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! Grand Opera at i Pontardawe.


Grand Opera at Pontardawe. Excellent Performances of ;Viaritana. On Thursday and Saturday evenings last at the Public Hall, Pontardawe. two performances of \v aiiaec s popuiar opera Maritana'' were given by tho Pontardawe Operatic Society, under the conuuctorship of Air. D. J. Ree, F.R.C.O. Mr. Chas. G. Gilbertson, pre- sident of the local S. & S. Weltaiv Association, presided, and in his intro-, ductory remarks on Saturday evening, said that the choir had been formed to assist the Welfare Association that pre- sented all the local soldiers and sailoro when they came on leave. The associa- tion had also provided a roll of honour which was exhibited outside the Public Institute, containing the names of all. Pontardawe men who had made the supremo sacrifice, and he had reason for believing that the roll was much appreciated by the public generally. They had also arranged military funerals locally. About 100 men. had already been presented by the associa- tion, and it was expected to present about 400 more when they would even- tually come home. Large financial obli- gations had been entailed, but they were only trying to give the men what they fully deserved, and it was not by any means a charitable object, but one which was their duty to support. Mr. Gilbertson expressed the gratitude ci the inhabitants of Pontardawe to the Operatic Society for the excellent opora. they had presented he only hoped they would undertake r. similar work in the near future. On behalf of the society he desired to present the able conduc- tor (M. D. J. Rees) with a beautiful ebony silver-mounted baton, which he hoped he would wield with success and credit in future. (Applause.) v R thanked all officials who had organised the concert. Mr. Rees. after receiving the biiton. bowed his acknowledge- ment. THE PERFORMANCE. Miss Hannah Williams in the titic role, performed her part in an admi; able iiiaiiiier, and in a style that sug- gested the true artiste. Her rendering of "'Tis the harp in the air," and "Scenes that are brightest," wero exceptionally well received. Lazarillc. the apprentice, was ably personated by Miss Meudwen Lewis, who in the de- votion shown to Don Caesar was moti. pathetic. Miss Lewis' rendering ci "Alas! those chimes" was very expres- sive. The part of Marchioness de Men- tifiori was taken with credit by Miss H. May Jones. Mr. Dd. Daniel, the popular local tenor did ample justice to the part of Don Caesar do Bazar. Don Caesar was chivalrous to a fault, generous, and always in debt. aii(I generally happy-go-lucky. Mr. Danwl performed the part excellently and hi" bright disposition, even in the face oi death, was well done. His singing oi "Yes! let me like a soldier faIL" wa,v thunderously applauded. Mr Jack Evans did ample justice to^ tLe part c'i Don Jope de Santarem, the villain ol the piece. He sang "This Heart by Woe O'ertaken," and In" liappv moments day by day." in a ni4iiiif- worthy of the applause be received. Mr David Thomas as Captain of tho Guard. Mr W. J. Morgan as the King, and*.1 Mr W. J. Williams4 as the Alcade. deserve high phaise for thei;- able impersonation of their differer.. parts. The orchestra was well blended, and played in a masterly manner. Messre. Evan H. Davies and Ezeekiel Hoj- kins proved an able accompanists. The Chorus was well blended, and "Sing, Pretty Maiden. Sing, "Angelus," and other pieces were exe- cuted in a style that showed that Mr Rees, the musical director s eitorts had not been in vain. The scenes were well laid. and the acting, which was enhanced by the lime light effect, was such that it ft- fleeted great credit upon Mr J. W. I Thomas, B.A.. headmaster, of the I Higher Elementary School, who had the sole charge of the acting in his capacity as stage manager. Indeed, both Mr iHees and Mr Thomas did their work in such a manner that the result would have reflected credit upo" a professional company. Mention must al so be mado M<\ssrs. J. J. Emanuel, iiijd D. A. Lewis .the secretaries, to whose un- tiring efforts much of the success ei th!- concerts was due. They arranged all, flown tw the smallest details, in a•• admirable manner. Tht" whole performance was excel- lent, the costumes being fjuito in kror- ing with the plot, and in the words of Mr Gilbertson, it is to be hoped that a work of a similar nature will 1-e taken in hand very shortly by th v society.