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The Diary of a Small-bolder.



i -,- ,-,-, , _____A i HOMES…


_A HOMES OF THE tTTi RE The vast number of new houses re- quired for the working classes aftai- the war has long been recognised as on, of the chief prblem.s of m-or.stnic- tio". The Local Govoriinmt Board, wh: "Ii has already propnnded a sob em a to enable local authorities to raise tbe ii(y-s.try funds, lias now issued a memorandum dealing with details. The self-contained house, says the nienior.tild,tim, is the tvpe required. Simplicity of design and economy of const motion aro the points to he aimed ait, and local authorities are re- minded that the housts which they erect should .be such as will serve a model < standard for dwellings that may bo ericted by private p0rson.->, The house's should be capable of being I maintained in a fit for habita- tion tor at ina-it \:1) and tha" ih?ro .sliould be a basis of 1- houses to the acre. EWHT IN A ROY," Sm111 fro tit, crnrdons 1>» pro vic! ">], a;ui in "rder to avoid ;) 1'us and (i??ress:r? appear- a.rwo, tiie. number *>i imusrs in oon- tiniuais row should not oex<-ced eight. ten. In in.uses with three bed ¡'oom, OIl tlw trOlit f'cor a 16ft. front- age is desi rable. Otiierwiso the hcusce liave. to be madso deep from back to front that the access of light and air to the rooms is unduly restricted Where houses arc built in row hack streets may 1),, ,or the re moval of refuse and tho delivery ot ooals. Though bark streets, if not properly controlled r.nd lighted, ma; be a source of nuisance, they afford second QM?ti? of aocess, and &?ve o'? jectionaltlo tralEc tlfrough tho living rooms. BA TH ON GROUND FLOOR. 1 ne tvpe or dwelling rccvi in mended e'ompris? a living roam (as large as ?s?ibtc, witii a cupbcard, d.'e?er, and kite-hen range), thuv iicdroonij (as largo and airy a.- possible, and HitJt I nmtilatioll if there is <no fireplace), a tjcullerv, food store, ard the necessai'v' conveniences and out o(E<ics..V cover ed sjwu-e shouold bo provide^ outside i he scullory, in whu h washing can bf, done, and a i'opper p/laceJ if desirod.. T'b.o hath .should be on d;, groxr.'U.' i iIo-h;. In default of spwo for a, bach room a bath-scullery i:, riH i-inmenidod. If a bath is -ri)ot provided when the, house is built a "bath place" should always be planned. Other recommen- dations are a, paved trc,4 at the hack i of the house, a fuel store, and moveab le receptacle f:ir refuse