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YSTALYFERA NOTES. Mr Daniel Owen, Rhymney, conduc- ted a rehearsal at Pantteg Chapel on Sunday afternoon and evenilng last, in preparation for the Cymanfa in con- nection with the local oongregational- ists, to be held on Easter Monday. The singing was of good quality, and church represented were: the Gurnos, Wern, Pantteg, and Godre'rgraig. The cihoir was assisted by the Pantteg orchestra, under the conduetorshi]j| of Mr C. A. Morgan. Duritng the evening rehearsal, at which the Rev. John Thomas. Gurnos, took part, the Rev. Ellis Parry, Godre'rgraig, who is shortly leaving for Frajioe as a chap- lain with the Foroas, spoke a few words, and the Rev. Ben. Davie s con- veyed the best wishes of those present 10 Mr Parry on his departure. At the fortnightly meeting of the Wern Mutual Improvement Society held on Monday evening. Mr W. D. Davies presided, when MossiN. D. E. Parry, and W. R. Rees, rtead excellent papers on "Hunan DdiwyHiant mewn oriau hamddenol," ¡a¡fJ:d "Disgwyliad," respectively. Messrs. John Williams, Thomta.s Jones, Thomas Davies, and W Jones comment&d upon the excellent papers given, and a vote of thanks to the speakers was passed, on the motion of Mr Thos. Davies, seconded by Mr Evan Williams. Councillor J. D. Rees, contractor, has recived notification that his son, Mr Glyn Roes, who is at the Bnrry Port urn nit ton works, has been pro- motred to the position of cashier at the offices. Mr. promotion is well merited, and his Ystalyfera friends join in wishing further suc- cess. There is considerable perturbation amongst file bettor and cheese mer- chants of the locality in connection with the "dumping" of their supplies /of butter and cheese this weok at Pofttardawe. It appears trtiat until the ration cards are distributed, local dealers will receive supplies of butter and margarine iN proportion to the number of sugar ca rds which they hold. How the local bwtter merchants will meet the demand of their custom- ers is not at the moment clear, but one of them calls the attention of his customers in our advertising columns, to the fact that they are free to regis- ter for butter, etc., with their usual dealer, a.nd are not obliged to obtain their supplies where they get their sugar. An enjoyable social evening was spent at Jerusalem OR Thursday, Councillor H. J. Powell, J. P., pre- siding, when Sapper Richie Phillips, R.E.. Penygurnos, and Seaman Emrys Jenkins, Gilfach yr Haidd, were the guests of the evening. Mr Elvet Morgan was the accompanist, and tin following miscellaneous items were con- tributed to the programmePiano- fotrte solo, Master Cledw-yn Powell soprano solo, Miss May Williams pianoforte solo, Miiss Marion James pianoforte solo, Miss Margaret Lloyd recitation, Mr R. W. Hopkins; violin solo, Master Cyril Gabe; competition on gene.ral knowledge, winner, Mr E. Roberts; solo. Miss May Thomas CKM tralto solo, Miss Netta Davies: hat trimming for men, winner Mr Fivet Morgan; recitation, Master Cliff M orris pianoforte duett, Madame L. Samuel and Mr Elvet Morgan bards' effusions. Misses A. and M. Morgan. Abram Phillips and Dewi Glantwreh penillion singing by Eos Grug and EDr., Wern, accompanied by Telynor Wes- ley; bass solo, Mr W. T. Davies; sop- Nino solo, Mrs. W. D. Clee, who was well applauded, and. who was also well received at the last concert at Jeru- i sal em a fortnight ago; humorous quartette, Telynor Wesley and party. The presentation on behalf of the church was made by Mr R. W. Hop- kins in a suitable speech, after which, the Rev. D. W. Stephens and Mr John Evans, Gors-e villa, spoke. Refresh- ments in the form of coffee and bis- cuits were tastefully served by the ladies. An excellent programme was brought to a conclusion by the sing- ing of "Hen "lad fy Nhadau," led by Mr E. R. Morgan. The usual vote of tha.nks to the artistes, the committee of young people, and the ladies for the work they had clone which made the evening such an enjoyable one. 