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YSTRADGYNLAIS NOTES An unfortunate accident occurred at the Swansea iio ;pitai on Saturday last, when Miss Sarnli Irene Jones, daugh- ter oi Jlr. nlld Mrs. Gnilitli Jones, Glynderven, Brecon-road, was the vic- tim. It seems that Miss Jones was <-n- gagod in cleaning out- tin? operating theatre, when l>y some l.-uvins or an- other two containers of carbolic acid which she was; tiding, and burned iu-i; severely (KMVH ME h'I'I. :>kI", .and fractured her arm. She albe t;> .summon assistance, aud «'ab i-.oeji i'v Licy.jiioiij of v. i\intv/reh, who is also on the hospital staff. She is progn.ssing favourably, ukI it 's ;urtur:t< iliuc- 1; will uot he ib disfigured, Mi.;s Jones' brother, Driver Tom Jones, of the R.F.A., it- now in Edinburgh hos- pital, undergoing treatment, after Hav- ing received sc>rio:;s injuries to his loot m Frar.w. He is also doing well. A meeting of the men of the He:j- dreladis and Gurnos Lodges was held a.t the Workmen's Hall on W cdnesuay evening, when a number of grievances were o.scussed. Mr. Lewis Thomas presided. The chier bone of contention is the house coal question, the men aiaintfining that- under all cireursstun- ees a workman sh:;ll Ik; entitled to house xoal iiigelml I It on the other hand, against wiiem a Tote of protest was passed, submit that rhey have the power to deeidc j JIS to the merits and demerits of lite eases Fit It was resolved to t<?Td er I.' (ia i. -or k )P, ;(i: ,,1 \:¡. ;l'({é:c'i;i""l;' -j:L d are 1' 11 iseeawyn, ItKtraagynlju. an d Gurnos. The I.L.P. Hail was crowded on Sunday evening when Proi. J). -J as per Jotics an able lecture on '"Sweden- borg,' under the auspices of the Psychical Research Society. Mr Jones i was supported by Messrs. Wm. Jones and Arthur Thomas. The lecture was a W ebh one. and hymns were sung during llio evenin- Swedenborg was t Swede by nationality, and wrote many hooks on psychology and spiritualism. By trade he was an engineer, and wrote books aai(i st'udl(,(i in his spare time. Swedenborg claimed to have: -visite,d other planes, and the lectuü! •recounted some of his experiences dur- t ing these visits. W hilst on these visits he was unconscious to his surroundings Won earth for a few weeks at a time, and even wrote some of his books whilst under psychical innuence. Ques- tions were put to Prof. Jones at the tions were put to Prof..)ones tilo'! heid ev?ry Sunday at nw i .?. Socmty's j II' oJ rooms at Brecon-road, at (j in the •evening, when all interested ;0 in- [ vited to attend. As announced in our columns re- j cently a memorial is to be erected to the memory of the late Mr. Thos. Thomas, headmaster of the Yniscedwvn Schools, and to that end about £ 20 has already been collected. The secre- tarial arrangements are in the hands of Mr. O. 1). Jeffreys. There was n. good attendance at the ¡ Tabernacle Chapel when the first of a j series of competitive concerts was held. 'I The Rev. J. Emlyu Jones was the conductor, and the adjudicators were I( Mr Rhys J. Powell (music), and Mr Thomas, 'Isynys' (literature). Mr Hubert Gibbs acted as accompanist, nd the prize winners were as follows: I ( hildr<"?'s solo under 14, Miss May Protheroe children's rocitation under 14. dUi'ied between Misses L. M. I Evans, Brecon-road, and S. A. Wil-I liams, Cwmtwreh; soprano solo, Miss Ceinwen Protheroe contralto solo Mias j May Edwards: tenor solo, Mr. J. II Wathan baritone solo, Mr. J. -V. Jen- kins: children's solo, Mr. W. A\ alters, j Penrhos pianoforte solo, Miss Doreer: i Lewis; <| uartette, Mr. D. O. Jones' I purty open recitation divided between Miss Descbia Lewis, Cwmgiedd. and, Mr. W. T. Williams, Cae'rhont ■ humorous verses to the Park, Mr. T. (livicled be- tween Messrs. Tom Da vies Penrhos, and Cha:>. Edwards (Myfyr Mai). The secretarial arrangements were in the hands of Mr. Hy. Owens. The adj( mrned annual mating lf i.h j Chamber of Trade took place at the Ty Gv.vdia ,on Wednesday evening, wh