Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

7 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



ARE you going to let your pullets eat M their heads r_1 off until next Spring? Make winter egg-pvo,duction a certain- ty by giving them Karswood (harmless) Poultry Spice, containing ground in- eeets. Packets 2d., Od.—Harris, Cash Chemist, Commercial-street, Ystrad- gynlais. 7 J 12- F'2.3 CHAMPION Stud of Winning White Wvandottes and White Runners; nearly 60 prizes won during last season alone: more winners bred and sold fro this stud than any other Welsh stud. Few sitting at 20s. per dozen. ALso Champion laying White 'Dottes. Boa I'd of Agriculture egg station-hold- er: third season in succession; conclu- sive evidence of where the best are kept. Eggs to residents in ISroeoi- shire 3s. Gil. per d-wu others, 5s. Gd. Carriage extra.— 1). Price and Son, The Stud Farm, Y,;ti-,Itll, 6 2:3. EGGS for Sitting, from Grand Pen of Utility White Wynndotte.s; ex- cellent winter layers, 10/- a dozen un- fertile replaced.-— Tom Jones, Pen- rhiwp.-ys, 1-alK^, C-»■ mnv rrh^^ 4F23M16. SEVEN SISTERS. SOAR cjr PEL. Grand COMPETITIVE CONCERT SATURDAY, FEB ,23rd, 1918. -Champion Solo (Own Choice) £ 3 3 0 Solos, One Guinea:— Soprano, "Nant y Mynydd." Contralto, "Return to thy Itcst" (Pughe Evans). Tenor, "Bancr ein Gwlad" (Dr. Parry) Bass, "Trumpeter" (J. Airlie Dix). Recitation (Own Choice). £ 1 Is. Quartette, Solos and Recitations, etc. Programmes, Id. each, by post, l-d. may be obtained of the Secretaries,— W. P. Harris and D. G. Morgan. 3F9-23. ALPHA Brynammsn. Rhoddir Perfformiad o'r Ddrajna Gymreig Fuddugol Aeres Maesyfelin (Buddugol yn Eisteddfod Gbmarnman, Medi, 1917), gan Gwmni Bramoftol G.C.G. (Dan Arweiniad \r Awdwr, Mr. Rhys Ev uns, Ysgolfeistr, Cwraogrs), Nos Sadwrn, Mawrtfi 2, 1918, M 7 O'R GLOCH YN YR HWYR. Drysau yn agored hanel" awr cyn amser dechreu. Y ma-e y Ddrama Newvdd hon yn seiliedig ar Hanes Carwriaeth Ramant- us "Elin Fychan o Fa«ssyfelin, a Samuel, unig fab yr Hybarch Ficar Pritchard o Lanymddyfri. Cymerir i fyny y Prif Gynaeriadau gan rai o Enwogion Lhvyfan Lien Cymru, a bydd yr oil o'r Cvm«riadau wedi ni dilladu yn nodweddiadol o fywyd C'ymrcig yn nghyfnod y Ficer Pritchard, gyda gdygleydd tavawiadol. Ni arbedir traul na thraffertli er cyf- Iwvnc y Ddrama i'r eyhoedd yn y wdd oru, a sicrheir gv.ledd iaclius o radd or?ti, 'I sici-.Iieir () ra(i d i btwb. JENKIN JONES, YSW., Ysgolfeistr, Brynamman). Mynediad i fewn (yn cyuwys y tax) Ail-seddau 1/3. Rlaen-seddau-2j4 BOOKED RESERVED SEATS, 3s. Danfoner yn mlaen Haw am Docyn- au Reserved Seats at Mr. Evan W. Evans, Cwmgarw-road, Upper Bryn- atnman. 2F26M2 Sardis Chapel, YSTRADGYNLAIS A Gran d COMPETITIVE CONCERT Will be held at the above place, SATURDAY, MARCH 30th, 1918. PROGRAMME: Champion Solo for Female Voices (Competitor's Own Selection), £ 3/3/0 (10/6 will be given to each unsuccessful competitor who appears on the stage in tho final). Champion Solo for Male Voices (Com- petitor's Own Selection), £ 3/3/0 (10/6 will be given to each unsuccessful com- petitor who appears on the stage in the final). Competitors are requested to send the names of the solos to the Secretary by the 27th March. Soprano Solo, "Llam y Cariadau" (R. S. Hughes), or "Babylon" (S. Adams), Contralto Solo, "Bore Pasc" (C. Roberts), or "Y Ddwv Delvn" (Pughe "Dan vr Ywen" (P. Evans) or "L.,i.