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T E xatioxal kegistek ,.LI 'il .1 .J. \.ÐU I: ..Jt, I NEW CI.A-XES OF iiOV .AND MEN t I. ..t AFFE?'-KI-. t 1.? The nii.v National Ri-gistratK' (Amendment) Act ISMS, ooank into tioii on Feb. 27, lnB. affects both those j>ersons who have already registered under the National Regis- tration A<t, 1915, w't:J1 as classes of beys a.rd n>> n upon w)i»>ir registration has not hitherto bev compuljorv. Under this Act the' f' i- lowing persons are recjuired. as Feb. 27, to r-?gister t l:em--eivo: (a) All .I¡.lak not members II. ii!. Forces who have attained the agf of lo si-ncie August 15, 1915. and are not a!readv under tI.) National IL.^istrat>'n Act, 1915. (b) All male." have ccast<J be jnemb<>rs }I.i\i. sii..i o August 15, 1915. and :i not in p<•.•••• session iof a ccrtjiicav ol reais.r* tion issued to the:n the Na- tional Rf £ >-tration Act. 1D1.)..<); their di^har^o. (c) All n^alt-.s wh >. bciag liable registration under the Niitior, Regivtratiyii Act. 191(1. • have 1"" '•tieeo ix'gjs-terefl under that Act. (d) All ma 1 js Ivtween 15 sind v b > jiave .!>-rivp-j, ,r ;ie:-<tii"ter r.v- j'i-ve. in the United Kingdom an not in j-josseswion of a reg:str:- tion certificate. (e) All males who. having reg. .teNd under the National Registra- tion Acts, have lost their certiii- c-ates. All males who become a M reg- tration unù-er the new Act ci tain and fill forms shoiving the pa: ti<-ulars required to furrislu i. These, forms ma)- h{. c-btaincd a t ar ■ post ofifce, or at the office of any Local, Re^ktration Authority (Borouu- Council. I'rba.n District C'urK-il, o- Rirral District Council in which tin- address is situated). For this purpc, ft may be posted in the ordinary course stage b-ei ag prepaid) or Itanded over the counter at a office (if ■jiosdble in the district f per- manent residenteb and a cert-ificat-S' of registrat^m will be forwarded i" due course. P-ersons who ai> liable at the ti,i)f- the Act comes into operation, or i., any time before March 14. 1918. must register themselves before March 2-fc, 1918. Person;. who beoome habi- t, "<"r>tration on or at any twne afu- March 14. 1918. must register in Pii-n: ar manner within the following periods, namely: (a) In the case of lir^vs, "within 1-' years. (h) In th«* case of d.ischargevJ s?ilors and soldiers, within 14 day*, of discharge. (e) In the. cf IlL;,}"" arrivirp; in the days of arrival. (d) In the case of ma!e." who have lost their .certificates of r{"gi.,t.r1- tion, as toon as they discover the liass. All below the age of bo who han" been registered under the Natior-'l Registration Acts. 1915 1918, osve recpiired to give notite any eliango of permanent address, and all regis- tered -"tIc- l clov,- that ne,e must notifv anv change. If the chance lias al- ready taken place or occurs beforo Mar^J) 14. and has not alread y notified. it flic-aild be notified before March 28, nnd changes subsequent to 14 should be noti ied. Whe^e a. iKnn has more than .-iie or-cupation he must name the-n all. Employers are required to call for the production of the. registration certificates of all mules between the ages of 15 and 65 years employed by thorn.

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