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Labour's War Aims. 11

I Refused to Supply I Sugar,…


I Refused to Supply I Sugar, I C.C.G. GROCER FINED. William John Davits, grocer, Gwaun- caegurwen, charged at the Pontar- dawe Police-court Oil Friday (Mr. H. ..V Miers presiding), with failing to supply su.=::a r to a person entitled to receive same under the Food Control Order. Defendant pleaded not guilty. Mr. Morgan Davies, Pontardawe, prosecuted tor the Food Control Com- mittee, and said that defendant, had accepted the sugar ticket of a. Mrs. Lilian Jones, but did not supply to her. She was entitled to qlos. per week. She went to the shop on Feb. 1st and asked for margarine and alas the sugar. Defendant refused to sup- ply. Siie later went to the shop to pay for goods", and he again refused to supply. He had also refused on other occasions to supply her child. Mrs. Lilian Jones bore out Mr. Davies' statement. Witness said she asked civilly for margarine, as her husband had to take dry bread to work. wt. ordered out of the shop in an offensive manner, defendant saying he gave to those who paid. Witness said defendant later refused the sugar. Mrs..Jonco explained that up to the strike in last September she had paid defendant regularly, but then fell into arrears. She was, however, now pay- ing off the old debt in small amounts, besides paying her current accounts. She had now paid off about E4 of the debt incurred. Witness also said she had sent money for the sugar. Cross-examined, witness denied that she had had part of her week's supply. She did have some a few weeks later as defendant feared the inspectors. She was then served by an assistant. Mrs. Jones denied receiving margarine. Wit- ness was served on Feb. 8th, and clc- fendant said this was a. Sunday, but it transpired that it was not so. Mrs. Jones denied tha.t Davies had asked her to bear with him for a week as his wholesalers' premises had been burned down. Morgan Morgan (inspector) was then called. Mr. Miers: Is he supposed to under- stand all about food ? Mr. J. W. Thorpe (clerk): If he does he's a marvel. (Laughter.) Witness said he visited the shop on Feib. 8th, and found 4 cwt. 141bs. of sugar in the shop. Mrs. Jones received sugar in his presence later. Witness denied he had told the woman to pay as she liked. P.S. Jenkins said he visited defend- ant's brother's house on the 7th and found one cwt. of sugar upstairs, which belonged to his brother, the grocer. The man said he had had it for over six months, and it was subse- quently taken to the shop. Defendant on oath, said his source of supply had been destroyed by a fire at Swansea. During the week Mrs Jenes had received half a pound of butter and 1 lb. of sugar. She wanted more, as she had been told she oould get a regular supply with another grocer. She became abusive and he ordered her out of the shop and in- structed his solicitors to proceed with a view to recovering the debt. Mr. Miers: So you took your re- venge, too! Defendant produced a ledger, which he admitted had not been properly filled up. Cross-examined, defendant said he entered, the ledger from Mrs. Jones' shop book. He admitted that the book was only in part use. He had another ledger at home. He had not made all his entries. He admitted he had a bad method of business. He kept a day book, but oould not say whether the shop book and ledger agreed. Mr. Morgan Davies: If I denied that Mrs. Davies owed you any money, you would pretty soon say. Defendant: Well, I have an account sir. Defendant further stated that Mrs. Jones had overdrawn her sugar allow- ance by being served by his wife. He also stated that he bought the book a,bout seven months ago, and this book produced was his only sugar led- ger. It had been used first in January. All his customers were not entered in the ledger produced. He could say what pnigar Mrs Jones had received by referring to his day book. Mr. Morgan Davies: Do you make your sugar returns; have you done so ? —Yes. Mr. Thorpe: There is no necessity for you to answer a question that might incriminate you. Mr. Morgan Davies: I don't want to take any unfair advantage. Mr. Miers said they had to protect the public to enable them to get what food was available. The magistrates had taken a serious view of the case, I' and had decided to inflict a penalty of I £ 10 with. £ 2/2/0 advocate's fee. Defendant: Can I appeal ? Mr. Thorpe (clerk): Yes, if you give I forma l legal notice within seven days. Defendant: What is the alternative? Mr. Thorpe: Don't be silly. Defendant: Well, I want to know. Mr. Thorpe (to the police): Well, if he won't pay, take him down for two months; we don't want any nonsense. Defendant, however, promptly paid up. r


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