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I Food Growing at j Ystalyfera.…

Ystalyfera Grocers Heavily…


Ystalyfera Grocers Heavily Fifted At the Pontardawe Police Court on Friday (Mr. G. H. Strick presiding), Messrs. Joseph Burton and Sons, trad- ing as the India and China Tea Co., were charged with an offence under the Food Control Order by selling margarine at their Ystalyfera branch at Is. 4d. a lb., the controlled price being Is. Mr. Morgan Da vies prose- cuted for the Food Control Committee and Mr. J. A. Lovat Eraser, instruct- ed by Messrs. Geo. Da vies and Co., Cardiff, defended. Mr. A. K Edmunds (food inspector) said that on December 15 he visited the defendant's shop at Ystalyfera and examined the books, one of which lie produced, and found entered thereon "One margarine Is. 4d." If the mar- garine weighed lib. it should have been sold at Is. only. In cross-examination witness said he had asked defendant if he had mar- garine for sale, and he Raid he had 141bs. and produced a packet wrapped up and marked "Margarine." Witness said this was the reason why he sub- mitted that the margarine in the book meant on £ pound. Defendant said in reply to witness *hat he sold at ls.4d. bnt had no invoice to show. Detend- ant said he thoug't he could seil at hAd. Ir: re-ply to Mr. Eraser witness* said it was a custom in the trade for "one" to stand for lib. as in the case of split peas in a book shown as one split pels. In reply to Mr. Morgan Davies witness said that throughout the book, even in 'the case of sugar, the prefix "lb. was never shown. Hiss May Lewis, 11, Prospect-place, said that on IXeeember 14 she bought groceries at the Ystalyfera branch of the India and China Tea Co., and asked for margarine, for which she had paid Is.4d. She subsequently handed part of it to Mr. t-lip, inspector. Tho margarine was not weighed. Mr. Strick: Do vou seriously su-i- gest that you do shopping in that way without knowing what you get ? Witness: I don't remember, sir! Mr. Morgan L. Morgan, food in- spector acting under the Council, said he was with Mr. Edmunds when he called at the shop at Ystalyfera. As a result of examining the book lie ob- tained the entry of the margarine that was served. Mr. Fraser said lie had no case to answer, as Miss Lewis would not say that she had bought a pound of mar- garine and paid Is. 4d. fo& it. She only said r-ae bought margarine. George Alexander Meyrick Davies, manager at the Ystalyfera branch, c r 'L t said Miss Lewis had asked for mar- garine, amongst other things. When Miss Lewis ordered he took the order, and when she asked for margarine, he was not suro whether he had any, 50 he placed "one" before the word "margarine. He however, gave her a packet weighing lib. 5jozs. This was the last packet he had in the shop. He had had repeated instructions to abide by the orders of the loca l food com- mittees. In cross-examination witness .s.ud Mr. Thotcher (the company's in- spector) visited the shop on the 15th and he had sold to Miss Lewis on the 14th. When asked if he had told Mr. Edmunds that he had margarine, and produced a packet which he said lie sold at ls.4d. lb., witness shook his head negatively. Mr. J. W. Thorpe (clerk): Don't shake your head: is it yes or no? Witness (emphatically): No. Mr. Davies said he had given notice -1 )'f¡"- _8¥.C'a'IC:



I Food Growing at j Ystalyfera.…

Ystalyfera Grocers Heavily…