en Mr. B. K Watkins, Royal Stores II presided. Mr. E. E. Evans, The Cross, .was appointed chairman for the forth- • coming year. and Mr. T. Jon<\s (Peg- lers) vice-chairman. All other officials were re-elected. It was decided that the credit svetem should be done away with as far as possible. Mr. Torn Williams, Cynlais Stores, j presided over a meeting of the Grocers Association when it decided that in future the shops should CIOPO at 6 c) clock In the enming on Monda3r, Tue&day, avwl "Wednesday, all day Thursday, and at 8 o'clock on Friday and Saturday. It was also decided to work in concert with the Chamber of Trade in abolishing the credit system. A meeting of the local Food Control Committee took place on Monday~last at the Council Offices, when Mr. Lewis Thomas, J.P., presided. The retail milk veiidors again applied to have the. price of milk raised to scvenpcnce, as they contended they could not make a I living. The committee, however, ad- hered to iLS previous resolution. The renders have now stated that they Jtifl li-.ive to give up business. i A camp-Hrilive c.reeert has been ar- ranged to take place at tlw 1. L. P. Hall an Good Friday in connection with the Ystradgvnlais United Choir. As will be seen hy our advertisement columns the choir is also busy preparing "St. Paul" for performance. Further par- ticulars will appear later. rnder the auspices of the local I Welsh Society, a celebration of St. David's Lay will he held on Feb. 28 at | Tabernacle, when Mr. Roland Thomas, a!.A., lireeon will lie the guear of the Mr. -Gwi]y:-n :](1 Miss A!rv Evae-: wi'l take part and Mr. Johu liobeias will sing penillioi:. j t-,f the elsli Sc.eicty in-Id the Cynlais Ca'e, Mr. Chas. Kd »vard:s (Myfr Mai) gave ex- fract-s fi-om tlie literature or 13recoil- abii-e, when be rook as his book "lJlew Llvw<'l's (FJ,y<.Dafyùd) book "Sketches in V, alea." H" passed interesting com- ments on gan," "Johnny Jones and J<-ii;. Bull," "The Stonebreaker," ••'Ffyn->n y Brondi" and the "Murder of Cwmdiiie.sfn." Llywel was a load .survey;)' his district extending from Brecon to i enwyllt. He died about 25 years ago. and was the father of Miss Lywela Da vies, the well-known pianist. Mr.^Tom Williams presided, and the lecture was well enjoyed. excelleii'l (i lárwrJy meeting was in Ui on Sunday (Tcuing last at Airrcfii Chapel in tX'nneciion with the Sunday- school und<'r the conductorshij) of Mr. ix'wis itlwlJ (superintendent. Me?sra Y\ G :ar a chs and W. L. Phillips were; the accompanists and the following items vi are eonmbutod: Solos, Dorris J a:i.s, -iessie Smith, Elizabeth Da vies, i iairej ('aw, Haydn Snook, C'einwen t'riee. G\,tn Morris, Matt. Evans, Lyd- ia Morgan. Mr. Lewis Wathan, Mr. Johnny V. a tha a, D. A. Morgan, May Morris, Miss Maggie Griffiths, and E. Walters and Sal Davies; recitations, Beatrice Michael, %Jessie Smith, Lizzie Mary Evans, Tommy Morgan, E. Wal- ter-, Sal D'avics, Lydia Morgan. Mag- gie Davies, George K-ocs, T. J. Davies, Mara Da vies, Hosie Morgan, Mia Wm. Mr. 'J. Richards, L. M. Evans, Miss Ka Lie Jones, and Miss M ay .Jones. The meeting was a very succtsssiul one. TJie secretarial arrange- ments were well carried out by Mr. J. Oliver James. -— ,—.— Machine-guhr. Danny Thomas, Glyn Villas, BrecOn-road, has been homo. for a few days draft leave. Pte. Thomas will return to France for the sooond j time. He has already had nine months hard fighting and was gassed and wounded on Y imy Hidge last July. All wish him every good luck and a return. <- A rehearsal was held at Sardis on Sunday in preparation for the cymanfa. ganu of the local congregationalists. Mr. Ton' Williams. G. and L. was. the conductor, and Miss Elizabeth Wil- liams the crganist. The singing was excellent, and augured well for the festival. The churches represented wore Sardis. Peniel and Brynawel. "Gwilym," the well-known fox- trapper, raided the Palleg and cap- tured a fox this week.

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