'In our report of the concert held last week at the Drill Hall, Gurnos, in support of the Ystradgynlais and Ystalyfera Emergency War Funds, through an oversight no mention was made of the splendid performance of the instrumental quartette from the Ystalyfera Temperance Band under the leadership of Mr. J. W. Hopkin. The Caersalem Choir, under the leadership" of Mr. Rufus Gabe, are now ready for the performance of the bright and lively operetta "Life at Sea," at the Central Hall, on Friday and Satur- day of next week. On Tuesday evening next a special performance for cliillf- will bo g iven w h en the price of a d real will bo given when the price of ad- j mission will be only 2d. At the Guild in connection with the English Cong. Church on Tuesday evening, Mrs. Saunders-Davies, B.A., read an excellent paper on the life and works of Robert Louis Stevenson, Mr. R. C. Williams presided, and the paper was thoroughly enjoyed. Mrs. Davies was heartily thanked at the conclusion. j Ordinary Seaman Rees Jones, Graig, Pantteg, has been home on furlough from his ship, which is silently guard- ing Englands' shores in the N. Sea. Mr. Hy. Harries, son of Mrs. R. M. Harries, Clee's-lane, has left Ystalf- fe-ra to join the Navy. He wont to Bristol, and was afterwards drafted to Devonport. Prior to joining he was em- ployed at the Gilwen Tinworks. On Sunday next the Rev. J. Secun- dus Jones, B.A., vicar of St. David's, will have been ordained to the ministry a quarter of a century, he having j been admitted to Holy Orders on Fb. 24th, 1893. He was ordained at A her- gwili Palace by the late Right Rev. I Basil Jones, and first served as a curate at Llangattoek, Breeonshire. He afterwards went as a chaplain to tho Birmingham waterworks when in' course of erection at Rhayader, and later tõt Cathedino as rector, after which he came to Ystalyfera. The Rev. J. W. Jones, Gorseinon will officiate at tho celebration services on Sunday, and the Boy Scowts will parade in the aiternoon. We join in wishing Tvlr. Jones a long life to continue in his work. On Sunday last Sfergt-major Wallace, Pwllbaeh, who has been with the Breck neclis in France, was presented at the evening service at the church with a; cheque on behalf of the church people. Tho viear made the presentation, sup- ported by Mr. John Griffiths, L. C. and M. Bank, and Sergt.-major Wal- laoo suitably responded. On Monday last week the funeral took place at Zoar churchyard of J. Williams, the 18-year-old son of the late Mr. Joseph Williams and Mrs Wil- liams, Gough-road. There was a very large and sympathetic attendance, and the Revs. W. Jones, W. D. Lewis, and J. Thomas officiated. The chief mour- ners were Mrs. Williams (mother), and Miss Jennie Williams (sisters). De- ceased's brother Charles was unable to attend he being a patient at the Swan- sea Sanatorium. The arrangements were in the hands of Mr. J. R. Wil- liams. At Soar Mutual Improvement Socie- ty on Tuesday of last week, Mr. D. Glyn Evans read an excellent paper on "Hawl dyn i farnu drop ei hun mewn pethau crefyddol." On Tuesday evening of this week Miss Gwen Maddocks gave an instructive and in- teresting address on the River Nile, which was illustrated by a wall map. I Miss L. B. Thomas also read a very able paper on "Cymeriad." Miss Annie Willie Williams presided, and the fol- lowing spoke: Rev. W. Jones. Mr. Kredk. Rees. Messrs. Joseph Evans, Elwyn Evans, and G. J. Evans. "A Smallholder" writing on the question of fresh manure and wart disease, says: Allotment holders and others who intend to grow potatoes should be warned against using fresh manure when planting the seed if the desire to keep their plots and gardens free of wart disease. That fresh manure has a tendency to cause the disease is almost certainly proved by what oc- eurred in tho Amman Valley last season. Three gardens adjoining each other were planted with the same kind of pota to seed given by one of the holders to his two neighbours. Only a low hedge and bank separated two plots from the other, yet the last, in which fresh stable manure was used, was the only garden affected by the disease. At a recent competitive meeting, Owen' Francis Jones, Graig-y-Merched, was successful in taking the first prize offered .for the best drawing of a. chestnut twig, and was complimented by the adjudicator for his most riitiiril drawing. | Vivian Lloyd Davies, Twyncerdinen. I Pantteg, has this week been notified that his painting of "Cinderella Los- ing her Shoe," sent in for competition in the "Lady's Companion" has sue- oeeded in winning the handsome prize of two guineas. t highly creditable acchievement. Botrt are pupils at Pant- teg Council School. Corpl. Wm. Phillips, of Godrre'r- graig, has been home on furlough this vreek from the Army. m Gnoll road, Godre'rgraig, is now being made presentable, and a steam roller is busy working on the surface. Another steam roller is also working near the Royal Oak, so it is to be hoped that the state of the local road will now show some improvement. The Church War Savings Associa- tion, of which Miss Evelyn Will;ams ■ jis the secretary, has collected £1,733 14s. 6d. up to January 31st. An effort is .being made to collect £ 2,000 by the end of March, as 65 12 months from that time that the Association was started.



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