-t Watch" (Pinsniti). £ 1/1/0. Bas« Solo. "It ie En-.n: Child- Ten's Solo (tBoys), "Clyw ni Fwvn Waredwr." 7/6 (Girls). Dyma Feibl Anwyl lesit" fCaniedydd y. 1 Irvnt) 7/6. Instrumental Solo (any instrument), !!A/I/O fComftetitor's own Selection). -ition Gwron o Con- nemough" (Cynenfardd) or Mark Anthony's Oration" (Shakespeare), cit: TToc^t-ntion, Ora Pro Nobis," English or Wolfih (Eifion Wv.n), 7/6. For further particulars applv to the Secretaries, W. Ijcvshon V> atkins, ,i. d !?ynlq i s: T. T Crud-yr-Awel. Ystradgynlais: T. T. Rees, Council Schools, PewHos. Ys- tradjrynlaig. 7F16M30 Ystalyfera anrt Godre'rgraig Soldiers' & Sailors' Reception l-und. (Sports Sub-Committee ) Under the auspices of the above A GRAND Sports Mill Will be held on the Athletic Grounds, Wind Road, j Y>-tal)fera, (K;ud!y lent fjr the occasion by the I \.?n'yi'c!\) Athletic Groun ds Co. Ltd.) I \:f(; G';Sr;:) April 2nd, 1918. Competitors and other:; 1)1ea..sp note and book the date. Prizes amounting to will I FOOT EVENTS: 100. 220, and 440 Yards Handicaps. {4(J Yards Handicap for Buys under 16. CYCLING EVENTS. Cycling Evans: Quarter and/Half-Mile Handicaps, and Half-Mile Novice's Handicap. Handic pper 1fr. Ted Lewis, Pontypridd. TUG-OF-WAR I For Teams of Eight aside to pull, and captain. THE YSTALYFERA TOWN BAND Will play Selection during afternoon. s Railway Stations: Ystalyfera (10, minutes), Ystradgynlais (20 minutes), Trams and Mnior 'Busfs from Swansea to within 3 minutes of ground. For Entry Forms and all further in- formation, apply to W. H. BLakeway, Hon. Sec., "Fairholme," Ystalyfera. 7F16M30 PRELIMINARY NOTICE. SEVEN SISTERS. "MESSIAH I gLANT." k A Grand Performance of the above Cantata wIH be i v'n by the Salem Ba nd of Hope, Choir, SevM) Sisters, i on Saturday, April 6th, 1918. Further particulars will appear later. —FE9 CAPEL YOIIATH, CWMGIEDD. Cynelir EISTEDDFOD Gadeiriol yn y lie uchod SADWRN, MAWRTH 9fed, 1918 (o daii nawdd Ysgol Sabothol Palleg). TESTYNAU: Unawd (o dan 18), "Tell mother I'll be there," 2/6. Adroddiad (dan 18), "Pa beth sy'n hardd" (Ieuan o leyii) (Cambrian Lyrics), 2/6. Un- awda ll: Contralto, "There's a land," 5, Tenor, "0, na bydd:ti'n haf o hyd," 5- Soprano, "LIythyr fv mam" .'), "M<?-ch y C<\d!?u." 5(-. Camp-unawd (a.goi,"I), Cudair Hartld. Englyn, "Newyn," 2/G. Can, pedwar penill i "Palleg." 4/- Ysgrif, "Dyfal- barhad," 4/ Adroddiad (agored) "Y Hjeddwyn (cyfieithiad o J. G. Gough, or "Adroddwr", Cadair Hardd. Ped- warawd, "Ti wyddost beth ddywed fy nghalon," 10/ Am fanylkm pellach ymofyner a'r Ysgrifenyddes, Miss Maggie G. Daniels, Pensarn, YTstradgynlais. F16 MINISTRY OF PENSIONS. ¡ Pontardawe District War Pensions I Oorailaittee. PAVILION, PONTARDAWE. I SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 1918, At 3 o'clock in the afterroon, A Cinenia, Talk, Entitled:-— RECALLED TO LIFE" Or The Training of Disabled Sailors and Soldiers, will be given by Mr. ARTHUR D. MALDEN, F.R-G.B, I (Of the Ministry of Pensions) Illustrated by Cinematograph Films of the various Trainlng C-entres: Brighton, Roehampton, The Diamond. Cutting and PolLsh.Lng Classes, The Polyt,e?mics and Technical Schoob. St. Dunstan's, The Orthopaedic Hos- pital, Sjieodal Film of the Visit of their Majesties to Golders Green Home of Recoyery, etc. J Admission Free for Adults. Disabled Men are Specially Invited to Attend. 