land for members of the Ystal- yfera Society in the Ystrjidgynlais district. Mr. Wm. Guerrier then moved the following resolution which was carried "That Ave express surprise at the fact that the Ystradgynlais Council has not yet moved with a view to acquiring land, by compulsion if necessary, ac- cording to the Land Control Order, and that we ask the Ystradgynlais Council to take this matter up at once. Mr. T. L. Bowen (Ystradgynlais), pointed out that there was an allot- ment society at Ystradgynlais which was doing all it could to get land. Mr. H. J. Powell observed that it was all the more necessary for the Ystradgynlais Council to move. Mr. Guerrier also asked for an ex- planation as to why cfcrtain councillors had opposed the society when they want d land last year. Councillor T. Wade Evans said he for one had not opposed the applica- tion of the society for ground, but they thought it was possible to obtain more suitable ground: He had given the scheme for obtaining land every support. Councillor T. Alexander Evans said he had also given the scheme his sup- port, and would do so in future. Mr. Stallard said tbo .V," they now had had been wholly taken up. J On the motion of Mr. Sexton, it wns resolved that the society com- municate with the clerk to the council as to obtaining Inore land. Councillor J. D. Rees: "We did not vote for the acquiring of the Yarteg allotments, nor against it. There was a difference of opinion, however, as to- which plot should have been got. We thought the cricket field was as suit- a ble. and we suggested that a commit- tee should visit tho 3pot and have pk* powers. On tho motion of Mr. Dd. Lewis, School-read, it was decided to adver- tise in the "La bour Voice" asking all persons requiring land for cultivation under tho Order to make application to the societv not later than January 31st. Mr. Wolf, who then addressed the meeting, s poke of the importance of tilling more land wirh a view to main- taining the food supply of the coun- try. Every m-vri who was physically capable, should undertake to till ail tho land he could, and to cultivate it. Glamorganshire had 2.700 acres in allotments and small holdings, and no farmer could gef as much out of the land as the spade tiller. It was also their duty to urge others to assist by tilling all the land they oould manage, as every allotment was a national as- set. It was no secret tha.t they would soon be short of food, particularly cereals, and potatoes should be grown to make up that shortage. Referring to the Council, Mr. Wolf said he could not say he hul had the wholehearted support of the whole I' (Continued nl bottom of It,xt

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I Food Growing at j Ystalyfera.…

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