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Labour's War Aims. 11


Labour's War Aims. 11 INTERALLIED MEMORANDUM. "OOMPLETE UNANIMITY." The Inter-Allied Labour and F3oc1--1- ist Confeienoe in London concluded its deliberations on Saturday. Complete agreement was reached regarding the La'bour Memorandum on war ;j,n(I 4t;cqNs were decided, upon to bring before the 1/a hour and Socialist par- ties of the- Central Ðmpire the con- chisioii, a rri vad at. A deputation of bur delegates was appohrted to y..K) to America to confer with President W il>on aHd Mr Gom- pers. and ohtain the co-opcrat:ou of American Labour. Mr .Arthur Henderson, presiding at a luncheon given to the delegates, said the conference had been as successful at ?-t had been unique. They could con.p'rattnlabc thom?h-<? that. a<s t\? result of conversation in Paris and the four days' conferf? in London the tVji^'Oiis rp?ch&d by British Lab- our GiL Decem ber 28th had heen ac- cepted by the Allied Labour and Socialist Conference. "We are convineed," Mr Hender- son .said "that this world conflict can only be ended in one of three ways: Bv militarism, by exhaustion, or by (xxnciliatioar, and we feel-and we have no objection to proclaiming it ever vwb erf--tliat or later the last of these methods must be resorted to, not by one seotion, but by the whole of the belligerents." (Cheers). Defining the position of Labour. Mr Henderson said: "We seek victory but we do not &e>ek a victory of a militarist *>r diplomatic nature. We are not influenced by Imperialistic measures or «elfish national interests. We seek a victory, but it must be a victory for international moral and spiritual forces, finding its in a peace based upon the inalienable rights of com-mo n humanity. We want pea»e arranged for by inter- {airplay and by straight deal- ings on the part of both set, of belli- gerents, with its permanence guaran- teed by all people*, jointly. By the acceptance of the memorandum on war aims the Conference has declared that, whilst we. are unprepared to continue the conflict for an ImperiaJ- istic peace for the Allies, neither would we consent to the acceptance of terms which would mean a German militarist peeicie." Mr Ramsay Macdld a:d that the most complete unanimity had pre- vailed at the conference. "Our Ger- man flnds," he added, must now apeak. (Hear, hear, and applause). The effect of our pronouncements to- day ii, going to touch their dumb lips, so that Euro pe may hear the response that they si;aII make to the message from the democracies of the Allied countries." (Applause). said it was Mr J. H. Thom¡a, M.P., said it was up to their German (?omrades to ex- press w/hat they believe to be the basis of a satisfactory peace. "I also hope," be added, "thait they will give us an opportunity of judging as to their vierw oh the action of their own Government with refenoo to the answer of the German Government to Russia's demand for peace. I believe that an opportunity has presented itself to our Ge rmo,fl; oomra.des to indicate clearly that they are not a party, and will nJc,t lie a party, to the .action of their Government at this moment against Russia." LABOUR WAR AIMS IX BRIEF. The main features of the revised memorandum on war aims issued by the Conference are:- Belgium. Complete restoration as a sovereign, Rtate, and payment* by Germany for all damage. Ititly.Sii,lyport for claim of peoples outside diplomatic and strategic boun- daries, to be united with thoee of own raioe and tongue. Palestine, Freed from Turkish do- minion creation of a free Jewish State under international guarantee. Turkish Eiiipir(, Aimwiia Meso- potamia, and Arabia cannot be handed bflick to the Sultan and his Pashas. Alsace-Lorraine.—After the treaty -of 1871 hap been declared null and void, France can agree to frech eOiTh- sultation of Alsace-Lorraine, organ- ised by the League of Nations, as to its own- desires. Balkan States.— A Federation of Balkan States on masters of common intercept. Serbia, Montenegro, Rumania, and< AThaJiila tb bo evacuated. Full liberty for populatitons Z)f the snine race and tongue to settle their destiny. Poland. Reeonstiution, with free access -to the sea. Russian Provinces.—No annexation pi Livonia, Oourland, or Lithuania. Tropilcal Africa.— Conquered Colo- nies for Peace Conference considera- tion no ec-onomic walla. Colonies of all belligerents in Tropical Africa should tome under control of League of Nations.

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