2F16-23 YSTHADGYNLAIS LOCAL FOOD CONTROL CIMMITTEE. Tho alxive Committee requires the services of an Assistant Executive Of- ficer who will also be expected to act as Inspector under the Food Control Committee. Applications to be sent to tho Execu- tive Offieer, Council Offices, Ystrad- gynlais and must be received not later than first post on,Monday the 2oth instant. Applicants must be. kieKgible far military service. Salary £ 2 per woek. 1F23 S A K DIS, YiTRADGV LAio. Two Grind Performances (f Mkndkt.ssohn's St. PAUL Will be given at the above place Jun- 6 & 8, 1918. I>y the; Ysiratlgynlais United Choir Under tne Condu-. torsisip ot" Mr. H. H. HANSON, A. c. o. Asistl d by • Eminent Artistes. 2F23M2 I /'L'BLI(; RALL. PONTARDAWE. • GRANjp ('O.M PETIT [YE ('ONt I KT I SATURDAY. APRL G. 191K. ♦ Open Competitions. ':ol' 8. l!LtJ'\l- mental "los, ad Re.-itat!oi;r.  Further particulars ap;>lv (0- | Mr Ted Lewis cfiithfield Hom:, Pontaj-dawe; and M^is M< rgan. High street, Ponta-druv^. CENTRAL HALL. YSTALYFERA. -.I. Two Performances ol' the brotv.v I Operetta- Life at Sea Will lie given at the above plate, THURSDAY, FRIDAY and SATUR- DAY, Feb. 2-8, March 1 and 2, 1918, by the CAERSALEM CHILDREN'S CHOIR I Under the leadership of Mr Rufus Gape. I Doors open at 7, to commons at 7.30 A Special Childien's fVrforiB- ance win he given on Tuesday Evening, Feb 26, comracncing at 6 o clock Admission, 2d. 1F23 TO THE OYER SEERS of the Poor of the Parish of Ystradgynlais Higher, in the County of Brecon: To the Superintendent of Police of the District of Ystradgynlais and to the CJerk of the Licensing Justices for the Division of Ystradgynlais in the said County and to all whom it may eoHcern. I WILLIAM EVANS PRICE, of Llwvn-y-Bryn, Colbren, in the Parish of Ystradgynlais, Weigher, HEREBY GIVE YOU AND EACH OF YOU NOTICE that it is my intention to apply at the Adjourned General Annual Licensing Meeting to be held for the Division of Ystradgynlais, in the said County, at the Police Court, Y.str,tdgyi,lttis,af,Gresaid on THURS- DAY the FOURTEENTH DAY OF MARCH, 1918, for a License enabling me to keep a Billiard Table for Public use in certain premises, to wit, Llwyn- y-Bryn, Colbren, in the parish of i s! r.idgyr.L'.is Higher aforesaid. AND I also give you nQticc, Lliat I ;• iii tll." owner of the premises in re- )f tlii isipplicitioii is made. DATED this 16th day of FEBRU- ARY, If) IS, WILLIAM EVANS PRICE. 1F23. "■ 1 I. QROCEEDS of Concert at. Drill Hall, Gunvj.s on Feb. tilL 1918, in 2nd of the Ystradgynlais and Ystalyfera Local War AuxRiatir' Funds Receipts. £ s d Ticket money 16 4 3 Donations 8 15 0 j JB24 19 3 j Payments. JE s fl Ystradgynlais War An*. Fund 12 9 8 Ystalyfera War Aux. Fund. 12 9 7 JS24 19 3 All the expenses were. defrayed by private subscriptions.— Ethel G. Strick. W. A. WILLIAMS, Phrenologist "■an be consulted daiflT at the Vic^-ma Arcaae (near the Markat), SwallflAQ.




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