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I Food Growing at j Ystalyfera.…

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to produce the invoice as to w hen he had the margarine, but defendants said they had not had it. Witness said the word "margarine" was marked on all wrappers. He em- phatically denied all that Messrs. Edmunds and Morgan had said about the conversation in the shop. "They are falsehoods against me." he said. Witness further ,stated they had picked up the book and he disputed tlieii authori tv, but when he was satisfied he allowed them to take a copy. Mr. Eraser (to Mr. Edmunds!: Don't yon stand there grinning at the wit- ness. Mr. Davies: You hive no ndit. to- order mv witness about, 1ft that way. Mr. Edmunds has givert hlfc evidence quite fairly. Witness admitted that the prefixes "one" and "two in the other Ü.'ms in the book ipeant^ lib. and 211 JK.. but. the "oiiWftf** the case of tho margarine meant "one packet." Mr. Frnser referred to the previous prosecution in regard to cheese and suggested that the prosecution was malicious, as 33 ehoe«es h^d been de- stroyed that were adjudged to Le uot unfit for human consumption. Mr. Wm. Thatcher, general mana- ger and inspector, gave evidence of having given instructions. Mr Davies ■» books had always shown a slight de- ficit, proving that he usually charged too little. In cross-examination wit- ness stated that "lb." was entered as the transaction was a cash one. He admitted that if he were making up the book he would place lib. Mr. Fra-ser submitted that it had not been proved that one lb. of mar- garine had been sold. The chief wit- ness for the Crown, Miss Lewis, bad refused to say that she hftid had a lb. Daviess story was quite a plausible one, as he said he had weighed it and found it to be lib. 5Aozs. It was quite reasonable to assume that Miss Lewis did not take particular notice of its being weighed. The defence had de- nied the conversation that was alleged to have taken place between Messrs. Edmunds and Morgan and the mana- ger, but that did not really matter a* the whole point of the case was as to whether defendants had sold the mar- garine as a pound. Evidence had been called to prove that the company had always done all in their power to see that instructions were carried out. He asked that they should observe tire grand maxim of English law, which said tha t, where there was an clement of doubt the defendant should be given the benefit of it. The evidence of the Crown had broken down, so he asked for a dismissal. After retirement, however, the bench inflicted a fine of £ 20. and said they did not accept the manager's story. Mr. Morgan Davies asked for special costs for the strenuous way in which the case had been fought, and after some legal argutnents with Mr. Fraset he was granted £.5. Mr. Fraser asked the bench to state a ease, to which they agreed.