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Double Bereavement at Ystalyfera.I


Double Bereavement at Ystalyfera. I Death ot Mr. and Mrs. Davies, Curwen House. Rarely docs the tragedy of death act and react wth such paralysing sud- denness as has been the case in the family of the late Air. and Mrs. Wm. Davies, Cunven House (Llwyneelyn). With deep regret the news was re- eeivcd ]? L';< neighbourhood on Satur- day moiniug t?.t that Mrs. Davies had, passed av.-av as the result of a seizure, three hoars previously. Friends heard with .sympathetic concern that the sudden passing away of his dear life s partner had seriously affe-cted Mr. Davids' he;th, hut no one was pre- pared for the tragic news on Thurs- day morn ing tha t he also had died dur- ing the night previous to Mrs. Davies' funeral..Needies-s to say deep and sincere sympathy is felt for the sorrow- ing family, and especially for Miss 3fary Davies. the only remaining single daughter and the soldier brother, Staff Sergeant: David L. Davies, who is in India. Both Mr. and Mrs. Davies were held in the Jlághest esteem in the place. Mr. Win. Davies was born at Llwynceiyn Farm. RIiiwfawr, and was knovfti hy all his immediate friends as "Davies Llwyneelyn." He was em- ployed as superintendent at the Gurnos Tinplate Works, a position he had held for 33 years. His quiet and kindly nature had won for him a large circle of friends. He had been a faithful member of the Wern. He had been in his usual health until the beginning of the week, when undoubtedly grief over Mrs. Davies.' death brought about his own. Mr and Mrs. Da/vies had a drapery and millinery business at the Wern for tnany years. Mrs. Davies was of a kind, hospitable disposition, and was of a most sympa- pathetic nature. She was an active worker at the Wern CliapeJ and at the Sunday School, and her popularity in this connection was evinced by the fact that no less than four 'wreaths .were sent from different classes and groups at the Wern. The deceased lady was born at Llanfynydd, Carmarthen- shire, but had oome to Ystalyfera over 50 years ago. The large and representative attend- ance at the funeral of Mrs. Davies on Thursday afternoon, was eloquent testimony ofthe esteem in which Mrs. Davies was held, and signs of regret were evinced ^n route to -her List rest- ing place at Beulah Cemetery. Owing to the death of Mr. Davies no hymn, was sung at the house. The following ministers attended: Revs. Ben Davies, Pantteg; W. D. Lewis, Caersalem, 1). W. Stephens, Jerusalem D. J. Davies, A in on, Ystradgynlais Wm. Jones, Soar; Wm. T. Hughes, Beulah, Cwmtwreh J. Thomas, Gurnos; D. T. Rees, Oodre'rgraig J. Secundum Jones (vicar of St. awd H. Griffiths, Pengam. The chief mourners were: Mr T. A. Davies (son), Mr. and Mrs. John j Davies (son and daughter-in-law), Mr. George Davies (son). Mr. and JIrs. Wm Davies (son and daughter-in-law), Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Griffiths (son-in-law I and daughter), Miss Mary Davies (daughter), Misses Margt. Ann Grif- fiths, Betty May Griffiths, and Master Hcroort Geo. Griffiths (grandchildren), Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Morgan, Brynam- man (brother-in-law and sister), Mr. WIll. Davies, Llandilo (brother), Mr. and Mrs. John Davies, Brynamman (brother and sister-in-law), Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Jones, Garnant (sister and brother-in-law), Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Davies (brother and sister-in-law), Mr Dd. Jones, Garnant (brother-in-law), Mr. and Mn. T. Morgan, Brynamman (cousins), Mr. and Mrs. T. Rees (Rhos- amman (cousins), Mr. T. Alexander Evan: Mr. Corey Evans, Mr. Comber Eva!).s (nephews), Mrs. G. Griffiths (cousin), Rev. J. Gwrhyd Leivn. Ton- yrefail (brother-in-law), Mr. Daniel Eva't.s. Ystalyfera (brother-in-law), Mrs Geo. Evans, Clydach (sister-in-law), Mrs. Mary Hopkin, Cwmllynfell (sis- fcer-iu-law), Mr. and Mrs. John Evans, Mr. and Mrs. John Griffiths (sister and brother-in-law), Mr. Willie Evans, Clydach Mrs. Bevan, Swansea; Mr. and Mrs. Morgan, Ystradgynlais Mrs Bounds, Ystradgynlais; Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Jeffreys, Ystradgynlais (cousins) Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Morgan, Illiosam- man; Mr. John Jones, Garnant; Mr. Dd. Jones, Garnant; Miss Mary Jones, Garnant: Mr. Dd. James, Garnant; Mr. Tom Davies, Brynamman; Mr. John Lewis, Port Talbot; Mrs. Sal WiHiams. Tonyrefail; Mrs. Maggie (h-iinths. Tonyrefail; Mr. John Evans, Clydach; Mrs. S. Eval1 Mrs' H. David and Mr. and Mrs. Ellis, Clydach (ne- phews and nieces). Floral tributes were received from Tom. George, Mary and David, Johnny and Polly, Willie and Mary Ellen, Magdalene and Arthur William, Wern Adult Sunday-se'hool; Worn Children's Sunday-school, Mr. Wm. Jones and Sunday-school Class, Miss Davies' Class, and Mrs: Morgan (Bank House).



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