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EGHT,ARDAWE ALLiWBJ S>L £ Mi«GS. The funeral of Willie and Ja-ckie, thij ] -only two .sons of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. I Howell, Quarr-road, whose death with- in two days of each other w?a reported in oar l??t i?.u?. took p?e at St. Peter's Churchyard cm Thursday after- last, when thero was a very large i i>tU*ndtinoe of gentlemen. Members of ihe C.E.M.S.. and S. and S. Welfare Association. to both of which Mr. Howell is the N.vrotary, attended, to- gether with the following officials from Messrs. Gilbertson's works: Messrs. Owen Davit's;, Chas. Giddings, J. J. Emmanuel, Dd. Bo won, Griffith John, J. Rees, J as. Wilcox, A. H. Hardy, S. Cook, and Councillors Hy. Thomas, J. G. Harries. The mourners were: Messrs. W. H. Howell (father), Robert Howell (Pontypridd), W. Rees (Pont- ardawe). J. Ace (Swansea), and Rd. L. Davies (Clydach). The wreaths were from Daddy, Mammie- and Winnie, Grandfather and Grandmother (Cana- da), Auntie Lily and Uncte Ernie, Auntie Katie, Auntie Eadic, Uncle Billie, Auntie Sue. Auntie Jane, Uncle John, Cousins Willie and Sydney. Mrs Edwin Suff. Mr. and Mrs. S. Crook, Miss Lloyd, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Jones, • nd Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Reynolds. The hymn "There's a friend for little children" was sling at the church. Mr. and Mrs. Howell desire to thank all who hove sent expressions of sympathy with them in their bereavement and for the beautiful wreaths received. We are pleased to 8tate that Winnie, who was also seriously ill, is now progress- ing favourably. The arrangements were ably carri ed "nt by Mr David Williams. Pte. R. E. Walker one of the wound- ed at Pontardawe, who is attached to the Kind's Liverpool Regt., received the Military Medal at Newport on Thu rsday. The official record of the iced which brought, the distinction to Pte. Walker "states that the recipient s howed great gallantry when the Bank Farm at Ypres w* £ ? oeing fought for, and which was eventually won on J Illy ;HJSt a.nd the following days. He was a company stretcher-bearer and kept on -carrying the woitnded./to the dressing station regardless of personal danger. Pte. "Walker is very popular at Pontar- two. On Wednesday evening a presenta- tion meeting was held at the Works' Roading-room, r when Sapper Evan Thomas was presented by Mr. D. John. Mr. Rd. Gomery presided and a mis- programing was given. at the local auxiliary hospital left for their de- pots, and 11 sitting case, aU rrom the Western command hospital at Cardiff, arrived at Glarirhyd. Pte. Horace Mills. K.O., son of Mr A. W. Milta, painter and decorator, Railway-terrace, Alltwen, and Pte. (dris Lewis Graig-road who' is with the Welsh Caiards, have been home on furlough, both looking, very well. Sec.-Lieut. R. M. Lewis, B.S< of one of the artillery regiments, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis, Tynycae, has been home on leave. He has been on service in France, and was formerly science master at Irvin, in-Scotland. At Tabemaclc on Tuesday evening tho R?v. Peter Price, B.A.,B.D., de- livered a lecture, entitled "The King- dom of Heaven, under the auspices of the Fellowship of Reconciliation. There was a good attendance, and the address was of a pacifist nature. The Rev. H. Seiriol Williams presided, whilst the meeting is opened by the Rev. I Jew. J. Bowycr. and at the con- clusion the Rev. W. J. Rees read out a pamphlet on unci:! ting the objects of >.h;- J v. ? :1 of }.{?concjliAti?n. The annual meeting of the Grand Lodge of England of the R.A.O.B. took placo at Cardiff on Saturday, when Bro. J. C-rordiiier, R.O.Ii., Car- I diff, was installed as Grand Primo of England in the pre?cnop of a Inr?c gH thering ot dcJc?a?-s from all ov' t.h? country. Bro. J. W. Gaze, Not- tingham, was elected aa Deputy Grand Primo, and Bro. W. Hopkin, K.O.M., Pontardawe, was elected Grand Regis- trar of England. Bro. A. J. Shelton, K.O.M., Clydach, was elected one of the stocktakers. Captain and Mrs. Hugh Vivian (nee Miss Molly Gilbertson) have been pre- sented by the tradespeople at Pontar- dawe, with a beautiful silver tea ser-I vice, suitably engraved, on the occa- sion of their recent marriage. The annual meeting of the church people of the parish was held at St. Peter's schoolroom on Sunday evening when the Rev. Joel J. Davies, vicar, presided over a. very good attendance. The accounts for all the churches at- tached to the parochial church council were presented individually 1 Tid passed, and a statement of accounts by the parochial church council were sub- mitted and approved. Mr. Smith, of the Capital and Counties Rank ws re-elected treasurer, and 1- r G. Harries and Albert E. Edmunds appointed secretaries. The expenditure and receipts were over £1,000. Th( churches i ii tlit, rell council .are St. Peter's, AH Saints, St. Mary's and Llanguicke. A lecture, enti 'ed "Recalled to Life," referring to the training of dis- abled soldiers and sailors will he given at the Pavilion on Feb. 23. The lec- ture will be illustrated, and will be given by Mr. Arthur D. Maiden, F.R.G.S., of the Mini.cry of Pensions. The vvrious will be dealt with separate]". :<-nd discharged men are specially ;i;lc • ) to attend A small charge will 1)4, imposed on the general public to n:,e the expenses. Fuller particulars vid be published next wee k. Pte. Geo. Chilcott, of Swansea-road, has been on leave from France for a few days. He is the .son of Mrs. Tom Chilcott. We are ploa*vl to that Mr Joe Powell, Alltwen, who has been so seriously ill, is now I'appih- recover- ing. He is one of tlik-, at th-ei whist drives and dancc,s perixxJically at >SL J./an's, Alltwen. Mr Lewis Jones presided at the meeting of the Ajltwen Young People's Society on Wednesday even- ing, when Dr. D. Vaughan Tliomas, Swansea, crave a.n able nddrws oit 'Ce-rdd;or-xoet,li' Cvi-nr-aerL,. 'rho ex- cellent address was highly appreciated. As will be seen from another column the performance of "Maritana" at the Public Hall on Thursday and Saturday last were a gigantic success. The dress- es, staging, and acting were a compli- ment to Mr. J. W. Thomas. B.A., whilst Mr. D. J. Rees, F.R.C.O., is to be highly congratulated on the fine singing and the playing of the orches- tra. At the request of an enormous number of disappointed ones, a re- peat performance will kike place on Saturday evening. We are glad to learn that Mr. Joseph PowelJ, Derwon-road, Alltwen, is now recovering from his recent ill- ness. So serious was his condition at one time that a rumour of his death spread through the neighbourhood, which aroused wide-spread regret. For- tunately the rumour in this case was (Continued at bottom of next ooluron)

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