.¡: 1 ;' ; ;, i." , Transactors. ;|1918-02-09|Llais Llafur - Papurau Newydd Cymru" />  U.?.U. ?'..???.dL?? . ".JI" .J J :." 1 ..) .. '. :.;. , (1 -:' a '> .¡: 1 ;' ; ;, i." , Transactors. ;|1918-02-09|Llais Llafur - Papurau Newydd Cymru
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 U.?.U. ?'???.dL?? ".JI" .J J 1 ..) (1 a '> .¡: 1 i." Transactors. 5?-? .(??is by the Judge.  I I i I..$ .1-4 At Neath County Court on ednos- dav, hoiore Judge L-iayci Morgan, Daniel Navies, 32, Church-street-, Aber- avon, sued Arch;;1 Lateman. deseriued as a bookmaker, oi Graig-road, G <.v.:tiii- Cae-Gunvon, tor to') revived by fond-uit on October 29th la.it <i- and for the "so ot the* plaintiff. and j-t.; t"U to have boon dopc-sitod by .d'inuif villi the c I Pi<.???''t?K'?'?"?I'-?' nection with a lit I-- dare on OotoVr 2;)t!i. Mr. Kvan K. Dttvics (Maosteg) appeared inr the plaintiff. and Mr. Villi Meager for the de fendant. Plaintiff said his pony Mr.bo!, and a pony to Mr. <L Davios (G vra unca eg i l-rwo n). "railed Cui-w on Maid, ran. a race at Cardiff on October 12th, and plaintiff's horse won. At that meeting Y\b J. Darics challenged liiin for a mile and a half race at Aber- daro for the challenge, and the defendant, Bate- mall, \1. appointed stakeholder, and money was thereupon paid to bind the match. Ik'-Toro the r ;cc took pla.ee, on October 29th, at Abcrdaro, the money was made up to the racc came off iho referee declared it "no race," and although he had oppho-I for failed to got his money back. PLAINTIFF CROSS-EXAMIXRD. I -<, I' In ropiy to Mr. Meaner, pla:ntui de- nied that, they wore trying to w.,rk a swindle. Mr. Meager:' Why did the referee declare it 'abo r.ica -i dun t know. j:¡ ..mi lj, nv.'m arr tng-vnmKx :t! your 1; tuiouid be b.eb'y fed. ;l!\dj Lh?t t.'vA?'j'hcr?c ..liouid i? t ell fed?—Xo. Daviess horse won at Abordarei'— Yes. Mr. Meager handed in a letter which plaintiff admitted was in his hand- wr. i f> Mr..neater re.id ties letter, purpor&eti to be v.*v;i.1 by plaintiff to ) S, ':)t.'?'?f Yet that some people had made a "big MWi, oi 1; o-se. but that he had not done mutch. If Paries was '.Uc\ plaintiff would meet him and make arrangements to do them i down. Mr. Meager: How were you going to do tliem clown ?—It. is don" very f L wo; e.i"m :v- ~oe ;rda D .v ies, to haul my pony a. b. hi barbm. l>ut y- hor.ve at t.. u-' d i — Y es Tee Judge (t,> L I t I t a vary hahomeL ihiag to do. I haiei b »': Quito right, sir. Ti?.Jud?- ?h.? ?-.?'r?!).t:' PlaintiIV: Jc is r. dishonest ming. but I v,'as only doing the "bookie- have made a good oiit it. Mr. Meager: Then tab wa.s a con- spiracy. to commit a swindle. Your let- ter 13 A be rehire raec Plaintiff: No, about Cardiff. Mr. Meager: Di^d you not ?rr?n?c. that your horse ??)?dhef<d dry \'i{h I plenty t). water, Mid that Davic?s' }ior<?e should have plenty of good food'/ bid I, V oil i T>vi«rs horse at jI the A^erdarc r;ev coll.-pse in a faint | at th« end of tie n becaue' of his futilo efforts b "1]" his i know. J did not see iu. i DEFENDANT'S CASE. # ilv. AteOj.;vr. i ov the d Veseiaat, -,ub- mitted. in v ie.v ov the lettor and sbtc- incuts made by plaintiff, that the i whole thing t!ire,iu,k plaintiff clen iod that his lett"r referred to th > A herdaro race. Defend int. givin ov:;V>rc.«, s. id tie was a. colliery haulier, and was asiicd to hold tilo iit-uv.'S. iio (icr ied that k I was a [1't. if o?ie horse wa.s f* 1 nd ti.e <.t ber badly ?dth? former vroul d ?o ?!a?'as fast vs ttho ot l .cr. r.  ?. o !—?:??]t? ::]It :f' ':1 '): I.f 11 :¡; weeks. d — Leet f bad r said ho put :]} ylr ;s' si,ke nu?]'" '? :i ??'?"th.?:'(: p ??- oc-rob^ 1 7 '?'f":?rS, w! ntv>. (?..?p b ter. ) \V. J. ?'?" C veunoae., M-von, the < ) ?— f)f b' « M ?!" ..sr?''< i owe■ 'r to ?T?." • !'• ie'l'ff to oo- <f i ve the mi The Jed c to a ras- cally i'dng" <. ;:S'VC  CfI'Vj;: }:i"l ,( ,J, T}'lVi"3 hnr?-jt >bc ?"? tcwuit. as topu??),?-- ? ??-?!?-?? M?d frr the ?-  ?-  ?) t ] '<. lost. Thf)r"14 T- a>.i f.vvnborated. i T, tleuiecT ( ■ "'t:) The r • T • v< r T? vv?. S-d i that Sim-lair acted as bookmaker e.t th-A?<.rdarcH:t<'<\s. iik; Honour, in adjo?rnin?LhccaR", said more rascally actions ho h id never iic. i-rci carried, and more sorry figun's than the men v. iio h .({ b:?ii jnit in tho i box he had never seen.


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